September 9th, 2010 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “hats”

  1. She took the purple hat from the rack, it’s going to be a cold walk to work she thought. It was always a cold walk to work. She neded the job though she needed the money to pay for all those doctor bills.

    By Shelly on 09.09.2010

  2. Hats are decorative items placed upon an individuals cranium to distract from the horrible disfiguration known as natural beauty with which they are afflicted. This accessory helps make people feel more at home in their strange and awkward environments.

    By Taylor URL on 09.09.2010

  3. I have a royals hat and it’s a size too small. Gives me a headache sometimes. I remember when fitted hats were $25. Now they’re $35. Damn inflation. Hats are good for soaking up sweat also for making your head look nice.

    By Ronnie on 09.09.2010

  4. “You have far too many hats,” declared Tobias, staring at Lambert’s collection. “I know,” sighed the dragon. “And my horns make it harder to find ones that fit.”

    By Drazuki URL on 09.09.2010

  5. Hats are actually interesting. they can hide your face. they can frame it with tassels and a whole bunch of random crap. I rarely wear hats. I just don’t really like them. But for some odd reason… i like beanies now… hm.

    By Jake on 09.09.2010

  6. As much as I’d want to, I don’t wear hats. I’m not the type to wear em on a regular basis. Hats are just not me

    By Peter T URL on 09.09.2010

  7. Hats. I love to collect hats, they make for an instant personaility change, they can make you a different attitude out of them. Hats can be used for disguise, they can be used for attention.

    By Stephen on 09.09.2010

  8. hats off to you. i never got why wearing a hate was so disrespectful. if someone wore a hate to my wedding or funeral, i honestly wouldn’t care. i suppose there is some historical reason for it, but i don’t think it means much nowadays.
    so hats off to you, the person who gets offended when someone wears a to church (as if God cares you wore a hat in a so-called holy place).

    By krista on 09.09.2010

  9. On those stuffy sunday mornings I dreaded having to be confined to the church all day the pay off which I admit has continually inspired me throughout the years even though I’m not realising it now. The payoff, the ironing boards my grandmother in her slip ironing out the wrinkles in her skirt and jacket. Ironing out the weeks mundane attire, Sunday the day of days the day where what she wore was envied by all the other ladies. The smell of bacon hash browns coffee and her perfume, has slowly dimmed over the years but it remains there buried in my memory only coming out when thinking of when times were simple and the food as good.

    By Haley Ameral on 09.09.2010

  10. hats are the emotion of our personality. sit on top of our head. first thing we see. expresses. revolts. shows what we know but dont know reflect look. feel. instinct. hats. are hats. we like what we like.

    By nicole on 09.09.2010

  11. I used to have a hat i loved. it was a hat one of my best friends gave me. it reminded me off all our friends, and all the fun we had.
    i cant wear it anymore. we dont have fun, im awkward and they dont like it anymore. wearing it hurts. and that may not be true, but i feel like it is.

    By caitlin on 09.09.2010

  12. they go on your head, and look nice sometimes
    lads like to wear them a lot (nike)
    wear them to the horse races maybe? well definitely if you are a woman
    anyway, hats are good for blocking out the sun
    hahahah sweet, i figured out how to cheat this thing

    anyway, hats are cool looking, block the sun, and are therefore good for you

    By josh on 09.09.2010

  13. could be used for many a thing outside of putting on your head! a bowl or something in which to keep the dead…flowers or berries you collect to bring home, make a wreath or a pie alone. I like hats, they’re a dying fashion.

    By Annie Bond URL on 09.09.2010

  14. you have one for party, for school, for beach
    makes you look crazy and you like it
    and you give it to your spouse a green one when you cheat on him too.

    By Avril URL on 09.09.2010

  15. I have this odd fear that wearing too many hats is going to make me lose my hair. However, as I get older, they become the only way to hide my already obvious recession. I’m not sure if this is ironic.

    By Jon URL on 09.09.2010

  16. “You know, I really don’t like hats,” he mumbled as he eyed the overwhelming hat stand in the hallway. Even though it was off in the far corner, it demanded the attention of anyone who walked through the door.

    By H! URL on 09.09.2010

  17. if i could pull one over my ears, right now, and absolutely sleep in it, i would. wool. red and striped. the kind of hat you spend your whole life loving.

    By jericho on 09.09.2010

  18. in your ex girlfriends pictures theres a hat that her friend wheres and i always see it because i cant help but go to your exs facebook pictures and envy what you two had as a couple and just hope someone can be that happy with me one day, and maybe it could even be you

    By christina on 09.09.2010

  19. Hats are used to cover your head, but unfortunately, they do not collect your thoughts. While the hover above your mind, they do nothing to cease the turmoil. While they shield you from outer dangers, they cannot help from the dangers within. Hats go on your head, and that is all they do.

