July 24th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “holder”

  1. when she was holding the stone in the palm of her hand she felt something. she didn’t know what she just knew her life was changed. from then on, this little girl became the holder.

    By jennie URL on 07.24.2012

  2. of my thoughts. Keeper of my dreams. Jesus is the hope of all created things.

    By Lauren URL on 07.24.2012

  3. she was the holder. of the sun, the light. the moon, the darkness. she held everything in the palm of her hand. everything that there is. everything that there was and everything that there would ever be. she was from that moment on, the holder.

    By jennie on 07.24.2012

  4. candle. cup. beholder. eye of the beholder. beauty. perception. inspirations. beautiful. special. important. love. forgiveness happiness joy excitement safety

    By erika on 07.24.2012

  5. I stop
    because after all my running
    a break is much needed
    and it is nice to be held back
    even if this feels so unnatural
    so foreign and strange
    so dangerous
    so poison
    so suffocating
    and sadly

    By StarlitSunrise on 07.24.2012

  6. The holder isn’t supporting my oranges. They continue to fall out the container again and again. How am I possibly going to carry these all with just my arms. Stupid holder. I’ll never buy baskets from a salesman at a shady market again.

    By Lakeisha on 07.24.2012

  7. Hold ‘er tight.

    Smack her ass.

    Plunge inside.

    But whatever you do, don’t hold her back. You know her potential.

    By Someone Else URL on 07.24.2012

  8. well once upon a time there was this man, now this man loved to hold things, werid i know, but he held so many things that the town he lived in gave hime the nickname “the Holder’ now one day a passing merchant heard about this man

    By jacob URL on 07.24.2012

  9. Try as I may, I never thought I would have a moment more true then the moment I saw you… I walked into that room and I saw you I knew things would never be the same… I never thought I would be hurt so much, fall into myself so much that I would be lost to this absolute point… I can’t see you now… I still hurt from the truth… it is truely true, beauty is in the eye of the holder, and that night it was not me…

    By Mahatma on 07.24.2012

  10. well what is a holder to be exact, it could be a pencl holder, or the holder of my heart. i am the holder of my own fate and i hold her love in my hands, and i will never let it go. i love her

    By anthony g on 07.24.2012

  11. There’s a broken cup holder in my car. It’s not good for anything but loose change. There’s a paper clip and a rubber band in there too. I’m not really sure why. I’m not sure why I don’t get the cup holder fixed, but I like my semi-disfunctional car. It’s got character.

    By Mira on 07.24.2012

  12. When he looked to his side, the cup holder was empty, and that was what signaled to him that she had left. He shifted his gaze upward, which confirmed that she had left, and he wondered briefly to himself how he hadn’t noticed sooner. He looked down at his popcorn and over to his right, decided she had gone to the bathroom, and looked back up at the screen.

    By Sarah on 07.24.2012

  13. what does it meen to hold, to hold the one u love from the fire of the world, or to hold her in ur arms in the evening and love her till the end of time. eather way, u made her night.

    By Anthony Gazzo on 07.24.2012

  14. She was a holder of her families dream. She knew she could not drop those dreams…or exploit them….make them impure or altered. Surely she was capable of that. Her job was to not distort , simplify or misappropriate their dreams.

    By Susan URL on 07.24.2012

  15. the holder of the key was an old man, a secretive man, didn’t share much with anyone. What kind of holder would he be if he did. He’d had the key in his possession since he was around the age of forty, and since then his life had been an abismal one. Not much happened to this man.

    By Alli on 07.24.2012

  16. Oh in the dark hallway he has descended, and I follow him, because I am him, but just in hindsight. Since I’d never really be doing such a thing. But I’ve got that little bit that burns against my ribs and drums on my heart like thudding on a barrel. That part with a little string reaching up my nose and pulling on my brain, pulling on my pinprick scared spot and someone else pulling it forward, and promising me lots of gooey great wads of mooooolah.

    By mattlock URL on 07.24.2012

  17. ransom. kidnapped. who are you? I am the holder. the one behind the scenes. little money for me. I see you and don’t want to harm you. but I do my job. I hold until it is all paid.

    By Emma on 07.24.2012

  18. One Word: it means not two or three but one. Only one word to describe something; great, funny, weird, anything!

    By Steve on 07.24.2012

  19. You can find all sorts of stuff in these. Little toys. Folders, notebooks, pieces of paper. Maybe some ‘tools’, depending on who uses them and how obsessed they are with things being in their proper place.

    By D. Chan on 07.24.2012

  20. This a test to see if I am able to write about the word holder. I know that holder can mean holding onto something or an object such as a pot holder. It can also be a container such as a pencil holder.

    By Dana Johnson on 07.24.2012

  21. I plan on holding things for the rest of my life, whether they be grudges, or whether “they” are the love of my life, I plan on holding things for the rest of my life.

