September 28th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “hundred”

  1. hundred is the word that makes me think of old people. not just old people being old but people that have set world records for how old they are. It makes me think of people who are really old but are still in love with that certain someone. It’s an age, a number and a word.

    By Lefty on 09.28.2012

  2. I worry that we have lost our appreciation for the number “100.” When in search of a number befitting of my hyperbole I never stray below the thousands, and often ascend into the lofty billions, or even bazillions. “One Hundred,” I fear, is not immense enough to get a point across.

    By samantha URL on 09.28.2012

  3. A hundred dreams, a hundred wishes, a hundred lies. What seems like such a large number, but yet, it is so small. Ten hundreds in a thousand, a hundred hundreds in ten throusand, a thousand hundreds in a hundred thousand, and the cycle begins again, in that thousand hundreds there are a hundred, hundred, hundreds

    By Greeshma on 09.28.2012

  4. A hundred dreams, a hundred wishes, a hundred lies. What seems like such a large number, but yet, it is so small. Ten hundreds in a thousand, a hundred hundreds in ten throusand, a thousand hundreds in a hundred thousand, and the cycle begins again, in that thousand hundreds there are a hundred, hundred, hundreds

    By Greeshma on 09.28.2012

  5. There were a hundred people in the room, all milling about and introducing themselves to each other. Everyone but me, really. The shyness kept me back, but then I caught his eyes across the room. I didn’t know him. In fact, nothing about him made me any sense, but one thing did. I was more confident now. I could go around with everyone else and meet new people, but all I wanted was to talk to him.

    By Steph on 09.28.2012

  6. There’s a hundred thoughts going through my head right before I go to sleep. My thoughts are uninterrupted therefore my over thinking gets the best of me. This is the time in which I reflect on my regrets and my past.

    By BTM on 09.28.2012

  7. i had a hundred dollars this morning, and I went and changed it into smaller notes. I wish I had the money for myself, not for the shop. If there were a hundred sheeps (sheep?) then would I fall asleep counting it like they say? I don’t think that’s ever worked for me, strangely..

    By Dani on 09.28.2012

  8. A hindered people were watching, observing, waiting to see what will come up next. What are they waiting for, what’s happening? Is it a child, or is it just another vagrant passing by, no one seems to know this is the twilight zone.

    By Akp on 09.28.2012

  9. one hundred and one dalmatians is the best disney movie out there, the bad guys are really scary though it’s funny how’s he’s also the guy from house. the puppies are just so cute and roger is so darn nice. I had dalmatians as a kid. they’re the best dogs. better watch out for that cruela deville! is the cruella deville song playing in your head now? I bet it is. good look getting that out on of there! Try singing another catchy disney song, perhaps one from the aristocats.

    By Emma on 09.28.2012

  10. Today I felt more than a hundred tears fall from my eyes. I felt the sting in my nose and the overwhelming sorrow in my heart. My sight began to blur as my eyes welled up with tears. The tears fell. One by one. Though so many tears have fallen, they are small in comparison to loneliness I feel inside.

    By laughalot on 09.28.2012

  11. This is the amount of money, in pounds sterling that is the bare minimum I need furnishing my account. otherwise I tend to freak out.

    By pjada on 09.28.2012

  12. there’s not one, not ten but a hundred moments that have passed, without me showing how I love you, without me living.

    By np on 09.28.2012

  13. there are a hundred different ways to live. Live happy, live sad, live funny, live angry… How shall I live? Until a hundred happy or wasted away waiting for the next like to come a long. One hundred, not so long at all.

    By Heather on 09.28.2012

  14. there were a hundred dalmatians who were all born of the same litter. they needed one more to complete their family for you see they were trying to get casted on a disney movie about an evil woman who wants to skin them and make them into a beautiful coat. there was just one problem…

    By fredrick on 09.28.2012

  15. Do you remember the years that go by? Hundreds of seconds? Hundreds of momemts slipping through your fingers as you wade through time?

    By annalea forrest on 09.28.2012

  16. I don’t know why I’m here and you’re at least five times as far away as what should’ve been physically possible. But, I could tell you a hundred reasons why I want to be lying under your snow pile comforter, holding your hand.

    By savannah on 09.28.2012

  17. One hundred hours and one hundred days
    My mind has felt this awful way
    I can’t get out, I can’t get in
    My life feels like I’m caged within
    The keys are gone, my heart is broken
    I’ve seemed to have lost my only token
    The hope I have, the Bell I’ve lost
    I’ll get it back at any cost

    By Badger Moore URL on 09.28.2012

  18. So many miles ahead. How long Will drove, he didn’t know. Had to be more than a hundred. And yet, he could feel his past breathing on his neck. He wasn’t sure he could ever outrun it.

    By Soft URL on 09.28.2012

  19. one hundred men were walking in line, following their leader. he was a strong looking man, but inside he was weak. all he had behind him was time, no real natural leadership. so after some time the hundred men noticed and because to disregard what he had to say. in the end they overtook the leader.

    By Mike Gomez on 09.28.2012

  20. A hundred birds covered the sky as the sun set. I couldn’t believe the beauty of it. Never before had I seen so many birds in one occasion. They must have come out tonight, just for me and him. Our last night. It was beautiful.

