May 31st, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “hassle”

  1. I remember when I was a little kid, the only thing that I felt hassled by was my mother’s resolute announcement that it was time for me to take a nap or go to bed. I didn’t want to miss out on life. The thing about little kids is that they are never that happy again.

    By Viviane Spindrift on 06.01.2012

  2. well the fact that you live here isn’t esy but its happening and I have to deal with it, maybe its for the best but i don’t see that yet, hassle is you, and i’m going to have to change unwillingly

    By kiana on 06.01.2012

  3. He always tied his laces in a double knot, even though it was a hassle to undo them at the end of the day. Still, the knowledge that his shoe laces wouldn’t come untied during the day satisfied him deep inside.

    By Solange on 06.01.2012

  4. I will not waste my time by hassling a girl that is undecisive or that is playing game afraid to say yes and/or afraid to say. I know what I want to do and I will do want I want to do. Waiting for someone else to decide what they want to do is a hassle..I am to be hassle free.

    By ajloopy URL on 06.01.2012

  5. razzle dazzle them.
    Sounds of the city running through my veins as another day goes down the drain.
    Writing is too much of a hassle. Better to just quote.

    By Patty M on 06.01.2012

  6. Nikita tried not to think negatively about things, she always tried to see the positive in everything and everyone she encountered in her life. However, having her car break down on the side of a deserted road with a storm coming in seemed a bit of a hassle. Better yet, her cellphone didn’t have any service. Oh well, she had an umbrella, so if it did start raining while she was looking for help, she had that. She grabbed the black umbrella from the backseat and slid out of the vehicle, praying that she wouldn’t have to search for too long.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 06.01.2012

  7. dont hassle me hassle you write about the time we begin following cinemas around the midnight upon the countries of th

    By al on 06.01.2012

  8. It’s waking up in the morning on a blue Monday and wanting to stay in bed. It’s hopelessness at the work desk. It’s the sheaf of papers flying airplanes overhead. It’s making dinner at midnight. It’s life, and what a pain it is.

    By Dot on 06.01.2012

  9. Too much hassle to write about hassle when there isn’t any hassle at all. I’m free of hassle, free of anxiety, free of worry. My life is without hassle, most of the time. So, I lead a hassle free life.

    By Stuart Aken (@stuartaken) URL on 06.01.2012

  10. Another morning. Great. I groaned and rolled over, stepping out and away from my comfortable bed.

    “Good morning!” The portrait above my head called.

    “Morning …” I mumbled sleepily in return.

    The portrait frowned at me.

    By terradi URL on 06.01.2012

  11. It can be a hassle to get ready in the morning before school. I think it’s mostly because I get busy doing other things and don’t give myself enough time to get ready. (I like to check Facebook, read the news, etc. each morning.) I NEVER allow enough time to do my hair right, and I’m never happy with it. I really, really, really need to learn to allow myself more time to get ready. I think my whole day would go better I did. That’s my goal for the next school year (even for the next two weeks of summer school).

    By Tori on 06.01.2012

  12. This is a word one usually hear during a hell week in school– “hassle”. Students usually relate this to stress because a lot of things needs to be done, however, time allotted to do these things is not enough, which results to cramming and lack of sleep. However, knowing how to balance our time would be a good solution to avoid hassle and stress.

    By Angeline Lopez on 06.01.2012

  13. One World is a place that we are living… and so… We must to take care it. Thats it. =]

    By Lucas URL on 06.01.2012

  14. Sometimes the biggest hassle to me in cynicism. I’ve a problem with someone who blatantly sees the world and its people as ill-behaved or not worth it. The worst part is how to respond to it. Cynics don’t take kindly to disagreement.

    By Carley on 06.01.2012

  15. Over-thinking: the biggest hassle of all.

    By Ire on 06.01.2012

  16. one world for everyone to live together. sharing the differences and loving each other. lots of ice cream and places that need to be written on or drawn or just painted as i want

    By ine on 06.01.2012

  17. Sometimes I feel life can be a hassle. But when you open your eyes and show that smile, its like your mind is hassle-free.

    By Brianna Pemble on 06.01.2012

  18. I can’t wait to live alone. With all these animals, and my mother spelling out every word like P-O-T-T-Y and W-A-L-K so that the dogs don’t get worked up, it all just seems like such a hassle. When I’m on my own everything will be so much more peaceful and quiet.

    By Maya URL on 06.01.2012

  19. You get up and go. Go downstairs and make breakfast. Go to work. Go to lunch with lame colleagues. Go back to work. Go home.

    Demands. Constant demands. What the fuck. When does the hassle of life cease? When does the calm come? Is the storm over?

    Wine. Hello wine.

