October 3rd, 2013 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “hoping”

  1. Hope is what hold me together. Though it seems that I am slowly being torn apart, hope always find a way to stitch me up again.

    By Yuki URL on 10.03.2013

  2. there’s nothing quite as bad as a wish unfulfilled
    a dreaming living reverie, a life that stands too still
    here’s hoping for a rainy day to wash the stain away
    to open up the flowers that bloom around the bay
    and inspire to perspire the desire that’s left to say.

    By Matty M. on 10.03.2013

  3. I was hoping to have everything figured out by now. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. I’ve learned that you have to take what you want out of life before it gone and never question your instincts.

    By TheSenrac URL on 10.03.2013

  4. Hoping the search was over, that it was it, he was “the one”. Yearning constantly, ignoring that it was a fight to keep it going. Hoping only made the hurt of realizing it wasn’t there that much more painful.

    By Delilah URL on 10.03.2013

  5. I’ll always be hoping. Hoping that you’ll somehow love me again. I know if I were in your shoes I would forgive you. But we’re very different. Like the sun and the rain we have so little in common and I will always turn you to steam and you will always block me out. The more I shine the more you suffer and I am sorry for that. But I’ll always hope that somehow I’ll be able to break through your cloudy walls and make you sparkle, I suppose that will only happen from a distance.

    By Sophie on 10.03.2013

  6. I’m hoping I get somewhere in life. I’m hoping I do the right thing. I’m hoping I end up with someone I love, and I’m hoping I don’t hurt the person I love most. I will though. I know I will. I’ll crush his dreams. I’ll crush his hopes, though I hope against hope I won’t. I know I’m selfish. I’m selfish and sad and narcissistic. I am I am I am. I hate myself sometimes. Is that why I want to run off to Africa? So I can avoid these decisions. heartbreaks. dissappointments. If I’m not here I won’t feel it, right? If I’m not here I can’t hurt anyone, right? I guess. I guess that’s how it works. Probably not. Hurt is hurt whatever causes it. Hoping. Hoping I can see what I’m doing and have the courage to stop.

    By Jen on 10.03.2013

  7. I’m hoping that I’ve made the right decision.
    I’m hoping that what I’ve hoped for is really in my grasp
    And not in my imagination.
    I’m hoping that those I’ve hurt will forgive me.
    I’m hoping that those I love know that I love them.
    I’m hoping beyond all hope that there really is a hope to hope for.

    By Alouette URL on 10.03.2013

  8. here i am. i am sitting. sitting on the park bench where were cried. well- i cried. but i cried with hope. thinking that you’ll forgive me or i will get better. i hoped for these, but did i work for them? how could these ever be possible…. for me, anyway.
    but that’s why i have hope.

    By Kendra Philion on 10.03.2013

  9. It was a hope she kept to herself, even as she went about her daily life.

    It was a hope that wasn’t meant to pass.

    Still, it kept her warm, and as time passed and she grew, overcoming the past two years and becoming once more the woman she’d been, she found herself thinking often of him.

    When he’d last seen her she’d been a shell of who she originally was.

    She was determined that if–when–he came back, she’d be the “sunshine” he’d originally fallen for, happy and living her own life, not subdued and captive to somebody else’s ideas of what was “proper.”

    By Abby on 10.03.2013

  10. If a rabbit hops and a dreamer hopes, and the waves of tomorrow crash on the sand we sink our feet into today, can we really reach all we desire? If were hoping to hope but were nowhere near achieving, is it a waste of time? May I sit on a balcony and hope for Romeo to arrive? May I hold my breath and hope to survive? Is hope pathetic in a way but our savior in another? Where does hope go when all hope is lost? If I may see colors in the dark and stars shine brighter midnight, will hope reside forever in the dark cortex of my mind?

