March 2nd, 2013 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “instill”

  1. hi

    By madison on 03.02.2013

  2. hi there

    By madison on 03.02.2013

  3. and so I waited, watching, silently, barely breathing and keeping absolutely, positively
    there was nothing else like her,
    standing tall,
    there was nothing else like her.
    nothing else in the world.

    By brytnee on 03.02.2013

  4. My dad brought me up properly. He managed to instill in me the invaluable traits of respect, loyalty, and responsibility among others. Made my transition into the Army an easy one, come to think of it.

    My brother and dad are similar in a lot of ways. Career choice, interests, hobbies. Unfortunately, the one thing he did NOT inherit is quality of character. I used to be jealous of brother for having so much in common with my father. Now, I can’t help but realize that I certainly got the better of that deal.

    By John URL on 03.02.2013

  5. i’m not even sure what this word means. I see still and in. It could mean a bunch of things. Maybe someone is within stillness. Maybe someone is lost within something that they can’t see anything else out of. It should only seem that these two words together call for a greater s

    By David Weisberg on 03.02.2013

  6. You had always tried to instill a
    sense of self-worth in me,
    I am worth something, I am worth something, I am worth something.

    But I never believed you.
    Not even once.

    By Ashley URL on 03.02.2013

  7. She was instilled with a type of fear: not the fear she usually felt, the kind that overwhelmed her for an instant but then ended, but the kind that was built up over time until she was buried. The kind that had her unable to think of anything else but that fear, and it terrified her that she could feel this way.

    By Sian on 03.02.2013

  8. how to. again. and again. again. again. still and perfectly poised, heads raised like little ballerinas at the guillotine. this is how we do things. this is how we learn. think long and hard. you’re a grown-up now.

    By gia.mfgon on 03.02.2013

  9. We try to instill in our young the values we cherish, but sometimes we fail. Sometimes, even, they exceed our expectations, and our limitations. This is what we should hope for, and we should never hold them back.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.02.2013

  10. Find me confidence.
    Be what I can not be.
    Instill your need to cherish,
    What we understand to be free.
    Love me like no other.
    Fight our battle again.
    Live until you stop being,
    My one and only friend.
    My heart is your heart.
    No need to find another.
    It beats like the sound of feet.
    I miss my mother.

    By Anonymous on 03.02.2013

  11. No matter how many times Jake tried to remind John that it’s not advisable to do what John’s currently doing, his instill beliefs just made him a stone. Nothing would made him change his own mind. Nothing.

    By Erin on 03.02.2013

  12. instill in me the knowledge that you love me regardless of how I treat you
    instill in me the power of all loves..forbidden love, late love, reckless love, thoughtful love,
    quiet love….love enough to transcend hate

    By skylarkin on 03.02.2013

  13. They tried so hard to instill her a sense of self. A sense of strength. A sense of worth. The only problem was, they never bothered to find out who she was, or where her strengths lie, or how truly valuable she was. They wanted perfection so badly, they never saw how perfectly flawed she was.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 03.02.2013

  14. Instill integrity in your children. Many parents try to steer and rear there children with “lessons” but to teach integrity, you must emanate it.

    By Tricia on 03.02.2013

  15. splitting headache
    back caked in black scratched
    eyes fluttery \
    instill dreams too still /
    gone away as a spacious smile
    vacuous vacuumed and auto tuned
    i’m not as much fun as i used to be.

    By Matty M. on 03.02.2013

  16. She tried to instill discipline in her son, alas he’s too bullheaded. All she can do now is to let him be, hopefully he will change on his own….

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 03.02.2013

  17. I was alone and he was gone and I missed him more than I ever thought I would
    I didn’t realize before, just what he had done. I didn’t know that he had pushed, forced, fought kicked scratched his way into my life and there would be no going back without him

    By Sarah on 03.02.2013

  18. To the silent noises that burst my ear
    I’ll turn to hear.
    To the hueless steel walls that I despise
    I’ll open my eyes.

    To the ill tyrants that glance with glower
    I’ll sift power.
    To the nutcrackers that declaim command
    I’ll hold to stand.

    For this voracious secret was not willed
    Nor it instilled.
    For this closet parasite will not wane
    Nor will abstain.

    When the tunes of the fighting bells draw near
    I’ll make fear,

    By Kat URL on 03.02.2013

  19. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I dont know…. I need a new word… :/

    By Michelle on 03.02.2013

  20. im thinking about something being totatlly still and not moving anything maybe a person not moving.

    By Shayla Miller on 03.02.2013

  21. to instill a sense of fear into one’s enemy simply hug them in the face with spikes in your armpits. Then whisper solemnly, “goodbye lover”.

