September 29th, 2011 | 416 Entries

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416 Entries for “half”

  1. Half of me is broken. I think I know what I want, but something is stopping me. Am I supposed to write about the word half? Half of me wants to stop this but I can’t. Halves are a joke. I like whole things. I need balance, Im a libra. I hate halves.

    By Britney on 09.29.2011

  2. last night i was watching a castle and some dood got cut straight down the middle so his body ended up in two chunks.

    It was super wierd.

    By :Poopman URL on 09.29.2011

  3. one day half a turtle went up to a gargoyle and decided he would be his firend so they went on a trip to kalamazoo and there they did many things, but the best thing they did was hiking a mystical palace trail and discovering the lost pair of shoes of the witch of newbury who wanted all her life, to own a gold fish cat friend but nobody ever fulfilled her wish.

    By Shannon Finney on 09.29.2011

  4. There was a glass that was half full. There was milk in it. By the way, the milk was half-and-half. Anyway, I took a drink out of the glass. Then, I spit it out, because it was spoiled! Ew! I felt sick the rest of the day.

    By Allison on 09.29.2011

  5. half and half , coffee cream and artists in black hats at slam poetry joints; they sing of smoky blue jazz and light up corners with candle rays. half of you are biased, bi-partisanship can never lead to natures one, we lie in man’s metal and forget of the greater good.

    By Sophia on 09.29.2011

  6. no one really likes me, i kind of get that now. what people see is half of what i am–they see someone annoying and mildly amusing at times, someone to mock, someone to talk to when there’s nothing else to do, someone to ask for homework help. i’m not anyone’s friend, not really, i’m a half-friend to a lot of people and a half-acquaintance to more. being half is all right though, because now there’s half of me all to myself.

    By Leanne URL on 09.29.2011

  7. He was all I needed. He was my other. Now I am alone and with out him. I think of the word and it sucks meaning I am not complete. I mean being half of someone is I guess a lot of pressure. I wish he knew he was always my other half.

    By Britney on 09.29.2011

  8. Adam grins at me. The swings are standing in front of us, practically begging for us to swing on them. I shove my hands in my pockets. “I don’t want to…”
    “Oh shut up, that’s such a lie!” He drags me over, sitting me down. “Don’t worry, I promise you’ll still look cool! I’ll even push you!”
    The person who knows me best, my other half and closest friend.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 09.29.2011

  9. It’s never perfect. But it is enough.

    By snape URL on 09.29.2011

  10. You are what I have been needing my entire life
    Until now, I have been lost and searching for the other half of me
    and I didn’t even know it
    I was self destructive and untrusting of others
    I simply didn’t care
    Now I know what it is to be whole
    and I don’t ever want to go back to being incomplete

    By B. Green URL on 09.29.2011

  11. People talk about whether or not a glass is half empty or half full. I hope that most days I’m thinking about it being on the half full side of things.

    By Keri Upson on 09.29.2011

  12. half of what? I don’t even get it. I give everything! EVERYTHING! and he just gives half effort. Why should i even bother pretending to care if he doesn’t want all of me. I think that a relationship will never come my way with him. I just want to see him more often then I do and I can’t because he doesnt care anymore. I just want him to love me for me…..

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 09.29.2011

  13. Half of what I wanted. Half of what I needed. Never complete. Always just half. Half a step forward, isn’t really a step forward? I never have it all. I can only have half.

    By katierae URL on 09.29.2011

  14. Full. Empty. God, I’m not sure. I just kept staring at that glass on my tray, wondering. It was there, I knew it was there, everyone could see it and it was beautiful. That’s the thing about milk. It restores you and can just return.

    By Abby on 09.29.2011

  15. There was no gray in my world. It was black or white, just for him. And he dropped himself into the black side without my consent. But I knew it was going to happen. He always had a mysterious quality to him, and I didn’t like it.

    By Marissa URL on 09.29.2011

  16. half is not whole. half is what ur missing. half is what you need to find. half is not good enough. half is half. half is almost there but not quite. half torn half broken half dead almost there not quite keep going. half is not whole

    By Sonia on 09.29.2011

  17. Split, broken, abandoned. The leaves gently skim the earth, lightly scratching my nerves, making me want to disappear, be cut in half again and again until there’s nothing left. Nothing for anyone to miss, nothing for anyone else to regret but me.

    By Laura URL on 09.29.2011

  18. there was a girl in a dark world. her shadow always followed her. the trees were her only friends. and so it goes the girl had died and that was the end.

    By aubree rae on 09.29.2011

  19. i like when things are cut in half sometimes it hurts my life was cut in half or close enough ym uncle dies i lik ethis website is this to angsty grilled cheese gooey cut in half so many typos no punctuation this is a sad ord it is looking for what it lost i think i

    By kt on 09.29.2011

  20. somewhere in the half light of the little town, there was a field that was crossed by a lovely girl. She did not know she was being followed. A tenebrous wind picked up and scattered the leaves that were under her feet. Her pace quickened as she realized that she was not alone.

    By Heather McMillen URL on 09.29.2011

  21. Half is a pretty interesting term, because of the saying that I always associate it with. Is the glass half empty or half full? And then the photo, of a cat with it’s face in the glass- optimist- glass half full, pessimist- wrong half of glass. So…yeah. This is a cool idea, by the way. I want to try it again.

