July 22nd, 2012 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “icing”

  1. There are some days you wake up and instantly something is wrong – you have a cold, a dry throat, you’re late or just achey. Then you stand on a plug or trip over a shoe and things just go downhill – you burn yourself with coffee, miss the bus and step in a puddle and then you bump into your ex – the icing on the cake.

    By Michelle O'Connor URL on 07.23.2012

  2. icing on the top of a cupcake
    how sweet with sugar
    rainbows of color
    sprinkles and more sugar
    icing icing icing
    so good it rots your teeth
    oh how I love icing

    By Tyra on 07.23.2012

  3. It’s all about winter, or skating. Or just things in the fridge that are going deep in ice. That’s all? Hm….A heart can go icing…I think. I might be wrong but…who knows? I should ice people’s heart! :D

    By Duxy on 07.23.2012

  4. the icing on a cake.
    the finishing touch of something.
    The word can go deeper than you think, more thought can be put behind it than just a simple layer of sugar on a dessert.
    The icing means the final layer, the cake is finished.
    But it can also mean the end of your life, or the final layer.
    Such as the end of a chapter.

    By carmel on 07.23.2012

  5. The frothy,incredible sweet sea of whiteness ,layered on a chocolate cake. it is fun to spread either truyiing to make in smooth as glass or wavy like the ocean.

    By Striker on 07.23.2012

  6. I watched the little boy
    with icing on his cheeks
    make a wish
    I turned my view to
    the guests,
    I wonder if they also think
    how sweet innocence is
    for this little boy’s wish
    is for everyone to
    be in peace.

    By Franchesca URL on 07.23.2012

  7. I like to ice skate its bringing me peace and my head lifts up and everything that is heavy just go away. I can see all the ice and the wind is bringing me all the cold and wet small pieces of nature. It just feels amazing. I wonder how nature did this wonderfulness. I dream about being there with My love.

    By anais on 07.23.2012

  8. it tastes sweet and yum, it goes on cakes. Sugar and frosting is colourful or white, yum yum yum!!!! My addiction only eat icing

    By Keara Franklin on 07.23.2012

  9. Jake hated icing. Icing on cake was like the cover of books. Cake tasted better without cavity-inducing toothpaste. Icing tried to hide mediocre baking, just like review with ellipses hid bad writing… He had the same view on girls too. Pretty eyes, sensual hair, a nice body – they were just all icing. People fell for icing, over and over and over again.

    By Holden URL on 07.23.2012

  10. Mostly it’s just air. Light, colourless, sweet. Smooth like your skin — tastes like it too.

    By nom de luc URL on 07.23.2012

  11. plastic decorations on a xmass tree, all shiny. messy to put away though.
    not a big fan of cake icing: although did like the orange icing on the hostess cupcakes.

    By tom on 07.23.2012

  12. Put the icing on the cake, Britt! Don’t just eat them! It’s too sweet and you’ll need to get your teeth pulled out! Are you listening to me!

    By S on 07.23.2012

  13. Sweet, sugary and soft against my tongue. The taste of happiness in my mouth. The decoration that makes cakes in to wonderful fairytale castles or fire-breathing dragons.

    By Janet on 07.23.2012

  14. The mountian top stood above in a monotonous row. Grimcing at my ever slip and struggle. Its back was coated with an icing blanket, comforting it as I froze.

    By Haley URL on 07.23.2012

  15. On the cake
    Sweet sweet melting in to your tongue
    Releasing a rush of joy
    You are the icing to me
    I would always like a little but more
    Too much and I am sick
    It’s a fine balance finding where you belong
    In my arms or on my tongue.

    By Lauren on 07.23.2012

  16. Icing on the cake. That’s all this is. I have the girl, the house, the dream job. Now this money coming in is just icing on the cake. It almost makes having a career redundant but I like what I do. Almost to a fault.

    By Kyle Hammer URL on 07.23.2012

  17. icing is a silver pink, too sticky, too sweet thing. i enjoy it while i’m eating it, but after that i feel ashamed, running my tongue over the bits that are still stuck to the back of my teeth. it is very much like hedonism, for one fifteen year old girl

    By Zeph on 07.23.2012

  18. “Blow out your candles, lovely!”
    “Make a wish!”
    “Happy bIRTHDay Elaine!”

    The memories ran through Elaine’s mind, sloshed together like muddy water in a bowl. She stared up at the sky; her arms and legs wouldn’t move. As she turned her head to the left, excrutiating pain shot down her entire side. She was covered with icing.

    By Kristina on 07.23.2012

  19. something we put on a cake.
    lots of kinds, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
    made from whipped cream and flavors.
    helps decorate the cake in fancy ways
    gives a whole new look to a plain and simple cake
    easy to make, doesn’t require a lot of effort either.

