December 10th, 2010 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “immense”

  1. emptiness. love for one another. some much that we only listen to whispers and ignore the screams of real threat. emptiness. just another way to say i love you. full.

    By Flav on 12.10.2010

  2. immense… I have been immensely tired lately. to the point where all I want to do is go home and sleep and forget about the immense list of things that I have to do and deal with. I’m eating lunch now and it’s pretty good. but i wouldn’t say immensely good.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 12.10.2010

  3. There was no way to escape it.
    All sound was lost on me as it came into view. I knew there were people pointlessly running, stupidly screaming, tears and prayers trying to drown out the reality.

    I’ve fought a lot in my life. Fought in the schoolyard when I got spat on; against the robbers who tried to break in to my mother’s house; with my uncle at my mother’s funeral when he thought he’d take my sisters; against the rapists and crooks who tried to get me in the alley on the way home; against time to get my sisters, my wife, my family out of here in time.
    They were safe. Something within me told me that and I trusted that.

    My last thought was, in this realization, in this quiet, I do not have to fight anymore. I am at peace.

    And even as the water of the world crashed upon me, I felt free.

    By Nico on 12.10.2010

  4. this weight is killing me. it pressures. So much responsibility so much burden I need relief I need peace I need comfort. help me. I don’t know what to do. the hugeness blinds my logic and reasoning. It creates frantic chaos and anarchy.

    By steph on 12.10.2010


    By JENN on 12.10.2010

  6. immense is the ocean –across and depth—immense are some of the creatures in the seas and oceans–immense is the love of Jehovah for each of us and immense love from Jesus to each also

    By she53lly URL on 12.10.2010

  7. when i think of the ocean i feel swallowed in salt, colors, feelings. overwhelmed. tiny. i’m like one of those little shells lost at the bottom. i wonder at my meaning, my effect on this world. and then i just swim and it doesn’t even matter anymore. i’m happy just feeling the salt on my skin, the cool water consuming me.

    By Maygan Anthony on 12.10.2010

  8. how big can something immense can be?
    i love you more than that..
    immense as the sea..

    By andres cacho URL on 12.10.2010

  9. Vastly huge in all dimensions, Arthur Dent and Slartibartfast traveled in the tiny cart between two impossibly large sheets of dull gray metal, stretching forward and backward, up and down, into infinity. This was the floor room of the architects of the planets- the Magritheans.

    By Scotticus on 12.10.2010

  10. “What an immense load of crap,” I told him. “You are just as real as I am.”

    He smirked, not moving from his position, as I walked over, reaching out a hand to touch him.

    A hand that went THROUGH him instead.

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.10.2010

  11. very deep, alot to think about, i love noodles. ummm… this immense toy is very promising to my dearly beloved dead grandmother. I doubt i’m doing this right. am i suppose to fill up this box? i need to type faster to fill up this box. I think this is a writing and grammar test. everything is a test. BOOOO.

    By Madison Masters on 12.10.2010

  12. oh, what can i say.
    how could i even say it? explain the punch in the gut. the tingle through my arms. the quiver in my knees, when your lips speak my name.

    By Rachel Pfennig URL on 12.10.2010

  13. It was big. Huge. Amazing. The ocean stretched on for ages. There’s no way it could end. at all. ever. How is there so much water anywhere? Is it possible? I mean, that’s a whole lotta blue liquid. And God only knows what’s down there. We couldn’t see past maybe a couple inches. There’s some fearsome stuff in there, i’m sure.

    By Audrey on 12.10.2010

  14. huge. I cannot believe how big that word is at the top of the page. One “m” was not enough for this word. Webster went ahead and added two… just for the effect. Some may call him a “drama queen.” Up for discussion.

    By Laura on 12.10.2010

  15. I have joined a dating site, and can see there is an immense amount of people who are looking for just a fling.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.10.2010

  16. profundamente, alegre e inscesante, es el corazon del hombre, el hombre que soy, el hombre que ama con la misma profundidad e intensidad al mundo, a DIos a si mismo, soy la conciencia unica e impresindible, la magia del universo nace al contemplarla, su existencia se hace evidente a

    By pablo deng chiw on 12.10.2010

  17. When he opened the door, thousands of spiders seemed to cover every solid surface, moving like soundless boiling water. He froze at the scene and his thoughts overloaded, doubting reality, physics and statistics.

    By kaitoleen URL on 12.10.2010

  18. The universe is immense, I’m sure, but as I have no way of visualizing it, it is only as big as I imagine.

    I’m guessing about the size of an elephant. But without the smell. No, I’m sure the universe smells like a fresh-baked cookie. With a dash of paprika.

    By Sid McHenry URL on 12.10.2010

  19. The feeling of boredom was so immense. I couldn’t write one more word of that Sociology essay, so I ended up on Stumble Upon instead. Muuuuuuch better.

