March 15th, 2011 | 680 Entries

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680 Entries for “heels”

  1. the feet click in and out with nothing but the heels to guide them there. Stumbling, chucking out the old worn away bits dropping away like pellets, and nothing but the heels of my boots manage to keep me going.

    By meg on 03.16.2011

  2. heels hurt the shit out of my feet but they make my legs look damn good. who even invented heels? and why? wasn’t it something about making our asses look better? i think men should wear heels. tell me how you like it. i’ll let you know how good your behind looks! i think that’s a fair trade.

    By Danielle on 03.16.2011

  3. girls

    By Julia Dane on 03.16.2011

  4. I sometimes think that my heels are ugly. That’s the first thing I started to write. By the time I figured out it was a lie, it was too late to change it. So here I am, trapped writing about something that not only isn’t true, but isn’t particularly interesting, either. Cut me off midsent

    By thekillerpook URL on 03.16.2011

  5. I don’t ever wear high heels, as I get back ache when I do. I do like them, the look of them, when they’re not too high. The high ones, I just think are so bad for one’s feet! And back Ouch. Luckily, I’ve got some other shoes that I’m happy with. Who needs heels, really?

    By Leeswammes URL on 03.16.2011

  6. I was just minding my own business wandering around the internet when i randomly found a website that offered an unusual type of social interaction. After a few weeks there I found a girl knocked me back on my heels. Never did I think I would find such an awesome girl who seems to match up with me so well in such an unexpected place.

    By Andy URL on 03.16.2011

  7. I love to wear heels. It makes me feel fabulous and on top of the world. I love it when they’re actually comfortable, but that rarely happens. They’re usually torture tools right from hell. But oh, so bloody worth it!! Girl can do anything with a great pair of heels.

    By Tanya on 03.16.2011

  8. Heels are what women wear and they are also what you say to slow down a horse well you don’t put the s at the end of it… but any way I don’t often wear heals because I would probably trip and die if I did… I am pretty clumsy

    By lydia on 03.16.2011

  9. shoes,

    By Gemma Holtam URL on 03.16.2011

  10. Heels take you where you want to go. Attach a stick to the bottom of your foot, and you’ve got high heels. heels hurt to walk in.

    By Mary-Elle URL on 03.16.2011

  11. seven inches high, the drag queens don’t totter, they swagger, they dance, they command the stage and all around. this is no apology, this is no asking for permission, these guys are gods here, the queues for their show fills the park.

    By artifarti URL on 03.16.2011

  12. i’m not averse to heels, but i kind of avoid wearing ones to work. they drain my energy.
    i have mixed feelings about heels: they look both cool and pretentious.
    i sometimes gaze at the few pairs i have, unable to give them up, and unable to put them on.

    By kaori on 03.16.2011

  13. The red leather winked at her from the shop window and Ellie pressed her face up against the cold pane; filled with desire. At five inches high, these heels were most definitely not made for walking. Just the thing for standing on a red carpet for your film premiere, she dreamed to herself…

    By alison cross URL on 03.16.2011

  14. The force that caused Mike Jordan’s ankle to fracture as a result of coming down barefooted from a magnificent “three point, nothing but net” shot that actually left his high tops sort of glued to the hardwood because he played for the Tar Heels hastened an early retirement from basketball but then he woke up thanking the Lord it was a dream.

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.16.2011

  15. She was stalking toward me. My heart was in my throat as I watched her, her eyes fixated on mine. She was breathtaking, but frightening. The clank of her heels against the hard wood was enough to send shivers down my spine. She was eying me the way a hunter eyes it’s prey. I was the prey.

    By Amy URL on 03.16.2011

  16. “Call it in the air,” said the Devil to Dirk. “if you win, I let you go to heaven; if I win, I own your immortal soul.”

    Dirk had imagined this moment for much of his life. He knew the Devil would come for him. It wasn’t large sins he’d committed. Not like murder or theft, but rather an amalgam of little sins, such as tying earthworms into knots, pouring vials of his own urine into babies’ diapers, and throwing boogers into the oscillating fans at the DMV.

    He knew the Devil would someday come, with a two-sided coin, giving him no real choice, no real recourse. The red enameled thumbnail flicked the coin upward and it spun like the furies of hell were fueling it. They indeed were. Dirk knew the coin was rigged. But was it two heads? Two tails? Beads of sweat suddenly shot forth across his forehead. In that moment, as the coin crossed the apex of its arc, Dirk yelled, “heels!” and ran like Hell, all the way to Heaven.

    By richpee URL on 03.16.2011

  17. They were cracked, dirtied. Such a pretty face, such a light voice if it weren’t for her the soles of her soul, you wouldn’t have guessed how far she’d traveled

    By A.Sage URL on 03.16.2011

  18. I dug me heels in, no way was I going to budge. Too often people see me as weak, as not standing up for myself. Now I choose to prove them wrong. Only time will tell.

    By Kristin Patterson URL on 03.16.2011

  19. i don’t usually like to “kick up my heels” as they say. actually, i’m kind of shy. but boy, when hear the right music, i can really let loose. that’s what i think happened last night. no special feeling between you and me. just the right music and a little bit of kicking up my heels.

