August 21st, 2012 | 540 Entries

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540 Entries for “half”

  1. “Half a cookie! Are you kidding me? That’s all I get?” I whined when my mom plopped the cookie down on the table. “Aren’t you going to make more?” I asked in my little kid voice.

    At that moment she burst into tears and ran from the room.

    By Denise URL on 08.22.2012

  2. Half of the glass was filled with milk and the other half with various liquors. He didn’t put any other thought into the drink other than that. With a quick stir, the interesting concoction was ready to be tested. Sadly, none of his friends were too thrilled.

    By hearapianofall URL on 08.22.2012

  3. A half, represents the difference between nothing and a whole. Half is the median between all qauntities.

    By Peter Wilson on 08.22.2012

  4. some say the glass is half empty. I say it’s half full. it’s much easier to see things in the negative because then you don’t have to attempt or change or anything. making the glass full requires work.

    By Kris Campea on 08.22.2012

  5. the other half he just spent looking for porn online, the free kind. what a waste of time, he always though. But always came back for more…

    By nuno on 08.22.2012

  6. half blood. half blooded prince. reminds me of harry potter. Snape. Snape. Severous Snape! The half blood. He was a lonely man, and also a heartbroken man, indeed. He loved Lilly Potter but she loved someone else: not him. poor snape. I hope he died in peace.

    By Doreen on 08.22.2012

  7. Half. Half my life I’ve been following the wrong people. Half of the school year goes away so quickly. Half my money gets spent on stupid things. Half of me knows whats wrong with myself. Half of you might read this. But just know , Half isn’t always good enough. Half of us need to step up in life. Half of us need to make families whole. Half of us need to manage ourselves. Half.

    By Robert Jones on 08.22.2012

  8. Half not the absence of something, but the unknown part of it. Nothing is truly half, but just veiled under the uncertain reality which we will never see.

    By Alexis on 08.22.2012

  9. Half. I only have about 2/3 of the time left to write about half. What is half? half pint. Ooh. I want ice cream. except I want a full pint, not a half pint. too random? nah. we all love ice cream!

    By Kris Campea on 08.22.2012

  10. if I could forget half of what I’ve lived through these past few months it’d still be enough to give me nightmares.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 08.22.2012

  11. He was one half of her. Whether she wanted to deny it or not, something about him made her whole..even when the part of her she knew best was gone. What could she do? He was so far away.. or so she thought. She truly didn’t know where he was. His last letter said he had been residing in Salinger but who knows where he was now. Gale knew what she had to do.

    By Emma Raether on 08.22.2012

  12. Half…
    Half a cookie, half a dollar, half a drink, half an outfit, half a number…
    …so many halves. So many halves we encounter each day of our normal lives.
    We’re used to it, right?
    You can never be used to being half of a match set.
    You can never be used to being an identical twin.

    By Lily Ilana on 08.22.2012

  13. When he was alone again he slowly peeled off the paper to reveal a life size painting. He stepped back in horror. Looking straight into his eyes was a mirror image of himself, the face a perfect likeness but the body half man, half pig, emasculated in suspenders and the type os high heel boots you find on a common hooker.

    By sharon london on 08.22.2012

  14. The soup was boiling. What else could she add? She bit her lip and looked around. A basil leaf for flavor, maybe? But no, there were too few spices. The flavor would be too much. She ripped it, adding roughly half. Maybe half a teaspoon of ginger. She poured it in. Half a clove of garlic, half a pinch of salt. Ah. There. The smell that floated towards her pleased her. This would be good soup.

    By Chessie URL on 08.22.2012

  15. Half A Life by Bayside is a good song. Bayside is a good band. Bayside is my favorite band. Bayside changed my life!

    By Daisy Alvarez on 08.22.2012

  16. The half of me is really wishing to change the world, the other half is fearing for my economy. This is really hard.

    By Arjona URL on 08.22.2012

  17. half means half minute 60 seconds every day i work more than half a day . half peice of bread means a lot for a hungry man . half yearly exams, half in a year is six months.

    By Ankita Gupta URL on 08.22.2012

  18. A life lived in fear is a life half lived. Where is that from? From a movie? From one of those innocuous websites that are drowned in inspirational quotes? Where is anything from?

    But I’m not going halfway.

    By ankni URL on 08.22.2012

  19. I had half an hour to get to work. I was going to make it on time. But goddamn did I want to masturbate… I hadn’t had sex in 8 months, no one was home, and if I could be done in 10 minutes, heaven would be achieved. Yet something always comes up… in a bad way…

    By Ruben URL on 08.22.2012

  20. She was asleep, the first light of the sun slanting through the blinds to play softly over her face. She shifted , the sheets falling half off her shoulders as the cat landed on her with a yowl, and she half-opened her eyes to glare sleepily at it. “Morning, you bastard..”

    By Dziude URL on 08.22.2012

  21. Two halves equal a whole. Where did this idea come from that we needed another part to make us complete? As if we alone aren’t enough. But it’s not just an idea if our emotions dictate that very thing. We need family, friends, beloveds.

    By Ashi URL on 08.22.2012

  22. I have a toe nail that is hurting because I stubbed it so many times against my wall. I do this because I sleep walk, and I sleep walk because I never go into a deep sleep because my cheap mother and lazy mother will not get blinds for my windows. Its bright as HELL at 6 something in the morning you know? Your body doesn’t know any better but to react to it by waking up…grr. Need Sleep. Well need blinds for sleep, so Need Blinds. The End.

