January 28th, 2012 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “hoop”

  1. As a child, the only thing I loved was the hoop. Basketball hoop that is. None of that hula-hoop crap. The REAL hoop. At times, I would stay all through the night and the early morning playing ball. Its what set me free.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 01.28.2012

  2. I could sit here and write about basketball hoops or hula-hoops, or even hoop style earrings. Although I do ahve a basketball story, my story revolves around jumping through hoops-as in red tape hoops.

    By Tarren Young on 01.28.2012

  3. jump through hoops…thats what life can be about…sometimes it what it has to be about. and when youre done jumping?

    By therese URL on 01.28.2012

  4. Suddenly a hoop of plasticized wire was tossed around Jensen’s neck, which he made no effort to remove. The black-clad figures rushed around him in tense crouches holding black weapons at the ready. An occasional report from a weapon punctuated the activity, but soon it was quiet and a voice said, “You Jensen, sir?”

    By chole URL on 01.28.2012

  5. Hola hoops spin around as you rotate ur hips, they are also basket ball hoops, which you throw balls through. So, basically, hoops are for spinning ur hips and throwing balls through them.

    By Sarah on 01.28.2012

  6. It’s simple. You jump threw hoops for the people you care about most, then they go and tell you a bunch of crap making you feel pathetic. It always happens, even if you don’t want to believe it.

    By Paige Noel URL on 01.28.2012

  7. She walked down the sidewalk, dragging her hula hoop. It was the kind of spring day that warmed up to you slowly; as long as you kept moving the residual chill wouldn’t sink in. Between Park and South Street was Breanna’s home, and that was where they would have their contests. Who could outlast the other. She had waited all winter for the cold to go away, just to make that familiar trek down the block.

    By cmsiena URL on 01.28.2012

  8. I’ve been hula hooping outside in the courtyard of this beautiful hostel in New Orleans for days now. Fancy finding one here. Circular motion is so very soothing. The lush Nawlins winter and the bluegrass on the radio adds to it. At night, I go traipsing down neon bourboun street. Walking in circles, just like my hoop.

    By monroe2go URL on 01.28.2012

  9. Hula Hoop. I remember those. Such simplistic toys but so much fun. Oh the simple times… I miss them. I miss those hot summer days everyone would pick up a hula hoop and bet they could hula hoop the longest…

    By Solanaceae URL on 01.28.2012

  10. The hoop that she twirled around her hips tingled on her skin. It was ablaze with fire, and she felt no pain. Only a brief kiss. Something to remind her that she was alive. She was thankful for that.

    By Krista URL on 01.28.2012

  11. You have to jump leaps and bounds, dive through hoops to achieve what you want. The struggle makes the final prize worthwhile, knowing you dedicated your time and effort to chase a dream that you could very easily release when you decide it’s too difficult to follow.

    By Ashi URL on 01.28.2012

  12. On his way home from the courthouse, Gary drove across the bridge. Looking out the window of his leased Pontiac, recognizing the girl with the girl with the hoola-hoop below, he grimaced at himself in the mirror: “I’m dog-tired and my head’s spinning of girls that I used to know.”

    By deviousway on 01.28.2012

  13. there is a hoop it looks like a condom guys hate it
    girls hate it
    only the parents love it
    everyone else hates it
    it can also be a hoola hoop and it is pretty fun LOL i love this hoop site

    By Deseree Lau on 01.28.2012

  14. Sometimes jumping through hoops for you is fun; I revel in being able to please and perform like no one else can. I can twirl about and smile that winning smile and have you wrapped around my finger. Yet sometimes… Sometimes I want to rip those hoops from your hands and snap them in half, saying, “No. It’s my turn to be me. No more tricks.”

    By Lauren Johnson URL on 01.28.2012

  15. John bent with his hands on his knees, puffing out cold air as he caught his breath. “i’m getting old,” he panted, the forgotten ball rolling away across the abandoned court. He glared up at the rusted old hoop with a wince at a sharp pain in his leg. “I used to be able to dunk back in secondary school.”
    Sherlock only tugged at John’s sleeve, impatiently dragging him away from the scene of his failure. He wondered if John needed to be told that sporting ability didn’t matter to him.

    By floppybelly URL on 01.28.2012

  16. Hoops used to be worn under skirts. The first time I saw someone waering them, I was 15 years old. Already old enough to have worn them myself.

    I put the hoops on, taking care to not pierce other sections of my ears. And then I looked at the effect in the mirror. At twenty two, I think I looked dashing enough.

    Hoops. That’s what you made me jump through. At forty one, I got sick of it.

    Now, I’m dancing with hula hoops and my students. I’m 63.

    By Maria URL on 01.28.2012

  17. hoops, and loops, aren’t you tired of jumping? let’s jump up and down and diagonally. Let’s sink and lean into the hoops of psy time. What hoops am I setting up for myself? Are hoops necessary anymore?

    By Adesola URL on 01.28.2012

  18. A hoop of life, going round and round. Always spinning and never-ending. Like the planets revolving in orbit around the sun. Could you imagine? Our minds work akin to the hoop. There is much in one word.

    By E.V. Black on 01.28.2012

  19. Ian fiddled with the hoop earrings, sliding them into the holes in his ears and letting them hang. Taking a kohl pencil, he outlined his eyes, winking at his reflection as he finished. Seamus sat on the armchair behind the older man, struggling to tie his own bow tie as Ian finished with his make up.