    By Arpita Kaushal URL on 07.23.2012

  20. Icing is the top part of the cake or any pastry that is filled with sweet, sugary goodness. It can be of any flavor your mind can think of, although I have no idea is there is postacio + cheese icing. In fact, is there even Ketchup icing? who knows. Oh well XD I like icing.

    By Robin Tan on 07.23.2012


    By ERIKA on 07.23.2012

  22. Fur coats filled her wardrobe yet she prefer to lay naked in bed pretending to sleep.

    By Mario MGR on 07.23.2012

  23. Upon these lifeless eyes
    Her stare fixed on the sky
    What was a girl is now an empty shell

    The soul she harbored would no longer wait

    She won’t arrive
    Not this time

    By Apnethon URL on 07.23.2012

  24. I used to love cake, with icing being my favorite part. These days, however, I usually don’t take a piece of cake when at a birthday party. I think I’d rather have an individual treat, rather then share in the cake with the rest of the party-goers.

    By Thomas on 07.23.2012

  25. Was sind wir?
    Sind wir mehr als wir sehen?
    Sind wir alle gleich?
    verstecken wir uns nur?

    Verstecken uns unter unserer Glasur?

    By anuri URL on 07.23.2012

  26. butter
    melting … in the sun
    blue yellow orange green
    give me my icing…
    lick the plate clean…..

    By whiterabbt URL on 07.23.2012

  27. icing? i duuno what’s the meaning of icing. if i wrote icing in my point is like a thing that smell bad. and it take worst quickly. oh god. time is out.

    By nur solichah on 07.23.2012

  28. The delicious icing rained from the cotton candy sky. I wasn’t sure if this was a dream or a nightmare. I love sugar, yet I hated icing. What was happening to me, I asked myself. I woke up.

    By Pazi! on 07.23.2012

  29. not what it tastes like, but the presentation. That’s what always counted. Iced on the outside. Empty on the inside. Inward, you’re a useless soul. you really don’t contribute much at all, you just push the threshold further.

    By micheline on 07.23.2012

  30. is creamy and luscious. it usually comes in vanilla or chocolate flavoring. i like to have frosting on cupcakes but i usually hate icing on a cake. the icing on cupcakes is more light and airy. the icing on a cake is dense and heavy. i have seen many colors of icing. sometimes i’m not sure what the difference between icing and frosting really is. what is the difference? maybe the difference is similar to the different ways of calling a sandwich.. (i.e. hoagie, sub, etc..) regardless, i also enjoy icing especially on a cinnamon bun or something like that. it is my greatest weakness.

    By nish on 07.23.2012

  31. i uses a lot of icing when i bake cakes. the last cake i made was pretty much mad in the rarion fo icing to cake 50.50. but its tasted good. my love of icing came from when i was a child and my mom made me a fairy cake. i loved it, now i bak alall the

    By rosie URL on 07.23.2012

  32. My heart is icing over
    I hate who I’ve become
    The lost mind gone sober
    From the person I once was
    My soul is losing purpose
    My eyes are losing sight
    These feelings have surfaced
    To the all knowing light

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 07.23.2012

  33. I gazed at the chocolate fudge cupcake, topped with rainbow icing.

    It was amazingly colorful; blue, white, and green blended all in with a tint of red.

    I took a small lick, just to tease myself a little.

    Eventually, I stuffed the entire thing in my mouth. I couldn’t chew it up since it was dominating my teeth and tongue, and the people around me continued to gawk.

    By MollyJ URL on 07.23.2012

  34. Icing. sweet and nice. Delicious and frothy. I cannot help but lick it off the cake first, but I hate when there is too much. Please watch how much you apply to your cupcakes sir.

    By Ariel Suarez on 07.23.2012

  35. Gooood but disgusting after a while, like alcohol
    but you don’t get drunk after so it’s not very funny even if you avoid the hangover

    By Lefevre Clara URL on 07.23.2012

  36. The icing on the cake. Putting the icing on the cake is like adding something good to something that is already excellent.

    By Kathryn on 07.23.2012

  37. she had the cake in place, and a bowl with a bit of warm water ready. she pour a bit of the sweet powder and stir them up carefully. would her mom love what she make? the thought makes her smile. slowly she dribble the watered powder sugar over the cake.

    By Lalita R. Samardhya on 07.23.2012

  38. Icing. Covering the rich, moist bread of the cake. Decorative, festive, sweet. Often over appreciated, for what its worth. Other times neglected for its sweetness and the preferred richness of the cake. Just trying to do its job.

    By nicole on 07.23.2012

  39. I remember my brother falling inside of an iced lake on a holiday in Valtellina. I was playing with a friend on the other side of the lake, he slipped in and my father had to go in and pull him out. Later, he was stripped and stood naked, a 10 years old boy with a red face and slightly frozen feet. I misinterpreted the word but who cares.

    By eva URL on 07.23.2012

  40. The sweet delectable taste of icing on a graduation cake, a not so subtle reminder of your own personal failures.

    By Law1861 URL on 07.23.2012