May 6th, 2011 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “heel”

  1. I JUST GOT THIS WORD. WHY SO I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT AGAIN. this is rude, see, I love heels and all. The shoes are pretty, the body part is useful, but making me spend another sixty seconds of my life on it is just difficult. I wrote about my problems with heels and how I look like a giraffe when i wear them, and yet they are my favorite kind of shoe.

    By Rachel URL on 05.06.2011

  2. what’s a heel like something out of a sewer? maybe like high heels but you can trip on sewer grates with those and like in that book with the alligators that roam free in the sewers. and if we look at hollywood, sewers all house you know like secret lairs and palaces and never sewage. also thinking about recycling and sorting and things of that nature.

    By Holden on 05.06.2011

  3. dog, just sit there okay? i’ll be back. good boy. I’ll be home before you know it.

    and so he sits there

    and sits there

    and sits there

    and sits there

    “heel boy! heel!”

    even hunger couldn’t budge him.

    He was stiff after a few weeks

    By Micah on 05.06.2011

  4. Heel. I’ve been given this word three times already today, while I’ve been making an account. Well my account is made and I have to write about this word again. Do I only get one word a day? Sometimes the internet confuses me. Except for tumblr. I love tumblr. Its my best friend sometimes…. :) the end.

    By Rachel URL on 05.06.2011

  5. I saw you limping the other day. I felt it too. I wanted to reach out and help you, but the pain was too much even for both of us to bear…but I loved you too much. So I stuck the arrow

    By Sandra on 05.06.2011

  6. I saw a beautiful sexy woman in heels the other day. Although sexy, they didn’t seem very good too run in. Probably cost a bundle too.

    By Mark on 05.06.2011

  7. heel is the place where gravity is centered and balanced, a heel is a place which supports you and provides excellent transition when moving your body, i would never lick a heel because thaTS gross then again the whole foot is gross, heels look sexy on girls i stil wanna have sex witha girl with nothing but heels on

    By matthew gies on 05.06.2011

  8. On the heels. Heels are important base for standing. Heel is hind side of your foot.

    By ASHOK PATIL on 05.06.2011

  9. My heel was burning. So much, in fact, that a blister was starting to form. I had just birthed DIego Rivera, and been left for dead. It was in that moment that I knew I was still alive.

    By Piper on 05.06.2011

  10. My heels are my foundation for life. They guide me to places that I never thought I would go to. Places that I would never forget or regret. Places where I have made memories. My heels are amazing.

    By Katie URL on 05.06.2011

  11. After the last real slice, the survivors came to the heel. It was divided, then they zipped in for the long winter.

    By A.G. Beyer URL on 05.06.2011

  12. i walked up to his apartment, and as i looked at the door, the last place i saw his face, the face that left me with three years of pointless heartache, i hit my heel against an uneven ridge of the sidewalk. i looked down and i was bleeding, but i couldn’t feel the pain.

    By liz on 05.06.2011

  13. i walked up to his apartment, and as i looked at the door, the last place i saw his face, the face that left me with three years of pointless heartache, i hit my heel against an uneven ridge of the sidewalk. i looked down and i was bleeding, but i couldn’t feel the pain.

    By liz URL on 05.06.2011

  14. One day, I walked alone.
    One day, I walked hand in hand with my love.
    One day, I carried another.
    One day, carried another and walked hand in hand with my little one.
    One day, I walk with a hand in each hand.
    This day, I never walk alone.
    Hand in hand, or stepping on my heels, I am forever bound.

    By Kari Norene on 05.06.2011

  15. shoe sex and the city i dont have many shoes. i would like more shoes. i like vans. I love sex and the city i need a new pair of nikes i dont know what to write next. i think when i get more money im going to buy more shoes because the ones i have are so old alreayd well they aren’t THAT old only like 6 months old

    By Leonel on 05.06.2011

  16. my heels hurt at the current moment as they’re being pressed against the cold concrete tile floor of my kitchen knook while my siblings and I have been playing monopoly for the past 4 hours. I can’t wait to stand up.

    By Morgan Hall on 05.06.2011

  17. hosital physical therapy.miracle,cancer patients , the ill, shoes,high heels,

    By kim URL on 05.06.2011

  18. heel? i think we’ve had this one before. when you play ultimate frisbee, you can’t be on your heels – on your toes, all the time!!! be ready to pounce in any direction! get the D! Yeah yeah yeah!!! Go SOL! Tomorrow is Regionals, and we’re going to kick butt and cause a ruckus. Oh yeah, oh yeah, ohhhh yeahhhhh.

    By Amber on 05.06.2011

  19. One of my favorite things in the whole world, A cute pair of heels. I actually just bought a pair yesterday with a floral pattern and cork wedge. When I’m upset, one thing that can always cheer me up is a new pair of heels.

    By Laura on 05.06.2011

  20. Heel, toe. Simple as that. One foot in front of the other. One more step from our forever. Another foot away from the soldier I will always love. Don’t look back. Heel, toe. Keep your head up, you’ll make it through. I can’t hurt like that anymore. He can’t make those promises again. Just keep walking. Heel, toe. Simple as that.

