May 31st, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “hassle”

  1. I never like to be hassled or to hassle, but I find that it’s done to me and I do it. I do it all the time, I bet, more than I would like to think I do. It’s the OCD thing, just have to have things a certain way or get somebody to say the thing I want them to say, or prove something or do something the way I want them to. I don’t like to think I do it a lot.

    By alix on 06.01.2012

  2. stupid things that bother you when they shouldn’t. they don’t give anything to your life. only take away. when you can’t be bothered to do something but you have to. for example, going out of your way for someone and they don’t do it back.

    By Leah Bennett on 06.01.2012

  3. Its a hassle getting out of bed. When I get out I brush my teeth, get dressed, make my bed, and do my hair. Even though I am still sleepy I go to school. when I’m done getting ready I eat breakfast.

    By Maddi URL on 06.01.2012

  4. Hassle: a disorderly dispute. I suppose you could say life is full of them. Honestly, every single day is full of hassles. Hassles on the phone, hassles at work, hassles at school, hassles at home. Hassles hassles hassles.

    Wouldn’t life just be easier if there weren’t any hassles?

    By Damaris on 06.01.2012

  5. “I don’t know, i don’t want any hassle: I heard him say from around the ally. God no, what has he got himself into now, i’m always getting him out of trouble and then its my name on those peoples lists: Drug dealers, gangs and murderers, he asks for a favor and get in with them and backs out and i have to help him, why? Because I’ve fallen in love with him. Its a wonder i’m still alive

    By mee123 on 06.01.2012

  6. People say it’s such a hassle to do ‘this’ or such a hassle to do ‘that’…they continue to rant on about the negative things in life and ignore the beauty of simplicity. When people say such things…i feel like we as humans are the most selfish beings in the universe.

    By Alysia on 06.01.2012

  7. It’s such a hassle to write when you have absolutely no thoughts running through your dense head.
    I hate you, passivity.

    By Alexandra Beamish on 06.01.2012

  8. its too much work to move out of my old house to get back home, i hate driving across the state just to get home. cleaning on my hands and knees and getting what we deserve. i have a headaceh. i took my dog out this morning, but we had fun, when others try to save you. just mind youre business! if youre so worried about them, why werent you there when they needed the help. seems like youre just there when the shit has already hit the fan…nice of you. family.

    By kaelyn on 06.01.2012

  9. remember the time
    you didn’t pick me up from school
    ‘it was a hassle’
    just as it was then
    it seems that i am the same to you
    nothing more than
    a hassle

    By xoSarah on 06.01.2012

  10. When people don’t understand the way you think, and how you want to do things. They hassle you, push and push and push to alter your way of thinking. Why would someone want to change your unique way of thinking? Your personality.

    By Anne on 06.01.2012

  11. “I don’t know, i don’t want any hassle” I heard him say from around the ally. God no, what has he got himself into now, i’m always getting him out of trouble and then its my name on those peoples lists: Drug dealers, gangs and murderers, he asks for a favor and get in with them and backs out and i have to help him, why? Because I’ve fallen in love with him. Its a wonder i’m still alive. Smack. I hear someone fall to the ground.

    By mee123 on 06.01.2012

  12. ‘Hassle’.. what is the meaning of this word? I always thought I’ll get to the point of knowing complicated words in English. You know, I’m not an English native speaker. So this is something that excites me: I’m going to search this word in the dictionary next time.

    By Valeria on 06.01.2012

  13. People can be a real hassle sometimes. Actually, it’s not really people, but the questions they ask.
    How’s school?
    Do you have a job yet?
    Don’t you have your license?
    Do you have a boyfriend?
    Who, what, where, when, why.
    It’s all just a hassle.

    By Tara on 06.01.2012

  14. I like convenience and NO hassle. Enough hassle in my life already.

    By EL on 06.01.2012

  15. and i just dont understand why everything has to be so hectic all the time. people need to look up and out of themselves to see the peace in the bigger things. the ever changing and ever moving universe makes everything so much less significant in your own lives. build on the foundations that everything will be calm somehwere, and you will realise that the small things that hassle you in the day to day, will eventually pass and you will move onto something else. dont try to fix it all, just ride through it and be at peace with the fact that you are living.

    By Kaye Dougall URL on 06.01.2012

  16. don’t hassle the living. we breathe while you hassle, dance while you bother, and live as you complain. the life i lead is one that does not accomodate hassling. leave it as it was, walk away now.

    By kris foster on 06.01.2012

  17. Bothersome. It is a hassle when your ex boyfriend is a jerk and he is still in your life. You just want to move on from him and each other and the whole situation but you just cant and trying to figure out why is a hassle.

    By Paige on 06.01.2012

  18. to be stuck
    not easy to finish
    try again

    By sandra on 06.01.2012

  19. Going to college is such a hassle. the bureaucracy and bullshit that we deal with on a deadly basis never ceases to amaze me. i am so happy to be going abroad in a fall where there is little structure and not as many hoops to jump through.

    By Allison Tinz on 06.01.2012

  20. it was a hassle to try anew. with a history of failure, one tends to lose morale, and giving up was more than tempting, it was inexorably enticing, inexplicable in it’s idleness. but i knew in my heart that to quit is to betray life, like a son his father, we are burdened by the expectations and the greatness of the cosmos, and i must do more than exist. existence begets existence begets existence, the answer was clear, because i operate in principles, i breathe in ideas, my dreams dream of dreams, i would create, i would shape, i would form, i would move, i would believe, i knew then, that i would follow that belief to whatever ends it lead

    By meliora URL on 06.01.2012

  21. i can’t stand having to do things that are a pain. i’m so unmotivated and so the word hassle is a major turn-off for me. if it’s tough i don’t want to do it. this is probably something i should work in fixing for later in life….not the greatest habit. but every time i try to change i slip back again

    By ciara on 06.01.2012

  22. i already wrote about this once today. things that are a hassle are hard for me to make myself do. people say anything worth doing is going to be hard and my brain knows that’s true but i have a hard time with that sometimes. i need to work on that but that would be a hassle.

    By Ciara on 06.01.2012


    By PRAT on 06.01.2012

  24. It was such a hassle, climbing through the Jefferey’s tubes. Luretan hated maintenance work; why in the world he had been chosen for this mission, he had no idea. Or…maybe he did; he could see better in the dark than anyone else, and he had enough technical skill to get the job done. The lights in the Vesper were not working properly, at least not in this section. It was his job to fix the photon emittor, and get the engines back online. It was a big job, but someone had to do it.

    By Bahiti URL on 06.01.2012

  25. It’s a hassle to leave my son…I never want to do that. It’s a hassle to hand wash dishes every night. I miss my dishwasher. It’s a hassle to live in the neighborhood I live in.

    By Jennifer Lynn Davis on 06.01.2012

  26. I already wrote about a hassle…I’m ready for a new word. It’s a hassle my phone is going off right now. It’s a hassle I have to leave my

    By Jennifer Lynn Davis on 06.01.2012

  27. Life is only a hassle if you make it harder than it has to be. Hassles come when we don’t take the time to step back and examine the process. Once we’ve examined the process, we can see ways to simplify and then the problems melt away. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than doing away with hassles.

    By lynneelala on 06.01.2012