August 17th, 2013 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “indecision”

  1. He stood at the top of the hill, staring at the fields, the buildings, the roads. The roads. They ran east and west, north and south, as far as he can see and ever onward. For all he knew, one of those roads ran to the end of the world and then back to the beginning.

    The road’s where I should be, he thought. But I’m up here instead, wracked with indecision, so scared of being able to go anywhere that I’m going nowhere.

    By Anthony StClair on 08.17.2013

  2. I can’t decide
    Whether I should go
    Or stay
    And if I go
    Or stay
    Whether I should understand.

    I decided to drink coffee 3 times.

    By Tabitha URL on 08.17.2013

  3. I don’t know which way to go. left could mean happiness and freedom, but a high chance of failure. Did i really have the skills for that? Then right would mean no freedom, but a job and money. Which way to turn? Left i decide. No turning back.

    By nora on 08.17.2013

  4. I have decided
    To drink more tea
    And more coffee

    I have decided
    To listen to me
    And more music I used to like

    I can’t decide
    To go there
    Or anywhere,
    Without the feeling I lost.

    By Tabitha on 08.17.2013

  5. Where is Fickle? I can’t decide. Miss F, the uber-talented, well-schooled, non-dashed chick, divining truth from the core of existence. Is she photographing trees, stark against orange skies? (No doubt a one-off.) Playing a little thing called 750 Words? (Impossible to sift through without the help of the NSA.) Darkened by her cloudy city…or becoming sun to conquer it? (Unlikely without the power of movement.) Who knows? Sonneillon? Saudade? Anyone?

    By Miss Alister URL on 08.17.2013

  6. Indecision is caused when one object meets another object but can never really collide into action. It occurs when your spark plugs won’t light because something is wrong with the ignition. Indecision is the summary of one’s early 20’s in three syllables; Furthermore angered by existential problems of living in the modern age.

    By RSI on 08.17.2013

  7. She stared down at the item in her hands. She had the choice. The choice of freedom or death.
    Her decision would change her, and the man standing in front of her.
    She had to choose. She had to overcome her indecision. She had to be strong.

    So she stabbed him.

    By the antagonist on 08.17.2013

  8. “Indecisive?” He grinned. “Not me. Not ever.”
    “Oh, yeah?” I countered.
    “What about that time you couldn’t decide whether to play football or basketball?”

    By Kate on 08.17.2013

  9. I wonder if I have the time,
    To spare sixty seconds of my life,
    And try and create something worthwhile,
    Something to inspire,
    Something to invigorate,
    Something to perhaps lift me off this worldly plain and on to an ethereal atmosphere.
    Maybe if I could only stop wondering…

    By Siege URL on 08.17.2013

  10. Indecision is a weird word, I’m not entirely sure what to write about it, almost indecisive you could say. Out of all the many words I could have been thrown I would like to think of this as fairly relevant to me, I’m quite indecisive myself. Thankfully I’ve had a lot of people and situations decide things for me, almost by chance.

    By Harley Rowley on 08.17.2013

  11. my strong suit. My mother tells me all the time, I can’t make any decisions. Is it a curse or some evolutionary advantage? Well the truth is, I dont know. It sure frustrates even me on a daily basis as I struggle to decide which milk should top off my fruit loops

    By Jack on 08.17.2013

  12. Her indecision weighed heavily on her troubled mind. Why couldn’t she choose what to do with these two men? They both had cared for her during her grieving process, but she found it difficult to pick just one. Both were wonderful men, attractive, and had great jobs; this was a decision she just couldn’t make on her own…she needed her mother. But her mother was dead now, no longer able to give the advice she desperately longed for.

    By Ann URL on 08.17.2013

  13. My god, the whole venture was rife with indecision. Which blue sky do yo pick? September blue or eleven afternoon indigo? You just take a breathe, close your eyes and step off. That was your decision.

    By Katie Wiggin URL on 08.17.2013

  14. rainstorm? snack?
    chasm? snowfield?
    Siren? Telemachus?
    belly button? star?

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.17.2013

  15. The last time we were at this crossroads, I didn’t know where might be best to travel. Having taken no detours before now, it was time to begin. The left turn was the right one.

    By jay wolf on 08.17.2013

  16. The story of my life. Must be why I’m still a child.

    By Frank Pharr on 08.17.2013

  17. There was no indecision or hesitation in Robyn’s last words whispered to her dying husband,”Andy,I hope you rot in hell.”She then gently kissed him on the forehead.

    By A False Terl on 08.17.2013

  18. Oh. The soft rush of breath sweeps into my lungs like a violent wind throwing open the doors of a castle, laying siege to my body, stopping my brain. Oh. Oh, oh no, the wind swirled through the castle, gaining a friend, an ally, an additional nemesis to oppose me. I was going to die. Right here, right now, that was it, I was done for. He knew. There was no other word for it, he knew and I was going to die. The cake that had been so laboriously prepared was gone (eaten) and he knew. He knew who to blame. Oh, Oh no oh no oh no.

    By Moosecat on 08.17.2013

  19. “Your indecision is killing me.”

    “Oh, fuck off.”