    By Katie URL on 05.06.2011

  21. High heel shoes can be very uncomfortable. However, they are super cute. This is an unfortunate combo. Also, heel is something you say to a dog. but I think it is spelled differently. heal? No. that isn’t right either. Heel has the word eel in it. Eels are gross and slimy.

    By maria on 05.06.2011

  22. the only thing i’m afraid about when i wear high-heeled shoes is that the heel will break off at the most embarrassing moment… like when i’m entering the auditorium of my uni for the very first time! or when i’m climbing on stage to call someone or receive an award!
    *sigh* the immature fears we all have!

    By teddy URL on 05.06.2011

  23. I cut the back of my heel while shaving; a regular mistake of mine so common that my family expected the bloody, dripping mess my foot was when I retreated from the shower. I remember one day, holding the razor and purposefully dragging it along the back of my foot. I didn’t think it through. I didn’t think at all. I remember that day, several days ago, where I stared at my heel as it began to bleed and realized I could do this all the time if I wanted. I would do it anyway, wouldn’t I? But, for once, I cleaned my ankle and protected it with a band aid, watching the blood seep through. It was an accident, I decided, created by my lack of though, and I cleaned the razor off, stepped out of the shower, and let the leftover water drain away.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 05.06.2011

  24. foot. toes. sandals. summer. sunshine. grass. sprinklers. beach trips. sunburns. sunscreen. lifeguards. dolphins. snl. late nights. coffee. chris. jim.

    By Callie on 05.06.2011

  25. i love wearing heels, but i hate how they feel afterward… makes my feet hurt sooo much… but i love the confidence that i get from wearing them when i go out… it makes me feel special, and i always have that confident walk that goes with wearing heels so i feel more attractive … no matter how weird that may sound!

    By katie on 05.06.2011

  26. The ends of my feet felt like something was crawling and chewing the back. Some sick leach sucking on my circulation, and my bones grinding. I looked yonder to find that I had hardly even reached a block from my destination, and all I could think of was collapsing myself on the cool newly rained on grass. Where I would rip off my shoes and bury my feet in the rich soil, and I would never have to worry about walking again.

    By Jamie URL on 05.06.2011

  27. The footsteps fell silently amidst the pitter-patter of the rain on the tin roof. Funny how the rain can muffle the world; can soften the pain of watching you walk away. I hate the rain.

    By Callie on 05.06.2011

  28. on the end of my foot. some people feel like a heel like they get stepped on all the time , the heel of bread is disregarded as unusable and negative. Dogs are told to heel, to obey the command. heeling to whatever. Heel of the shoe steps in gum.

    By Merri Kendle on 05.06.2011

  29. Her heel dug into the ground. She didn’t know where she was being taken exactly. But then it hit her, the epiphany of it. They were taking her to the place where it all started.

    By Vi URL on 05.06.2011

  30. the place that hurts after a long day. Wanting your dog next to you. The pointy end that is fun to kick with. to be not sick anymore. Wrong spelling, but the point is there. Calcaneaus bone.

    By Jenna on 05.06.2011

  31. the heels of my feet hurt whenever i walk i think i have a piece of glass in my right foot it kind of sucks. but oh welli guess that’s life, it is what it is. i just keep walking at least it doesn’t bother me when i run, that would super suc it would really mess up my excercise routine, that’s for sure. i don’t kno

    By Rachel on 05.06.2011

  32. high heels hurt the feet. do not wear.

    By Ambear URL on 05.07.2011

  33. “Heel” was the only thing he could shout, but it didn’t really work as anticipated. Instead he was just wondering why the dreaded beast was coming closer. And closer. And even closer. It seemed to take ages but in reality it must’ve taken only a second. He wasn’t surprised when the teeth entered his neck, but he did feel a pang of regret.

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 05.07.2011

  34. My mother said my weakness was my lack of motivation. She said that I was asking for people to destroy my self-confidence. I told her that if lack of motivation was my only weakness, then I was blessed.

    By ChloeJ626 URL on 05.07.2011

  35. She heels like a dog to his side, on his command she comes and sits and stays. She doesn’t like it, but she’s been trained well. She’s loyal. She can’t stop, she won’t. He’s her best friend, but she isn’t his.

    By evangeline URL on 05.07.2011

  36. the bottom of my foot lies a place where i rarely go to but it gets me from point a to point b more often than not. i sometimes sit wondering about phraseology and why achilles had such a weak one

    By larry alligator on 05.07.2011

  37. love relationships heart broken ahhhhh, I wish I could heel the worlds hunger. Probably do something to heel myself from all the bad things that some

    By Ingrid Salas on 05.07.2011

  38. Days like a heel grinding bones to dust; all the parts feel dispersed or like a skylark plucked. Et la tête, et le cou, et le dos, et les pattes. “Je te plumerai la tête,” croons the morning, pressing down. “Alouette, gentille Alouette,” it sings come noon. “Alouette, je te plumerai.” And my head, and my head—those slim heels at the temple.

    By y.b. URL on 05.07.2011

  39. toeheeltoeheeltoeBLISTER.

    By rjk on 05.07.2011

  40. “Heel!” he commanded, stomping his foot for emphasis. The dog, oblivious to his owner, continued to tug at his leash, stretching toward the cat.

    By Moi on 05.07.2011