November 12th, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “icicle”

  1. icicles dripping in beautiful winter frost
    while i freaze with a warm coat on snowflakes falling on my head i know im safe

    By sexygirl URL on 11.12.2011

  2. the snow felt soft. But my heart was just icy and I hoped for your soul to break me from this.. break me. melt me down

    By blue URL on 11.12.2011

  3. It was late at night when I decided upon the weapon of my choice.
    That old adage,a
    That “Mindtrap” that no one would consider,
    The simple answer to a riddle, but one easily concealable.

    My weapon of choice is an icicle,
    in the middle of July.

    No one will see it coming.

    By Siege URL on 11.12.2011

  4. drips and drops and melting. if one falls down its sure to crack you right open. better hurry and get out of this cave.

    By Dominik URL on 11.12.2011

  5. The way this moves so slow so glacial. Yet when we slide, so quick so sudden. Would our heat ever melt the ground that’s under? Or can we toy with love’s duality. Pain and pleasure in our hands.

    By Ruben URL on 11.12.2011

  6. One of the most torturous deaths – being stabbed by an icicle. Seriously, is there something wrong with me? Why did I think of something like this at 2:46am?

    By alyssa rae on 11.12.2011

  7. Drawn in the depths of the cold water. I began to swim away from the shoreline. The cold sand of the beach drew further away as I swam. The cold water pierced my flesh like icicles and the baptism it gave me was exactly what I needed. Maybe I can face a new truth out here.

    By richard URL on 11.12.2011

  8. diamond shards, splitting the clean light into jewels and beams of glowing rainbows

    By georgie on 11.12.2011

  9. An icicle sounds pretty good right about now despite how cold it is. Idk sometimes I feel like I want it to be cold all the time because I can control it. I hate when I can’t have control over a given situation and that really really really bothers the living crap out of me. That’s just my personality, I guess.

    By Teresa Hernandez URL on 11.13.2011

  10. ice

    By dyan on 11.13.2011

  11. Drip, drip, drip.

    Steadily, the icicle melted. I watched with an impassive expression, saw the thing glimmer as it caught the light. It’d melt before tomorrow. I may as well take in the relatively lovely sight while it lasted. Fleeting. But pretty.

    Drip, drip, drip.

    By Naya URL on 11.13.2011

  12. An Ice Queen, she is! Stand too close to her and you will turn into an icicle! Her voice is frosty, her look is frosty … there is no warmth to be found in that woman!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.13.2011

  13. Icicle, its simply water frozen. its just like ice cubes and nothing more. but what makes it so beautiful and mesmerizing? the fact that water and ice as magical as it looks, it cannot defy gravity. it is a friendly reminder to all of us that we are stuck here for the time being. So we might as well make the best of it <3

    By Angelo K.. Seganti URL on 11.13.2011

  14. It’s the first midnight winter’s snow. The landscape is bleak, black, dark, asleep. An icicle glistens and shines on the eave, listening to the world. Ready to slink back to the earth drop by drop come spring. I sleep.

    By CJS on 11.13.2011

  15. The icicle fell to the ground and shattered; it scared the shit out of me, and I turned around to see only smashed ice.

    By kibi URL on 11.13.2011

  16. is white and cold..i like them. shame they dont grow in the summer. sometimes i lick´em and suck´em. or just throw them on the other people. and they go angry. i like this. i love this. best part of the winter. isnt´it.

    By myšfous on 11.13.2011

  17. It was sharp, almost as frigid as his heart, and hanging precariously above them.
    After that, and this, everything in between, she couldn’t just sit aside anymore. No.
    She reached, and with all the strength she could muster, broke the icicle from the ceiling. He turned. Now was the moment.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.13.2011

  18. iceland, despite his name, actually hated the cold. no, it wasn’t something he hated with a burning passion, it’s just that he’s become bored of it, what with having to live near the arctic circle for hunreds of years. so when his good friend hong kong invited him to disneyland one year, he was more than happy to jump at the opportunity. no icicles hung there permanently.

    By couryielle on 11.13.2011

  19. The ice cave made every sound echo. Long, razor sharp pillars of ice hung from the ceiling like spears.
    “What if the icicle’s fall on us?!” she asked her friend fearfully.
    “We’ll just have to hope for the best,” he replied. “Let’s go”
    And so they walked further into the depths of the ice caves, the icicles quiverring above them.

    By Antonia on 11.13.2011

  20. You will hear about it ,or see it mostly at Christmas time. The Icicle, I think is the shape of objects formed from the running of ice on the ground, or the shapes of lights on the Christmas tree.

    By victor walkes URL on 11.13.2011

  21. i used to love
    snow days
    icicles and winter parades
    but i grew up
    and now only enjoy
    sleeping alone,
    drinking alone,
    being alone,
    with the icicles hanging from
    my heart.

    By Andy URL on 11.13.2011

  22. Hanging down like a stalactite. I imagine. I haven’t seen that many icicles in person. Just on TV.

    By Si on 11.13.2011

  23. A single droplet formed at the base of the eaves. Its view was magnificent, the gardens of the stately home were divine. The Grand High Icicle to its left spoke, “One day my son, this will all be yours. But first you must grow.”

