August 17th, 2013 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “indecision”

  1. Who should I take, I mane, Brandon is, like, the best, hes team captain, and averyone loves him, but, Shawn, hes so sweet, and it was so cute when he came up and asked me. I…
    OH just pick one!

    By Drew McC URL on 08.17.2013

  2. well, it’s not easy, I suppose
    standing on a wooden platform with water down below and god is this rope going to break
    harness snap carabiner melt
    [it’s possible]
    zipline fears,
    conquered as i step off
    and soar a little

    By sarah on 08.17.2013

  3. Someday, I think, his indecision will come to haunt him in the end.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.17.2013

  4. i do’nt really know what an indecision is, it could be anything, and it could mean anything. Why should I waste my time on a word I do not care to know, when I could be learning so much more.

    By Bunni on 08.17.2013

  5. I can never decide on anything. What’s my favorite book or my favorite band? I have no idea when I’m asked. What decision is better? Should I listen to a parent or do it my own way? Indecision is something that plagues all people of every age, gender, or race. It doesn’t matter the choices, there will always be a problem choosing.

    By Lucinda Matteucci on 08.17.2013

  6. To sleep or not to sleep, that was the question that was moments away from deciding itself as she teetered above the counter, rocking herself on heels unintentionally. She needed a full night. A long, sweet, full night of dog-bark-free, child-proof, weather-indifferent sleep. But…there was so much to do…

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.17.2013

  7. “I find your indecision vexing at the best of times, Natalya, and this doesn’t even come CLOSE to ranking among those.” I said distastefully, kicking a rock from the path with the side of my shoe.
    Natalya chuckled. “Come on, Dahlia. Where’s your sense of adventure?”
    “I expect it’s just beside YOUR common sense.”
    She rolled her eyes. “Har har. Whatever would I do without that sunshine-y personality of yours?” she asked, and, though her tone was heavy with sarcasm, there was no mistaking the fondness in it for anything else.
    I couldn’t help but smile.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.17.2013

  8. The president moved towards the window, and rubbed his chin as he stared out into the rose garden. He was trying to look pensive, as the worst thing he could do now would be to show indecision.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.17.2013

  9. You have a while? It’s weird. It’s odd. It’s like there’s nothing to explain, but at the same time loads of thing come out of my mind as part of an indecision. And let’s face it, indecision makes us who we are right now. We don’t have a clue of the world and decisions seem to be a tough deal as we have lost some kind of path we had been walking on.

    By Santiago URL on 08.18.2013

  10. Finn did not know what to do. On one hand he wanted to just go ahead and make his move. On the other hand, it was kind of a stupid, illegal and very dumb idea in the first place, so.. But he was pretty sure if he didnt make his move on schue soon he’d explode in a flurry of UST, and that didnt exactly sound favorable.

    By Nugget on 08.18.2013

  11. oh man, tha’ts what im all about right now. unintentionally of course… how do you shake this indecision anyway? quick tips, cliffnotes, hell, i’ll even read a novel if it mean i dont have to deal with this shit. i guess i’m decided on that.

    By blair on 08.18.2013

  12. making a desicion in life is always hard. being on a crossroad of life.thinking what to do next. and trying not to make a mistake.

    By Lena on 08.18.2013

  13. Gg

    By Room8 URL on 08.18.2013

  14. time takes its toll on one man
    walking down the bridge of life
    which way will i go to find that one
    tell me now does my heart linger?
    within your soul of more than one

    moments taken into the will of the need
    you are here inside the golden beams
    light shining in a violet haze of dreams
    why cannot just say what is inside
    looking across the other side wondering

    steps taken lightly into the realm of hate
    one does not tread here the way i do
    too much taken, too much pain
    will you see me for what I am now?
    The arrogance a mask of indecision

    One last look, one last time, one more step
    farther away from what I once was
    there you are on the other side
    white violet intensity seething through
    pain taken into the fold of the secrets

    Turn away, look inside its me
    I need you more than words permit
    the white hood of isolation falls away
    the bridge has been crossed as I fall
    Into arms meant for me?

    Secrets lost into indecisions of hope
    Will you take them now?
    Can you see my heart?
    Beating time away
    into your soul

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 08.18.2013

  15. I have school in two hours
    i told you
    i don’t care
    you whispered
    i mumbled agreement
    turned over
    and feigned death
    just so i could have
    those meager hours
    smelling your aftershave.

    By Lily Crews URL on 08.18.2013

  16. Indecision to call you never tasted so sweet
    listening to my heart beat
    in iambic pentameter
    picking up the phone.