    By Yahtzee URL on 10.03.2013

  11. I spend most days after that curled up on my floor. Part of me knows that it won’t do me any good in the grand scheme of things; part of me lays there, hoping that death will come sooner than my body will allow.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.03.2013

  12. The surprise showed on everyone’s face when it was R who came storming through the swinging door. He didn’t spare a glance to any of the obviously eavesdropping group, just ran out the door into the wind and snow. It wasn’t quite the result they had been hoping for.
    “So…who’s going in?” Courfeyrac piped up. No one had a contingency plan for this situation, unfortunately.
    Combeferre sighed. Technically, he hadn’t really been listening in, he told himself. It was just that everyone else was there and so where else should he be?

    By Hannah on 10.03.2013

  13. It’s the little things that catch your eye. Before you know it, it whispers in your ear, “Shhh, or they’ll hear us.”

    By Intuition URL on 10.03.2013

  14. What the world needs now is hope, sweet hope.

    I’m hoping against hope. I’m hoping to have some hope.

    The world is a better place because there are folks who are hoping.

    Hoping is something good.

    Positive things come from hoping.

    Suddenly, I want to jump up and down on one foot.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 10.03.2013

  15. i was hoping to have a balloon i could use to kill one of my roommates with. the helium would be so toxic and infermary based he would be taken to the hospital then lifted up into the movie up and there would be no dough dough bird because he’d actually be dead. he’d be in hell. with dante aghilieri. chilling. veggin out with no vegetables in sight. just the dead and the dead’s decrepit feces scattered everywhere. in every which way. this is so morbid now. am i done? or is this still going. dough dough. that bird was pretty awesome. BLAWK! IT SAID. and then i said it. oh me oh my.

    By rob on 10.03.2013

  16. Ruminate.
    Take an idea and spin it around
    in a big washing machine of a brain.
    Then shut it down and let the ideas spill out
    while they’re still sopping wet.
    Then hang them out to dry without checking the weather.

    By Kat Marsh URL on 10.03.2013

  17. Heels gliding over water, all this talk of money, loose skin bouncing up and down, I see those houses on TV, They really don’t have anything to do with me, Wedding after Wedding I attend, Too old to be a flower girl, Too stuck to the wall to wed, Boys rip off my petals when I walk by and I’m told, “You better feel proud. Those petals we take and stuff into our pockets, those are your power. You pay us in petals.” Believe it, they say. Well, I never asked for you to take anything. I don’t care where I am. I didn’t ask. Cigarette smoke is my mask and it doesn’t let in any sunlight. I’m crooked and now they notice. Worn down and now they can tell. I better believe it. I better keep believing.

    By nodochinko URL on 10.04.2013

  18. I’m always hoping that something cool is going to happen. That something different will happen in my life that will make me stand out from the rest. Hoping, wishing, waiting, and yet nothing ever happens, that day never comes and I’m stuck being a normal mortal like the rest of society. Waiting patiently to die an uneventful death. So, I guess I’ll just keep focussing on the horizon, knowing I’ll never become anything at all. Hoping something will lift me from this lacklustre misery I call life.

    By ellirg on 10.04.2013

  19. very similar to hopping and often confused with it

    By tiff on 10.04.2013

  20. hoping for a change
    slight occurrences
    but no start

    where did time go?
    it’s all relative
    when hope tags along

    By Desiree J URL on 10.04.2013

  21. hoping for a change
    slight occurrences
    but no start

    where did time go?
    it’s all relative

    By Desirée URL on 10.04.2013

  22. I am hoping to work my way out of the mess. It is like hoping to get the first grade in my exams. I am also hoping that I have a good weekend. Hoping to enjoy some fun time with my pet dog as well. It is no good hoping that all good times that have passed will come back again. It is like hoping to see the crows turn white.

    By DK on 10.04.2013

  23. In the end he was hoping to make the confession he wanted to make in a very long time. Shaking from fear of not being accepted made it even harder for him but also ensured him in his decision.

