March 15th, 2011 | 680 Entries

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680 Entries for “heels”

  1. Heels are something on the back of my shoe. They were created to give girls more height. The problem with this is sometimes girls are taller than their fates. In these cases girls should be able to wear flats and still look cute. Unfortunately for tall girls, heels make your legs look better and society decided that heels are pretty and heels are ugly. Sorry tall girls, guess your height difference just got more awkward.

    By spangles URL on 03.15.2011

  2. She ripped the heels off and flung them across the room just before sinking onto the couch in a messy heap. Her tight curls reached in many directions and shoving a shaky hand through them only made it worse. So many levels of wrong, where to begin?

    By Saronai URL on 03.15.2011

  3. Click them together, who knows the places you will go.
    On the edge of your seat, tips of your toes, rocked back on your heels…
    High heels, the swagger and swank. Perfectly poised, ready.
    Rough, bare and cracked…the heels of beach living. salt in the creases.
    The soft heels of Gramma, in her slippers at the stove, yet another beach memory…baby on the beach, sand clinging, stuck for days between her tiny toes.
    Back to high heels, pretending to feel sand in them for days afterwards, dragging out the memory of beach days gone by.

    By ce.hole on 03.15.2011

  4. i ve got heels that don’t feels right; just simply run everywhere in these heels. high heels makes my feet ache. but in pretty girls the high heels really brighten the day.

    By haha on 03.15.2011

  5. There was a scramble to reach their desks as they heard the Plonk Plonk Plonk of those 4 inch stilettos heels

    By Kimberly URL on 03.15.2011

  6. something women wear in order to elongate her legs and look sexier. something that guys dont prefer unless they are tall as well. i myself dont like them because i am short as it is and dont like to be that short guy around a tall woman. plus they kind alook they hurt them. them as in the women.

    By Charles on 03.15.2011

  7. What is it about heels that I strive to be able to wear them more often? They’re so painful. Yet they somehow symbolize something special for a girl growing up. They symbolize a grown, classy woman. No longer a girl.

    By Ida on 03.15.2011

  8. She took her heels of the ground and she started flying across the room, I found that somewhat exciting but still I feared for her eyed had just turned a pale purple and I didn’t recognize her face anymore.

    By Sne on 03.15.2011

  9. My heels click when I tap my feet three times. That is the story of The Wizard of Oz. Red sparkly shoes, yellow brick road, lions, tigers and bears, oh my! The magic number three brings you back home!slaf

    By Erin Turko on 03.15.2011

  10. She sat at her kitchen table, coffee cup in hand. The sun barely peeked out from the dark clouds, and she sighed softly. Everything was always the same. Nothing new. Nothing exciting.

    She stared disconsolately at the box in front of her. Maybe it was today. Maybe today was the day it would all change.

    Maybe today was the day for the bright red heels.

    By Joanne URL on 03.15.2011

  11. I absolutely love heels! Sparkley ones, high ones, peep toed, glittery, bright colors, designer, you name it! I feel girly and gorgeous and sexy and like Carrie Bradshaw! They hurt like a bitch but pain is gain! :)

    By Catherine on 03.15.2011

  12. I don’t wear heels. They don’t agree with me, as don’t many other things. Lasagna is the same way. They will fight to be on my team, but they will never win.

    By Olivia URL on 03.15.2011

  13. high heels. click clack. long legs. walk fast. summer dress. breezy blows.

    By Caitlin Hafla URL on 03.15.2011

  14. I love heels, they are great. I have many pairs of them, they are good if you want to feel like a million bucks on a day you dont feel too good about yourself. Heels are amazing, every woman should own a pair

    By vanessa bolton on 03.15.2011

  15. heels, materialistic items when peaking of fashion, however a necessity on the human foot. Needed and not needed simultaneously.

    By thoreauisking URL on 03.15.2011

  16. i used to have a really nice pair of heels. Okay, a bunch of really nice pairs of heels. People took them. I know girls borrow clothes all the time but i think i got the shitty end of the deal when it came to my heels. i want the yellow ones back, or a new pair of yellow ones. Its amazing how nice they can make you feel. (I wonder if this site will make me quit writing after 60 seconds or if im just supposed to stop on my own. i feel like its been way over my allotted time) Do you really need to have on heels for a guy to hit on you when you go out on the town? i thinklife would be alot more convenient if you didn’t… okay i don’t think this thing stops. im ganna stop myself. This was fun though, i think i might sign up for this website…

    By April on 03.15.2011

  17. painful sore feet
    after a long night removing them is the best feeling in the entire world
    heels are gorgeous, i wish i could walk in them better but i really, really cant. it has something to do with my lack of coordination and my horribley bad ankles because of netball. Its not like i need them anyway because i am rather tall, but they would make me so much prettier.

    By Alaska URL on 03.15.2011

  18. Walking down the street. Hearing the tap, tap, tap of someones heels on the marble floor. I look to see who it is. A beautiful, confident woman walking the line. I want to be like her, I think to myself.

    By Carissa on 03.15.2011

  19. His Heels bled painfully as he stepped over the broken glass to retrieve the item he most desires. As his foot falls down to meet the cold glass, warm blood pools perniciously around his heel. He must overcome pain, because the prize he seeks is invaluable.


    By thoreauisking URL on 03.15.2011

  20. If there is anything that makes a girl feel like a girl, it’s heels.
    If there’s anything that excludes me from other girls, it’s heels.
    If there’s anything that makes me feel short and frumpy, it’s heels.
    If there’s anything I hate more than anything else.
    It’s heels.

