April 30th, 2012 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “hallowed”

  1. After two months on his feet, the pilgrim stood in the doorway of the Cathederal, breathless and joyful. He blessed himself and dropped to his knees…….he was going to finish his journey this way……it was the only way……

    By Isabella on 04.30.2012

  2. “Justin!!!” I pounded frantically on the door, barely noticing the pain that shot through my palms. “Justin, don’t do this!” I listened. My heart felt as if it were trying to cut a hole in my chest and plummet to it’s death. I leaned my forehead against the door, willing my knees not to give out. All was silent. “Please?” I gasped, feeling tears form in my eyes. Suddenly the knob turned and an enraged Justin flung the door open with such force that I fell to the floor. “Why not?” He said, slamming the door closed as I got to my feet. “Why the hell not? No one cares about me Candi! My Dad’s in jail, my mom comes home drunk every night, and everyone at school either hates me or is terrified of me. I’ve got no family, no friends…” His eyes were so full of pain, regret, remorse. This boy had done one too many bad things…and had had one too many bad things done to him. I felt the tears escape from behind my eyes and drip down my face. “No one cares,” Justin said, and the way he said it, I knew he really believed it. “No one.” He picked up the gun that had been lying on his bed. I wanted to say something, say ‘no’, say ‘stop’ but I couldn’t. It was only when he had pointed it at his head and put his finger on the trigger that my voice returned.
    “You’re wrong,” I said with conviction, staring him straight in the eye. “I will always care! Even if no one else in this entire world gives a damn about you, just know that I do! I love you Justin, and you know that! I care, even if I’m the only one that does.” He didn’t move. I felt as if I my insides had been scraped out…I was an empty shell. “You promised,” I sobbed, putting my face in my hands. “You promised you wouldn’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me, please…” I tried to look at him through my tears. Slowly, he relaxed his grip on the gun and let it fall to the floor. Reaching out, he pulled me to him and hugged me tightly. “I’m sorry.”

    By Melanie on 04.30.2012

  3. Hallowed by thy name…. To make holy… Holy is the name.

    By AmyMae URL on 04.30.2012

  4. Notre Dame football stadium is considered hallowed ground for college football due to their dominant form throughout the early to mid parts of the 20th century. Hallowed ground for baseball would be the old Yankee stadium.

    By Chris Flesuras on 04.30.2012

  5. She walked through the old house and looked at where things used to be. The old box-built TV sat there. The table, always with a full jar of lemon drops atop it, sat there. All these empty spaces…

    By be. URL on 04.30.2012

  6. he holds a chain and metal incense, thin snakes of smoke gliding out from the inside. the chants of the choir are low and deep. panes of color hinder light so things are darker and time moves more slowly here.

    By MJ on 04.30.2012

  7. Hallowed means it is just that outline and there’s nothing inside of it.

    By ingaolga URL on 04.30.2012

  8. Dogwood Manor was generally referred to as one of those places that was truly hallowed. Mark loved it. Whenever he invited people over, he could pull one of his lines about how honored he was to live in ‘these hallowed halls’ that made up his beautiful house. It was a war memorial, after all.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 04.30.2012

  9. I used to worship him. He was as sacred to me as the saints are to Catholics, a hallowed object made to be revered and adored. I still wonder sometimes what changed.

    By tori URL on 04.30.2012

  10. It’s only been a few days, and yet my heart has changed for the worse.
    When it started, it swelled with love. I loved her, and I still do. She made me happy, and I let her know.

    Then I was suddenly ripped from my world. She was gone, without a trace.

    At first it hurt. I ached from the inside out. It started with the dread; I felt it in my very core, but once I knew that my fears were true, the ache started.

    I knew nothing would be the same. I wouldn’t be able to have her like I did before, and it caused the ache.

    It started at the heart, and worked its way out. By the time the fifth day had come and gone, I had already cried until my head throbbed, and I couldn’t cry anymore. I slept until I had no choice but to get up. I watched my entire collection of kid’s movies three times over. I ate whatever I wanted, and stopped caring about how I looked.

    I still feel it, though. Although my heart is now hallowed out, I still feel it in the corners of my body.

    By Megan URL on 04.30.2012

  11. Hallowed

    Funny… I thought “Hallowed be thy name” but I was also picturing the Geddysburg address.

    “…we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead who have struggled here have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.30.2012

  12. I was hallowed.
    Until you corrupted me.
    I was continuous.
    Until you disrupted me.

    I was me.
    Until you destroyed me.

    By Mikaila URL on 04.30.2012

  13. I walked into that hallowed place and felt it all rush back to me. All of the weakness, the pain, the hurt–none of it mattered. I walked with a straight back and a fresh smile because they were done crawling inside my brain and ripping at my thoughts. This was me, and I stopped caring a long time ago. But today was when it would finally count.

    By Marissa URL on 04.30.2012

  14. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

    to be honest, i didn’t even know what hallowed meant until I just looked it up in the dictionary. pretty sad considering I say the “our father” at least once a day.

    By Kailey URL on 04.30.2012

  15. The dirt under his finger nails were beautiful. I wanted to taste the filth, imperfection, the ugly, and in between. I wanted to be the gum under his shoes. I wanted to be wanted.

