November 21st, 2012 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “hall”

  1. Once, when I was young, I wandered through the halls..wondering where my mother had went. Those few seconds of complete loneliness made me realize what was ahead. This empty feeling is the epitome of life as I know it.

    By Bridget M. URL on 11.21.2012

  2. Sitting in the hall I was angry and sweaty. I felt that it was so unfair that I was sent out. The teacher sent me out unfairly. The thought that I had to go explain to him afterwards kept repeating in my head.

    By dee on 11.21.2012

  3. Sparkling sunshine could not compare to the brightness that filled my soul. I ran down the hall, a smile pulling my lips higher than they’d ever been. I threw my backpack by the stairs and ran to the back of the house, calling my Dad’s name.

    “Dad?! DAD!!”

    I slid to a stop in the kitchen where my Dad was making a sandwich on the island. I wiggled the paper in his face, my grin hurting my face.

    “Dad! I’m in. I got in. I’m IN!”

    Dad dropped the bread and ripped the paper from my hands. He quickly read the first few lines and then grabbed me in his arms.

    “Congratulations, Baby Girl!” He hugged me and hugged me and we laughed. He put me at the end of his arms, his hands holding my shoulders.

    “You did it, Honey. I’m so proud of you.” He smiled and my soul warmed. I was in.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 11.21.2012

  4. As the little boy was running, with 30 seconds to spare, he dashed down the hall on his way to class. He couldn’t find the room he was supposed to be in. Anxious, he looked everywhere and there was only one room that was unlocked in the hall, it was detention.

    By Samantha Tizon on 11.21.2012

  5. As the boy was running, with 30 seconds left to spare, he dashed down the hall trying to find the room he was supposed to be in. He looked at the clock, the minute hand on 59, waiting for the second hand that was still ticking to reach the 12. Anxious, he looked everywhere and there was only one room that was unlocked, it was detention.

    By Samantha Tizon on 11.21.2012

  6. i walk down the hall, head down, angry. upset. depressed. stressed. i dont know what to do with myself anymore. i walk and walk and walk. cant stop. thinking is detrimental. keep walking. dont stop to say hi. dont stop. when you stop you think. need to focus on walking. straight ahead to the door. walking down the hall.

    By Julia on 11.21.2012

  7. The hallway seemed as though it went on forever. I kept walking and walking and walking and walking and walking. Waiting for something interesting, someone interesting, anything interesting… but nothing.

    By Madison Hite URL on 11.21.2012

  8. Hall is my last name, it’s also what we used to call a large house or mansion on a plot of land. A hall is a physical space in a building that leads from one area to the next. Walking through the halls of high schools and middle schools is where we all learned who we really are. So it follows that we walk through the halls of life moving from one place to the next.

    By Thomas on 11.22.2012

  9. I see your face behind my eyes, I find myself sleeping and blinking too often and for too long just so I can see you. I aimlessly wander down strange halls in my dreams battling strange obstacles just so I can get to you. Your arms are the only place I want to be and your chest is the only place I want to rest my head. Your heart beat and mine, the sweet sound of our breath, the airy harmonies of our laughing our sighing our love making is the only sweet symphony I want to hear for the rest of my life. Each thought of you gets caught in my throat. Each thought of you makes it harder to breath. When I get to see you and feel you and hear you my breath returns like a waterfall. I melt into you. I am yours forever.

    By Windy URL on 11.22.2012

  10. You finally did it, i thought. You finally made it to the hall of fame.

    I turned around from the stone and walked away.

    Behind me, the stars lit up your tombstone.

    By Julia on 11.22.2012

  11. in the hallway she sat, knees balled up to her chest and chin resting, wobbling back and forth as skin and bone rubbed against each other. She decided this wasn’t working for her and the position was increasing sadness, and the hallway became a place to stretch. Arms outstretched, reaching from wall to wall and climbing like a monkey, how she did when she was a child.

    By Shoshana URL on 11.22.2012

  12. in the hall

    i hope you come to me

    with your eyes to me

    with your books

    with your smile

    then with me

    maybe just

    say my


    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.22.2012

  13. The striped shadows made the walk down the hall seem even longer. The setting sun threw the bars along the floor, pointing like ominous fingers towards the door. Once through it, he would be hung by the neck until he was dead.

    By Snellopy URL on 11.22.2012

  14. halls are for running
    for one sided meetings
    I want to catch your eye babeh *winks*

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 11.22.2012

  15. I am sitting here in the hall waiting. It is just what I do and it is expected. When my master comes home he is pleased to see me. I scratch and wait and listen and hear the sounds of the outside world, the moving vehicles and people walking past and occasionally I bark at them.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.22.2012

  16. I met him at the end of the hall. He stood there, with suitcase in hand. He’d been away too long. I love him so much. Doesn’t know how much. The sun set. He smiled. I smiled. I knew he knew. And we walked out of that hall together.

    By Rene URL on 11.22.2012

  17. I ran down the hall, I wanted to see the girl once more, I knew she would be by his room. I arrived upon an empty room, well not empty, but not the right people, not the people I wanted to see. I looked back out into the hall to find her, I couldn’t see her, she wasn’t there.

    By Luke on 11.22.2012

  18. I’ve seen the man who sits behind the mask, and I’m not sure if I like it. He weaves and builds and puts things together that come slithering out tightly knit. Most recently I’ve discovered the man down the hall, he works in his chambers where outside I stall. Hesitation consumed me so I observed from afar and watched him while he conjured things not to be, but rather just are. Things the eye are not suppose to see, the pieces of you that you could not believe. These things filled the air and I finally understood, this man made the thoughts, and the other one made them sound good.

    By MariahH. URL on 11.22.2012

  19. Take a walk. Get out of the class. Enter into the crowd. Get lost in the swarm. Weave through daily mass migration. Blend in. Careful. They be sharks in these waters.

