September 28th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “hundred”

  1. A number. The possibilities in life. A hundred laughs. A hundred tears. A hundred miles.

    By Isabel on 09.28.2012

  2. For the first hundred days I thought my heart was breaking each time the sun rose and you weren’t there to wake up with me. For the second hundred I just cried. Now we’re almost a year and a half later, and still have no idea what to do with my life, who to be with, or how to love again.

    By Emily URL on 09.28.2012

  3. One hundred. A number which is associated with a myriad of different things! To me, I associate it with the feeling you get when you realise your never going to have the life you wish you could. You’ll never get to have that guy, you’ll never get that love… 100

    By Christian Field on 09.28.2012

  4. He was surrounded by nearly a hundred of them, their dripping fangs glinting in the unlight. The sword in his hand screamed for him to charge; it was more than ready for battle But he was not. He was frozen in his fear, something he had not experienced for a hundred years.

    By Courka URL on 09.28.2012

  5. Wow that’s many. It basically means a lot right ? Imagine a hundred eggs. That’s a lot. Crazy. A lot of stuff is a hundred

    By amal on 09.28.2012

  6. A hundred promises . . . a hundred days . . . a hundred tears . . . a hundred joys and sorrows . . . a hundred breaths in . . . hmmm, in-spire-ation. Where have they all gone ? They have all added up, haven’t they?

    By Sheila on 09.28.2012

  7. In context, it seemed like much more than he expected.
    When he had imagined it (how many times had he done that), the hundred was arbitrary.

    By Perry on 09.28.2012

  8. hundred..

    That could be quite a lot. But could be barely nothing aswell. Depends on what there are a hundred of.

    By Astraiana on 09.28.2012

  9. One hundred dollars will feed one of my students for a few weeks of lunches. It is worth the money to make sure that their faces are looking up at me, alertly and with anticipation of the lesson

    By Diane Huisingh on 09.28.2012

  10. There were too many to count. Well, he could count them, but the thought of saying the numbers out loud terrified him. It was best that they stayed in his head, where he could reconcile them himself and pretend it was okay.

    By Perry URL on 09.28.2012

  11. I’ve got a hundred little things on my mind.
    And you.

    By halbkind URL on 09.28.2012

  12. what would it have been like for my grandmother to live one hundred years… I miss her so much… I loved her she loved me… I wish my kids could have met her… she would have loved them so much… they would love her too… I wish she could see me now… I wish she could see the life I have… I wish she could see my family… I wish she had been here through the hard times I went through… she would have known what to do… but really one hundred years is not that long… if she had lived to be one hundred… I would have wished for one hundred more!

    By Michael on 09.28.2012

  13. Hundreds of years old. I like when things are hundreds of years old. I like to know there is history and know that there is a lot of character for a reason.

    By Daisy Alvarez on 09.28.2012

  14. Show me nine hundred soldiers that envy their children. Battlers with hovering pictures of front gardens and wheelie bins and conkers and bikes. Fighters crouched behind walls loading water pistols, stifling giggles and not give away their hiding place. Camouflage from the fields piled up and smudged in kitchens where mothers tut at the mud on the mat. Short back and sides as always, like an imp in a cardboard box but too respectful to chew its way out. Hip high barley runs and bitten legs, gritty, bloody knees on asphalt and bumped heads. Enormous backpacks stuffed to heaving with no room for naivety, poured away by mates and tracers. Booted with perpetually untied laces and licked tissues on faces pushed away with a show of tongue tip. Stringy, pebbled pockets and small, plastic men. Mushroom helmet chinned and covered then strapped. Show me your chldren’s climbing tree and sunny playgrounds. Show me nine hundred soldiers that were ready.

    By rhyme79 URL on 09.28.2012

  15. A hundred miles left to go. A hundred miles full of laughs, tears, happiness, and sorrow. Only one hundred miles full of memories. The good and bad. A hundred miles, minutes, hours, days, years.

    By irock12129 URL on 09.28.2012

  16. ____________________________




    By TEST on 09.28.2012

  17. Marching, they were.
    Dancing, almost.
    Heads bobbing, they were coming. Unforgiving, unwavering. Like a great landslide, an unstoppable momentum.
    And we, so few, stood no chance.

    By Landon URL on 09.28.2012

  18. A hundred pesos can buy nothing… But we should be grateful. Because other people have none.

    By Lian URL on 09.28.2012

  19. One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred–Okay, I’m bored of that. Ramen noodle time.

    By Sky URL on 09.28.2012

  20. A hundred lies I have told you that you don’t even know about. They gnaw at my stomach lining lie a caterpillar at a leaf. Soon it will be gone. They are all joined together with crystalline threads, but with no beautiful pattern like a spider’s web. It’s a haphazard and messy tangle I’m trapped in, and I don’t know how I got here.

