December 4th, 2012 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “higher”

  1. “I was higher up in the clouds, didn’t wanna come down oooo some one help me climb down from here!”

    By Paige URL on 12.05.2012

  2. When you go from the valley to the mountains you go higher than you were when you where in the valley.

    By Rachel URL on 12.05.2012

  3. The plane kept getting higher and higher into the air.

    By Krystal URL on 12.05.2012

  4. Es geht immer noch höher und immer noch tiefer. Aber ich weiß nicht, wie sich das steuern lässt. Ich würde sehr gern ein klein wenig höher kommen. Nicht viel, ich nein, ich muss nicht auf den Himalaya, Ballonfliegen oder Hubschrauberfahren reizt mich nicht. Ich würde einfach nur gern bis zum nächsten Bergsee kommen. Sorgenfrei bis zum Monatsende. Einmal an die Ostsee. Mehr verlange ich ja gar nicht.

    By Eli URL on 12.05.2012

  5. The building was higher than the giant statue in the park, with the sun shining on it.

    By Rosie URL on 12.05.2012

  6. They danced higher. The yelled higher. They laughed higher. They cried higher.

    By kens on 12.05.2012

  7. The airplane kept flying higher into the sky.

    By briannas URL on 12.05.2012

  8. Every step you take you are getting higher and higher, and every choice you make you either get higher or lower.

    By Elyssa URL on 12.05.2012

  9. The plane takes off, higher higher then they start to steady out and the plane seems motionless its silent other than the hum of the engine! The turbines Revole at the speed of light so fast they are transparent. You are now in the sky “the world largest ocean” The silky smooth blue skys fly past at hundreds of miles per hour but seem so sill. You are flying!

    By Reed on 12.05.2012

  10. i bet i can jump higher than you

    By Deven URL on 12.05.2012

  11. I jumped higher and higher reaching for the starts. I made it to the starts but you didn’t. You were in a car crash before I met you. I don’t know why but it had to be you, and it was you.

    By A on 12.05.2012

  12. When I think of the word higher, it makes me think of heights. Which I am afraid of. I don’t like heights. I think they are scary. I feel like I will fall off the top of something if I am standing on it. I really dono’t appreciate heights. But the word higher doesn’t just make me think of heights, it also makes me think of something being taller then something else. I have lots to say but my precious time is running out.

    By CD on 12.05.2012

  13. When you climb Mount Everest, the higher you get the harder it gets to breath. At some point you have to where an oxygen mask hooked up to an oxygen tank.

    By Trace URL on 12.05.2012

  14. We are the kind of girls who prefer flowers in our hair than diamonds around our necks.
    As we let the kites fly higher and higher into the sky,
    laughter starts to fill the air, and even the breeze whistles in joy.
    We stare into the picturesque view above us and are soon mesmerized by the living portrait.
    “We own the sky!”, one of us yell.
    And in this moment, we are infinite.

    By abigail rae on 12.05.2012

  15. What higher education did I get
    Years of schooling
    Years of partying
    Years of debt
    What lifelong dreams have I met
    Loving family
    Enriched knowledge
    Years of debt
    Most goals were met
    But I’m not done yet

    By recogirl URL on 12.05.2012

  16. the higher up i go, the more faint i become.
    wading into blackness. i am happy. leave me be.

    By dolores URL on 12.05.2012

  17. higher you climb the further to fall, but then if you never climb you’ll never achieve, you’ll never envisage or experience what might have been. those that do not climb are safe but they will never know the thrill of the climb. the higher you are the better the view the bigger the buzz

    By laura on 12.05.2012

  18. higher you climb the further to fall, but then if you never climb you’ll never achieve, you’ll never envisage or experience what might have been. those that do not climb are safe but they will never know the thrill of the climb. the higher you are the better the view, the bigger the buzz.

    By laura on 12.05.2012

  19. a sudden inspiration to be something greater than I actually am capable of achieving. A word that means good things, take me higher, let’s get high, flying, blue skies.
    I want to excel higher. I want to taste, touch, and feel, higher.

