July 24th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “holder”

  1. What exaclty is a holder? I am Greek and allthough i can speek english quite fluently sometime my mind stucks and i forget some words. So, what the fuck exactly is a holder? Is it a thing that holds other things like a clip or maybe a post-it note. Oh yes a post-it notes holds notes so that’s what a holder is. What holds the things that you need to be hold. Humba!

    By n.a. on 07.25.2012

  2. NO

    By Emma URL on 07.25.2012

  3. It had not been unrealistic to imagine Samuel Narruda against a backdrop of stark desert, ploughing stoically across the plains, carrying a passenger and a three-day pack. But today he moved less in his usual way and more like a rabbit, with two long shoes thwacking the rickety boards of the pier above the water. As she saw his unmistakable figure first appear at the mouth of the harbour by the bait shop, she forgot her novel and let her eyes be pulled along with his hop. Now walking toward her, close enough to notice, she collected her freckly limbs and shelved her body neatly between the white railings. Something was unusual about his look today. She had never seen him like that or by himself before.
    Mary had known about him the longest out of anybody in town, since he moved into the next street. Really though, that wasn’t even very long. He was certainly causing a stir at school by now. Girls and boys clambering over each other to sit next to him, to find out about him, to hear his voice. Nothing could be more pathetic. Outsiders, especially ones like him, have to earn her respect, she told herself. And she repeated the line again, as if ‘respect’ was something tangible, that one can hold.
    Now as he passed her by without the slightest recognition, she saw an object in his low cupped arms. She couldn’t quite make it out. It was coffee-brown with small handles. What was it? Wait. No. An urn? Was he crying? Surely not?
    She suddenly remembered a rumour she’d heard about his father being murdered in his own country. And breathing was now a conscious effort for her sitting there with her throat inexplicably dried out and empty. She quietly traces the lines of her palm, waiting what she thinks to be the humane amount of time. Mary looks toward the shore. Not a soul. No rescue party. She stands slowly and walks towards him not sure of how to begin.

    By john mason on 07.25.2012

  4. My heart, is warm. She holds it. She protects it. My heart was cold. She wasn’t alive. She never touched it. My heart is hers. She solely holds it.

    By Ariel Suarez on 07.25.2012

  5. The candle holder was purple, the flame inside making an orange circle in the middle. It gave off little light, creating more shadows than if dispelled. She looked in at the flame, tempted to blow it out. Picking up the holder burned her fingers.

    By AKT on 07.25.2012

  6. I am a beholder of my faith. Everything i do is my faith. My actions hold my death, and i carress them. I behold how i will live and die.

    By Kyrke on 07.25.2012

  7. Dont let it `slip` away … Hold On ‘tied’.

    By Juan Robin II URL on 07.25.2012

  8. first time i saw was a tong to hold a piece of red hot iron. all i remember is science stuf. chemistry lab testtube holder, bulb holder. I have a brain full of shit.

    By nit on 07.25.2012

  9. A thing. Definitely a thing, which holds something. Actually I have no idea what the holder is LOL But it sounds nice…I feel stupid hahaha damn….

    By Olya on 07.25.2012

  10. The holder held the clothes that the boy bought on the day that he saw a holder in a store. Not a holster, a holder, unless its a gun holder which is also known as a holster. HOlster is simply another word for gun holder.

    By Tom Farrelly on 07.25.2012

  11. man, with too
    small nails from biting,
    watches the
    woman holding
    a beer by its neck
    remembering how those
    hands once folded
    his shirts while

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 07.25.2012

  12. Look over cold shoulders & see that the holder carries a ball of black ice
    Oh what good does it do to be oh-so-cool if all you can do is play up the fool – so
    Grow colder & colder, but when you get older you’ll drop all those boulders real nice

    If you cannot yearn, then how will you learn — just —

    Leave the hard winter freeze to people like me —- and come —-
    Over like Rover, get red like the heat of the seas
    Verity is ease when shooting the breeze
    Easy enough for this holder of snowmen it seems

    By Fire on 07.25.2012

  13. Hands that are open and reaching out in the darkness. The warmth and moisture so thick it is almost like being underwater, the bass music pumping so loudly nothing else matters. Hands reaching out and clasping each other, their message not lost in the beat.

