July 24th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “holder”

  1. you hold me like a ghost avers life
    you bastard
    let go
    let go
    let go

    By Paige URL on 07.24.2012

  2. Are you the holder of my heart? Because I have been looking for who has it as of late, not because I have someone in mind I would like to give it to but, because for the first time in a long while I want to teach it that it does not have to love anyone but me, for a bit unless it wants to. So can you please give it back to me now? Don’t make me beg and plead, I’m done running from all my mistakes like you and blaming myself for them falling apart, now is my turn to stand strong and not let the world think I need someone else to help me through all of it’s turbulence.

    By kt URL on 07.24.2012

  3. Since Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or the holder, I think beauty is a very subjective idea. In some cultures beauty is skinny with long blond hair, in other it’s curly hair and pale skin. So what does that tell you about beauty? That it’s a hopeless chase.

    By Kella on 07.24.2012

  4. holder, the holding of something, i can hold stuff. knowlege, not much but enough to get me through life and such. -shrugs- i hold others feelings believe it or not, i may have not experianced what they have, but i can still feel it when they are upset or happy.

    By savannah on 07.24.2012

  5. holder holds what they want. holding things for other people teaches responsibilty and trust. The eye of the be holder sees inner beauty in others around them. holder is actually a name…i think. the holder is the leader

    By morgan on 07.24.2012

  6. He used to hold me. In his arms. During nights where the screams were too loud for my sleepy conscious to push away. Amid the dark times when I woke up restless, the sweat beads slowly dripping down my face. Nights when I cried. He was my savior.

    By sevenwords URL on 07.24.2012

  7. My superior clenches onto my belongings. My phone, my shirt, my words… She is the holder. What else can I do but stand and watch.

    By Jo on 07.24.2012

  8. Holders … hold. Sometimes they’re inanimate objects … envelopes, for example, holding letters that sometimes you wish you hadn’t read. Sometimes they’re people. Holding secrets, that sometimes get looser than they were promised to get. Sometimes they’re shoulders, holding the world.

    By Patri URL on 07.24.2012

  9. The paper towels have a crutch. The toilet paper has a crutch. All things in life have a crutch. Without this holder, no pun intended, in place, life would be meaningless.

    By Alexander URL on 07.24.2012

  10. She placed her business card back in the holder and sheepishly tucked it away. “OH MY GOD, HOW EMBARRASSING,” she silently screamed to herself. “WALK AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.” But her feet wouldn’t move.

    By Amy URL on 07.24.2012

  11. I placed the gun back in it’s holder and waited. If something jumped out at me, I’d still be able to use my reflexes; that’s what training was for. However, I didn’t want to act on instinct and kill someone on accident.

    By Ali on 07.24.2012

  12. My car has no cup holder in it. It’s very irritating. I wonder when I’ll be able to afford a car that has a cup holder. In my mind that is when I would have arrived to adulthood. I’m 24 years old and I still don’t think I’m an adult based on the fact that have no hole to put a cup in. Stupid.

    By Kim URL on 07.24.2012

  13. The thermos slid into the cup holder. I trusted that as I step on the accelerator that the cup would be safe and ready for me when i arrived at my destination. But then the cup holder looked up at me and said.”I don’t want to hold your hot beverages any more! I am going on strike.”
    The cup holder then splashed the near boiling hot liquid on my face and jumped out of the car. My car screeched and careened over the highway ramp and landed into oncoming traffic. None of this would have happened if I had only appreciated my cup holder.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.24.2012

  14. This makes me think of “Holden”, like Holden Caufield from the Catcher in the Rye. I’ve never read that book, but I want to. Like I want to read 1984 too. I’m bad at typing….. which is why this is so short.

    By Mads on 07.24.2012

  15. i am the holder. i take. i do not give. but i take. and what i take, i hold on to. and i never give it up.

    By Nicole on 07.24.2012

  16. a person who is a holder is someone who holds things. you can hold many things. you do this action with your hands. you can hold a baby with your arms. all people can hold or be holders.

    By marada on 07.24.2012

  17. A holder. As in, cup holder. As in hold-her. Hold her. A holder for your heart. A holder for the start. The start of things, when you can’t go back. You will wish you had a holder for all the memories. The feelings in the beginning that you can’t hold.

    By Samantha on 07.24.2012

  18. I am the holder of his hand
    I hold his hand because no one else would
    it gets sweaty when he’s nervous but its the only hand that would hold mine too
    we are two freaks holding hands
    I am the holder of his hand and he is the holder of mine.

    By CarolineScott URL on 07.24.2012

  19. Someone who is there for you when you have to cry. An individual known as a holder is in tune to others emotions and knows how to help.

