December 10th, 2010 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “immense”

  1. Immense we are. The population. So many of us, yet so little of an idea about each other. simple things we all require love and attention but do we give out these things as much as we recieve them. No immense.The population. yet no one with a clue.

    By Katy lambert on 12.10.2010

  2. hi…i already did this…um…waiting….i don’t really want to redo it…la la la la la…do do do

    By GertrudeTheAwesome on 12.10.2010

  3. I felt immense… pain, pleasure.. what was I feeling? My head is in the clouds! Immense difficulty in writing this. I want to immerse myself.. yes that is it. Immerse. Immerse in the clear blue waters that surround humanity. I want to feel myself starting to sink. immerse. immense feeling. that is what!

    By Lauren on 12.10.2010

  4. I just got the word immense!
    I feel immense.
    Its welling up in my chest.
    Immense pressure, exploding into the confines of my mind like a pack of TNT.
    I want to immerse myself, yes that is it.
    Immerse myself into the cool blue.
    The cool blue.
    Cool blue what?
    Immense. Immerse.
    I feel immense.

    By Lauren on 12.10.2010

  5. It was a huge burden to her. Always on her back, lurking over her shoulder. The huge cumbersome death was dangling over her fiery red hair.

    By Kat URL on 12.10.2010

  6. It gave me immense pleasure to look at you for the first time in three months. Your hair was longer and I could tell you hadn’t showered in days but it was still the most immense happiness I had experienced in a long time. If only you had felt the same about me, we could have been happier then ever. If only my immense happiness had been your immense happiness.

    By Aary URL on 12.10.2010

  7. Immense. Lot’s of things are immense. The sea. The feelings I get for someone I’m in love with. Yes, those are definitely immense. Sometimes, I don’t even know who I am anymore, I care so much. The immensity of my feelings scares me, and I lose myself in them. I probably scare others too.

    By Julia URL on 12.10.2010

  8. Immense. I’m feeling immense boredom at the fact that I’m doing this again. I already wrote an immensely deep passage before, about how my immense capacity for love scares me…immensely. I think I’ll use the word immense as immensely possible, just to be immensely annoying. And they’re still letting me type. funny. I thought I only had sixty seconds. This is immensely entertaining.

    By Julia URL on 12.10.2010

  9. the immense danger i feel our friendship is in scares me. i dont know what to do about it anymore, if anything. how much i missed you is also immense, however, how much you miss me when you realize i’m not here anymore may be immense too. i’d like to say i’m sorry for that, but we just didn’t have a chance. love you

    By lauren on 12.10.2010

  10. People feel immense gratitude towards others. Immense feelings are over whelming.

    By K on 12.10.2010

  11. The feeling rushed over me when I saw her walk in. Sure, I may have had feelings before hand, but seeing her holding a box of homemade cookies and a calculus study guide sure solidified it; this was the girl for me.

    By Dustin on 12.10.2010

  12. The torture. The love. The undying yearning of the forgotten promise mad all those years ago. Immense. I can’t look at anything with fresh, new eyes anymore, Everything is tarnished and broken. Nothing is wondrous or fulfilling. happiness went with the birds. I immersed myself in you and i drowned.

    By Katie. on 12.10.2010

  13. The immense satisfaction of having done something and having done it well, that is to be content. “Yes,” you whisper, your eyes scanning a sky that has little to offer but clouds. “This is what I am.”

    By Laura URL on 12.10.2010

  14. It was an immense feeling that swallowed her like a tidal wave that could not be stopped and she knew it and just fell back into its embrace and let it wash away all that had been before and let go of all that might have come after.

    By nannan on 12.10.2010

  15. The bells chimed the hour. The immense weight came back on. School was my reality; weekends the only escape. I forgot stress on those days, enjoying the presence of friends all around me. But when it came down to it, I was left with that big load. I would forget it for now. Ignorance is my bliss.

    By Marissa URL on 12.10.2010

  16. Kinda like you. Kinda like my love for you. Kinda like my expectations for you, but more like my disappointment in you. Because in the end, you’re just as tiny and weak and dull as the rest of us.

    By Caroline URL on 12.10.2010

  17. the stars in the sky are secretly immense, but we as mere humans only see them as specs. just as we focus on minute details of a person, when there is so much more that we have never even seen..

    By layla on 12.10.2010

  18. Immense, now here’s a word I really overuse. I remember the first time I heard it too. It was ninth grade and my friend used it to describe something. I miss her. I miss her immensely.

    By Jessica on 12.10.2010

  19. “Why won’t you talk to me George?” I asked. He stared at me blankly. He always did this, I convinced my self it was normal for a seven year old to be this quiet all the time. “Where’s dad?” He whispered quietly. I felt an immense amount of pain every time I tried to think of Aaron.