    By Dirac URL on 09.09.2010

  20. There’s big hats, little hats, odd hats, straw hats, cowboy hats, fun hats, baseball hats, girl hats.

    By Mayra URL on 09.09.2010

  21. Hats are silly. At one point they were sophistated and romantic. Now they are just billboards on top of someone’s head. It’s a shame really.

    By eliza on 09.09.2010

  22. I always hated hats. They sat on people’s heads. Being all like “Hey look at me! I’m taller! Hey! I’m fancy!” Well guess what hats? You’re just horrible. You sit up there like fucking pricks.
    You know what I got to say about you? GET A JOB!

    That’s right. Get a job other than sitting on some guys head.

    You Asshats.

    By Aaron Harper on 09.09.2010

  23. i love wearing hats. they are amazing and fashionable. I think it is sexy to see my boyfriend Jeremy in one. He is so adorable in a hat-esp one of my hats. He is coming home!!! in october. I dont know why we are still together and still in love this long. we just are and it is beyond amazing. God, can’t wait to kiss him again. AH!

    By anonymous on 09.09.2010

  24. Oh, you funny guys on Whose Line… You always pick a new hat and say something really funny. I wish I could make people laugh the same way you do, instead I have to do it the hard way and think of something really witty. I salute you guys!

    By Alexander Filipowski URL on 09.09.2010

  25. hats,what are they for? to cover up a bad hairstyle? or to cover up the shame of being someone everyone else wants you to be. any way you wear them hats are symbols of a society where hiding who you are is better than letting your hair flow through the wind.

    By kelsie on 09.09.2010

  26. Hats. I love hats. They come in so many colors and styles. They are also so very useful for bad hair days. I have an undying love for hats. The way the keep your head warm and the way the transform you into a new person amazes me.

    By Taylor on 09.10.2010

  27. hats can be sparkly, can be feathery and can be just plain boring. i have a red hat which i call my pimp hat. a girl walked into a bar. she wasn’t wearing a hat and so she didn’t have to be polite and take it off.

    By abby on 09.10.2010

  28. I don’t wear them much, although I like the idea of them. Hats in the old days were so cool. Bogart, grant, peck, etc. They looked so freaking awesome with the wardrobe of the day.

    By ckoobs on 09.10.2010

  29. There were a hundred and fifty of us bustling around the floor of the department store. The hats were selling for 99% off on clearance and they were all going fast. A mother punched a teenager over a cute blue knit cap with a flower on top, and a homeless man was buying a whole stack of fedoras he thought would make a nice stew.

    By richpee URL on 09.10.2010

  30. Aww man, I did hats earlier. That’s cool though, I remember some of what I said. Let’s see, I think it was something about baseball caps making you go bald and a deep, sincere love of fedoras… I don’t recall.

    By Chris2913 URL on 09.10.2010

  31. Hats off to the people who support Sarah Palin. She will probably introduce religious lessons at school to replace science. Perhaps she’ll ban books. Perhaps she’ll ban sites like this one where you can write what you want …

    By tkroache on 09.10.2010

  32. i like hats. they block out the sun. i have a big purple hat my boyfriend gave to me. i wear it when i ride my bike. sometimes it flies into my face. sometimes it blows away with the wind so my bf made a ribbon to tie it around my neck. it hides me. the hat hides me from the world. i like hats. they block out the world.

    By nochnoch URL on 09.10.2010

  33. There was a point that night where she found herself wondering if what she saw was real. She remembered the lights, the smell of cigarette smoke and lastly, the woman’s hat on the dresser that wasn’t hers.

    By Sonia Cherie URL on 09.10.2010

  34. He wore hats for every possible life situation and weather condition but baseball caps were his standby.

    By gino on 09.10.2010

  35. I haven’t covered my head with a hat in a long time. I have lots of hair and they tend not to make hats for people with as much hair as I have, The only thing I generally have available is those damned “reggae” “rastafarian” novelty hats. I do have a cowboy hat I had custom-made in Dallas once, though. I love that one.

    By G Parks URL on 09.10.2010

  36. Mary always loved wearing hats. She had this one particularly, which was made of painted red animal claws. Mary was a witch, she led a double life. Her best friend was a black cat.

    By Mario MePi URL on 09.10.2010

  37. As Fred stood back he could see an huge range of colours. Rubbing his eyes, he tried in Vain to focus on the scence. Ha cried the

    By vic on 09.10.2010

  38. they go on your head and you wear them to weddings and races if you’re a lady. and some are tall and others are flat. they’re fashion statements for many different types of people. pork pie hats are awesome. As are flat caps. Hats also protect you from sun rays if you wear them properly.

    By Justine on 09.10.2010

  39. I like hats. Especially woolly hats.

    By Justine on 09.10.2010

  40. The man who sold hats stood on the corner, watching the world go by. No-one took notice, the shops sell better ones, don’t they?

    But they don’t got so much soul.

    By Jacob URL on 09.10.2010