    By thiefofwords URL on 01.28.2012

  20. It was a hula hoop abandoned on the hot asphalt. There was a small tear in its side, and the beads inside of the hoop that made the once intoxicating sounds were spilling from the tear and rolling across that hot asphalt. Another casualty in the War of the Playground Equipment.

    By Kate312 URL on 01.28.2012

  21. i dunked the ball through a basketball hoop. and scored. then i said “BALLIN’ Bitches”!! lol

    By Emma Kelela Manuatu URL on 01.28.2012

  22. its is a circle, it helps you accesorise all kinds of outfits, it can have diamonds studded on them, they are super cute ! i need new hoops !

    By alybee on 01.28.2012

  23. Its a hoola hoop, its an earring hoop, lifes a hoop, circle really. Everything you do is in a loop within this hoolahoop of life. If you start with happiness, you keep going with it. But then, you can ALWAYS start with happiness again. It never stops.

    By Meli C on 01.28.2012

  24. A round large circle.

    By Vanessa URL on 01.28.2012

  25. There was a pink hoop on the ground. Some kids had been out here earlier, playing wiffleball or something and using hula-hoops as bases. This one didn’t make it inside, so there it was in the grass.

    By kibi URL on 01.28.2012

  26. standing in the tall, green grass, toes spread; hair blowing all over in the wind. i sway my hips, swinging it around me. not a care in the world. sun shining on my face.

    By kmariec219 URL on 01.28.2012

  27. And if you’ve been good all week honey –
    “very good, sweetie-
    “yes, and we know you can do it, if you’ve been good all week dear, you can choose what color of gummy bear you get as your reward.”
    “They’re very good dear.
    “..especially the lemon.”
    “But I only wanted…”
    “Lazy. you’re lazy, dear.
    “‘i only wanted to-
    ‘get out of working. But work is a part of life.’
    “Part of a happy life.”
    “A /successful/ life dear.”
    “but I have a condition, i..It’s called disgraphia…
    “But We believe in you.”
    “We do. And before you know it you can choose a gummy bear…”

    By Rebekah on 01.28.2012

  28. circle small, sunny photograph, hoola in the park, I remember the children playing, and the experts at concerts. Intricate movement into an art. with vast colors and brights.

    By sayliz URL on 01.28.2012

  29. Jumping through hoops all the time can get exhausting, but just look at those calves. Damn.

    By Aaron M. URL on 01.28.2012

  30. if a bunny hoops and a snake slithers who will win the race

    By aisha URL on 01.28.2012

  31. How tall must this ladder be, for me to throw my aspirations far past these bubble hoops that constantly seem to float away, although they are always in their places? I hate how limited I feel. I don’t have a ladder tall enough. I don’t think I’ll ever have one.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 01.28.2012

  32. Life is kind of like a hoop, at least the way Sean lived it. It doesn’t really…end. He’s died half a dozen times and yet here he is, somewhere else, a new time, a new face. He likes this one. He’s become attached to this world and life. He doesn’t want to leave, but you can’t break a circle, the never ending hoop.

    By Cassie URL on 01.28.2012

  33. Excuses travelling in a steady hooping streams of words, tripping over each other as they vie for their own prominence, endlessly trying to explain why and whatever warped motivation he had to do it.
    In vain.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.28.2012

  34. She and her mother put away groceries
    In the fridge
    Arguing in Japanese
    It is like they are dancing with hula hoops
    Their words swinging around their bodies
    And the vitamins and minerals
    That make up the food
    Becoming nourishment in the
    Near future

    By ellie griffith on 01.28.2012

  35. Going through a hoop to get to my ideal job. Hoops with fire. Hoops with discrimination and ageism.

    By ChrisG on 01.28.2012

  36. The hoop was large and green. Someone had hung it from the basketball backboard, but it wasn’t the sort one normally found in such a place. It was a hoola hoop, worn and scraped and enormously out of place. It made her smile. The out of place thing was so sweet and so silly, no one who played could miss.

    By Jessica on 01.28.2012

  37. Thpppt.

    Hula hoops, atomic loops,
    fruit soups, cheese boots,
    clear snoots, fear moots,
    lemon shoots, smear goops
    Live bloops, love oops

    By HelenGrant URL on 01.28.2012

  38. There once was a boy named Harry, who constantly missed the hoop. He tried and tried, but his shots were always poop. One day, Coach Dumbeldore said, “Harry, you’re such a Sped!” Harry cried, and ran away to die.

    By Rachael on 01.28.2012

  39. “Want to go to the mall?”
    “Whatever”, she said. “All day I just stand there, listening to him. There are no customers. He said he wanted me to jump a hoop, which is not what I joined up for. I could do it, and it seemed exciting.”
    “Are you going to do it?” They stopped under the streetlight. Her friend pulled her around to see her face clearly. “He was joking, wasn’t he?”
    “It would pull people in if it was done properly.”
    “Yes, even if it didn’t work and your hair burned off, the people would turn up.”

    By Meredyth URL on 01.28.2012

  40. Large hoop earrings, made of gold, swaying in time with her walk. A hula hoop, rolling in time around her waist, then loosing pace, going down, round her hips, round her legs, round her ankles, and the eyes of men follow it, downward.

    By MJ on 01.28.2012