    By Anne on 03.02.2013

  22. She was instilled with a great doubt that she could barely contain in her 4’11” frame. Jane was just not used to such powerful feelings. She was used to feeling just twinges of happiness or sadness or worry, but never an emotion that consumed her as this feeling of doubt and dread did.

    By Rachel on 03.02.2013

  23. She’d been lied to before
    she’d been hurt and cheated on and confused
    so she gave it all up
    made the emotion a memory
    but then she met him
    and somehow through cheezy dates
    and playful morning cooking sessions
    he was instilling love back into her

    By Ana URL on 03.02.2013

  24. Stay still don’t move. What ever you do stay where you are. for I want to confess my love my darling. and you the diamond in my eyes the shimmer in the stars need to stay still for if you move an inch I’m afraid I’ll lose you.

    By Kimiu on 03.02.2013

  25. He waited, he always waited. Instilled in perpetual habits. All he ever could muster was the mere ability to get by. To wait, to wonder. Instill.

    By Fraser Coker on 03.02.2013

  26. Our parents instill in us the properties they believe will make us good people. As we grow, we learn, from our parents of course, but also from others around us. It is from all of these people we learn to be ourselves.

    By Jann Jeter on 03.02.2013

  27. Enslavement had been slowly instilled into their minds. They understood love, but forgot how to express it. Their emotions were transformed into blind gratitude for a dangerous and overpowering oligarchy.

    By Macha on 03.02.2013

  28. Her mother had instilled vast amounts of courage into her; and her father had submitted his sympathy into her. Those being two great traits, she was a wonderful person; as you could imagine. I wish I had known her better, I also wish I had had the chance to do so. Time took her.

    By Vanessa O'shea URL on 03.02.2013

  29. i’m not actually sure what instill means. maybe i can decipher it using my massively awesome deductive reasoning. i feel like instill is a word that shawn and gus would use. oh yeah like iNSTILL values in your children. or INSTILL we stand. or maybe thats in God we stand.

    By Nadia URL on 03.02.2013

  30. Over time, it has come to my attention that indoctrination in the youth is more prevalent today than in any other era. It frustrates me to think of people instilling these monstrosities of ideas into the innocent minds of children. I cannot bear to think of a parent who forces his child to believe certain ideas without allowing him the chance to discover the world for himself and interpret it as he will.

    By Andorem on 03.02.2013

  31. worming its way into your ear
    made its way to your skull
    the eggy pinkness of your mind
    and there it sits
    nagging, pulling, eating
    sucking rationality dry until
    it is invisible
    and there all the time

    By Octowhat URL on 03.02.2013

  32. Can be still when your beliefs are instilled

    By cats02 URL on 03.02.2013

  33. I wasn’t trying to instill anything negative, I was just telling the truth. A question was asked, and I was going to give an answer. I knew that later I would regret it, and that more than likely, I would be in trouble, but in the moment, I didn’t care. All I cared about was telling the truth, the straight truth.

    By AnnieB URL on 03.02.2013

  34. I don’t know what instill is. It’s quite sad. I don’t know what it means. How do I write about something I know nothing about? How do I not know what it means?

    By Maddie P on 03.02.2013

  35. Instill in them the sense that their justice will be met with apprehnestion and a credulity that it is based upon the eye of the beholder that justice is met and should be metteed upon. The real instailliation that is missing is the intoxificiation of sickening lack of morals that is given to be forwarded to all youth and adults in

    By Cameron Bates on 03.02.2013

  36. instill the fact that many people may act fast and irresponsible, though they need to think wisely in what to choose. Deciding what they’d do is important stage in life.

    By Abe on 03.02.2013

  37. These voices that echo ’round my room penetrate my mind and instill a deep unshakable fear into the very depths of my soul. they won’t leave me alone. they won’t let me be so i must keep moving on i must leave everything i know behind and look ahead into the darkness of my mind

    By Hisoka URL on 03.02.2013

  38. I instilled instilled consciousness into this noob. Come on, Jessie get a life. You can’t possibly be in a dream world forever. Wake up! I felt sorry for my baby sister. What a life she leads. I’m waiting for her to bloom. What talent, what finesse she bears, how can she not realise? Every bone in my body yearns to remind her of this.

    By Twisha on 03.02.2013

  39. All he manages to do is instill her with an even more fervent hatred. Her voice becomes a hiss. “What do you mean, ‘we did all we could’?”

    By WearyWater URL on 03.02.2013

  40. The following is a program that instills the effect of paralysis. This is to simulate what a person with this kind of injury goes through. unfortunately it’s malfunctioning so anyone who goes through with it runs the risk of perminant results. You have been warned…

    Do you wish to proceed?

    For accepting, you will be payed a hefty sum. If the worst happens, we will terminate you for liability purposes.

    Have a nice day.

    By James on 03.02.2013