October 3rd, 2013 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “hoping”

  1. hoping
    jumping down the slope
    hands strengthen grip
    around my neck
    soundly into last night’s sleep
    dream of you next to me
    but you’ve never been in my dreams
    time to realize real lies
    encourage false hopes
    dive plunge

    By Destroyer of Man on 10.04.2013

  2. He was left floating on a sea of emptiness. Without feathers, there was no hope. He had become entangled in a sort of melancholic game. And he was the desperate loser.

    By Kevin on 10.04.2013

  3. that you will understand. Didn’t mean to hurt you. I thought we understood the same terms, if I can be so legalistic about it. It was fun though. right? If we happen to see each other at the place, will it be cool with you if I say hello?

    By Lee on 10.04.2013

  4. Until this week, we’ve virtually been strangers to each other. I’m hoping that you think of me as a friend (although you have the potential to be more than that to me. I want to know you better. Please let me).

    By Nyx on 10.04.2013

  5. To spend too long hoping, grasping only haphazardly, looking back with wistful whatifs, is one of the greatest mistakes one can make, I think.

    By lauren on 10.04.2013

  6. i was hoping i would see you here, he said. things don’t happen so easily she replied. there was a mist hanging in the air. it wasn’;t the mist you expect to see during a september morning, a different kind. the humidity had hung around long enough to make it an indian summer. i never wanted you to feel like you had to leave, he told her. i

    By kay on 10.04.2013

  7. I am hoping that I just finish this with as little damage to others as I can, the whole point of life has seemed to evaded me. I am hoping I arrive at my final destination, wherever or whatever it may be, dead and with good memories left behind to all who knew me. Maybe, I hope, with a message or a lesson people can learn from.

    Maybe it’s too never lose sight of what you are hoping for.

    By Zoey on 10.04.2013

  8. Hoping, I hope that thing go well in the future. You pretty much wish for something that could happen.

    By Melissa on 10.04.2013

  9. There isn’t too much Depth in the stream of forgiveness, just sere-em gloomy atmosphere. there is a small glitter of light that shines so rejuvenate, being that there can only conclude the sight of hope.

    By eric URL on 10.04.2013

  10. I’m hoping that I don’t have to write the prompt for hoping again, because I would really like a different word. But you know, that’s probably why it’s hoping rather than getting. I’m just gonna sit here until the time runs out.

    By No Thank You on 10.04.2013

  11. I am hoping that I will get into the college of my dream career. My dream career is to become a police dog handler which involves both of my careers that I dream of put into one. This will further my success by doing what I love in my life that I will enjoy doing everyday for my life.

    By Madison on 10.04.2013

  12. He is everything I was hoping for without ever knowing it.
    He is everything I was hoping for but never expected to find.
    He is everything I was hoping for to complete my quirky puzzle.
    He is everything I was hoping for.

    By Dotti Lanais on 10.04.2013

  13. She prays,
    She wants,
    She dreams,
    She gets knocked down repeatedly

    But she stands up
    And stays strong

    She still has the strength to continue to hope.

    By Iris Soire on 10.04.2013

  14. I am hoping for a dream. I am hoping to become a cafe owner. I am hoping to become the best teacher in the world. I am hoping to become a the best wife and mom in

    By Kim on 10.04.2013

  15. Hope.
    That’s what he feels when he looks at her smile,
    And what he sees in her eyes.

    She makes him want to be a better person
    She makes him begin to hope.

    By Iris Soire on 10.04.2013

  16. I was just hoping that today would be different, today he would finally look at me and smile. Notice me. Something. It’s been too hard, and too long since he’s even taken his time to acknowledge me. I sit here hoping that I’m not invisible, that I’m beautiful, and some day he’ll agree. Some day he’ll say hi to me.

    By Kayla URL on 10.04.2013

  17. I came tearing down the stairs, rounded the corner, and almost collided with the tree in the living room. I plopped myself down, and called for my parents to hurry up and come downstairs. I saw the gift that must hold my brand new remote control car. As soon as they got down, I pulled it towards me. (Jesus, a minute goes by really quick.)

    By Chase 'Dragonslayer' Smith on 10.04.2013

  18. I knew a man once. His name was Chuck; from our talks I learned he dreamed of starting a production company, but his actions told me otherwise. When chuck got a little money he would spend it on frivolous things like baseball hats when he only had a few dollars to his name, his actions and aspirations were incongruent. I met chuck while I was in college, we had a class together. It wasn’t long before the class began that I was introduced to him by a friend. One of the things we had in common was our military background. Since we had something in common I assumed that he met what he said because being in the military can make a person quickly realize that they don’t want to work for someone else. Like chuck, I aspired to be a business owner. My first business venture, which was a social media website, was a failure, but the experience taught me many things. One day I sat chuck down to talk to him about ow your actions should always be related to your dreams, a lesson I learned years prior to. Chuck was offended by the advice I was offering and severed our relationship. A week or so later, the same friend that introduced me to chuck was telling me about his morning during our break from class. Apparently he got a call from chuck early in the morning asking for a ride to school because his car had been repossessed. It was made clear to me then that chuck suffered from habitual bad judgment. I sincerely wanted to help the guy I wanted him to realize that he’ll never achieve his goals acting the way he’s acting, but doing so would destroy him. See chuck was a man with a troubled past, his mother was addicted to crack, he was raised in the heart of Chicago. It turns out that that even though he wasn’t where he aspired to be yet he was far away from past, which may have been good enough for him at the time. I then realized the power of a dream, the power of hope. Chuck, in a sense, is like me, a man in a crazy world using the possibility of one day realizing his dream as a compass guiding through life. The power of hope is like fuel to a car. You could know where to go but you need something to help you make the journey.

    By Ryan G on 10.04.2013

  19. hoping is a childhood spree. playing hop-scotch during those innocent days was one of the best things!

    By anonymous on 10.04.2013

  20. Hope? What is hope? Rhymes with Soap, and also dope. Hoping that you read this will make me smile, having hope in life because I’m in denial. Hope. Nope.

    By Kayla C on 10.04.2013

  21. i was hoping for the real thing – the people the places the one. The one. The one that makes me know I’m in the right place at the right time. Yes, that’s it. The one. How do I know this – I know it because I’m not thinking about it -I m just writing it. right now. The one that makes me know everything is good. The person, the job, the love, the place, the life.

    By rosie1211 on 10.04.2013

  22. When shrouded in darkness with no place to go
    you wander aimlessly with no destination in mind
    you begin to se a glimmer of light it begins to shine
    Now you have direction but will you make it to your destination in time?
    who knows whether the light will disappear?
    who knows if the light is just a mirage or a figment of your imagination?
    You don’t, and you cant know. but you tread that path anyways because all you have is hope.

    By Ryan G on 10.04.2013

  23. When I catch myself hoping, I catch myself. What does it accomplish, to hope? Why are we told that hope is essential? I think it is more important that we feel agency to make the things occur, that we desire to occur. To feel you have power to help those you love, that is truly happiness.

    By ruth URL on 10.04.2013

  24. i’m battling luck and chance
    and fate and fortune
    and the stars

    to hold your hand again.
    (my veins can’t stop a meteor
    but my blood calls out for yours

    all the same).

    By h. b. on 10.04.2013

  25. She was hoping, no, she was lusting, that someone would see her misery. She longed for that more than any tangible thing anyone could possibly offer. And they offered plenty, her being a princess. But all she wanted was to be seen, fully and clearly, as humans all want to be seen.

    By Clara on 10.04.2013