    By Carrie URL on 09.28.2012

  21. You are an oak tree sturdy and worn
    scuffed up at the edges and yet

    you are strong arms and safety
    when the monsters come to play
    and I am feeling naive again

    I have done these things a hundred times
    You have done them a hundred years.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 09.28.2012

  22. a hundred lies to tell you,
    a hundred ways to hurt me
    you hurt me one hundred
    I can’t hurt you
    you telll me one hundred pretty things
    and break me one hundred times
    a hundred times a liar
    a hundred times broken
    a hundred different people
    but none of them were you
    no one is you
    a hundred cuts on my arm
    but it won’t bring you back
    a hundred tears that fall
    but you don’t care at all
    one hundred times an idiot
    one hundred times lonely

    By darcy on 09.28.2012

  23. It had been years since we had anything to do with one another. Yet here we were. Somehow fate decided it wasn’t done with us. That it wanted to play one last game. We had no choice but to go along and abide by life’s rules.

    By Ruben URL on 09.28.2012

  24. a hundred lies to tell you,
    a hundred ways to hurt me
    you hurt me one hundred
    I can’t hurt you
    you telll me one hundred pretty things
    and break me one hundred times
    a hundred times a liar
    a hundred times broken
    a hundred different people
    but none of them were you
    no one is you
    a hundred cuts on my arm
    but it won’t bring you back
    a hundred tears that fall
    but you don’t care at all
    one hundred times an idiot
    one hundred times lonely

    By darcy URL on 09.28.2012

  25. hundred dollar bills are said only to be used by criminals. this makes sense as no one uses cash anymore unless the are avoiding taxes. what will rappers and strippers do if they ban paper currency?

    By Sydney Valentine on 09.28.2012

  26. hundred has no ‘a’s in it. it is the first 3 digit number in order.
    hundred is sometimes used as exaggeratin
    and hundreds of other things about hundred to be written, but time’s over.

    By khushboo on 09.28.2012

  27. 100

    By hannah on 09.28.2012

  28. There are one hundred reasons why I am not in college right now. One being, I value my time. I love my time alone.I do!

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.28.2012

  29. “Hey, Tobias, did you hear? This guy’s two hundred years old.”

    “Two hundred?” Tobias smirked. “Such a big boy!”

    “Practically a man!”

    “Triple digits, think of it!”

    “Ah, they grow so fast, don’t they, Tobes?”

    By Julia A. URL on 09.28.2012

  30. there are a hundred ways to say i love you and there are a hundred ways to get hurt. With hundreds of opportunities you know you can make things right or wrong. Whatever it is you will have to go on. But the most important thing is, you have a hundred choices, chances and options. It’s limitless.

    By Dave Kevin Visaya URL on 09.28.2012

  31. is a lot, a fairly large about of tangible items. money, children, flowers. Hundred a unit of time, althoguh short, also l

    By nicole on 09.28.2012

  32. One hundred is one more than ninety nine and one less than one hundred and one. One hundred pennies makes up a dollar. Dix Dix yall. One hundred turtles would be a lot of turtles. It would probably fill up an entire room. Now that would be silly. What doth thou know about thine turtles?

    By thehamburgler URL on 09.28.2012

  33. One word. Two words.Three words. Watch the sky fall is what I’m hearing. The Mc says he’s stuck in traffic. A life filled with pain. How do you get over that? One word. Two words. Say what you want. It means nothing to me. I don’t believe you.

    By Miss Emmy URL on 09.28.2012

  34. There are a hundred reasons why I love New York. But there are also 100 reasons why I hate it. I love the sense of importance and the little italian place.

    By Claudia on 09.28.2012

  35. One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it along, 99 bottles of beer on the wall. Oh dear, what is wrong with me.

    By Love Hurts URL on 09.28.2012

  36. I’d run them
    just to find you
    But what’s in a number?
    A picture’s worth a thousand
    There’s only one
    of you
    Whom I haven’t yet met
    But it feels like my numbers and dwindling
    for you.

    By Joshua URL on 09.28.2012

  37. And her hopes were dashed into the dust the second her eyes flitted over the crowd. There were a hundred protesters, maybe more, maybe less. This wasn’t enough, this would never be enough. She squinted at the flags rising over the red horizon and felt her heart sink deep into her bowels. They had lost the war, and they would lose their lives.

    By Carol on 09.28.2012

  38. A number that is hard for a kindergartener to count to.

    By Kelly on 09.28.2012

  39. I milioni di dollari spesi in cose inutili!! u.u

    By vanni on 09.28.2012

  40. The repitition drives me insane. Monotonous unending rhythm, indifferent to partiality. My mind has memorized the pattern from hundreds and hundreds of ceaseless tolls. Will I ever receive stormy weather, or am I destined to suffer this level reach of blue forever?

    By EmilyH URL on 09.28.2012