August 21st, 2012 | 540 Entries

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540 Entries for “half”

  1. Half of my heart wants to listen to my head, to realize how badly this can go, but the other half just doesn’t care, to him it goes. I’m half in love, and half scared to death. I don’t know which half of my heart has got it best.

    By I am Ash URL on 08.21.2012

  2. Half of the time you spend most of your time doing things you’d rather not do. Or perhaps, you spend all of your time doing something you never wanted to do. Instead of wasting all of your time doing half of the things you like, try focusing on just half an hour a day doing one thing not half, but all the way through. See what becomes of your life in just one week, one month, and one year.

    By Justin Seitzler URL on 08.21.2012

  3. 50 percent of something is half so that is half , your other half , half the cake fatty. HALF 1/2 yeah i give up , i don’t know what to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………… END ALREADY OMG

    By caitlin on 08.21.2012

  4. half a week has gone by and already college is passing by in a blur. I wish I were home when I have no one to sit with during dinner, lunch, or breakfast. I have no one to hang out with unless I explicitly call or text them to meet me.
    I feel utterly pathetic, and it’s only been half a week.
    Shit this year may be absolutely awful.
    Shit shit shit. I am freaking out, all these people and one person in the sea, and I don’t know how to stay afloat. I need someone to help me swim.

    By annie URL on 08.21.2012

  5. It took half of a second for billy to know that he loved miranda. One half of a second. Sometimes you just know when someone is perfect, and seeing someone eat a cheese a jelly sandwich is one of those things that sticks with you. Even when you’re old and married, watching your wife eat a plain old meat and cheese sandwich.

    By Samantha on 08.21.2012

  6. The words kept tumbling out of her mouth. Lucy had had enough. And now that she’d started, she simply couldn’t stop. Up till now, she had half a mind to tell it all as it was – but now, she wasn’t holding back at all – she was telling it exactly as it was.

    By Amimee URL on 08.21.2012

  7. half of me says yes. half of me wants to take advantage of the time i do have.
    half of me is honest. half of me will win.

    By goli ix URL on 08.21.2012

  8. Well…it was a bottle of half and half….half cream, half milk. Now what was she going to do with that. I mean….she could barely figure out how to use milk, now they added cream!!! What was the point of all of this , milk , cream, cheese, all dairy and she was lactose intolerant!!

    By coramie URL on 08.21.2012

  9. Break that back under that boulder
    Splinter that shin on the spike
    Crack that chest on concrete
    Twist the tendons around tree trunks
    Bash your brains on the bottom of barrel
    With nothing but powder to gather up after

    By gsk URL on 08.21.2012

  10. Being the other half of someone is like having the key to their heart. Having access to their insecurities, their weaknesses, their strengths, their flaws, their beauty, but more importantly their love and soul. Cherish it with all your might, since they complete your half too.

    By Mida URL on 08.21.2012

  11. Half of my brain is devoted to dictating what the other half does. My creative side is controlled by my calculations. I can only be clever, charming, or revolutionary if the output is in my favor.

    By William on 08.21.2012

  12. For years she had been chasing a shadow. When she realised how foolish, how pig-headed and blind she had been, she could not face the humiliation. Helen wished she’d been half as clever as her adversary.

    By sharon london on 08.21.2012

  13. Half of the wall was knocked down from the impact. She almost had a wreck looking at the damage.

    By Molly on 08.21.2012

  14. Half and half cream is my favorite. I dont know if it actually makes a difference to me what my coffe tastes like based on the cream, but i always just go with half and half. and i fill about half the cup with it, i should prbably just get heavy cream instead, so i can get more coffe out of my cup.

    By aimee on 08.21.2012

  15. I have no idea what to write about half. Some people think about the glass half empty though others like to thing that it’s glass half full. Half way there, i strive for the top. training, training conditioning all so i can get to the top of the world. I need to be number one. always. For him, for me. for all of us, i need to get here.

    By tasha on 08.21.2012

  16. half.
    half empty, half full.
    my other half.
    half of happy.
    you don’t know until it happens.
    half and half

    I want some coffee now.

    By Marr URL on 08.21.2012

  17. half of my life i’ve spent dreming of you,
    half of my life i’ve spent waiting for you,
    half of my life is already over me,
    where are you??? – my second half???

    By gosia on 08.21.2012

  18. One half makes up one whole; You can meet someone in your life who completes you and makes up your other half

    By Chelly on 08.21.2012

  19. It feels like half of me is left behind, back in the perfection of tenth grade. Part of me left reliving those wonderful moments again and again. But the rest of me is here, at the new beginning, waiting for it to improve. Can there only be one powerful personality in a group? Will she push me out?