    By Ara URL on 07.25.2012

  14. it is a foggy evening filled with screams of pain. The streets are empty yet the sounds are unbearable. Chaos. Shadows slither in the fog, blend with the man-made structures. Soon, there’s only one thing left: a dark mass of metal, wood, and bodies.

    By Isabelle Marie on 07.25.2012

  15. Holder. You can think about so many things that include that word. Holder is someone who holds on to you. Atleast I’d call him/her that way. Holder can be someone, who hold’s your heart. And material things also. Like coat hanger. It’s a holder too. :)

    By Kärolin on 07.25.2012

  16. A parent is the holder of the future; a powerful influence in the lives that will follow.

    By Rose on 07.25.2012

  17. this is the same word that was on before I hit the back button, a holder. It could be a drug reference it could be someone that is in a palace that actually holds things for the king, queen, etc. or it could be a cup holder, its a noun thats pretty much it

    By Jefferson Defago on 07.25.2012

  18. In one hand she had the door handle and in the other the napkin ring. He stood across the porch from her, recalling their fight and begging God for the last 20 seconds back so he could retract his statement about the quality of her pot holder. She seethed at him, debating whether to spit or throw the napkin ring at his fat head.

    By Mary Hawt Mama Sheys URL on 07.25.2012

  19. The holder of the key is beautiful. The key to what? The key to my heart. He is the holder. He can be rough with it sometimes, but in the end I still feel strongly for the holder. Be hold, for want you badly.. so badly.. holder.. hold me

    By Adam Herendez on 07.25.2012

  20. something that holds things, being held, being able to be embraced. happiness. something that gives an item a place to rest. everybody needs a place to rest. I just wish I could have a holder, although I’m not an object I’m a person, everybody needs to be embraced.

    By Marissa on 07.25.2012

  21. when one is a holder they have something to hold. seems redundant but it is profound really. if you have something to hold, be it physical, emotional, even mental, you have something. having something, anything, makes life worth living, for if we have nothing then what is there to live for? we should all strive to be holders, of live, of money, of a person’s attention, of something, of anything. for when you hold you live.

    By sarah goad on 07.25.2012

  22. Wait hold it? This wasn’t declared a DO OVER site. Why the same word as yesterday. I know this is the time of Big Lies All The Time, you figure nobody would notice that this is the same word as yesterday.

    By Dingus URL on 07.25.2012

  23. holder like holden. holder covering someone. arms surrounded rounds arounded the grounded surrounded. for guns,for twigs, for babies and umbrellas.

    By marimeade on 07.25.2012

  24. i held her hand and told her it would be okay.
    i held her hand and told her she was safe.
    but where is she now? she’s in kentucky with that bitch
    with tears just streaming down her face
    i held her close and told her to stop crying
    i told her we could get out
    i told her we could run, start flying
    but oh where is she now?

    By sydney on 07.25.2012

  25. pencils standing scattered
    in a metal cup
    placed in no orderly fashion

    By Domiknitrix URL on 07.25.2012

  26. A holder is something that you can use to stand something up while you are gone or if you have your hands full. Holders can be for cups, dolls, books, clothes, trophies, and just about everything else.

    By Sophie on 07.25.2012

  27. A container of some type. A vase of flowers. Something the use and purpose of which is for protection or safe-keeping, to prevent the contained from spilling into the world in a matter chaotic. Wish you would be mine.

    By Amanda on 07.25.2012

  28. It was hopeful in holding, careful in the ways it held itself. Only steady eyes would notice the burden. Only the silent souls could sense the struggle, the pain. If I had been any closer, I would have lent a hand. But I was nowhere near to become its savior.

