September 9th, 2010 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “hats”

  1. Hats are nice. They are green and pink. My dad wears a hat. mm

    By vic on 09.10.2010

  2. Hüte kommen mir nicht in die Tüte. Ich sehe damit ziemlich schlimm aus. Finde ich. Ungewohnt irgendwie. Mit den meisten jedenfalls. Da ist was auf meinem Koppe, da wo ich nicht hingucken kann. Die anderen sehen es. Ich seh es nicht. Es ist an mir. Die anderen sehen sowieso viel mehr an mir als ich.

    By Eli URL on 09.10.2010

  3. The old oak tree on Wrangler’s Hill had worn many hats throughout its long and auspicious life. It had been a fort, a hideout for pirates, a home to lovers’ trysts, and Madison Grove’s mascot. It had survived droughts, storms, hurricanes, just about anything mother nature had thrown at it. Until today.

    By Izolda on 09.10.2010

  4. I wear too many hats during the course of the day. I have to be too many things to people. Loving wife. But also housekeeper, chef, alarm clock, and all around Jeeves. There are also the hats I wear for ME: artist, writer… loner.

    Sometimes I feel like removing ALL the hats and just running free with my hair streaming behind me.

    By mimimanderly URL on 09.10.2010

  5. Different hats have different jobs. Black hats for bad guys and white hats for good guys. Hats can also mean someone is sick.

    By sTAYCLE URL on 09.10.2010

  6. I once had many hats. They all had names and could talk. My baseball hat would say things like, “baseball rocks.” My top hat would say things like the Gettysburg Address. My winter hats were the best because they were generally the quietest.

    By rahostetler URL on 09.10.2010

  7. Hats

    By sTAYCLE URL on 09.10.2010

  8. Hats are for different jobs.

    By sTAYCLE URL on 09.10.2010

  9. I don’t have a hat
    but I do have a cat
    It sits on the mat
    and its quite fat
    it once ate a gnat
    and also caught a rat

    By Shail URL on 09.10.2010

  10. His black page boy cap was the staple of his wardrobe, and oh, how I ended up loving that hat. The way it rested slightly above his eyes, his hair sticking out slightly beneath it. And the clever mischievous smile.

    By Tiffany F URL on 09.10.2010

  11. my father dumped his bowler on the hook, her coat on a hanger and its leash in a soggy pile below them all

    By GOSHYOUSMELLBAD URL on 09.10.2010

  12. She took off her hat and sat down. The man sitting opposite her leaned forward and handed her a file. It was her next assignment.

    By srishti on 09.10.2010

  13. There once was a lady named Pat, and she had a million hats. Red ones, green ones, blue and gold. She had so many, new and old.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.10.2010

  14. Pokemon trainer ash has one of the coolest hats in the world. If i had his hat (which I do) I would show it of to everybody while playing pokemon red version on the gameboy color

    By Nolen Scruggs on 09.10.2010

  15. When I was young I always admired my grandmother’s hats. She had every type of hat… straw hats, bowler hats, baseball caps… everything. I was always envious of her fabulous hats.

    By Marina on 09.10.2010

  16. hats are what you wear i like those hats you wear when u ski they keep you warm when it is could and i like them to b black, also when they fit snug on u HEAD :]

    By linzey on 09.10.2010

  17. Hates come in all different sizes and shapes. My favorite type of hat is my winter hat that is very comfortable and keeps me warm during the winter.

    By Cameron on 09.10.2010

  18. I don’t like most hats… I like smirf aka snow globe, and yankee hats… which are the only hats that I wear. I got a red yankees hat over the summer

    By Auden on 09.10.2010

  19. Hats can tell about a person. If he or she is a sports enthusiast, he or she will wear a baseball cap. If he or she is practical, he or she will wear a water-resistant one.

    By Snorri on 09.10.2010

  20. I dont like hats. they annoy me. some of them are really obnoxious looking, and they just aren’t very likable. occasionally i like a cap with a cool design, but not usually. I especially hate Fedoras.

    By Graeme Leaf on 09.10.2010

  21. warm

    By George Washington on 09.10.2010

  22. Hats you say,
    I’ve got plenty,
    more than enough for each of my alters,
    though they protest,
    that I know not what they like,

    Really, I suppose,
    thinking to myself,
    shouldn’t I know what I and I and I like,

    yes I think,

    my hats,
    of every stripe and colour,
    that make me smile…

    By Sender UpWords URL on 09.10.2010

  23. Hats. I thought of sleek black and dark green and maroon berets, stacked up in the eaves of a dusty shop. Velvet hats, or suede, with neat berries around the rims. I’m sorry if this is unrealistic, I haven’t had much experience with hats.

    By fisheye on 09.10.2010

  24. My hats are the best, I have all sorts of them. they protect me. I feel safe under them, it’s my own little world in there.

    By Todor URL on 09.10.2010

  25. i really hate hats, they never fit on my head because of my curly hair, i swear to god the hatters of the world are headist, they only make hats for people with small heads and thin straight hair.

    By leah linton on 09.10.2010

  26. The hat sat on a shack, it was quite nice hat, but it lacked a bit of smack. So I came across this hat and put it atop my head, then I said “Well with this hat I thee wed, my self to my security.” and Left.

    By Georgia Sprinkle URL on 09.10.2010

  27. Because of my fashion choice, my foot high mohawk, I cannot wear hats. Which is perfectly okay with me because according to everyone I know, chicks with mohawks are badass. Not to mention I’m sure it’s the reason I got my job at the comic book store. Awesome. Hats are bullshit, I don’t need you hats. Eff you. You suck hats.

    By Becca on 09.10.2010

  28. off to you. you’re awesome. on top. heads above the rest. where can i put my feather?

    By Soft URL on 09.10.2010

  29. Hats used to be my thing. I collected them. I wore them. She burned them. All. I’ve always heard hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I learned just how painful cliches can be when they show up in real life and a lifetime, $200k hat collection is lost.

    By Kevin URL on 09.10.2010

  30. Flowered or sports’ related statement upon heads. Objects that protect us from sun, rain, and embarrassment from baldness.

    By Serena Karraker on 09.10.2010

  31. hats are awesome, they come in many colors shapes and sizes they describe about how we are personnaly and how we are mentally. they are very awesome. hats can make us happy and show how we are outside of our own towns . describes where we live.

    By kat on 09.10.2010

  32. Cloth for head. Rather like food for thought. A fashion statement or atrocity? Yet to be determined.

    By Serena Karraker on 09.10.2010

  33. behind the hats
    she stood
    watching, and waiting
    for a moment to speak
    to you
    it had been months
    since their eyes had met
    but she knew
    she just knew
    this was something she had to do

    but she just stood there
    watching, waiting
    behind the hats of your store

    there’s so much more in-store.

    By Just Jes URL on 09.10.2010

  34. Not everyone looks good in hats. You’ve got your truck drivers, who really need that baseball cap to complete their look. Cowboys are classics, but only if they’ve got their hats.

    By Jessica on 09.10.2010