    By Delia on 09.28.2012

  21. One hundred forty three days to go. That’s all I had asked for. I didn’t think I needed more. One hundred forty three lovely days full of everything I could possibly think of. Including the cute guy with the fantastic car and the best smile I’d seen in a long time. Now, One hundred forty three days doesn’t seem nearly enough.

    By WordsnWorlds URL on 09.28.2012

  22. once, there was a hundred soldiers getting ready for battle. at the end, 101 came back with them. during the heat of the battle, a group of soldiers found an abandoned dog serioulsy wounded. they carried it in a bag, and brought it back with them to camp. that one

    By camille on 09.28.2012

  23. Then it suddenly became clear: a hundred little eyes, twinkling and almost star-like, glimmered in the darkness.
    I had never seen so many spiders in one place in my life.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.28.2012

  24. The next people in line were just as impoverished and destitute as the rest. He couldn’t believe that already a hundred volunteers has progressed through the line and made their contributions. Would the horrors never cease? When would the King find an offering that would live up to his standards? And just what was he looking for, anyway?

    By Tori on 09.28.2012

  25. “I could sleep for a hundred hours right now.”
    “Well I could sleep for a hundred years I’m so tired.”
    “Well I’m so exhausted I can’t even count to a hundred so I think I win.”

    By April URL on 09.28.2012

  26. There are one hundred ways I can tell you how much I love you, but I chose to only express it in one way; a simple, gentle, harmless kiss. A kiss that would speak a hundred different words, all at the same time.

    By Rakhee Neebar on 09.28.2012

  27. There are a hundred ways to love you, and a hundred more to leave you. But of all the hundred ways I can do it, you never cease to amaze me with your beauty, my love. All the world’s a stage, and we are merely players; but below this audience of stars, we two lovers are the main characters. What the fuck.

    By Justin URL on 09.28.2012

  28. one hundred times i saw you, one hundred times i wanted to say hi, one hundred times i had the courage to do it, one hundred times i walked up to you, but one hundred times i stopped, turned around and never talked to you.. and one hundred times

    By Mache URL on 09.28.2012

  29. i wish i could bring my father back
    even if it was only for
    a hundred days.
    even for only
    a hundred hours
    or a hundred seconds.

    By Kimberly on 09.28.2012

  30. thousand and one men have to fight a hundred bulls of notre dame in the pouring rain yayaya then pizza falls out of the sky and everyone cheers and there is peace.

    By angie on 09.28.2012

  31. dolars were left in the counter of the coffe shop. There was nobody watching, so i took it without thinking. Of course i didnt know the camera was recording. I was so ashamed when suddenly a guy from behind the door walked right into me asking for the bill i had taken.

    By tere on 09.28.2012

  32. There are a hundred thousand hopes, and a hundred thousand dreams but in the end, it is only one that makes it to sucsess.

    By Ashling Hill URL on 09.28.2012

  33. Haunted hundred daunted kindred
    never felt more alone then know
    one hundred souls sweep past over my head.
    They tell me of the things I don’t want to hear
    they remind me that my life is a miserable living
    One hundred kindred hearts remind me that mine has passed,
    mine has gone away. Mine has passed away
    nowhere to be found

    By Melissa URL on 09.28.2012

  34. How many are there? Unlimited numbers swim before my eyes. Numerous people walk past. Drawing on my memory, I try to recognize faces. Running by, I look from face to face. Everyone is foreign… I don’t know anyone. Dare I try to find my friend in a sea of a hundred?

    By Kailyn on 09.28.2012

  35. One hundred years and one hundred ages. Hard to say where the time went. The universe continued to turn and the world continued to play its game of life. All but one. Stuck in an icy prison. Looking out but never seeing. One hundred days of nothing.

    By Riley on 09.28.2012

  36. a hundred times I’ve done this
    a hundred times I’ve done that.
    in those hundred times,
    I’ve learned a hundred and one things
    lessons, perspectives, ideas, personalities
    But I still feel like a hundred more times
    would be necessary to answer
    my hundred more questions.

    By Kaytee on 09.28.2012

  37. I sat in the back of that car and thanked God that I stopped being friends with you when I did. When you started having parties by the hundreds, we all loved the freedom. But when did you decide to go too far? When your life when to shit, and you lost your only true friends? I know about the weed, and I remember the promise you made to me. You’d never smoke; we both knew you were too good for that. But not anymore. You’re no longer good enough for anything.

    By Marissa URL on 09.28.2012

  38. a hundred things on my mind. trying to figure out life, where do you start? hundreds of things to get done, but really you just have to start with one, one step that makes the whole effect, that makes the dominoes start moving. you can’t get caught up in the magnitude of everything

    By Steph on 09.28.2012

  39. I could live a hundred years and still not know the meaning of my life. what purpose do I have? Why is it I’m here? is it to make a better future for everyone else? or am I really supposed to be learning something? What is it I’m learning? What do I need to know? What comes next? These questions everyone seems to ask, but there’s only one real answer…. the answer is HIM.

    By Elizabeth URL on 09.28.2012

  40. A hundred varieties of the same emotion in my riddled cheese brain, served up in piping hot bread bowls with the same salty result. So much salt. No pepper. Sprinkled residue that stung my eyes so badly that I had to squeeze them to get all the brine out.

    Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. I had told myself to be the best I could be. And instead, I got a hundred degrees of bullshit.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.28.2012