    By Omnix URL on 10.04.2013

  24. hope-ing or hop-ing
    I hop king
    sing to my wings that flap in the
    wind that blows through the rabbit’s ears
    that hear it’s feet
    to that same hopeful

    By Colton Adrian URL on 10.04.2013

  25. i hope she will be mine

    By ashutosh on 10.04.2013

  26. “I hope…” Those were his last words.
    What did he hope for? What was on his mind before he died?

    By Alice Shina on 10.04.2013

  27. I was hoping for a change.

    I didn’t know what change I was hoping for, but, I knew I needed something around me to change. This inactivity, this depression and anxiety. Something I couldn’t control must have caused it. Some unknown circumstance was to blame.

    I was wrong.

    But, somewhere deep down, I always knew that. I just couldn’t bring myself to admit it.

    I was just hoping for a change.

    By Land of Dave URL on 10.04.2013

  28. Although she knew she shouldn’t see him again she was secretly hoping that he might come into the club.

    By Alexandra URL on 10.04.2013

  29. I am hoping that this will sound reasonably coherent by the time sixty seconds is up. If not, i will extremely stupid.

    By Stuart on 10.04.2013

  30. I hope that my future is just as bright as I’ve imagined it. I hope my friends go on to live out their lives but don’t forget me. I hope that the world will get over all this B.S. and just deal with their problems, instead of hiding from them. I hope that everything will be alright, just like they said it would.

    By Lauren Ortego on 10.04.2013

  31. yes

    By john on 10.04.2013

  32. hoping to make a change, a man steps out of his front door with a new hop in his step. When he reaches his car door, the familiarity sends a tinge of doubt through his mind. Is this what I’m looking for? With a sigh, he opens the door and lumbers into the drivers seat. “Maybe the same isn’t so bad.” He grumbles.

    By victor on 10.04.2013

  33. I was – yes – hoping to get out of that room from the minute I walked in. Lie. I was there all the time and even now I’m there. Don’t you think it curious?– I’m never more there than when I’m only completely here.

    By a.m.r. on 10.04.2013

  34. rabbit
    hoping mad
    children jumping
    ball bouncing

    By matt on 10.04.2013

  35. It was hopeless. Any thought that I could be better than second best was a delusion of grandeur, a broken chandelier inside my own mind. I come crashing down each time, failing to learn from my mistakes. I should know by now that nothing is worth hoping for, since all will fall through my fingers like grains of sand.

    By Samantha URL on 10.04.2013

  36. I was hoping you’d settle down. Hoping you’d find your path and follow it; hoping you’d find some peace. But that hasn’t happened, not yet, and I don’t know how to help you. Not anymore.

    By mrsmig URL on 10.04.2013

  37. I’m hoping for more time out in the woods. Mushroom hunting, wildcrafting, hiking, bird watching. Deep quiet. Deep peace. Deep connection. These are the things that come from moments surrounded by tall, tall trees. These are things I need, but forget about in the daily humdrum of life in town. More time in the woods.

    By Another-Mom URL on 10.04.2013

  38. He was a brave sole hoping that his light to show him what his life would be would come. He begged and pleaded with himself and god before deciding no one was going to answer and he leap off into the world he knew, just to be hit by the sidewalk.

    By Marisa Wolfanger on 10.04.2013

  39. They were strangers, in a way, but they sat beside each other in class every day. They didn’t talk, except for a few words exchanged, about the homework, about the lesson. They didn’t have at each other when they passed each other by. Their contact involved brief, accidental touches and brushes of the arm. And yet, she can’t help but feel as if they had a connection. She can’t help but hope that she understands her, and the other way around.

    By Nyx URL on 10.04.2013

  40. And there it was.

    “All this time,” he said. “I’ve been hoping and hoping, but even when I dared to let myself dream brightly, I never truly believed I would ever be standing here.”

    He held out his hand. The thing was so small, such a surprise that it would be so small. But what it would do…

    By Anthony StClair URL on 10.04.2013