April 14th, 2011 | 447 Entries

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447 Entries for “hysterical”

  1. i don’t know why i can’t control how i feel. it just comes pouring out like some monster that won’t be tethered to my intellect and all i can think is how in god’s name was i created to be so tempestuous and so nonsensical as to not control and order my feelings? the thought overwhelms me so much that i get nervous and scared and panicked.

    By Maggie on 04.15.2011

  2. “you are hysterical, it must be that the female condition and hysteria are so commonly linked that I rarely know if a time when you are not hysterical, you exist in a permanent state of hysteria”

    By londuch on 04.15.2011

  3. this whole world is hysterical. it’s like we were made to be confused. we were put here to fight the materialistic nature of this world and find our TRUE selves. in the end result we end up being disconnected to the world and that is HYSTERICAL!

    By malissa on 04.15.2011

  4. The word that defines me, This can be either good or bad, In the light of the lamp in the sitting room, I write this. See the thing is, I don’t have a sitting room.

    By Brit URL on 04.15.2011

  5. Boy that’s a fucking funny way to describe a situation and/or person. A lot of people tend to never use that word, making it that much more potent when it is said. Often people use the word ‘hilarious’ too often, but you never hear hysterical.

    By Errol on 04.15.2011

  6. I love being laughing hysterically. Laughing is the greatest thing in the world to me. I love to laugh. I spend as much time as I can laughing. On another note, I hate when people get hysterical. Just take a deep breath already. No need to get all worked up about something that probably won’t matter in a year, day, or minute. There’s so many things to focus on, but don’t get hysterical.

    By Bridget on 04.15.2011

  7. This is a ord used to describe a thing or idea that is extremely funny. examples of hins hat might e considered hysterical include a horse wearing an inne tube, a bolar bear with a martini glass and the like. when something is hysterical and a person laughs in response, it is said that they are laughing hysterically. words such as this are important in the english language because they replace adjectives that must use words such a “very” to enhance their meaning, very funny is the same as hysterical but by using hysterical u are using better diction. using such words will improve your writing dramatically in terms of diction, immagery and style.

    By caroline on 04.15.2011

  8. this is really funny. I had a dog that did a pup in the ladies toilet then flushed it after; not knowing that that there was a snake crawling inside. It tried to pulled the snake out but it was bitten.It cried, “Bitch!”

    By Adwoa URL on 04.15.2011

  9. eu acho que essa palavra significa muito para mim, pois todos os dias fico cada vez mais histérica. nnão sei se é pelo estresse ou são somente as pessoas. elas me deixam histérica. pessoas cansam. preferia viver só. até quando?

    By isabel on 04.15.2011

  10. I think of all the amazing times I had with my friends making memories I will have for life! When you break down and cry, laugh and you cant breath because something is so funny. This is what I thin of when I see this word.

    By Jenn URL on 04.15.2011

  11. The feeling when you get, good or bad, when something very emotional happens. You can be hysterical and crying, or laughing. It is a curious word in that respect. Use it in a conversation sometime, what do you mean?

    By Sara on 04.15.2011

  12. i laughed in a hysterical way when i saw you and your funny shoes. I must say they were hysterical too. Probably, i will be acting as a hysterical person once i use those, they are so amazing. And unique. Stop being hysterical.

    By Stephanie on 04.15.2011

  13. Hysterical is a word that can be described as
    1. Of, characterized by, or arising from hysteria.
    2. Having or prone to having hysterics.
    3. Informal Extremely funny: told a hysterical story.

    I would love to describe a hysterical story here:

    By Anushree Kesarwani on 04.15.2011

  14. i cannot recall the many hysterical times i have had with my friends. all of them are indescribable and probably aren’t even close to funny when we tell them to people who weren’t there. but there’s nothing like the hysterical times we all have together, nothing comes close to comparing. we’re always in tears and stiches from the hysterics of our time together. nothing can top it and i doubt anything ever will.

    By Isabella Fagiani on 04.15.2011

  15. Hysterical. When something is so funny you have no words to describe it. The feeling you get when you’re with your friends and you see something so unbelievably hilarious, you just have to sit there and laugh. That pain in your gut when you’ve been laughing too long. That ache in your cheeks when you’ve been smiling for too long. The closest you can get to pure joy.

    By Hayden URL on 04.15.2011

  16. The way she danced around with the kitchen pot on her head was hilarious. Her short brown-blond hair poked out in tufts around the rim and her big brown eyes smiled along with her toothy grin. She was barely a year old, and yet she had the whole world wrapped around her tiny fingers. She talked in garple-de-goop as she grinned up at us, and we laughed. “She’s hysterical!” Cried the aunt, tears coming to her eyes as she laughed.

    By Leah URL on 04.15.2011

  17. Louis Ck, Dave Chappelle, George Carlin, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Lewis Black, Greg Giraldo, Ron White, ballz.

    By Marc Crabtree on 04.15.2011

  18. laugh out loud funny. crying. laughing. making memories. fear can make you hysterical. love can do it. jokes. movies. people.

    By sAg on 04.15.2011

  19. She was hysterical with tears. She was finally falling apart. “I can’t take this anymore.” She took the blade in her hand, and with a firm resolve she had never had before, plunged the knife into her heart, and said one last thing: “I’m sorry. I love you.”

    By Jessica on 04.15.2011

  20. busy. Hmm. I don’t know. I see everything together and omygod. When I close my eyes and i think of the word I see a capital H. Like in Hysterical. Now i see HYSTERICAL. Hmm. Weird. No, I have no idea what to write about this word, sorry.