    By Witthoeft URL on 12.05.2012

  20. upstead, the head of the birds that stay quiet while the sea speaks softly through its teeths. The feeling of being hopelessely becoming a spider that sings, windy

    By x on 12.05.2012

  21. Life. It’s all about getting higher, right? As children, we pump our legs on the swings in attempts to swing higher than our classmates. In high school, we strain our gray matter to get higher grades than our peers…or we use more drugs and try to lose who we are in a false-reality (depending on who you are). And as adults…get higher on the ladder of success? Still getting high on those drugs? What are you trying to accomplish?

    By Kayla on 12.05.2012

  22. I want to jump higher than anyone ever has. Like a rabbit. Only way way higher. Just because. I’d like to feel how it is to fly. And jumping seems like the feasible alternative. Right?

    By K.O. on 12.05.2012

  23. How high is higher than here? The unknown above is hard to define. So where to take the leap that jets you up is hard to see. But we all want to get higher.

    By kommie97 URL on 12.05.2012

  24. i get higher when i smoke a lot of marijuana. higher and higher and higher higher and higher and higher. Mount Everest is a lot higher than some other mountains. I want to go sky diving to see the world from a HIGHER perspective. When I get higher than my friends I feel awkward and get anti-social and think I am talking funny. It is really scary sometimes, but i still like getting HIGHer and anyways, ya know? most people are higher than me because i am very short. but its okay because im a girl and its acceptable.yeah. higher.

    By Nicole Dalton on 12.05.2012

  25. its not high, but above it. Its where you want to be. You’re climbing everest, but you want to jump up into the clouds and scrape the moon with your fingernails.

    By nora on 12.05.2012

  26. Why? Why should I try? Why should I lift myself out of this hole? Is there really a point?

    Maybe I’ll never get higher.

    But I have goals. I have plans. I have DREAMS.

    I guess I have to try.

    By Me URL on 12.05.2012

  27. He lifts me higher, when I am weak. When I am crashing down and the weight of life is piling on top of me, he lifts me higher. When I am drowning in a sea of the unknown and the possibilities of what my life could become, he lifts me higher. I will never forget this love we share or the people we’ve met. You lift me higher. And I love you for that.

    By Chelsea on 12.05.2012

  28. Skies the limit, right? But then why am I stuck on the ground? Why are my feet sinking into the muddy mixture while those around me climb higher and higher up the ladder of life? I want to go higher. I want to be higher. I want to be anything but who I am right now stuck on this ground.

    By chelsea taylor URL on 12.05.2012

  29. Dreams! High everybody!

    By vanhaydu URL on 12.05.2012

  30. People can always get higher than what they expect if they make sure they do what it takes and never give up. The main thing is to know what we really want and stand up for it.

    By Cris on 12.05.2012

  31. Higher is when you’re already intoxicated but you decide to push yourself further and do more because even though you probably can’t even remember your name right now you want to get even sillier that’s what dummies do and you shouldn’t do drugs kid okay it will ruin your life eat spaghetti instead

    By chelsea not larry on 12.05.2012

  32. If I can get higher, higher than all the rest, higher than my fears, and worries, doubts. Higher than all those people than told me it wasn’t possible. I can get higher, till i touch the sky.

    By Ruth Dupont URL on 12.05.2012

  33. I want to rise up and be the better person, but I keep on dragging my own self down.

    By Emily on 12.05.2012

  34. I want to go higher than anyone. To change the world and bring people to hope and higher levels of success. Being higher is a way of life and a lost art that people have missed out on.

    By Tyler Griffin on 12.05.2012

  35. It takes awhile to get there. Every single day you strive to make it. You start low, but not too low- just low enough to grip the bottom rung and swing yourself up with a boost from life. Determination, grit, sweat, tears — all of them mix to push you higher and higher in life. You push yourself, others push you, it happens. The more you try, the more you succeed. You can’t get higher until you start.

    By Mandy Harter on 12.05.2012

  36. Colors blur.

    By Melody URL on 12.05.2012

  37. i wus higher then the twin towers in the sky.

    By yamha URL on 12.05.2012

  38. im in a higher grade then you i can jump of a higher house the

    By vidal URL on 12.05.2012

  39. I was riding an airplane and on the run way you go higher and higher then lower than lower on the run ways. Going higher and higher and higher i go. I am even higher than everyone in science. WE CAN GO HIGHER!!!!!

    By molly URL on 12.05.2012

  40. Take me higher
    Take me above the clouds
    I want to hold the stars in the palm of my hands
    I’m not who I used to be

    By Kelsey Julian URL on 12.05.2012