December 4th, 2012 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “higher”

  1. I can take you higher. Flight is the perspective all man wishes to view the world from. Movement. The bird engulfing the horizon is the wise man who seeks more by learning, not providing his limited perspective.

    By Evan on 12.05.2012

  2. I’ve been waiting for something more. Something that makes me feel proud and that will take me to a higher level. I’m stuck here, stuck in the abyss.

    By Nath URL on 12.05.2012

  3. I want to go higher. Even if I have achieved the highest I can go, I know I can achiever even higher. Limits are subjective and we are all capable of reaching past the barriers we set for ourselves. We must not attain for the highest we can achieve, but for the highest we can go within our lifetime.

    By helloCharlie URL on 12.05.2012

  4. higher and higher, faster and faster, bigger and better. the world moves and grows and evolves. but do we keep an eye on the foundation, the planet, the earth we build on, take from, add to… are we considerate. are we planning ahead and thinking forward?

    By helena URL on 12.05.2012

  5. Higher is the opposite of small. I’m higher than my niece. The Giralda tower is higher than Torre del Oro. Higher is like taller.

    By Guadalupe on 12.05.2012

  6. Visitors often mentioned the higher consciousness of Ernie and how they were affected. He welcomed people in openly and they were duely impressed with his aura, leaving feeling refreshed and more complete if a little poorer. He attracted nice comfortable people who were undemanding, only asking a little entertainment and a glipse of things mysterious. They were happy to leave their skepticism at the door and open their minds until tea and biscuits were served at least. We were like peas in a pod, all rubbing shoulders and having fun together.

    By Meredyth URL on 12.05.2012

  7. I want to accomplish something that will elevate me. Make me feel like I have succeeded. Like I have done something in life that no one else has or few people ever will. I want to reach the limit and fight against it. I want to explode upwards and onwards and never look back. I want to be able to look down and say “I did that.”

    By vanidadez on 12.05.2012

  8. smoke. weed. space
    blue ice
    night sky
    the sun

    By Tobias Engkvist on 12.05.2012

  9. take me higher. I want to be lifted into your heart, in your soul. Our bodies collapse into one another, taking us beyond our senses. The click, the sense of knowing. All present in the corruption we’ve just created.

    By Emily D on 12.05.2012

  10. Higher the cliff, more the effort is required to reach it. But once u reach it ,it is totally Worthwhile . So the thing said is in order to see the view you have to climb higher.

    By vaibhav on 12.05.2012

  11. You take me higher. No drugs, all natural. That sensation feeling I get when I’m with you… I have yet to find someone that gives me the same feelings. You were loving, you were h

    By Dee on 12.05.2012

  12. higher than anything, is what you make me feel.
    you are just the person that makes my heart raise higher, my mind fly higyher, my aspirations go higher, my dreams go higher.
    you are what I consider to be higher..all of my expectation sof a man, all surrounded in you.
    My higher… my love, my soul, all

    By Elizabeth on 12.05.2012

  13. H.R. riding the striped beast, and wondering why a “g,” in certain contexts, mostly when in the company of “h” and his ilk, tends to be less useful than a whisper of air or an exhalation.

    By mattlock URL on 12.05.2012

  14. Cannabis is good, Ambition is better. I wouldn’t say any fairer than that and I won’t talk anymore bullshit. Mount Everest is also good. These things are good. :)

    By Thomas Hoar on 12.05.2012

  15. higher altitude are ones dream to achieve.higer a man goes,his dreams fly much higher, one should aim for higher moral values not higher societal positions,beacause higher values help

    By eshita on 12.05.2012

  16. Breathe, take it in.
    Let it out, watch the smoke curl.
    She’s there with you, plain and simple Mari Jane,
    Through thick and thin, she’ll get you higher.

    By drodi URL on 12.05.2012

  17. fsdgwettwretrewtertwre

    By Joristermee URL on 12.05.2012

  18. Yes, my ankle itches, yes, I’m feeling the height right now, yes, I can see the traffic below pulsating at what feels like miles down. Clouds are nice, cushiony, sweet. Don’t stress, I’m holding the handrail, yes, don’t you stress. I know the way down now. I’m an adult, and I’m strong enough to take the stairs up here, so I can walk right back down.

