January 28th, 2012 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “hoop”

  1. Nothing at all, really.

    By Chase URL on 01.28.2012

  2. The two stand there, held close together by a hula hoop. When they try to escape, the hoop only pulls them closer. As the distance between them decreases, the hoop drops and they’re free. But neither decide to leave now.

    By xstal URL on 01.28.2012

  3. Basketball hoop; I dreaded that thing. I was never an athlete-type so that hoop was always such an evasive goal. Others made it look so easy. But the simple lay-up wasn’t that simple to me. The coordination required of my lower limbs with my upper limbs just did

    By Z on 01.28.2012

  4. there was once a hula hoop named hoop. everyone’s name was hula but he was odd because his name was hoop, so no one liked him. its like with rudoplh’s story. u know the reindeer? with the red nose? so anyways, he was never played with. only too roll on the ground beacuse that hurt.

    By isabella on 01.28.2012

  5. The hula hoop spun round and round, I watched in fascination as the plastic colors spun into one. Marla threw back her long brown hair and laughed, pride shone from eyes at the skill she possessed.

    By Yvonne URL on 01.28.2012

  6. IT blazed, it burned, it crackled, it sparked. The hoop of fire was both daunting and entrancing at the same time. Practised though she was, the limber acrobat never forgot the feeling of excitement before she reared her legs and pounced, gracefully, through the burning hoop.

    By Noelle URL on 01.28.2012

  7. We jump through hoops, trying to find our next point to get to the location no one’s confidence could even lift. We swing our hips at the hoop goes round and round and the small daffodils float in the air next to our dirty blonde hair. We look up at the sun and the whole time wonder where our next hoop stop will take us, and the sun looks back saying, “When will they see it was never about the hoop.”

    By Will Brummett on 01.28.2012

  8. will you
    wish the
    flake despote
    my beard case
    so on, shave a lack
    & wish you
    mister heavy hell
    spicy berry

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 01.28.2012

  9. Scars. They started popping up on my body last summer. Bug bite scars, clumsy scars, holes left from the stingers of insects. They wanted to mock me, I know it; they were all from the period when I had friends, a social life. When I had to jump through hoops just to feel good. But those marks do nothing but remind me of who I was and who I am now. I’m something vastly different, and I’m proud of that. The scars will fade, but my newborn independence is here to stay.

    By Marissa URL on 01.28.2012

  10. hoop

    By sebastian on 01.28.2012

  11. Hooting and howling, he hangs off hoops.

    By Marianne URL on 01.28.2012

  12. Hoop Hoop earings, hula hoopong as a child make that hooping, I hoop you you hoop me we all hoop together. The dog jumped through the hoop and save the day.

    By lotus URL on 01.28.2012

  13. Everytime I get the chance I get all tounge tied long in your eyes I’m a fool and I know I should’ve you I should’ve told you how I feel I should’ve kissed you I should’ve showed you just how I felt why didn’t I give you my two cents a million reasons and I didnt

    By daniella URL on 01.28.2012

  14. The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho. Hoop-a-thon is coming up in two weeks. I wish I could hoop. Hoops are circular, which is used to symbolize eternity. If only I could put that ball through that hoop. If only I could soar higher and jump further to reach that hoop.

    By Donnaly URL on 01.28.2012

  15. she hums like a pollenated flower
    in springtime
    as the soles of her feet pass
    colour-marks on the sidewalk,
    unspoken childroots
    slipping out, sunspot pupils
    she hops back through
    as buttonhole tapestry,
    simple, sleek, possibly happy
    somehow pure.

    By Hannah Wells URL on 01.28.2012

  16. Many times I feel history repeats itself. The events in your life will happen over and over again; as if you are walking in circles. It doesn’t stop with you. You may be continuing a path of your parents or you may pass it along to your children. Making the same mistakes and making poor choices. A circle is endless……but it is not indestructible. You have the power to break the cycle. You just have to want it badly enough. So today, you must make that choice. Right now. How bad do you want to break the cycle? What do you need to do to get yourself onto a straighter path. Don’t think, just do it.

    By Kari URL on 01.28.2012

  17. Lisa didn’t jump through any hoops taking care of her stage four cancer patient. She was very calm about and always hoped for the best. It wasn’t until Christmas day that Lisa got the call of her passing.

    By Salim on 01.28.2012

  18. Sometimes in life we have to go through many hoops to get to what we truly desire. These hoops can be small and hard to fit through, they can burn us to our very core, the can be huge and easy and sometimes if we don’t learn our lesson, we have to go through the same one over and over again, until we understand and can move on.

    By Jillian URL on 01.28.2012

  19. You will always set up the hoops through me, guide me into jumping through each and every one of them. But I am not you. I have never been nor will I ever be. So I will stop jumping through your hoops, and I will stop trying to hopelessly to please you.