    By みか★ちゃん URL on 04.30.2012

  16. Hallowed. My heart has been carved out and hallowed. nothing left to give. all i feel is numb i feel dumb for ever trusting you that you could be my one and only. I guess that’s just not how love works

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.30.2012

  17. She walked through the gates and she knew that she had stepped onto hallowed ground. There were old headstones peaking up through vines, and moss draped gracefully from the trees.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.30.2012

  18. “Hallowed be thy name and thou shalt see thy light beneath all this inglorious light,” the sacred man announced through the hall that reverberated around the space. This priest., he smiled as he saw his followers, blinded by what they called enlightenment and the priest amuses in this hallowed sight. People selling their souls

    By huxley URL on 04.30.2012

  19. the hallowed bathroom

    By Brianna URL on 04.30.2012

  20. hallowed reminds me of halloween which reminds me of black cats, pumpkins, witches, and candy, which reminds me of autumn, which reminds me of field hockey, which reminds me of high school…

    By Kate on 04.30.2012

  21. The Lord’s prayer. We are all taught it as young children but what do the word’s really mean? “Hallowed be thy name…” Many young children have no way of knowing what these word’s mean. Heck, a lot of ADULTS don’t even know what they mean. However, we all say it without even knowing what they mean. How often do we do that? Say words without truly knowing the meaning?

    By Nicole on 04.30.2012

  22. gy

    By Brianna URL on 04.30.2012

  23. My hallowed out head. I can’t focus. I feel dizzy, light. My thoughts are mixed. I can’t form words as well as sentences. I can’t feel the things around me, but my hallowed out head.

    By Natalie Joy URL on 04.30.2012

  24. “This is hallowed ground, Tobias.”

    “This is an empty lawn.”

    “This isn’t just ANY empty lawn, Tobias. This. Is where we are going to get drunk tonight.”

    “Astor you are already drunk, you can’t /get/ drunk anymore.”

    “WATCH ME.”

    “Come on, let’s just get you home before you hurt yourself.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.30.2012

  25. “These hallowed halls” they always said. Frankly, I couldn’t see it. Not until I had to leave. Then I saw it perfectly.

    By Olivia on 04.30.2012

  26. Hallowed reminds me of hollowed. Sometimes I feel like a hollowed out girl with a hollowed out soul. I wonder if I’m really living this life. My passions are gone with the wind.

    By Emily on 04.30.2012

  27. She knocked on the log she sat on, knocking on wood. The tree was hallow, she could hear the sound resonate. She knocked again, a puzzled look on her face. It hid a secret compartment that held the note. “Go to where the river flows, unless you want your life ruined.”

    By The Writer URL on 04.30.2012

  28. You left me like someone leaves out a pumpkin after halloween, hallowed and unwanted. I wasn’t ready, couldn’t have ever been ready for such ache and pain that welcomed me with wide, thorn garnished arms.

    By Jennifer Luna Marie URL on 04.30.2012

  29. Nothing was hallowed anymore, or for that matter, now that Jensen thought about it, nothing ever really was. Shedding himself of this illusion or delusion, he smiled a little. But he had to admit it to himself, he felt a little lonely over the whole revelation.

    By chole URL on 04.30.2012

  30. It was hallowed. I was afraid to step on it, it was so precious. I stopped right where I was and I looked up into the sky. I breathed in deeply and paused. Blinking I turned looked at my feet that had taken me this far. Thank you, I thought.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.30.2012

  31. The church spoke in unison. They always did when they said the prayer, they never missed a beat. They poured their hearts and souls into those words that they spoke so often.

    “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…”

    By Damaris URL on 04.30.2012

  32. Hallowed and holy is YOur name! YOu and You alone are to be worshipped. We bow down and fall at Your feet. You and only You are to be praised and served. There is no other above YOu. YOu are to be obeyed and honored. We praise

    By Pam on 04.30.2012

  33. I’ve been hallowed out.
    Emptied to a bare naked shell.
    Nothing of me remains,
    or nothing of who I think I am.
    Who am I anyway?
    Who was I?
    Can’t remember, can’t recall.
    It’s been so long.
    What am I? Who?
    Did I ever even change at all?

    By zoe URL on 04.30.2012

  34. i do not know the meaning of this word. at first it appeared to be halloween, then hallow. then i thought about cheese. isnt it funny how one day you can be writing about your inner most feelings and the next you are writing about cheese?

    By anonymous on 04.30.2012

  35. I hallowed out the middle of the buttered bread, cracked the egg carefully as to not spill a drop. Placing it into the middle of the whole. flip when golden brown. Serve with dipping toast. Toad in a hole…so damn tasty!

    By Crystal on 04.30.2012

  36. the hallowed holes in my speech let me escape from what was really there in my head

    slip away from the anger, the disgust, the disappointment that looking at you gave my heart

    here you are again back in that pattern

    By lynn on 04.30.2012

  37. “…hallowed be thy name, they kingdo-”

    The words cut off as the axe fell, the heavy steel slicing true and clean. Blood spurted warm and hot onto the snow, and another swing of the axe severed the tendons and let it fall into the basket below.

    The crowd erupted into cheers, drowning out her scream of sorrow.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 04.30.2012

  38. I pressed it closely against my chest as tears streamed down my face, soaking my pores.
    I stood before her grave, with my head bent down against the pouring rain.
    My fingers clenched her locket tightly; I knew I would never let go. My mother was dead, leaving only her locket and memories with me

    By Kenzie URL on 04.30.2012

  39. Jake and Elwood Blues. I rest my case.

    By Jazz on 04.30.2012

  40. Only a stump remained of the tree. Located in the backyard of a beginning family who had had the tree removed due to the rot it was plagued by. It was completely hallowed in certain parts and was a very big danger. So the family had it removed on a Saturday. The stump looked lonely amongst all the healthy trees.

    By Lisa on 04.30.2012