    By Esther URL on 03.16.2011

  20. i my heels barely touched the ground as i sprinted away.
    this is what it must be like to fly i thought, as i sped past over the crumbly dirt past sparse shrubs.

    By mel*** URL on 03.16.2011

  21. We often refer to heels in conversation using ‘Achilles Heel’ for a character weakness we see in others. It is also used to describe the economic status of the wealthy using the term ‘well heeled. To me it is the cobblers where one took scarce and precious shoes to be salvaged from destruction thereby giving them a new lease of life. How times have changed as we now live in a throwaway society/world.

    By Cally on 03.16.2011

  22. I try never to use them. It may be logical to suffer for fashion and looks, but I think my feet have been through enough over the years that I don’t really want to torture them anymore. Plus, a good sneaker or slip on is just as good. Why break an ankle over style?

    By Natalie URL on 03.16.2011

  23. teetering tiny mountain peaks
    her heels rested on
    ruby red apex
    her heels rested on
    tottering heels her heels rested on
    clipity clop
    clipty clop

    By tess on 03.16.2011

  24. a dress may never fit right.but a pair of heels? never fail to do so. ironic how an extra inch to your high can push your confidence fmiles!

    By malloika on 03.16.2011

  25. Absätze…
    davon rennen…

    wollen wir das nicht alle?
    Wir suchen unser heil in der Flucht…

    By Anuri on 03.16.2011

  26. heels of the cows meandering and a low mist along the lane and a steam rising of cows breath and a low light filtering across from the embracing hills barely yellow and barely warm and rising also the heat and magic of a new day

    By geraldine URL on 03.16.2011

  27. I turned, reaching for something, anything to throw. He deserved it. Anything I could get my hands on. After a few books and a balled up tshirt, I reached for my heels. I paused, holding them in my hand. I looked at his face just then. He didn’t care what he’d done. So I launched my new red stilettos straight at his face. I didn’t care anymore. I hope he scarred.

    By Lauren URL on 03.16.2011

  28. sky wheels and wheels the light glider showing how glad inhuman lifeless living vitality to see to the ground filled with banks of faces and coats leaving en masse in the crowd with dogs at heels

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.16.2011

  29. I got my red heels on, and I’m going to impress. I don’t care that he said no. I don’t care that he turned me down, that he says he sees me as just a little sister and the idea of screwing me just doesn’t sit right with him. I don’t care about any of that, any of what he said.

    I got my red heels on, and I’m going to impress.

    By darthsneebette URL on 03.16.2011

  30. him.. i miss him..
    yeah.. but what can i do?
    definitly, nothing i can do..

    just waiting
    and waiting
    could I… ?

    yea… not easy..
    but i must do!
    do anything to feel savety

    By Yulianti URL on 03.16.2011

  31. I love heels. I want to wear them more. And yet they make me so tall. I feel sexy when I wear heels. I think we all do. It is funny to me that you must learn to walk in heels and when I see a young girl walking in heels it makes me smile. Because I remember when I was that girl.

    By Emily on 03.16.2011

  32. Why oh why do the majority of ‘Western’ women wear high-heeled shoes? It DOESN’T make them sexier (the height difference is far more of an aphrodisiac) and it DOES make them look silly, regardless of how appealing the rest of their appearance is

    By Ben URL on 03.16.2011

  33. Killer heels – just love them but I go for comfort these days and love my Harry Hall brown suede boots.

    By matilda URL on 03.16.2011

  34. I kicked my heels back onto the desk in front of me, enjoying the entertainment others are getting because of it. The teacher drones on about the subject while I smile and yawn, and stretch my arms over my head. Finally crossing my feet, I lean my head back on the chair and start to gently snore as the teacher’s lecture voice lulls me to sleep.

    By Unicorn Jones URL on 03.16.2011

  35. She walks on tiptoes while I walk on my heels. We shuffle and skip, and it hurts like hell. No one understands why we do it, but there is no reason beyond fun. If they can’t understand fun, then there is nothing we can do to help them understand.

    By Kendra on 03.16.2011

  36. Her heels were dry and raw from the work that day. As soon as she’d finished with her group, she’d stumbled off to the main building, biting her lip as she climbed nine flights of stairs. She nursed her red heels by the window, keeping a watchful eye on the gate beyond the bridge.

    By Veerin URL on 03.16.2011

  37. heels is both a plural noun and a verb. When I think of the verb I see my mom proudly announcing that our dog “heels” now, and as a little girl I affected some of that pride, but now in the verb not the action. =D

    By narim ilyare on 03.16.2011

  38. Oh, high heels! I can’t give them up. They are beautiful and dangerous, inconvinient and deceiptive, sophisticated and vulgar. They may save or bury.

    By ivga URL on 03.16.2011

  39. heels on the back of the feet become rough,worn out.pressed into shoes that are to tight,that restricted the flow,we bare the pain,because the shoes look good.

    By rose doyle on 03.16.2011

  40. I have got so many colour heels in my cupboard to wear with so many different dresses. with heels you look more graceful in formal settings. however, if we look at them from health perspective they cause pai

    By maria middle name farooq on 03.16.2011