    By Jocelyn URL on 01.28.2012

  20. I ran down the court as fast as could with only thing one thing on my mind. “Don’t choke, Don’t choke.” My eyes catch those of the girls on the other team, one snickers, one even points. They underestimate me. Why do they always underestimate me? With one final step, I jump into the air, and land the shot. Now they’ll know.

    By Sarah on 01.28.2012

  21. My buddy Sarah plays basketball.
    She dribbles and stuff. And she jumps and shoots and swishes. And she’s always so cute when she does it.
    I bet, at least… I haven’t played with her much. But boy would I love to! I just love hangin’ out with that chick. :)

    By Jacob Toarmina URL on 01.28.2012

  22. I never could hula hoop. I couldn’t force my hips to move in a beautiful, continuous motion like the other girls. But that’s ok. They don’t have a smile like me.

    By Sarah Lee URL on 01.28.2012

  23. She was overly conscious of her hoop earrings and the message that they sent or whether they looked good. But they did look good. They looked amazing.

    By yesMAM URL on 01.28.2012

  24. My buddy Sarah plays basketball.
    She dribbles and stuff. And she jumps and shoots and swishes. And she’s always so cute when she does it.
    I bet, at least… I haven’t played with her much. But boy would I love to! I just love hangin’ out with that chick. :)

    By Jacob Toarmina URL on 01.28.2012

  25. i just love to hoola hoop
    hey any one wana hoop
    hey lets go to hoop and get a beer or 4
    hey werent you the one with the hoop earings on last night

    By jonathan URL on 01.28.2012

  26. one can see it’s easy to hula hoop. it’s only easy if you have big enough hips that can sway in a big circle, otherwise forget it. i was more of a jump rope queen.

    By victoria URL on 01.28.2012

  27. Life is a circle, an endless hoop. We never learn from it, and so we repeat what we once told ourselves we would never repeat. So, as we spiral through the endless hoop of life, we can only enjoy the ride..

    By Dougie on 01.28.2012

  28. The snakes of Minnesota have developed a peculiar mode of transport when going downhill. One would be surprised to see a fully grown reptile grasp its tail within its jaws and subsequently roll like a wheel when traversing terrain in which its downward momentum can be put to good use. This ladies and gentlemen, is the Hoop Snake.

    By Andreo Bongco URL on 01.28.2012

  29. basket ball hoop babe woop that ass there it is what check it out funk soul big soul lotsa flow bitch woah! check me out look what im writing about them loopty loops

    By lana on 01.28.2012

  30. The hula-hoop span round and round her skinny waist. She had not eaten in weeks, months. The hoop span around once more and clattered to the ground. It did not spin around her ever again.

    By Miradox URL on 01.28.2012

  31. I’d put up my soul for hire
    I’d break my heart in two.
    I’d jump through hoops of fire
    I’d do it all, for you.

    By 陸光儀 URL on 01.28.2012

  32. These hoops I must go through
    The troubles I see, the troubles that arise
    Still I set sail, I am for what is true
    In the hopes that these hoops that take me by surprise
    Will lead me one day to you.

    By David URL on 01.28.2012

  33. is what is around you when you swing your hips. It’s an activity. Children play with this at recess.
    – its round
    -its a circle

    By Amber on 01.28.2012

  34. One day while riding on a bike, mike decided he would do some tricks. He did everything imaginable! Except one thing! The hoop of fire. He bought the equipment and set the hoop on fire! But it’s so sad..Mike died on his bike riding through a hoop of fire!

    By Amber Lynn on 01.28.2012

  35. i was a basketball player my whole life and then i tore my acl my junior year. sometimes i like to say that my career ended then but it didn’t. i played my senior year but it wasn’t the same. i just wasn’t a starter anymore and i was pulled out after one mistake. i try to blame it on my coach. i think it was a great deal of no respect on both of our ends.

    By Evelyn URL on 01.28.2012

  36. Hoops –
    Hula hoops?
    Hoop earrings


    Holiday Hoopla xD

    By Mel URL on 01.28.2012

  37. Look at him there. Sitting at his desk, eyeing his minions like a proverbial tyrant king. “Coffee. Now.” Ordering us around like that. We aren’t his slaves. He shouldn’t treat us this way, like dogs.

    By A. Hay URL on 01.28.2012

  38. the girl was someone who always caught his eye. she had long black hair that reached her hips. but that wasn’t what was so outstanding about her, nor was her pink plump lips that always had a shine to them, but instead was her large round golden hoop earrings.

    By Asia URL on 01.28.2012

  39. dance little puppet
    jump little minion
    through the hoops
    do what i say
    and perhaps i will give you
    the attention that you crave
    i do as she asks
    eager for my reward
    but instead she gives
    me more of the same
    and i realize that this
    clown mask
    has permanently
    stained my face

    By karmachik URL on 01.28.2012

  40. We had a small fissure. It went a bit longer than we thought. The hoop at the end was too hot, and contained too much friction. We have some stones left over. They are pebbles.

    By Luc-Francis URL on 01.29.2012