    Diligently and silently, the droplet drank in from the trickle formed from the broken gutter above, which bled down the eaves and dripped loudly and painfully to the courtyard below. This microscopic Nile streamed ceaselessly from the enormous, damp roof, and was at times overwhelming for the little droplet.

    Patience and purpose ensured the droplet grew and hardened in the freezing afternoon shade. Come the early morning, when the winter haze was too heavy to rise to the height of the eaves, the growing iciclet might be left exposed, and even a weak morning sun could tear at it like a paper cut, droplets fleeing under only the mildest of encouragement.

    Two lucky mornings were all that was needed. By the end of the week, the iciclet had grown, fortune favouring it over its brethren, which had at times sheltered it from the earliest morning sun, until it was now the largest icicle by far of them all. The Grand High Icicle was very large too, but by now, the same Sun had weakened its base, and its future looked uncertain. The following morning, they awoke to find the Grand High Icicle was no more. On the ground far below, some shards were apparent, and would remain until that afternoon when they too would vanish into the surrounding ether, perhaps eventually forming a part of some future iciclet.
    The mourning was brief, and celebrations for the new Grand High Icicle, who once a droplet, now passed on its wisdom of patience, diligence, and purpose as the route to its own success. There were no shortcuts, but there was a beginning, and there would be an end. There had to be an end.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.13.2011

  24. icicle are sharp and cold. sort of like my words when my mind is about to burst. pent up agression is usually the cause. specifically for one girl. your ex. i hate her. i want to stab her with an icicle. let the warm crimson melt the ice and mesh to make a pink tinted water.

    By demon hunter. URL on 11.13.2011

  25. In the eye. And that was the end of vision in my left. No one believed me, as I appeared normal, in every way, from the outside. But when she said, of course. That’s when I knew she was my girl.

    By 13chicken URL on 11.13.2011

  26. I’m mister white christmas. I’m mister snow. I’m mister icicle. I’m mister 10 below. Friends call me Snow Miser. Whatever I touch turns to snow in my clutch. I’m to much!

    From my favorite Christmas movie EVERRRR.

    By Jessica on 11.13.2011

  27. winter. snowfall. the icicles shatter but they do not fall; they float in the sunset, this marvelous aurora. they turn into snowflakes and drift through the mist, melting into the stars. nothing shines brighter than the moon on this cold, icy night. and as the next icicle falls, this time, it shatters.

    By Giacomo Tognini on 11.13.2011

  28. his heart was as cold as winter icicles and Alaska itself.

    By stephaniewrites URL on 11.13.2011

  29. She picked it up.So strange. This world was so different. You’d never get water to stay put like this at home. She licked the object. And realised that her tongue was stuck. She started to scream. But no one could hear. Even her dragon breath couldn’t melt the icicle.

    By Akhila Vijaykumar URL on 11.13.2011

  30. She spun around in circles, laughing, as he watched from a distance, his eyes welling up in tears. Her laughter was deceitful. He knew better. She was the snow queen. Her heart was the iceberg that sank Titanic, with sharp icicles falling down like arrows piercing straight through his heart.

    By Anna on 11.13.2011

  31. Her laughter filled the air as she spun around in circles. He watched from a distance, his eyes welling up with bitterness. He knew better. It was all an act; her laughter was deceitful. She was the snow queen. Her heart was the iceberg that sank Titanic and every thing she said was like an icicle she wanted to stick right through his heart.

    By Anna URL on 11.13.2011

  32. why hasnt the snow come yet??? i wanna iceskate!!! what is up with this comp?

    By gio URL on 11.13.2011

  33. walrus
    Dustin Joseph Dickinson

    By Dustin Dickinson on 11.13.2011

  34. cicle

    By ash on 11.13.2011

  35. icicle

    By ash on 11.13.2011

  36. cold, wet, dripping, hard,the icicle is all these things, but how does it form… I don’t actually know. I’ve never seen one, I live in a hot place. I don’t travel much though.

    By Brock on 11.13.2011

  37. So cold. Drip. Drop. Drip. The water freezes mid-fall. From it all and it just lays in the snow. Drip is so alone. Drop is staring at him. As if he committed sin. Drop cries tears. In the winter…

    By Lani32 URL on 11.13.2011

  38. The ice froze over the lake. The forest was silent, as all of the birds had flown away for the winter. And the frost, the frost stabbed through his heart like an icicle spear.
    He was young. Only seventeen. But he still had to go, as it was his time.
    The ice thaws eventually, but still there he lays, for there is no soul left inside that body, there is no breath inside those lungs.
    Winter goes, but there he lays, forever more.

    By Brock on 11.13.2011

  39. efesf

    By sef URL on 11.13.2011

  40. Winter. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind. When i was little i used to throw snowballs at them trying to get them off the roof of my house.. Used to eat them like they were ice cream.. Reminds me of my childhood. the frost of winter.

    By gabby on 11.13.2011