    By Laur on 12.10.2010

  20. I’ve already written about this word. Are there no others? I’m not even that big a fan of this word. I’d rather write about awesome robots or something. beep beep buzzzzzz

    By Laurs URL on 12.10.2010

  21. immense. it’s immense how big my cock is. the immensity of it is immensely immense. you can’t even begin to describe the amount of immensity in my cock. it’s like a pillow. full of teeth. because it’s immense it makes it orange. orangeish red. but no more than yellow. immense. five times three is immense.

    By Immensity on 12.10.2010

  22. I felt immense pain, and I screamed in horror. I was going to die. The knife jabbed into my side was throbbing. The blood was pooling on the floor and I was staring at my mother with eyes wide as a golfball.

    By Becca on 12.10.2010

  23. this is a word that means many and alot of. I consider this to be a description more of personality than of size. It is the quality of something and the beginning of something. Immense is a word that is used to be bold and daring when someone is being described. It will be immense when she allows us to hear her laughter.

    By Jessi Kathryn Lawson on 12.10.2010

  24. The world is immense, everything. Racism, death (rarely peace, love) I’m immense/slightly fat.
    I’m Buddhist.
    I don’t kill anything.. Bugs.. Animals.. I’m against all death.

    By Billy-joe H on 12.10.2010

  25. I used to have these dreams, maybe more correctly called nightmares, when I was a kid. They are really hard to explain and to this day I have yet to be satisfied in conveying the experience. In them everything – people included, me excluded – would have a few times larger than they should be, there was no sound but the silence was oppressively deafening, and the whole dream would feel incredibly overwhelming. Inevitably, I’d wake up feeling very uneasy, very small and very intimidated by this unexplainable immensity that dominated my subconscious.

    By Rob URL on 12.10.2010

  26. Life is immense; the way I feel about everything is immense, Immense is a word that relates to size but it also relates to a feeling that is different for everyone who experiences it. My brain is immense; my anger is immense; my appetite is immense; my journey to work is immense; my journey through life is immense. All is totally immense, man!!!!!!

    By Jan on 12.10.2010

  27. There’s an immense feeling in my heart. It drives me crazy. I can feel it in my soul and in my being. It drives me insane. It drives me to insanity.
    I don’t know what to feel or what to think or what to do.
    I don’t know who I am as I do everything that I do.
    I want someone to know.
    I want someone to find out.
    I want someone to bring it out.
    I can’t believe that I feel this way. I can’t believe I need this…

    By Skours on 12.10.2010

  28. the arctic has such an immense blue sky. it seems as if it is never ending. it reaches forever only briefly touching the horizon. when you look up at the clouds, all you see is sky, and your soul feels as if it wants to flit up into that immense world of changing colors.

    By Mari on 12.10.2010

  29. The immense boy laughed. The whole of his enormous body shook with his huge ammusement. If one of the most picked on kids at school can laugh at me, hen who am I? Well, I guess I know the a stupid, friendless loser.

    By GertrudeTheAwesome on 12.10.2010

  30. How large and expansive are you? Are you a hot air balloon, small against the immense stretch of sky behind you? Are you a sprinkle of thought in the immense, ether world of your brain?

    By Maliha URL on 12.10.2010

  31. The box is immense, just like my closet. Once, many years ago, when I was but a lad, I sat in my immense closet and was sucked in, through the walls, to another dimension. There, I met all sorts of creatures, big and small, smelly and perfumy, ugly, and well ugly. It was a very immense world!

    By Jason Wamsley on 12.10.2010

  32. immense. large god. My god is my grandmothers god. but only because she says he is. and my grandmothers god is very immense. so vast and big is he that she gives him her every day. she loves him. more than she loves us. but only because he tells her to.

    By Quiche URL on 12.10.2010

  33. I wish there was an immense amount of time in life. To do the things you want, the things you don’t want to do, learn lessons, and teach lessons. Time flys but you’re the pilot. The only thing I wish for is an immense amount of places to fly.

    By Bailey URL on 12.10.2010

  34. Out from the corner of my eye, the immense feeling of dread was slowly on its way towards taking over my cornea, my iris, my pupil–tiny as a pinprick.

    By carl on 12.10.2010

  35. Immense fence makes no since my hair needs a good rinse hence to the world more to core for the lore of all that is bore. ASK FOR MORE!

    By Billy-joe H on 12.10.2010

  36. the world is immense when you think about it. eveything so connected but yet so far apart at the same time. one day they say that you will be able to travel from this world and settle on to another now that really will be immense beans

    By Dale on 12.10.2010

  37. The girl took a step and stopped to look at the intersections in front of her, an immense number of choices to make and not enough time to make them.

    By A Bananie URL on 12.10.2010

  38. The tower poured away from her, the water cascading in its endless endless fall. She stared down, into the empty blank. The water would fall forever and ever and ever. She turned away.

    By Aurora URL on 12.10.2010

  39. huge, giants, love, darkness, asia, poverty, violence, the world,elephants.

    By David on 12.10.2010

  40. Like the size of the universe. Like the power of Love. Like the view of the ocean. Like our God up above. Immense.

    By Heyo on 12.10.2010