June 19th, 2011 | 595 Entries

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595 Entries for “held”

  1. I held your hand. I held it so I wouldn’t have to let you go. But you let go first. And I lost you forever. All the love in the world that I had for you could never be held with a single hand. I would have to use both hands and all my might to make sure you never fell. You did though, you fell from my hand and into someone else’s.

    By Kasey Gray on 06.19.2011

  2. Held close to her vest was the letter. She couldn’t bring her self to read it. Not again. The words never changed no matter how she willed them to. Always they bore the sad tidings of her love’s departure.

    By Ama Marie URL on 06.19.2011

  3. He held me one more time…
    It was a Monday, as I recall. He came up to me casually, but in his eyes I saw how badly he needed this embrace. We both needed the intensity to flow through our veins once more before this long brake.

    By Kt Perner URL on 06.19.2011

  4. like held someone’s hand? or a doll? something that is held is taken to one’s heart, i believe or at least that’s what i think of. could be wrong. that’s been known to happen on occasion…being wrong that is.

    By mitchisms URL on 06.19.2011

  5. you held me close and tight and I didn’t want to let go. you hug so tight I lose my breath, yet I wouldn’t want anything less. I feel safe in your arms and I wish I could go back.

    By victoria URL on 06.19.2011

  6. i was once held in the arms of a lover.
    a friend in all ways.
    we held hands.
    we held doors.
    we held hearts.
    but we could never hold on too what we made.
    ill miss being held in his arms.
    with his sea like eyes looking down on me.
    let me hold you again, friend

    By GirlMadeOfMetal URL on 06.19.2011

  7. Held. I held you tight yet u ran from me sp reading your wings flying into the sun burning into ash your time on earth is done

    By bella on 06.19.2011

  8. he held her hand, held is past tense of hold hold hands hold potatoes hold out your hand. held looks like hell but the d changes the whole meaning. held her hands held his hands holds is holding ho

    By Nini on 06.19.2011

  9. you held me once. i loved it. you arems felt so good around me. to hold or be held is an amazing sensation. the world is a good place when you are held.

    By Laura on 06.19.2011

  10. Gfffh let go of me I was being held captive by the reds gang HELP
    Anyone a glint caught my eye a knife was being raised to my throat nooooooooo bye life

    By bella on 06.19.2011

  11. his hand as i gentley skipped along the shoreline. The frogs are jumping. Underwater swimming segments are never fun. Donkey Kong is pretty damned over rated. As is mario, zelda and many other nintendo franchises, also batteries suck.

    By Ben on 06.19.2011

  12. She was thinking about all the feelings and ideas her brain held. She was worried abot so many things she couldn’t think clearly, and nothing other than death, sadness and wrries popped in her head. There’s nothing she couldn’t think about except for her best friend’s being dead.

    By Mony URL on 06.19.2011

  13. I held him in my arms for the last time, knowing he was no longer mine, knowing this embrace meant more to me than it meant to him. He held me out of courtesy, and I held on as tightly as I could, knowing he had already slipped far away.

    By Lauren G URL on 06.19.2011

  14. He held her in his arms, staring softly down at her slowly degrading body. Sudden sobs racked his body, and he was clinging onto her for dear life. not wanting to let go, because if he let go… everything would be over. He wished the tears would stop, he wished she wouldn’t leave him like this. He wished everything could go back to the way it was before. But nothing could ever be the same again, nothing could go back to normal.

    By Emma URL on 06.19.2011

  15. He held her hand with such tenderness and care, that she knew at once she would always want him near her.

    By d on 06.19.2011

  16. She held the precious object in her hand. It shone so bright the child had to shield her eyes whenever she glanced at it directly with the sun’s rays shining down upon it. It was a jewel. Her lucky jewel. With a smile she stuffed it in her pocket and ran off to play on the swings.

    By Mandy URL on 06.19.2011

  17. grasp. touch. feel.
    i want to hold you.
    i don’t want to use the past tense with you.
    i want you here. now.

    By Cleo on 06.19.2011

  18. The second I held that whining, messy, beautiful baby in my hands, hidden underneath the yellow knit blanket, I knew that I could never be happier. One glance at my tiny baby’s face and instantly I knew her name. Beautiful baby, JoAnna.

    By Ally URL on 06.19.2011

  19. help

    has everyone seen the lollipops and was going to digest?

    By Mellie URL on 06.19.2011

  20. I felt like I held the entire world in my hands. I felt like I could do anything. I felt like I was on top of the world. I held a ceramic globe in my hands and all at once it fell to the ground, dropped out of my hands, and shattered.