    Lilly always took too long. Peter could’ve given her a thousand options and her only answer would be ‘oh, whatever you wanna do’. It drove him up the wall. How was he supposed to know what she wanted to do? Could he read minds?

    “Fine, let’s-”

    “No, I don’t want to.”

    “…Okay. Whatever.”

    By Sara URL on 08.17.2013






    By Greeno URL on 08.17.2013

  21. The inability to make a decision. As the word was flashed, I could not decide what I should say about the term. I am usually not indecisive, so it was surprising I had little to say.

    By Allison on 08.17.2013

  22. I am not sure what to do. Should I tell him off or not? Should I stay or should I go? I know that I am too nice, that I will never leave. But I am always everyone’s doormat. Is this how it goes? Is someone’s lifelong indecision what leads to someone one day blowing up?

    By Linda S. on 08.17.2013

  23. She was never quite sure what the right answer was, even though she seemed to others always to be right. Was it doubt, masquerading as humility, false or real? Or was it just indecision? She was indecisive about that, too.

    By Mexichick on 08.17.2013

  24. The world weighed. How the world came in to existence, what happened between then and now. Feeling like she had to make a decision she chose where her head would lay. It was there for a while, spinning around in her head, just like the world itself.

    But someone hit a switch. There was now indecision. There was uncertainty.

    There was joy and freedom in that place.

    By esky1118 on 08.17.2013


    By Jason on 08.17.2013

  26. He stood outside the door, hesitant and impatient, uncertain and so frightened. He raised his hand to knock and the world froze. Time stopped and he was turned to stone.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 08.17.2013

  27. Hanksmith’s indecision would prove costly, as the industrial revolution would move along without him, dangling on the thread of entrepreneurship as he continued to ponder over how he could improve his automobile ideas. Soon, many others, more apt-minded and even more assertive than he could ever be, came out with plenty of horseless carriages, and he was stranded in the dust created by the tires as they screeched out a farewell.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.17.2013

  28. My life was put into that moment, and I was so terrified. If I were to stay undecided, I would die. And that wasn’t an option. But how could I live with a lie? There was just no answer, so I stood silently until the bell went off.

    By Kat on 08.17.2013

  29. A crossroads, a moment in time when we turn from one path to find another. It is the moment when regret is born. We are born to regret. Creatures destined to be unhappy with where we are.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 08.17.2013

  30. The moment when your fingers touch the keys and your muse takes flight, but in the wrong direction. She flees as if you mean to kill her and you are left staring at a blank screen uncertain how to begin.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 08.17.2013

  31. Her eyes flitted with indecision as he walked away. If there was ever a time that hewr f*cking legs should have just MOVED, just walked for her instead of waiting for her command, it was that moment. But, to her complete and udder horror, she stood there and watched as he disappeared.

    By DeionDakota on 08.17.2013

  32. I walked back and forth, back and forth across the small hotel room. He was sitting on the bed watching me as I paced, indecision marked clearly on my face. “What should I do?” I asked him. I started to pace a little bit faster. I don’t know. I really don’t know.

    By umbazachika on 08.17.2013

  33. Hamlet had two choices. “To be or not to be.” That was the question, but at the same time, it wasn’t. There was really only one choice – whether to sleep now or sleep later. Because we all know that at one point, death no longer becomes a choice but an imperative.

    By musicrazi on 08.17.2013

  34. I’m plagued by an indecision complex I swear. I blame my father. When I was younger he would always ask me, “estas segura que no te vas a arrepentir?” when torn between one barbie or the other. After I got home, his words would still echo in my mind and after a couple of plays I’d regret my choice.

    Indecision kids, don’t let it get to you

    By Karla URL on 08.17.2013

  35. my life is made entirely of indecision. i can never choose immediately what i want. to eat it or not to eat it. should i have chosen somewhere else to go. i ask others what they think i should choose. i stumble and stutter, unable to decide upon my own path.

    By lo URL on 08.17.2013

  36. The indecisions
    Whirling around in my brain
    Do I really love you
    Or have I gone insane?
    Your voice, it stays in my mind
    It makes my heart beat quick
    But when you say “You’re lovely” to me
    It makes my head feel sick

    By Pax on 08.17.2013

  37. quite nearly synonymous
    in fact almost exactly the same
    (or maybe not /almost exactly
    probably possibly exactly
    but perhaps I should not put probably and possibly together
    though I kind of like the sound of it
    even though it’s kind of awkward
    I kind of think I like awkward)

    By celia on 08.17.2013

  38. empanadas or pancakes?
    beliefs or money?
    do I love him or not?
    pink hair or back to black?
    college or no?
    texas or georgia?


    By Clo on 08.17.2013

  39. The indecision to call you was biting at the fibers of my brain. It tugged and pulled mercilessly in the direction of whether you’d want to hear from me, or if you had grown so accustomed to the loneliness I had shrouded you in.

    By SherriceGanielle URL on 08.17.2013

  40. The flip flopping was killing him, if he’d simple stuck to one stance the campaign wouldn’t be Hindenburging right now. politics in this country is like prom court, the voters are fickle and the positions are about as important at “under the sea” or “a night in Hollywood”.

    By jayson lawrence on 08.17.2013