    By E on 12.10.2010

  20. I had an immense disappointment today : mother is not visiting for Xmas.

    By Oppoponax on 12.10.2010

  21. Freeman, I love him. Makes me happy. Immensely. I love laughing with him and hearing him breathe. I’m going to marry this guy. I promise myself this.

    By Olivia on 12.10.2010

  22. Massive, huge, all-encompassing…humbling to the senses. A hulking monstrosity, a paragon among its kind. Star Destroyers and mountains.

    By Arkaya on 12.10.2010

  23. I wanted to immense myself in pudding, knowing that it was one of my favorite deserts, I mean, what else could I say? I loved chocolate pudding and all of its deliciousness. So, I took many packages of instant Jell-o Pudding and I made myself a bathtub of my yummy confection.

    By Stephanie on 12.10.2010

  24. like the sound in the background when you hear a wave crash and you’re listening to rock ‘n roll. like all the shit in the world and all the colors – or whatever colors and happiness and sadness and cats living with dogs. down blankets and short shorts and lounging and waiting and running and everything. it’s like it’s the adjective of love, unless love is an adjective in the immensity of itself.

    By jessie. on 12.10.2010

  25. God’s love, incense, um… big, large, scope large scale awesome yep

    By Margaret on 12.10.2010

  26. i was once told that the sea and the trees were of immense pieces of senses that take care of the world and it’s nature butterflies who carry spring in and out of every annual season.

    By Lindsay DeTienne on 12.10.2010

  27. there was a feeling inside me, so immense i could not for the life of me describe its enormity…a growing, swelling thing, about to burst. I had to do something, react, stop this burgeoning thing before it destroyed me. I panicked. I held my breath, waiting for the pain.

    By Bea Joubert on 12.10.2010

  28. large, huge, really enormouse
    something i need to thinlk WAY more about
    something taht makes me feel bigger and smaller at the same time
    something that I can feel superior to other people about
    so big it
    s way bigger than me, or my husband or my family and bigger than anything i can ever think about
    that’s something that makes me wonder why i’m so small in the face of everything large

    By Leslie on 12.10.2010

  29. The immense snowman filled the front yard, towering over the eves of the house. It was visible from miles around, and waved to passersby on the freeway at the edge of town.

    By David Irwin URL on 12.10.2010

  30. the immense awkwardness fills the air, until it the tension is so thick it could be cut with a butter knife, or even a harsh breath. as the girl looks up into the eyes of her exboyfriend, she mumbles “funny seeing you here..” and looks away. he can’t help but realize what a terrible mistake he made, seeing her doing so well. immense.

    By mik. on 12.10.2010

  31. I looked up at the immense sky above me, and looked around and the immense world, and suddenly realized that I’m not really doing all that bad.

    By Michael URL on 12.10.2010

  32. got an immense headache that just won’t go away

    By moloki URL on 12.10.2010

  33. The immensity of the decision stopped me for a moment. This would change my life. It would change his life. But I couldn’t stop now, so I pulled the trigger and blew the car jacker away.

    By Red URL on 12.10.2010

  34. The immense fat man was hoisted from the bathtub by a long crane, the roof having first been cut away above the second story bathroom in order to make the removal possible. Crowds gathered and gawked at his enormity.

    By Red URL on 12.10.2010

  35. I am immensely excited for Christmas break! After moving back an immense amount of my stuff during an immense amount of time, I’m finally home! :D This Christmas is going to be an immensely good one!

    By Kỳlynn Evergreene URL on 12.10.2010

  36. this is a word that means huge, gigantic and describes how much pleasure I get out of writing about the things of God and how He makes me feel. I love to share these words with other people.

    By actionaus on 12.10.2010

  37. Well, that just makes me think of one thing. And it doesn’t seem like it would be very appropriate to type out.

    By Reid URL on 12.10.2010

  38. Immense. That’s the only word to describe this feeling, that’s settling into my chest, like a thick smog over San Fransisco. Heavy and dark, all I can think about is: Why her? You broke up with her once, why is she good enough now? Why is she good enough and I am not.

    By Emily on 12.10.2010

  39. ‘ f ‘ you !”she cried.she grabbed the belt and tossed it,scattering some of it’s contents in a mismash of directions.the belt went over the tressel,falling and falling down an immense fell from the light into total darkness.she could see it’s glow,even from this extreme distance

    By The Fake Dann URL on 12.10.2010

  40. My fear was immense. My heart rate skyrocketed. I didnt know how to feel, what to do, how to react. All i could do was stand there. Why? I’m still not sure, I still dont believe it. So, remind me again how the man i was once in love with is gone?

    By Nicole URL on 12.10.2010