    By josh on 07.24.2012

  20. Marty picked up the book. If felt old and wrinkly in her young hands. The leather was a faded green. She flipped it over and revealed a strange symbol.

    By Hannah on 07.24.2012

  21. I am no longer a holder of anything except my wits. Holding onto them is a challenge most days, this is why I like sites such as these, they are a container for the thoughts that I hold. When I am no longer a holder of thoughts, I am free to breathe, live, and experience life in the moment.

    By Lee on 07.24.2012

  22. a place where you can hold things
    secure sometimes
    depends who built it
    if it’s my dad then it’s likely to break
    you can have different sizes
    big ones
    small ones
    wide ones
    tall ones
    you can have them in many different colours too
    you can personalise them with family photos and drawings.

    By Sarah on 07.24.2012

  23. I need a holder to hold, well, my pens. And other nifty little items on my desk that help me do my job more easily. Right now, my holder contains black pens, blue pens, pencils (my writing instrument of choice) and a red pen. It’s a new holder – bright green.

    By Bridget FC URL on 07.24.2012

  24. He is the holder my heart. He holds my soul, and keeps it safe. Under his sweet heart i know I’m safe. He is my holder and i love him. Thank you holder, i feel alright for once.

    By Morgan URL on 07.24.2012

  25. Cup. it is a holder that saves my drink from spilling when I’m driving like a crazy maniac.

    By Ashley on 07.24.2012

  26. I couldn’t find my pencil holder, no matter how I tried. I checked within my backpack, but it just wasn’t inside. I checked my desk, I checked the tables, I checked my husband’s room. I checked the downstairs and the upstairs, feeling certain doom. I missed my little pencil holder, jewel-gunned and fine – it had lovely jewel patterns that my daughter said were mine.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.24.2012

  27. CIELO

    By COCO URL on 07.24.2012

  28. I took my cup out of it’s holder.
    “Dad,” I said, “This sucks. You’re generation, and everyone before you got to ruin the Earth without any consideration for the future. And now MY generation is going to have to fix a mess we didn’t make.”
    “Yep,” He responded, “In fact, you might live long enough to see the end of civilization as we know it.”
    A bit of a bleak outlook, don’t you think?

    By catyeah URL on 07.24.2012

  29. a magazine holder. a tooth brush holder. anything that holds something is a “holder”. holder? what am i supposed to write about holder. I dont get it.. I am a holder for secrets?

    By Betty on 07.24.2012

  30. I have already written about holder. I don’t like this word but I have a feeling I am going to like this site!

    I love crunchy fruit.

    By BettyLouise URL on 07.24.2012

  31. the top holder was roger federer. He has always been a great contender, or maybe not. maybe he is the best tennis player of all time. His backhand is amazing. That last sentence was a shitty sentence.

    By Santiago Morfin on 07.24.2012

  32. His cup holder had an old coffee cup sitting in its grasp he stared at it as he thought of her the lipstick print still on its rim, where was she now?

    By Jasmine on 07.24.2012

  33. some people like to have many things with them and cant seem to have a way to keep them all in sight. Having a personal holder is great. This person can just stand there, hold what you give them and walaaa, problem solved.

    By Khalid URL on 07.24.2012

  34. Holders are good for constricting movement, but also for keeping things secure. But isn’t that what every safety measure accomplishes?

    By Zoe Colton on 07.24.2012

  35. he is older is now shortened to “holder”.

    dan’s holder.

    By khalid on 07.24.2012

  36. The holder was something I have never seen before. It was the color blue but was mixed with shades of orange and green. I wonder what it held inside, maybe pencils, or secrets. Possibly, and most likely, secrets. I wonder what kind of secrets though, were they murderous, disgusting secrets or something as simple as what Johnny and Sara discussed at the party last night that got Megan so mad? I will never know, and neither will you.

    By Morgan URL on 07.24.2012

  37. Kids never wanted to be the door holder. It was more important to be the lineleader. Both positions are important, yet for some reason, being the “line leader” stirs a sense of pride, while the doorholder must be humble and serve others. Just a thought.

    By Marie URL on 07.24.2012

  38. She was the holder, the holder of the light and the dark, of all things good in this world. And even the things that were bad. She held him so high up that his feet were failing to touch the ground.

    And that was when she dropped him.

    By Alexis URL on 07.24.2012

  39. Yes, my pistol holder is indeed made out of rare elephant leather. I do enjoy fine craftsmanship no matter the price. I have no concern

    By Josiah URL on 07.24.2012

  40. A penny holder something i put my coins in. A secret holder my friend whom i confide in when i need someone to talk to, someone to understand me. Holder, someone to hold me when i need them too.

    By Raja on 07.24.2012