    By Grace on 06.19.2011

  21. after all the trouble he went through to get here – all the crawling and creeping through passages, all the arrow-dodging – now that he held the treasure in his hand, was it really worth it?

    By increddibelly on 06.19.2011

  22. i would so like to be held right now. my heart is broken. father’s day is a rough day for me to deal with. i just really want to curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out. but that is a luxury that i do not have. *sigh*

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 06.19.2011

  23. As I held the tiny, purple, screaming sack of organs, tissue and fat in my arms, I felt something that was beyond biological. Years of force-fed wisdom from the pulpit would tell me that I was feeling the blessings that God had given me, but I knew that this was much more than that. I looked at her father, who, for once in his life, had nothing to say. We had finally done it. We had finally created something that everyone had told us would never happen.

    By Connie L. URL on 06.19.2011

  24. She held the piece, turned it over and smiled. “It’s beautiful!” She said. She thought to herself how this was something her mother would have given her. She wished she was there.

    By Danielle on 06.19.2011

  25. Friday night: all I wanted was to be in your arms. Saturday morning: you told me you were no longer in love with me and left.

    By Hannah on 06.19.2011


    By REBECCA on 06.19.2011

  27. to be held is warm. or also maybe NYC. holding starbucks and walking through the streets. you can be held, or hold someone or something else. “I remember when he held the door for me.”

    By Nicole URL on 06.19.2011

  28. Kurt held Blaine’s hand softy, using his other hand to swipe a tear away before it fell down his cheek.

    “You were supposed to wake up today,” he muttered softly. “I was going to be so happy, and you… you were going to love me, and hold me, and…”

    By Em on 06.19.2011

  29. Fell to my knees. Held the edge of the toilet in shaking hands. Lost my lunch.

    By torin URL on 06.19.2011

  30. i hate thinking about the relationship we had. it ended just last thursday. i hate thinking about how we kissed and how he held me. all the promises he made me. they mean nothing to me now. they meant everything to me then. i wish the healing process was easier. but thats life i guess. dont trust so quickly but dont shut people out, life is all about lessons and some are going to be painful. this one was.

    By Aurora on 06.19.2011


    By REBECCA on 06.19.2011

  32. She held my hand so dearly. We stood there, frightened, for what seemed like hours. I whispered to her, “There’s nothing to be scared of, my dear.” She couldn’t shake off the fear. We heard a small footstep in the distance and both clutched to each other. With our arms locked like schoolgirls, we slowly ventured forward to find out what that terrifying movement was.

    By Kylee URL on 06.19.2011

  33. I held you in my arms. I held you in the palm of my hand before I knew you. I knew your name before your parents knew you. Before you were created. We held hands. We held each other in our arms. I held the hand of my higher self. There was music, and there were wonderful roses, they tell me…

    By Diana Marie URL on 06.19.2011

  34. She held her breath when she saw him. He looked her in the eye, but it was not the same look of three days earlier. He looked tense and confused, but completely certain of what he was going to say. He looked like hell, but he looked at her like he still wanted to look like heaven.

    By Carolina Lima on 06.19.2011

  35. The way he held me was so safe and warm. He never turned once the whole night, he just held on, like he was holding on for dear life. I miss those arms, and all the rest. But finding someone who held me like that once gives me hope that I will find someone to hold me like that again. I should have held him back.

    By Andrea URL on 06.19.2011

  36. She held them close – at last they were back. The tears of the night before were a distance memory. Her precious children were back in her arms and everything was right with the world once more

    By Shelma Vaughan on 06.19.2011

  37. When you held my wrist while we were crossing the street, I wasn’t fighting you because I wanted to walk alone; I just wanted you to hold my hand instead. I wanted to not feel controlled, but I wasn’t unwilling to be led. I was five.

    By Lauren URL on 06.19.2011

  38. I held the baby for the first time that day. It was so tiny, so perfect do full of possbilities. I kissed it’s soft fuzzy head and held each of it’s litle hands.

    By donna on 06.19.2011

  39. I held her. Slow and gentle. And I wondered just how long it would last. How long before she would remember who we were. Who we were meant to be. Our facades, and she would peel away from me and return to the arms of some lumbering oaf. And for the time I had her, it was glorious.

    By Lauz on 06.19.2011

  40. He held me. I couldn’t believe I was in his arms. This is what it felt like to be held, comforted, and loved. But it fleeting. Arms don’t hold on forever. Hands aren’t always clasped. We held each other, our hearts, our hands, but the moment was ephemeral. That moment was gone.

    By Hoanglan Nguyen URL on 06.19.2011