    By Brandon T on 07.25.2012

  29. Brittany likes to hold Santana’s stuff. No matter what. She holds her bag, her clothes, her paper, her body; even her heart.

    By S on 07.25.2012

  30. I hold her
    Her young beating breath upon my neck
    And her arms clasping me
    I cannot imagine loving this being so much
    Her hair knotted and her night gown ratty
    She so perfect in her messy undoneness.
    I love her you know,
    And not because I have to
    But because I’ve learned to

    By Lauren on 07.25.2012

  31. He held whatever it was, because he had found it while walking in the forest at night and did not know what it was. Was it an alien artifact, or the remnant of a lost civilization? It appeared to be a spearhead.

    By Cam on 07.25.2012

  32. Parents are the holders of the future; a powerful influence in the lives that will follow. They hold us in their arms, hold our hands through any scary bits life throws at us and hold their heads high in praise, comfortable with whomever we are.

    By Satvika Iyer on 07.25.2012

  33. holder, as in cupholder. an object sits upon the countertop. it holds things for you. like your soul. one day you’ll die, and there will be nothing in it, probably. nothing but the holder. kiss my ass, religion.

    By Zeffy Yeo on 07.25.2012

  34. The pencil holder crashes into the wall
    Plastic flies across the room
    Aluminium hits the floor with a clang
    Insults fly
    Saying things he meant all along
    Blood flows
    Ears ring
    A blow
    From nowhere
    Then another
    More yelling
    Pain blooms
    Think about the pain I’ll inflict
    Not on him
    But on myself
    My blood will flow again
    But I can control this
    I deserve it, right?
    That’s what he says
    So young to hurt so much
    What do normal girls do?
    Is this normal?
    It can’t be
    And wounds inside which never really heal
    Ugly scars
    A wall was built
    A resolve
    One day I’ll leave this place
    Like she did
    Or my own way
    Seeing colours
    Fade to black
    Sudden awareness
    Some time has passed
    Two hour alarm intervals
    The pain comes
    And I smile
    This is what I wanted
    Clean up
    Sleep like the dead
    Except for the alarm
    Concussions hurt
    Fuzzy brain
    Memories are blurred
    Tongue is thick
    Can’t concentrate
    Can’t wake up
    Bright lights
    It hurts my eyes
    The hospital?
    It comes back to me
    The fuzziness
    The time
    My head…
    She got into a fight
    Problem child
    A nightmare
    A disaster
    Cameron-Audrey Disaster
    It’s the truth
    Of course it is
    I remain a disaster

    By Cameron-Audrey on 07.25.2012

  35. holding my heart and considering throwing it over the cliff when i remember who brought it to live first of all. it was me. i made it beat, and beat hard, and there was no reason throwing the hard work away

    By lulu on 07.25.2012

  36. I am the holder of her heart. Whatever should I do with it? I love her to pieces but I just should not have this burden. What if I drop it and it shatters into a ton of tiny pieces? I am the holder of her heart.

    By Morgan Papile on 07.25.2012

  37. That’s my holder said my sister.
    I laughed.
    It was indeed hers.
    But I had secretly sneaked it away.
    She was trying very hard to get it back.
    But I wasn’t going to hand it over to her.
    Tough luck.

    By Not Orange URL on 07.25.2012

  38. Left to hold an unfair burden and forgotten beneath the stars, Pandora found a way to open the box.

    By bobert URL on 07.25.2012

  39. It is very useful for me when I have no one else to hold a paper for me then I trust the holder. It is also a good help to keep track of my manuscript because else I might loose it and forget where I put it.

    By Asger Poulsen on 07.25.2012

  40. This is the one that keeps me locked up. I walk back and fourth in this mind cell. I’m losing touch of everything that is, but someone grabs me from the holder. i have a new holder now. i holder who holds freely and freely. this new holder of mine protects me from all grabbers. grabbers grope at me in hopes to destroy me, but the one that holds strangles the one who held. BEHOLD and be whole!

    By Marcus Soniat URL on 07.25.2012