    By Mia on 03.15.2011

  21. i wrote about heels once already.. i don’t feel like typing it all again. this is fun though. i wish they would give me more than one word in a day…

    By AprilJulie URL on 03.15.2011

  22. Her heels clicked on the sidewalk as she walked in the crowd, trying to look calm as she frantically searched for his brown hair amongst all the hats and umbrellas. The rain soaked her, leaving her white blouse transparent, and she choked back sobs, unable to spot it. Her heart slammed against her chest, and she felt both it and her breastplate cracking.

    By Cheezit URL on 03.15.2011

  23. keep the red lipstick on the toe nails. The snail trail of the fantasy begins with a little bit of halucinogens

    By Jae on 03.15.2011

  24. Steadfast, base. This foundation cannot be rattled. Akiles and more, myself included. Break me, tear my heart away but standing I will remain. Leave me on my pillars and leave me to my luck.

    By Gillie on 03.15.2011

  25. She always wore these goddamn gaudy high heels everywhere. It was the summer after sophomore year and apparently she had decided that her libido had been dormant long enough. I guess that was the beginning of the end for our friendship…I chose to walk my own path in life, while she chose to follow others’ in heels.

    By Anna Gergen on 03.15.2011

  26. I hate it when my heels are rough and scratchy. I just want to yell when that happens . which is every day now. My feet can hammer out the bottom of a boats helm. I see them and they are all cracked, you could put quarters in the dry cracked slots on my heels.

    By Karen r Tudor on 03.15.2011

  27. heels remind me of the cinderella sotry because in the original version the stepsisters, actually one stepsister, gets her heel cut off to fit in the dainty shoe. sound painful and desperate. like heels in genearl. stilleto heels especially *shudders* theyre fn but

    By Elizabrraza on 03.15.2011

  28. Heels in the water
    Eels they will bother
    Time to swim
    I’d love to win
    You heart of gold
    Until you grow old

    By DUNC URL on 03.15.2011

  29. fast on the heels of love. wind in your sails. nothing can stop you. fast on the heels of love.

    By kay vittori on 03.15.2011

  30. Heels in the water
    Eels they will bother
    Time to swim
    I’d love to win
    Your heart of gold
    Until you grow old
    We’ll sit and cry together
    We’ll run outside no matter what weather
    The best times will come
    Because we will always be ONE

    By DUNC URL on 03.16.2011

  31. I wish we met
    so I could see what
    great conversations we could make
    of lies and insults and mockery.
    Every text you send
    is a greeting
    to let me know
    that someone is with me.
    Every silly word
    you type makes my lips
    curl upward toward the sky
    of a new day.

    By Scythe42 URL on 03.16.2011

  32. Heels.. oh heels I just bought snake skin heels, I hate snakes, I don’t even know why I bothered to buy them.. I’m looking at them right now, and wondering how someone decided that snake skin heels would sell, who knows. I know, I did just spend 100 dollars on them.. I probably won’t even wear them.. they looked pretty on the rack and lonely.

    By Emma on 03.16.2011

  33. Heels, clacking, clicking her superiority, all in her head, concentrated on the back of that stiletto. The heels have eyes.

    By Jon on 03.16.2011

  34. I can’t walk in heels. I’m not a real lady. I don’t wear make up. I don’t always shave my legs. I don’t wear dresses. I don’t care about fancy hair. I really should’ve been born a male instead.

    By Melissa URL on 03.16.2011

  35. I’m not a real lady. I can’t walk in heels. I don’t wear make up. I don’t always shave my legs. I don’t wear dresses. I don’t care about fancy hair. I’m not a real lady..

    By Melissa URL on 03.16.2011

  36. I was head over heels for this man. He was gorgeous, strong, smart and we even shared the same interests
    Too bad he was a fictional character.

    By Talei on 03.16.2011

  37. Head over heels in love–
    leap, falling into warm arms.
    Strawberry hair tossed gently
    Like waves of the blood rushing from
    every heart beat
    filling my cheeks.
    Purple painted toes curl at
    the tickle of his touch.
    There in the wall around my heart
    appears a door–
    he entered willingly.
    Future floor plans
    spring into thoughts inspired
    by looking into his eyes.
    The rug in the middle of the
    present most home like type place,
    ripped out from under these blushing heels.
    Seconds, minutes, breaths
    become harder to comprehend
    when falling so long.
    Those same arms are unseen,
    hard black floor waiting to greet
    this unsuspecting body.
    Shattered insides–
    like glass shards of
    the mirror embedded in
    clenched fists.
    If this heart no longer beats,
    how can it still bleed?

    By Erin Flavin on 03.16.2011

  38. shoes

    By Tara on 03.16.2011

  39. There’s a musical event in putting on a set of ruby red shoes. Skipping down the trail – I’m happily seeking my fortunes along the yellow brick road. Whatever shall I find, besides lions, or tigers, or bears – oh, my! And hello Tin Man, help me pick up this brainless Scarecrow. He seems to be missing straw in that floppy sack he thinks is head. Now, now Toto, let’s not scare the Lion away, for he does have a magnificent mane.

    Alas, with a wandering eye, I look back. If we’d only realized what we had at the start of this silly Emerald City journey – would we have been richer as we took off for our destinies? Let me click my heels now. For I dream now of nothing but home. I just want to go home.

    By Gingerly URL on 03.16.2011

  40. we were going to tell everyone about the engagement. head over heels we said and there was no doubt. give me love over loneliness any day.

    By E.P. Hantera on 03.16.2011