June 19th, 2011 | 595 Entries

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595 Entries for “held”

  1. Held?
    like holding things.
    to hold.
    holding ones hand i suppose. Not that i would know anything about that
    maybe, holding a new born baby?
    holding a puppy?
    holding comes from caring.

    By Adriana URL on 06.19.2011

  2. This man was holding up the traffic. Standing on a bridge up ahead, looking out. People had got out of their cars, shouting at everyone and no-one, red faced. A group of hippies sat on the top of their camper, looking at the bridge with binoculars. A man was walking up to the guy, holding out a hand.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 06.19.2011

  3. i held the baby in my arms, looking down at it. its little beak, its feathers. not like me. its eyes were closed, its breathing soft. what was this creature? this thing that i had found sleeping, freezing in the cold? i rocked it side to side, like a human baby would want, and it chirped quietly.

    By Emma URL on 06.19.2011

  4. It was the first time Lenny held what was to become his most favorite possession. It was that new record that no one ever heard of, that he found in the thrift store. It wasn’t the fact that it had no lyrics that he liked it, rather the raw emotion embodied in the songs.

    By Khalyd on 06.19.2011

  5. Sitting in his dark room, with the moon shining through the window, I felt infinitely safe. Nothing could touch me while I was being held by Stefan. He loved me and I loved him, and that’s all their ever was. We are together. We are one.

    By Emily Woods on 06.19.2011

  6. keep in the deep deepness of the ocean by a gigantic stone hand. No, no, no way to escape thought I want to stay in the dark forever. Where will the light go? Nowhere.

    By Jesús Sard on 06.19.2011

  7. I cradled his tiny head in my arms. His hair was soft blond fuzz, and his skin was fresh and white. His eyes remained closed, but he moved his pudgy arms and yawned.

    By Katie URL on 06.19.2011

  8. Somedays particularly today, I just feel like I need to be held. I am sad that I got left alone today somehow, even though we had plans today, but I have to learn to become used to disapointments thats what life is going to be full of and nothing less and nothing more…I am lost and I just need someone to hold me.

    By Alyss URL on 06.19.2011

  9. I held the pen in my hand and stared down at my journal. Immediately, words began to spill out of my pen and onto the page. A waterfall of beautiful poetry, beautiful finite combination of words.

    By Mercedes Gagliardi URL on 06.19.2011

  10. held tight in the hand was a small ring that said I LOVE YOU on it
    that last memory she was needing to throw away
    hard to keep yet hard to trash
    decisions———–what to do? what to do!

    By she53lly URL on 06.19.2011

  11. I held her hand on the soft shore that night. We both gazed into the sky. I ask her if she saw a shooting star. She did and wish for me. I kiss her and her tight. That was the last time I saw her. Oh my dear I miss you so

    By Ray URL on 06.19.2011

  12. she held her arm to her chest, cradling it like her child that she had lost, as if somehow, it would make everything better, as if, by holding her arm, she could hold the baby girl who was not hers anymore, as if she herself was being held by someone too.

    By Julianna on 06.19.2011

  13. arms around me, warm, comforting. Feeling safe, that the world is going to be OK. My security, safety. Falling asleep with arms around me

    By Mel on 06.19.2011

  14. He held her, gently. No one was watching but a crowd was there, pulsing along the street. Holding on for one last moment before she turned and saw the one thing that would take her from him and their homeland forever. Could he distract her with the fools on the sidewalk or would she sense his determination and strike back with that accusatory look that he had leant to fear.

    By troche on 06.19.2011

  15. He held me tight as we listened to the wind blow. I held onto him too, feeling as if time was at a standstill and the world was ours. I never wanted the moment to end…it was as if my whole life I had been waiting for this moment, this one very moment with him, and our entire lives we’d be remembering this moment. We were just young and in love.

    By Ali on 06.19.2011

  16. He held me tightly, as I rested my head against the arch of his collar bone. His hands delved lower, but not too low – resting in the small of my back, holding me close. The other cupped my head, keeping me pressed against his strong chest. His arms were warm. His breath was soft. His whispered words graced my ears like a soft tune. I started to drift, as I clung tightly to his shirt, refusing to let go.

    By Jen URL on 06.19.2011

  17. She held him in her arms, knowing that they could never be together — really together, as in together forever. The bond they felt for each other was so strong it was almost painful, but in that lovey amazing and miraculous painful kind of way that indicates a recognition of some kind of bond that existed almost before they met.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 06.19.2011

  18. I held you in highest esteem

    By Maria on 06.19.2011

  19. Held? Well. Held is a great thing. Anyone can be held, hell, it’s all anyone wants. Don’t let just anyone do it though, unless they’re important. Then… don’t let go, because you belong in those arms. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

    By Elise on 06.19.2011

  20. I held the promise in the palm of my hand. I have the whole world spread out underneath my feet. Sweet music lingers in my ear as I recall the moment I first held the promise.