    By Phil on 07.24.2012

  22. I want to hold you so much, does that make me a holder?
    I want to hold on to you forever, for the longest time possible!
    Hold me!

    By Paola on 07.24.2012

  23. He held me. Close. Closer than I’ve ever felt. I knew how he felt about me. I knew there was something there, but he denied it. He denied it all and left me there. Empty. So damn empty.

    The streetcorner never felt so cold. So dark. Without his arms around me.

    By Amy on 07.24.2012

  24. Her holder was standing beside the stairway. His eyes flickered in the light of the single lamp, but didn’t reveal any secrets. She didn’t dare look into them though, she just knew that would be the case. You were never to make eye contact. You were the slave, you didn’t dare. After all, pain was wonderful, but the holders could make it bad pain, worse pain, worst pain. She didn’t want that, she’d been good for so long.

    By Mairead URL on 07.24.2012

  25. Nothing comes to mind when I think of this; only after a little contemplation I thought of the man who plays the organ at my church, because his last name is Holder. He’s pretty good at the organ, too. I thought at first that he was really old but actually I believe he is more in his mid-30’s.

    By Emilia URL on 07.24.2012

  26. Like a pencil holder? Like a trust holder? There aren’t a lot of people who hold my trust… or my pencils for that matter. There are a lot of holders in the whole world and you have to be careful what you choose to hold you items, because whether they are important or not, losing your items isn’t anything you want to do.

    By Carolyn on 07.24.2012

  27. I heard the ding as my phone lit up in the cup holder. I reached around the arm rest to pick it up from the place it had grown so accustomed to. You were offering me a home, but I couldn’t impose.

    By fluxandflow on 07.24.2012

  28. I saw the holder sitting on the edge of the desk. it didn’t just hold knowledge… but important knowledge. It contained the secrets to the world, the key to happiness… and it was within my reach.

    By Alex on 07.24.2012

  29. He was the one she ran to after the other fool broke her heart.
    I was called three hours later.
    And she will never know how much she hurt me with that simple action. I will make sure of that. For it was then that I came out of my delusion and realized that, despite having the title of her best friend, I was not the holder of her heart after all—I never had been—and I was now painfully certain that I never would be.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.24.2012

  30. The person who holds my things while I away. The thing that keeps my stash of objects from running away from me. Organization. Clutter free. The binder of anything assorted.

    By morgyn on 07.24.2012

  31. Espera por mim, eu espero por ti, uma vida inteira. Só ela, a vida inteira para me deixar apaixonado por ti, se assim for, morro cedo. com saudades. Cheio delas. A saudade mata.

    By josé Correia on 07.24.2012

  32. Hold her close to your heart
    Unless you have a place holder in the meantime
    Then you’ll be fine
    And never have to worry about the loneliness inside
    Because you’ll always have someone,
    And you’ll never have no one.
    And both of those things mean different things
    But you don’t have to worry because you’ve got someone on the side.

    By Siege URL on 07.24.2012

  33. the cup holder. The guy who holds the cup. he has soft brown eyes and brown sandy hair. Little does he know he holds my heart. please handle with care.

    By jinxmoon on 07.24.2012

  34. I first think of hands when I read this word. Hands holding each other. I guess one of the hands could be called a holder. Both of them in fact. Holders could also be kinds of people who do not like to let go. They continue holding on until time is gone.

    By Megan on 07.24.2012

  35. i gave him my heart with confidence as i said sweetly
    ‘ you can be the holder now’.

    By Bails on 07.24.2012

  36. You are my Holder
    when i need to be held who better to call
    then my Holder
    you are good at what you do
    tight hugs
    strong arms
    nice hands
    but more often i wish
    that i could be
    your Holder too

    By Livy URL on 07.24.2012

  37. She clung to the candle holder
    small and brass
    she placed it over her heart
    mothers favorite
    old and worn
    antique she called it
    trash more like
    but beautiful all the same
    she wondered could it hold a flame

    By ashley on 07.24.2012

  38. her brooming eyes swept me in to bloom with their blue flowers centered in white cotton, soothing dove nests.

    By drew URL on 07.24.2012

  39. Holder of my heart. Why did you let it fall down the elevator shaft? Didn’t you know the crystal would shatter? That the tiny shards would be forever embedded within me? That the pain would be a constant reminder of your face when I let it all go?

    By MD on 07.24.2012

  40. “Cup holders. They hold more than cups sometimes.”
    “Very astute.”
    “I found melted chocolate over here in mine.”
    “Well don’t eat it!”
    “You’re not even looking at me!”
    “I don’t need to look to confirm you’re a grade-A dumbass!”

    By Annie P URL on 07.24.2012