August 21st, 2012 | 540 Entries

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540 Entries for “half”

  1. There are traces of myself that I can’t seem to find. The moments I slip and forget myself completely. I always want to call on you. My other half. But don’t I seem so needy?

    By kmy URL on 08.21.2012

  2. Half of me is all of you. My can is half empty. I feel like I’m half of what I could be. I’m only half of what I could be for her.

    By Collin on 08.21.2012

  3. half is a word which can be used for every word half is used mostly for borrowing something.
    it is mostly used for units

    By karnesh on 08.21.2012

  4. Half and half milk usually goes well with coffee, unless you’re like me and need french vanilla creamer or you won’t drink it. I love coffee that’s light and sweet with a little bitterness to it. I also LOVE french vanilla frapuccinos from Starbucks! They’re fantastic! Had my first one before church this past Sunday with a good friend. He’s pretty great.

    By Samantha on 08.21.2012

  5. half a sixpence is better than
    half a penny is better than
    half a tuppence is better than

    (often words immediately prompt me to think of a SONG!)

    By Heather Costaras URL on 08.22.2012

  6. your half caf latte untouched on the table at midmorning stone cold and dead sour by afternoon

    By tori URL on 08.22.2012

  7. Half seems to be the only measurement we are familiar with these days. So and so got all of it why cant i have half. Do we hear our self’s when we say that? it seems so ridicules to say so and so earned this so i should ride on the coat tails by getting half.

    By Tree on 08.22.2012

  8. Half the time I feel half asleep, yet the other half of the time I don’t feel wide awake. How does that figure? The other half of the time, I have a feeling of being in limbo… Phased out…. Waiting for something or other. I should probably extend that first sentence then. All of the time I feel half asleep.

    By Fiona URL on 08.22.2012

  9. Half. Not full or proper, but real. A lie, real but far away, distant, and hard to understand. The concept is odd; something that is only part of itself? Not complete?

    By Sam Fury on 08.22.2012

  10. I do not want to live my life by half, or worse feel that i have even if i haven’t.

    By matty URL on 08.22.2012

  11. My glass is half full. But is it? I guess. Its also half empty though, right? I guess it depends how you look at it.

    By azza on 08.22.2012

  12. You.

    By Patsy Alcantar on 08.22.2012

  13. hello everyone,

    am quite new over here and just trying to learn all the stuff.

    By dayalshankar giri URL on 08.22.2012

  14. My better half.
    My missing half.
    When I think of half, I think of you.
    Of how you complete me.
    Of how our bodies are cut from the same mold and it hurts when you’re away.
    It’s exactly as if a piece of me went with you.
    In that, at times, I find comfort.
    Others nothing but misery it brings.
    Nonetheless you are my half, for better or for worse.
    You do complete me,
    and I have succumbed to the notion that it will forever be this way.

    By Patsy URL on 08.22.2012

  15. Only half of my heart belongs to him. My mom said leave the other half to myself.

    By anonymous URL on 08.22.2012

  16. I like the bigger half of food I break. half is o.s 50/100 even chance of happening. Half is how my heart feels without him half is how i eat my apple

    By bob on 08.22.2012

  17. The glass was only half full. thats what she had always said. not half empty. half full. it was the optimism that always got him. that feelong that anything was possible and nothing could not be overcome

    By patrick on 08.22.2012

  18. men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with ears…how many of you are getting agree with my statement? please let me know by your messages or posts..

    By dayalshankar giri URL on 08.22.2012

  19. half of what i know is not what i think it’s often what i want what i don’t see half the time it’s not what you do it’s the cliche it’s the half glass of purple chocolate with a gorilla it’s the chalk in the toothpaste it’s half of the story and half of the puzzle there are so many halves of half it’s forever.

    By Robyn on 08.22.2012

  20. Half a smile,
    Half a sentence,
    Half a happiness.
    I’m tired of halves.
    Where’s the other?

    is never enough.