    By River Ranter URL on 11.22.2012

  20. I sat in the assembly hall, trying to hold the tears back. As they rejected me and laughed. I was not expecting this. In fact, I absolutely believed that the exact opposite was going to happen. I don’t know why it mattered to me so much, a stupid badge, but it did. Maybe that’s what bothered me. That it didn’t matter.

    By Alana URL on 11.22.2012

  21. The Hall in the new school building was dedicated on Friday and glowing praises were echoed in the name of the person that went all out to have it restored Mr. L King, the retired Games teacher. It was place at the disposal of everyone in the community, and It was a dream come true for not only the Headmaster at the school, but for the past students who deserves praise as well.

    By victor URL on 11.22.2012

  22. big home mirror carpet bathroom shoes smell door great keys slippers white

    By lilly on 11.22.2012

  23. There was, a long mouth-eaten red carpet decking the long corridor, pasty wall colours and the distinct smell of old sex and perspiration. At the end, a door, blue, the only colour in this walkway that seemed to give any hint of freshness. Past this blue door they told me to go.

    By Rosebud on 11.22.2012

  24. he stood there in the hall
    the big bright hall which was decorated with thousands of ornaments – it was more like a church than a hall.

    By Amanda URL on 11.22.2012

  25. Should I be scared about money? A giant debt, one bigger than I ever imagined lying ahead at the end of my degree – probably a hall-full of one dollar coins would amount to the same. A tiny hall, granted. And I guess I could be sensible and make that tiny hall a little bit tinier, make the years run a little faster. But I’m here, halfway across the world, learning, enjoying, what more could one ask for?

    I hope to be a millionaire one day.

    By Rosebud on 11.22.2012

  26. There’s often safety in knowing nobody cares. You can shout curses into the hallway, have it echo and scream back at you. Nobody will be cross for the horrible things you say. Nobody is even going to blink if you walk by with two crude fingers in the air. Not one person knows.

    They never will.

    By genahtastic URL on 11.22.2012

  27. Hall I see is a anoying word that doesn’t inspire me anything but juste that stupid joke at the start of my sentese.

    By charles on 11.22.2012

  28. twist the knife in deeper
    scamper away to the light
    seeing another fall away
    into the dawn of a day
    tripping the way i am
    he cannot see me now
    resting on the knarled bow
    turn around twist the fate
    turned into precious hate
    i cannot abide the rain
    bloody in your vein
    turn to the blade of end
    your life unto me I rend
    spirit of one and all
    slipping down the hall
    i stand again walking
    see you i am stalking
    in love of the light
    he has given sight
    into the end of me
    his blood you see

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 11.22.2012

  29. If my life were a hall
    Dark and creepy
    Long and thin
    Filled with the possibility of
    Monsters and ghosts
    With creaky doors opening to
    Different eras of
    Would be the light
    At the end
    That I fumble toward.

    By Kathryn URL on 11.22.2012

  30. The candles are yet to be forgiven from their position on the mantle piece
    So instead they still sit stoically with hands of flame risen
    The portraits on the wall have lost all face
    and seem but paint
    And the yellow light of the hallway burnishes itself against the distressed wooden floors
    The door waits with longing for a hand to reach out

    By Perri URL on 11.22.2012

  31. The hall was large. It formed such a loud echo that if you were to drop a feather the noise would radiate around the room for almost 10 minutes. The hall wasn’t even really a hall. It was a mind. A mind of a young boy with vibrant ideas but a strict father. His ideas weren’t normal, they were different. Like him.

    By Danielle on 11.22.2012

  32. Empty white space, silence fills the air until broken by the sound of footsteps echoing as they continue. The sound fades and the place is brought into a void of nothingness once again. A hospital lacking nurses and patients in this one area, separate from the activity of the day. Only the florescent lights show a sign of human presence somewhere nearby.

    By Rachael Glazner on 11.22.2012

  33. what is hall, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more

    i’m so inspired.

    By pij_sirup URL on 11.22.2012

  34. I was walking alone throught the hall. People on my left, people on my right. Always the same mindless people. I did not like people. Their spirits are all the same. Everything they do, they all do the same. I do not like men. I do not like woman. I do not like anyone. People are lame. You are lame too.

    By Laura` URL on 11.22.2012

  35. As a kid, you needed a hall pass to go to the bathroom. Seems I remember one such pass being a big wooden thing, probably in shop class. You had to lug this thing around to go to the bathroom. Interesting, wonder what they use now.A

    By Amparo on 11.22.2012

  36. At the end of the hall lies a single door, a rough, wooden door which is never opened. It looms tauntingly, daring someone to open it and discover what lies on the other side. But no one does. The hall is empty, save the whispers of the ghosts that wander up and down the carpeted hallway.
    A faint light shines through one window, near the door. Through the age-stained glass, it faintly adds a glimmer of hope to the dark hall.

    By Pendragon URL on 11.22.2012

  37. It was the longest hallway, littered with broken toys, shattered dreams, shadowy spots…and at the end, was you. A bright light.

    By scbeam URL on 11.22.2012

  38. An empty hall filled with flying burritos. Unicorns were slicing them onto their horns and feeding them to the little toad babies that were crying on the floor. Somehow this seemed awfully familiar to Tom, but then again toad babies don’t cry.

    By Enzo on 11.22.2012

  39. Alone in the hall of darkness i stand
    Alone waiting for you to discover me
    Oh how i wish you were here my Fictional Friend

    By LuckyNo.13 on 11.22.2012

  40. When i think of hall i think of scary movies like dark and lonely hallways in hotels where no one can hear you scream! I also think of halls in high schools where movie always portray them to be more interesting and fun than they actually are.

    By grace on 11.22.2012