    By Meghan URL on 06.19.2011

  21. Held in your arms,
    I look into your eyes,
    I breathe slowly,
    Inhaling every last second of what this life has to offer
    Why did you choose me?
    What was it that made you pick me?
    Within an instant my last breath fails, I slip slowly away

    By Thomas Creighton on 06.19.2011

  22. i held in my hand
    the world.
    i held in my hand
    your love, your hopes, your fears
    i held in my hand
    all that was important to you
    and thus, all that was important to me.
    i held, in my hand, in my heart, in my soul

    By Abby on 06.19.2011

  23. I held onto the side of the mountain for dear life. I was shaking from fear as much as the cold rain hitting my body. I didnt want to quit. I couldnt quit. I had to get back before the sun went down. I had to go on.

    By disciplinedindulgence URL on 06.19.2011

  24. I held the cat in my arms. It was hurt and hungry from its long night at the gas station. We looked for it all night after mom kicked it out of the house.

    By Randall URL on 06.19.2011

  25. She was small. Not by the standards of other children born on their due date, but small to me. little tiny person, wailing and shrieking and purple and greasy and mine. She was small to me. To everyone else, she was a juggernaut. Now, she is still a juggernaut, in so many other ways. Ways that matter more. I made that.

    By Caitlin URL on 06.19.2011

  26. held but in which direction….up is better than down……depending on where your @ or your current position. better to consider context.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 06.19.2011

  27. I held you close as we lay in bed together after a great night of dinner and love-making. I had never felt closer to you in our almost 2 years together. I was fearful of an eventual end to our relationship, but hopeful that we would spend the rest of our lives together.

    By mlgouldin on 06.19.2011

  28. across
    the line was a man
    trying to see
    a resolt
    but the only thong
    he saw
    was animage
    of himself
    He tryed to stop
    but he

    By tony on 06.19.2011

  29. I held you in highest esteem, until you held up my faults for all to see.
    Now I hold you to your standards, and expect from you that which you demanded of me. Thank you for the reminder that while life may not seem fair, there is a purpose in all that occurs.

    By Printspace4u URL on 06.19.2011

  30. his hand as he heard the news. she wasn’t ready for this, but she couldn’t even imagine what he was feeling. For a moment, she forgot about everything, and was mad at herself for being so selfish. Then the doctors voice brought her back into the moment, and she had felt even worse than she did before.

    By Julia Crescitelli on 06.19.2011

  31. I held my breath
    You held my hand
    The stars above
    Looked out over our lands
    Over the sea
    And the rivers and lakes
    And we just sat there
    Oblivious to the moment
    Unaware of the past
    And indifferent to the future before us.

    By XxX on 06.19.2011

  32. She held the flower in her hand, thinking about the old times. The way things used to be. Picking flowers in the meadow with her mother. Those, she thought, were the best times; the best times of her life.

    By Tabitha URL on 06.19.2011

  33. I caught a whisper
    Held it in the plam of my hand
    Watched it flutter
    Delicate and Opaque
    Not weighing a feather or a whisp of air
    And then
    When I had enjoyed its beauty
    As if it knew
    It awakened and flew away

    By overembellished on 06.19.2011

  34. banana

    By Lauren on 06.19.2011

  35. I’ve held a lot of things in my life. Like a book. Lots of books, in fact. I’ve held so many books that I cannot keep count because they are so numerous. I like holding rocks. I don’t know why, but the coolness is comforting. I like the way that they are stable. They are not like my mind.

    By zanygiraffe URL on 06.19.2011

  36. I looked at my hands. Placed between them was a yen and yang charm speckled red. It was once a cherished necklace of mine… But since the fight… It was torn from my neck and there was no replacing it. Now, it was just a charm that I held between my hands speckled with my own blood from the battle.

    By June Lex URL on 06.19.2011

  37. across the line
    trying to see an image
    but the only thing he could see ,was the image of himself
    terrifieded by the resolt he just stood there.
    What was that that was keeping
    what was that that he help?

    By tony on 06.19.2011

  38. The line held and I rappelled down the side of the cliff to safety. Relative safety, anyway. Jenny, my ex, was holding my line.

    By pseudomnomnom URL on 06.19.2011

  39. I held onto my thoughts like a child’s teddy. I craddled them. They were delicate. These thoughts were my sweet memories. I held tight not wanting them to drift. Were they real? Is this what life once was? It could be a warped childish game I was playing with myself. Like when a liar stars to believe his own words. I wasn’t trying to create a false reality. But to create a new story for my past… seemed a little more innocent. It seemed, doable. I let my imagination float around my curiosities…

    By Rachel on 06.19.2011

  40. To be held was all that Fern wanted. For it to matter too. She didn’t know if Ian cared about her, but she knew she wanted him to. All she could see was his care for Lilly. He obviously hadn’t let go of a girl who had clearly let go of him. Fern sighed. Held. Loved. Cherished. What would that feel like?

    By Battery Marie URL on 06.19.2011