    By genahtastic URL on 12.05.2012

  19. Higher…higher…I need to get higher. I panted desperately as I ran up the trail. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, I just knew that I had to get to the top of this mountain. They had told me all of the answers I needed were up there, and it was expecting me.

    By Kerry URL on 12.05.2012

  20. From the depths of the black ocean
    You propel me
    An accendio that brings me to burst
    Into the air
    Air crushing through the emptiness of my lungs.
    I don’t know which makes me feel
    The sudden oxygen or
    Your boost.

    By Kathryn URL on 12.05.2012

  21. i often dream about flying. it’s the most exciting thing on this planet. the feeling it gives me cannot be described. that feeling of beeng able to go higher, and higher, and higher.

    By a on 12.05.2012

  22. I am for higher and higher in my life and I id almost everything, good or bad but lost in all and now I am in Alaska finding ancient historic Scenes.

    By Anand on 12.05.2012

  23. The itch traveled higher. Higher. Carleen could no longer control herself. She must scratch. Calf, buttocks, between the shoulder blades — agony! And then it revealed itself. This itch. This pain. This —


    She gasped, out of air, as truth settled sharply atop her head, in the form of a wee worm… with teeth.

    By RS Bohn URL on 12.05.2012

  24. I am there…
    I don’t even know. but here I am.
    Or there I am.
    Wherever you are (there’s no question of where you are)
    you’re higher than I
    in the sky?
    don’t make me laugh
    and let me think I can rise above…
    I couldn’t if I tried

    By Octowhat URL on 12.05.2012

  25. The higher i climbed the tree the more scared i got of falling to the ground.

    By Rayanne URL on 12.05.2012

  26. The red ball bounces higher than the green ball.

    By tylerw URL on 12.05.2012

  27. The higher u go the better is the view. but it also mean you have a greater possibility of falling down. But who cares about falling down when the view itself is good enough for u to attain salvation.

    By Sagar Deoskar on 12.05.2012

  28. my house is higher than the school so it is colder up there than the school

    By diamondsss URL on 12.05.2012

  29. The sky is higher then the tree at rayannes house:]

    By Dianna0531 URL on 12.05.2012

  30. I flew higher in the sky, but the air was getting colder.

    By Brayden URL on 12.05.2012

  31. i like gummy bears they float higher than the sun

    By Sammi URL on 12.05.2012

  32. He was running so hard with me on his shoulder I then slowly opened my eyes and saw the man that stabbed me following us higher up into the building.

    By fox URL on 12.05.2012

  33. Some people get higher in airplanes. Others with drugs. But my personal favorites are the astronauts! They get reeeeaaaallllyyyy high!

    By S-man URL on 12.05.2012

  34. I am flying higher
    I will touch the sky
    I cant even believe that i’m a flyer
    My eyes see dark but it is light
    Why is this?
    Why am i dark?
    I am slowly sinking, falling
    I was flying higher.

    By Jamie URL on 12.05.2012

  35. the definition in office would be a job with more responsibilitys, generally it means talller in hight or in elevation.

    By anton URL on 12.05.2012

  36. let me take you higher, higher,higher. I want my higher power. I would like to go higher in consciousness. Higher consciousness. Higher spirituality. Higher power. Higher power. Strength.

    By Claire on 12.05.2012

  37. i get higher by the second……………………………………….. what did you think i get high on? Skateboard air duhhh!!!!!!

    By Tanner Bowman URL on 12.05.2012

  38. He flew higher and higher, the air was pressed out of his lungs, and the cold soughed through to his bones. The earth disappeared under him. Nothing mattered anymore. He was free. Finally.

    By Bladercut on 12.05.2012

  39. if i were a butterfly i would fly higher and higher till i couldn’t fly any higher.

    By alejandrace URL on 12.05.2012

  40. Higher toward the sky she gazed and sat with her neck craned up. She saw stars and shapes in the fog. But what mattered most to her wasn’t what she saw, but mostly of what she didn’t. She didn’t see the plane that was to bring her father back home. She didn’t sense the stars warmth. She saw the moon cold, and out of reach of her mortal hands. And yet, she looked up higher across the cosmos to the worlds that exist beyond. Higher up, closer to our makers doors.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 12.05.2012