    By Erin URL on 06.01.2012

  20. “No hassle! Buy! Buy one now!” That’s what I heard when the knife salesmen set up his wares on the table, brandishing his product like a serial killer on a soap box. “And you’ll never have to use another knife again!” I caught myself rolling eyes, then imagining I could saw off my own hand with an object that sharp. Ugh, morbid stuff. But it makes me wonder…

    By Laura Riddle on 06.01.2012

  21. The walk to school is such a hassle, it bugs me so much. At least I can walk with Cody. My Cody. He makes the journey worthwhile. Aha. He’s so amazing. Love the walk with him. when he’s off, it’s just a massive hassle.

    By Marie URL on 06.01.2012

  22. The word has a negative connotation, but is unavoidable in the literal sense. Everyone goes through hassles in personal and professional lives. Some people themselves attract hassles in their lives.

    By Sonia Malani on 06.01.2012

  23. I don’t like this word and I want to change the word I write about. The reason I don’t like this word is because I’m not English and so I do not know the correct meaning of this word. Therefore, I am just waiting for the sixty seconds to finish so there’s another word.

    By skuldandy on 06.01.2012

  24. I hate being hassled to do things. I don’t mind when its something I actually really need to do. But when it is something that is minuscule or unimportant I do not simply care. For example the hassle of writing this within a time limit is quite harrowing but I will attempt to get my thoughts down before the time limit is up. As such I do not like hassles in general.

    By Brock URL on 06.01.2012

  25. How come i came here last time and the word hassle was there too?

    Anyway when I think of hassle I think of the morning. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

    But hassle doesn’t always need to be in the morning. Hassle could appear as an unwanted guest just the night before a test and you’re cramming, cramming, cramming to study, study, study. Hassle!

    By JiJi on 06.01.2012

  26. Life is only a hassle if you make it harder than it has to be. Hassles come when we don’t take the time to step back and examine the process. Once we’ve examined the process, we can see ways to simplify and then the problems melt away. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than doing away with hassles.

    By Lynn on 06.01.2012

  27. tassel yellow graduation hat square blue

    By Jordan URL on 06.01.2012

  28. hassle from time to time as earth fades by so does ones time to figure out this meaning of life a hassle that breaks through space and soul uniting through explosions of starts to create the ultimate whole.

    By poria mianabi on 06.01.2012

  29. busy, why do we all have to be so busy and do everything in a hurry. Everyone needs some time to slow down and look around. we all need a day where we do absolutely nothing.

    By Clare on 06.01.2012

  30. Hassle comes to me alweys after all good moments

    By Wistul on 06.01.2012

  31. “Stop harassing me!” she screamed as her asssailant approached with a malicious glint in his eyes. She swung her leather purse in front of her ans made contact with the guy’s jaw. He staggered backwards and his eyes watered. Oh, the upsides of carrying purse full of hard candy!

    By April URL on 06.01.2012

  32. He didn’t want to be a hassle to the old woman, he decided. She was helping him, and as soon as she had the phone he was bound to go ahead, make his phone calls and leave. It was common courtesy, he reminded himself, to find out where he is before he made any drastic decisions about what must be done for him to get to a good place to stay.

    By Kelly on 06.01.2012

  33. Doing this is becoming a hassle. I don’t know what to do or say around you anymore. It feels almost pointless, but I can’t let go. What are we doing to ourselves? We’re making each other miserable. Maybe we should just end it.

    By Beatrice Amaro URL on 06.01.2012

  34. David hasselhoff? JK So, when I hear hassle it’s definitely about my brother. He hassles me all the time! And I mean it!

    By Sophie on 06.01.2012

  35. Life is full of hassle. The daily grind, the day in the day out. What makes it all worth getting through? Or shall I say, who? Jesus. For we store up our treasure in heaven. ‘Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.’ (Mt 6:20)

    By Anne Arvizu URL on 06.01.2012

  36. walking past him
    and her
    and all of them

    i just want out
    and in
    all the same

    is that such a sin… why cant I cant have it?

    By Nightawait URL on 06.01.2012

  37. THe thug picked her up and there her into the chain linkd fence, she could feel the blood running down her face. Her hair caught and tore in the fence as she slid down but she was beyong caring now.

    By Madelyn Johnson on 06.01.2012

  38. it’s a hassle to do things like airport security.

    By just582 URL on 06.01.2012

  39. It was a hassle. All this had to get done in a very short amount of time. What was to be done? She panicked as she looked at the tall pile of folders and wondered what would happen in the she had left.

    By Edt on 06.01.2012

  40. they said it wouldn’t be a hassle
    he said he’d build a castle for me
    out of sand, but still,
    it was a place for us
    to easily coexist
    exactly as we pleased within our own walls
    even though walking down the halls
    left me with a weird feeling in my feet.

    By Abby on 06.01.2012