    By Hedwig URL on 04.15.2011

  21. I can’t drive when I’m hysterical. Laughing and almost crying in my car, I pulled out into the road without looking and cut somebody off. They stomped on their brakes and honked their horn and threw up their hands

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 04.15.2011

  22. I ran through the woods as fast as I could possibly run, looking back to see how close he had gotten. The leaves rustled with each step and my I kept reaching up to comb the hair out of my eyes. It was early October and just the beginning of a romance that would last for years. I looked forward again, a little too late, and tripped over a log that had crossed my path. Dave cried out with laughter, “Oh my God! That was hysterical!”.

    By sAg. URL on 04.15.2011

  23. Zhou Mi’s fingers clenched tightly into fists as his arms and legs shook, teeth sinking hard into his bottom lip as he managed to keep any sound from escaping. Kyuhyun’s fingers dug into his armpits mercilessly and he lost it, bursting out into hysterics as he doubled over and tried to swat Kyuhyun’s hands away, gasping with laughter.

    By Morgan on 04.15.2011

  24. A crazy mood that fills people when they have had enough. People may think you are crazy if you are hysterical. I am not hysterical often, but when I am, things are crazy. It feels as though life is flying past me at a speed I simply cannot catch up to. Hysterical. This game is making me go a little hysterical trying to get every word down.

    By Rachael on 04.15.2011

  25. Amy grinned while Rory went into hysterics beside her.

    It wasn’t that funny.

    Not really.

    Certainly wasn’t something she should laugh at.

    “Don’t say things like that, Professor Song.” Okay, so maybe she let a small giggle escape. “He’ll be upset.”

    By Sarah URL on 04.15.2011

  26. is what we were then. well not self aware hysterical but looking back now in that time glass, we were so young and so loved and so green. who would have thought this would be us years later. ghosts of those hysterical former optimistic selves. now what? hysterical still. bitter grey and ancient as a blackened rose.

    By mark nathan URL on 04.15.2011

  27. crazy! messed-up, I love him, but I hate him! WHAT?! Where do I go? What do I do? How do I know? jumbled!

    By Brittany on 04.15.2011

  28. girl. she’s crying. but she thinks over the situation. and she is not hysterical anymore!

    By Lara Dzabolova on 04.15.2011

  29. i am being hysterical not very often, but when i do it’s pretty bad
    i can’t control myself and i do hurt people around me. also i’m bad at apologizing.

    By madda on 04.15.2011

  30. What? It’s the resounding word that bounces in my head. He’s in my past and I’m done with him, but the crazy things he does still affect me like he’s punching me in the stomach. He makes me hysterical with anger, love, compassion, regret, and sorrow.

    By BrittanyC URL on 04.15.2011

  31. She was hysterical in the classic sense. Not funny, but guided by her female reproductive organs. Oddly enough, this made her hysterical in a comic sense as well. Not to her boyfriend, mind you, but to everyone else.

    By Rafael Bernal URL on 04.15.2011

  32. I was hysterical. I lay there, eyes closed, in my mental abyss of hysteria. This could not be the reality that I was used to, not my own mundane life. I opened my eyes and stared at the flaking ceiling, and burst into fits of laughter once again.

    By amber on 04.15.2011

  33. You are hysterical. Your actions your words your mannerisms. It makes me smile inside where I didn’t know I could be happy. When I am so confined to my thoughts and seriousness you remind me of the lighter side of God’s love.

    By Matt URL on 04.15.2011

  34. Her words made my hysterical. No, not laugh-out-loud hysterical but pull-my-hair-out hysterical. Could she not see how hard it was for me to not hurt her right now?

    By Leira Carola URL on 04.15.2011

  35. She could have been hysterical, arms waving above her knot of bright red hair, stamping her feet, her cheeks scarlet, and though I couldn’t hear what she was saying, her mouth was opening and closing, like she was shouting to the heavens. I smiled. She wasn’t hysterical, she was dancing.

    By Jeannie URL on 04.15.2011

  36. this movie is the most hysterical thing i’ve ever seen. I have seen elephants born in breach by circus clowns. i have seen robin williams perform on an off night. i’ve even met the dali lama. but this was, by far, the most hysterical thing i’ve seen in this lifetime.

    By Courtney on 04.15.2011

  37. hysterically useless physical attraction time to go. that didn’t do it, time out, but we’re ok. knives like matchsticks, rice crispies and the grabbing of death by the cufflinks. we are ok. locked but forgettable and we’re on our own.

    By Bharath Rao on 04.15.2011

  38. What’s so hysterical is how God-damned aligned they always were. How can it be possible that two people could come so close to perfection and never fully grasp it? To have it dangled there before their searching eyes and souls and not be attainable? Hysterical. Not in the sense that it’s funny. But in the sense that it’s certifiably crazy. Insane. Sad. But yet, delicious in it’s richness. To be one away from greatness…

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 04.15.2011

  39. it describes something being funny. Such as, ” That dance you did was hysterical!” I also think that Daniel Tosh is hysterical. I love all of his comedies. I also think my friend Kegan Heisly is hysterical. This word is the fucking shit.

    By matthew hulteen on 04.15.2011

  40. Last night I laughed hysterically at the comedians at the talent show. They were hysterical!! Their knock knock jokes were belly-laugh funny and their punchlines were right on. I think there were three sets of comedians yesterday at the talent show. I’m glad I got to see them perform.

    By Amy on 04.15.2011