    By Yuka URL on 08.22.2012

  21. half glass full or half glass empty,its the perception of a person how he sees it.
    Half describes a quantity which is a equal part of the full.

    By akash on 08.22.2012

  22. Half empty or half full- It doesn’t matter which way.

    By Camille URL on 08.22.2012

  23. Did she think this was even half as easy for me as it was for her? It ripped my heart and soul out just to think of it. And still. I had to go through with this, there was no other way. Or I would live the rest of my life, thinking of this exact moment, thinking what I should have done, what I didn’t do. Full of regret. I didn’t want to be this bitter person.

    By Diana Mooncrown URL on 08.22.2012

  24. And the half of me inside me, just wait and watch. I know to fly, I know to walk. Just be with me , believe me. Together we will go High. Together we will live before we die. Together we will set each other free.

    By tanvi s URL on 08.22.2012

  25. half of the time i just keep thinking of you . half of me is yours i keep smiling when i think of u half of the water is blue nd what u do to me is also blue .. heheh

    By kaitlyn URL on 08.22.2012

  26. I once was following a dream tonight and always…it will transpire in a million ways and teach me the tails of everlasting love…the tranquil sounds of oboes dripping in the wet streets and telling me to go forth.

    By Adrianna on 08.22.2012

  27. half of what I need…there are pieces always missing..people trying to catch up with dying pieces before they disappear forever. who will I dream of tonight.

    By Adrianna on 08.22.2012

  28. half empty half full, a piece of pie divided among friends. They love it and want to have another piece of it

    By jennifer on 08.22.2012

  29. half means 1by 2 i always get half thing out of full because of my brother if the thing is only 1 like cake or chocolet

    By joseph on 08.22.2012

  30. half mean a 50% value of something. we used to say that she/he mine better half.

    a toast will be used with half bread .

    By neeraj sharma on 08.22.2012

  31. People used to spend their half lives without exploring a better opportunity in their career.

    we used to say our spouse as better half

    By neeraj sharma on 08.22.2012

  32. It was half or nothing at all. This was the ultimatum that we were given as we emerge from the cave that we sought shelter, and most importantly, to recover a box of gold and other important document.

    By victor URL on 08.22.2012

  33. the pwerson that espend the rest of its life with you love passion freedom amor eres todo mis hijos la familia el dinero lo que quieres lo que piensas el deseo la distancia la mitad de tu vida el dolor la perdida.

    By Brava on 08.22.2012

  34. i am a half of
    your spirit in life and in
    death you become my whole

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 08.22.2012

  35. 50% of a whole
    Way too little pie
    a generally small amount
    cos 60

    By Ree on 08.22.2012

  36. Am I giving enough? Am I doing enough? I’d like to know that whatever I’m doing, is more than half than what is needed. I need it to be.

    By Flo on 08.22.2012

  37. a half of me is a half of you. you have nothing to do. I have omelets and dishes and half-baked dreams to make out of you and what God has dealt me. These five cards in my hand have no tomorrow, no future, and I am left with nothing, but I have you. And so my dear darling angel, let us go half and half together so that we may be whole.

    By Andy Quiangco URL on 08.22.2012

  38. Half empty or half full. How we measure a glass of water tells quite a lot about us. About our personality. Because that’s reflects how we see things in life. Other things. Not just glasses. True story.

    By Justinas URL on 08.22.2012

  39. The glass was half empty. No, full.
    I never knew which one I was, positive or negative. My mother always told me to look on the bright side of life, but this was becoming increasingly difficult. Yesterday, he’d crashed the car into a ditch while updating his Facebook status about how depressed he was about breaking up with his girlfriend.

    By Tamara on 08.22.2012

  40. There was half an hour until my biggest exam of the year. I looked nervously down at my shoes and pilled into the gym with the rest of the students. My friend smiled at me from across the hall, trying to be reassuring i’m sure. I looked down at the faded blue exam on my table; my stomach started to churn.

    By Georgia URL on 08.22.2012