    By Carly on 09.29.2011

  22. I used to think that I couldn’t go another day without you. I felt not whole. Everything around me stopped being…. meaningful. I thought that half of me was gone. I thought that half of me was you. How wrong it seems 6 months later… and how happy I am without your stupid half of my heart.

    By Hannah URL on 09.29.2011

  23. half the world began to wonder how everything would turn out when the sock market crashed. But time goes bye and we still dont want to find a way to fix anything but we still just wait and wonder when the other half is working on a way to change the future.

    By abe wagz on 09.29.2011

  24. Where do you even begin to tell the story so that a balanced view point is heard? When you only understand half the stor, the other side – so reluctant to speak up and have their voice heard? Patience is what’s needed and time of course, and then hopefully, eventually the other half will speak up.

    By Amimee URL on 09.29.2011

  25. you need to start putting some effort into this relationship.
    Everyday i put it all out on the line for you, and you just half ass everything you do.
    I’m sick and tired of this shit.
    Either you try, or i’m done.

    By Melanie on 09.29.2011

  26. Half way points drive me crazy. People always say: “We’re half-way there!” like it’s a grand accomplishment. But all I hear is: “Oh great. We get to do everything we just got through all over again.” Now, if someone said: “We’re 3/4 of the way there!” I would see that in a more positive light.

    By khakicat URL on 09.29.2011

  27. kaitlen henry. she is my other half. if people dont like her. i dont like them. they must accept her to accept me. i am her half too. it goes both ways. we spend our week with each other but when it comes to weekends, we cant. it is so hard to not be able to see your other half when you need them most.

    By Anna on 09.29.2011

  28. half and half. like the stuff you put in coffee. i don’t drink coffee. i have a low toleration for caffeine. if i were to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, i wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. just because of the caffeine. although, my anxiety doesn’t really help matters, i suppose. half of a whole. it’s a part. not the whole. that’s all i can say, i guess.

    By Dana URL on 09.29.2011

  29. half a glass
    done half ass
    it never lasts
    never stay
    never leave
    never let the others believe
    you know its true
    yeah its all right
    to stay awake thru every night
    you know you love it

    By Julie URL on 09.29.2011

  30. I’ll eat half now, and half later. In this moment, half appears filling. Later, it will appear as though it was never really half at all. It will appear as though I had really only left myself one-third. And if later the situation arises that I desire a complete portion, the meager half will be there to stand in my way. I will be incapable of overlooking it. Later, I will want an entire portion, but will be left with one that appears insufficient because I was too aware of my appearance to eat an entire portion now.

    By laney URL on 09.29.2011

  31. i want to be the whole me. the whole me. i hate being a half of a whole. My other “half” should be an extension of me and want to make me grow not shrink to a mere “half.” i tend to make myself even less than a half but i NEED to grow for once and my life, my other half will be learning to help us be 2.

    By Ev on 09.29.2011

  32. Half a heartache. Half of a beat. Half of a life that was half a lie, and therefore not really a life at all. You were here, but now you’re gone. We split in half. Never to bind together again. We were whole. Now I’m just a half.

    By Doris Wilson on 09.29.2011

  33. one day, i saw half this donught sitting on the sidewalk. The owner of said doughnut looked very distressed at his fallen pastry, and as red jelly oozed out and unto unsuspecting ants of the sidewalk, I caoulnd’t help but pity the man. “Come,” I said toi the starnger, “I’ll buy you a new one.” We walked down 1st avenue until we saw a nearby dunkin’ donuts. Iscoffed, thinkinng that Krispy Kreme was obviously the better choice, but the man had already entered the donutry and began gazing at the supply of donuts. I smiled to myself and walked up to the cashier.

    By Nyla on 09.29.2011

  34. half.

    half of what I should be. half of where I should be.

    half of who I should be.

    I will never be full. Maybe 3/4 or 7/8.

    But always half.

    She makes up for the other bit.

    By Serena URL on 09.29.2011

  35. half an hour ago, i was eating dinner. half a pomegranate reminds me of meghan and of my science class. the glass is half full, since i’m optimistic. half of me tries to forget you. half of everything is in my math book

    By Katie G on 09.29.2011

  36. It was only half as much as I wanted but I put it in a smaller box where it seemed larger than I could ever manage. I kept the lid shut tight so none of it could get out or fall into the wrong hands of an intruder. The box grew heavier with age and felt damply filled with the dark secrets hidden under my bed.

    By nannan URL on 09.29.2011

  37. one half of a cat is a tail. I am one half of a whole, the other half is missing. one half of an apple can feed a child for one half of a day. love is one half of live. the other is work.

    By Zamora on 09.29.2011

  38. half a word, half a song, half a second….incomplete, and yet, independent. Sometimes you can only find the first half, and you can’t remember what comes next, or you miss it….and then sometimes all you can find is the second half, and the first half was just lost in translation.

    By Mary Claire Shingleton on 09.29.2011

  39. half of me will never forget you. always underneath, i will remember you. the other half is trying to forget. even though everyone else wants me to.. i can’t see myself with anyone else. more than half of my life i have know you.

    By Katie URL on 09.29.2011

  40. half could be considered broken
    missing, lost without you.
    but I like to think of you as the better half…
    but who are we kidding I’m the better half…
    half of a whole
    or just a plain half
    depends if you are counting calories
    … I’ll meet you halfway

    By Rebecca URL on 09.29.2011