    By B.Crazy URL on 08.18.2013

  17. that is me. I am indecision. I have it. I am always indecisive. Im not sure why. Perhaps its because Im not confident. I think being half italian, I want to have all the options so that I can choose the best.

    By Mary-Jane Lewis on 08.18.2013

  18. Indecision wracked them. She looked toward him, then toward the child, then they both looked toward each other again. And he looked toward the child, a bit nervously, wondering whether or not their decision was the correct one.

    She took a deep breath, looking him straight in the eye. Her eyes no longer wavered toward the little boy playing with a rattle in the middle of the street. His eyes became dull as he watched her, and he took a deep breath also.

    Taking her hand, he and she turned away from the little boy child.

    By Maria URL on 08.18.2013

  19. I need a drink and a quick decision.

    Decision by indecision.

    I’ve decided to not be undecided.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 08.18.2013

  20. started to write then discovered i had not capitalized “started” backspace. omigod only thirty seconds left. omigod what am i going to write? this is just ridiculous. if i could only make a

    By Nash URL on 08.18.2013

  21. I don’t know what to write for this one sorry, I’m quite indecisive. Hang on what about this one,
    should i write, wait a sec. Got it lets…

    By Thomas on 08.18.2013

  22. so i couldn’t decide about something. my mum just got home and then she asked me, “where have you been?” i couldn’t answer! i felt so guilty so anxious, how could i ever tell her that i had been really at my aunts house eating all the cookies. i’m five and i’m not allowed the cookies. i’m so dead.

    By Cat Gooding URL on 08.18.2013

  23. She stood in the doorway, with the pull of warmth and hearth and family behind her and the open road beckoning ahead.

    By mrsmig URL on 08.18.2013

  24. The word is indecision. I don’t know what to write about indecision. There are a number of things going through my brain right now; my creative juices, as it has been said, are flowing, but it’s all just a haze. I am stuck in this haze, unable to decide how to go on with the following paragraph about indeicision. This is the first time I have done something like this, so it’s no surprise I am not doing very well.

    By Aden on 08.18.2013

  25. Indecision is something I am very familiar with. I drift between yes and no and maybe as aimlessly as if I were wandering the paths of a labyrinth.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.18.2013

  26. humanity cannot unite
    against a common enemy
    because our worst enemy
    is ourselves.

    how sad, to think
    that we hate each other
    more than any foreign threat?

    really, the apocalypse will only be terrible
    for those who cannot afford
    the exclusive shelters.

    the brightest, most polished of us all
    will carry on
    eating astronaut food,
    with front row seats to the rest
    getting squashed/devoured/burnt to a crisp.

    the right to life is no longer automatic;
    it is something you earn
    or something you’re born with.

    write about /that/ in your modern dystopian stories.

    By h. b. URL on 08.18.2013

  27. Indecision is a trait that i have. i am very indecisive. i think it is not good to have this trait because then you can never make a choice. making decisions is something i will work on developing. i often do not know whether i want to go here or there, whether i want to eat popcorn or candy.

    By Holly on 08.18.2013

  28. Indecision is a small particle of time when there is a choice, two choices or several choices that you cannot decide between. Therefore, this can lead to bad things yet also good things, and that is why indecision is such a tricky thing to figure out.

    By Julia on 08.18.2013

  29. IT’s impossible to do anything. You can’t think, you can’t eat, you can’t DECIDE. Its frustration and losing yourself all in one word, and it sucks to be stuck. When you find it

    By eefa on 08.18.2013

  30. Indecision that stemmed from not knowing what I want. I’d sat still for so long that my heart had become stagnant; emotions could no longer stir the waters of my core, and I began to doubt that such things even existed.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 08.18.2013

  31. Perfect. My quandry for a topic to blog about. A noun of apt description for me today. Geez. What to write next?

    By Steph URL on 08.18.2013

  32. It was because of indecision on the part of the officers on the murder scene, that the alledged criminals were allowed to escape from the dragnet that was set for them.

    By victor URL on 08.18.2013

  33. the trick is to wake up in your *body* and when you slide from beneath the sheets you put one foot on the floor and feel the weight of you on your toes. repeat with other foot. and now look in the mirror and see that you’re a candle carried by a blind woman. But listen, she knows where she’s going.

    By amygdala URL on 08.18.2013

  34. There were so many stupid brands of jelly! Marissa thought this was unnecessary. She stood in the condiment aisle of the grocery store, just staring at the rows of jars, all filled with different varieties of fruits, some with seeds, some without. There were at least three brands of raspberry jelly. How was she supposed to know which brand to take? Marissa had never really done her own grocery shopping before, and had no idea what brand her mother usually purchased. What if she didn’t like new brands? She had never been so overwhelmed before.

    By hannah URL on 08.18.2013