    By Christa on 08.22.2012

  23. half an hour if study about what’s happening in the world, would increase my knowledge and make me aware of new things . Life partner is known as the better half, in the beginning of my first job i use to take half days where i work its very far away it takes two hours for me to reach their . I want to switch but i am not trying . God give me strength.

    By Ankita Gupta URL on 08.22.2012

  24. I looked down at the end of the cucumber, but noticed that it was missing. The cucumber had been cut in half. This angered me greatly. I had spent many years protecting this cucumber from all that was evil in the world. To have it chopped in half within the course of mere seconds seemed terribly unfair.

    By sipke on 08.22.2012

  25. Not a bad thing if you have nothing. I would bet that half is a lot if you’re on the plains of Africa and have no water, no food. Given half a pouch of water and half a sandwich will save the day! Thank God for the Half I have.

    By Ron on 08.22.2012

  26. Divided we are weak. With half of my heart missing, it supprises me that I can stand so strong. I cannnot wait to meet my missing piece, my other half, the other soul that compliments mine perfectly. Someday, I will be whole with him, and strong.

    By Hallie on 08.22.2012

  27. Half of what we see is based on our perception of reality. What is real and what is fake? Half the people we meet are either real and mean what they say. Others are on the fence.

    By Lili on 08.22.2012

  28. Half of an orange is shaped like a moon halfway through it’s cycle.
    Don’t take half of my money you stupid government!
    Half of my cat is brown.
    Half of my body is left.
    Half of my house is dirty.
    Half isn’t all.
    half of my friend’s have moved away.

    By Phoenix Roze on 08.22.2012

  29. With only half of my mind left intact after the accident, I find it hard to function. The feeling of being trapped inside a vegetable of a body as other stand over my barely breathing body. They say I’ll live and that I feel no pain. But I feel it all and I hear it all, my wife has left me for another more functioning man. I just wish they’d pull the plug already. I’m ready to die.

    By Phoenix Roze on 08.22.2012

  30. half of the world is insane. The other half doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing anyways. That was the word of advie that the homeless man on the corner of 92nd st. told me yesterday. If I were any other person, I would have brushed his comment off as insane, but I’m a bit too in my own heAD.

    By CARLY on 08.22.2012

  31. Half of the time I don’t get what’s going on in my head. I want to tell people my thoughts, and how I feel. But I can find my way to do it.

    By Lauren on 08.22.2012

  32. With only half of my mind left intact after the accident, I find it hard to function. The feeling of being trapped inside a vegetable of a body as other stand over my barely breathing body. They say I’ll live and that I feel no pain. But I feel it all and I hear it all, my wife has left me for another more functioning man. I just wish they’d pull the plug already. I’m ready to leave the cruel world that has left me in this seamingly lifeless state.

    Everyone is staring at me now as the doctor speaks to my so called wife who is clinging to me once best friend. They’re about to watch me leave this unfair world to go onto a less cruel state. I’m ready to die.

    It’s time to watch the rest of my life drain from my eyes as my soul floats away from my body, carried to a life of less pain than this. Or so I thought…

    By Phoenix Roze URL on 08.22.2012

  33. Half the time I think I’m crazy.
    Then half the time I think it’s just everyone around me.
    Half the time, I wonder what I’m doing with my life.
    The other half I just wish it would already fly by.

    By Lauren URL on 08.22.2012

  34. half of the world is insane, the other half doens’t know what they hell they’re doing anyways. That’s what the homeless man on the corner of 92nd st. told me yesterday. IIf I were most any other person, I would have blown his comments off as insane. Unfortunately, I am much more in my head than the average person.

    By carlyrenee URL on 08.22.2012

  35. is the glass half empty or half full. one of the most common questions that is posed int the modern world trying to divide the population into two specific halves. optimist and pessimist. well it really isn’t that simple. there arent two simple sides that make up society. there are more. it is unreasonable to try and do this

    By Jennifer on 08.22.2012

  36. Half. Everyone’s looking for their other half. I feel only half alive. But I am not searching for my other half. I am trying to develop a full me. I don’t need another person to make me whole. I need to find the other half of me in me.

    By Topsey Kretts on 08.22.2012

  37. I think half full. Except I just read an article about how technically if something is half empty it would be a vaccuum and the glass would break. So that’s excellent. I wish I was half as good as some people. Half as pretty half as popular. But I’m glad I”m not half as horrible as Hitler. Dang. That man is truly awful. Sometimes I kinda wish I could meet him just so I could spit on him.

    By Rachel on 08.22.2012

  38. half of the girls screamed like a maniac… the other half cried… half of a cup is half full and the other half is half empty… that is what half is… You can look at it as if the glass is half full because that means you are looking up

    By Hailey on 08.22.2012

  39. half of your heart was always part of mine.

    By tori URL on 08.22.2012

  40. Half the time I’m here, I wish I wasn’t. Half the time you’re here, I wish you weren’t. Half the time I’m away, I wish I was home with you. Half the time you’re away, I wish you were home with me. And sometimes I wish I was single so I could finally that puppy I’ve always wanted.

    By Sky URL on 08.22.2012