    By Lena URL on 08.21.2012

  20. One half makes up one whole, and this holds true for people too. You might hold

    By Michelle URL on 08.21.2012

  21. Halfway down the hallway I realized that while what I wanted was a kiss, what I’d be getting was the privilege of almost killing a kid with a peanut butter sandwhich.

    By MD on 08.21.2012

  22. Half of what I write I don’t like. The other half seems to fit in somewhere between simple amusements and scab picking. I seem to be only able to write when I am angry. Maybe I need to be angry more often. I need to get out more.

    By Jack Ledem URL on 08.21.2012

  23. half is something that isn’t a whole. It’s something that isn’t worth much without it’s other side. It’s 6″ out of a foot. It’s half the sub. It’s what you call your love. It’s what you don’t want without the other part.

    By Evan Moon on 08.21.2012

  24. the is two halts in a whole and i don’t like half because i like whole lol. half of something is never good always have a whole

    By Kelly Parfitt on 08.21.2012

  25. a bred… or halflife… what or where is the other half? half of what?

    By Lazar on 08.21.2012

  26. Half my life is spent waiting, maybe half will be spent yearning. Why’s it all in measures, and when will I be.

    By Farah on 08.21.2012

  27. half is the half of a full, complete thing. half can mean that there is something missing or that it is not complete but that is not necessarily a bad thing. as they say, the glass can be half empty or, even better, half FULL!

    By Corinna on 08.21.2012

  28. Half-Life… I entered the building as I see the Large Letters above a desk… A walk up to the desk and the lady guides me to an elevator. I wait in the elevator and eventually it dings open. I walk out into a white hallway and keep

    By Steven BUrggraaf on 08.21.2012

  29. to say that i love you would be a massive understatement
    because what i feel for you is so much more than love.
    you’re like a part of me…
    like an arm or a leg, and i’m not quite right–not quite myself–without you.
    when you’re gone, i always feel as if a piece of me is missing.
    to put it simply, you are my other half.
    promise it will always be this way.
    promise we’ll be friends forever. <3

    By Melanie on 08.21.2012

  30. Taking less so somebody else can experience it as well. Living together and making adjustments. Thinking of somebody else before yourself. Experiencing the glass half full and half empty.

    By Amanda URL on 08.21.2012

  31. Halt… When does anyone ever halt when you tell them to? Why do police or law people yell that anyways? Actually… I don’t think anyone yells that anymore. Don’t people usually say ‘Freeze!’ these days or something to that effect? Affect? Effect I think… Now I sound like a schizophrenic, all scatter minded.

    By Jay on 08.21.2012

  32. My other half is about to become my ex. I dont know how its going to be fron now on, being a disconnected puzzle piece, a pen without top, a cookie without chips. I’m going to miss him.

    By Pigeon37 URL on 08.21.2012

  33. Half is part. Never complete. Split down the middle, needing that other piece to become a whole. A whole, unadulterated something.

    By jo on 08.21.2012

  34. half a spoon of sugar. not bitter but not sweet either. half a person. the one who’s simply isn’t self-sufficient or the one who doesn’t have someone to love hence to complete them? not sure which one is the commonly accepted paradigm. neither am i sure what paradigm actually means, just thought i’d go and try sound all smart and whatnot. see ya around, pigeon-babies!

    By sign_with_the_e URL on 08.21.2012

  35. Half is somewhat incomplete. It’s all about perspective. Two is usually the one, meaning two halfs makes a whole.

    By Flora on 08.21.2012

  36. Half. An equal split part of something. Half a loaf of bread, half a glass of water, half could mean a lot, but the most important to me, is my other half <3

    By RachaelMuch URL on 08.21.2012

  37. Her head half empty, she sat staring at the screen, eyes drifting sightlessly across words that were more than Greek to her present state of mind. Five chapters assigned on the first day. What had she gotten herself into?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.21.2012

  38. We only use half of our brains. We dont use it to our full potential. We could be so much smarter.

    By lillie on 08.21.2012

  39. I feel like it’s not mine. I wiggle the fingers of my left hand. Off. Look into the mirror. One eye stares offensively. I close it. All is well. And I still don’t understand.

    By Kim URL on 08.21.2012

  40. Half.
    Not whole, half.
    I am half,
    I am not entirely whole.
    The question is,
    what am I half of?

    By Rachel on 08.21.2012