November 21st, 2010 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “habit”

  1. I think ahead of myself too much. I like to think of how things are gonna go down, that it’s all gonna be great–if only I can successfully pass through the 1st step, of you getting to notice me. And maybe then we can just talk and it’ll evolve from there–being friends, then close friends, then best friends.

    It’s a really bad habit I need to stop. In a sense I know that rejection is only inevitable but I go for it anyways. Why? I’m not sure. I cling on to a silly hope that there’s a maybe–just maybe–that you’re different than the rest of them, and that maybe you’ll notice these silly aspirations I have, and that you’ll look past this little tendency of mine and just accept me for how it is. Care to share my habit?

    By Michael Aquino URL on 11.21.2010

  2. “Sorry…it’s a habit.” He put his arms back down at his sides. I frowned at the thought of not being in his arms anymore. “It’s…for the best, right?” I didn’t want to admit it. “Yes…yes it is.” His eyes were downcast as he turned away from me. Forever.

    By Marissa URL on 11.21.2010

  3. habits form because of the strict regiment from which i live. habits form because i love security, monotony. i become frazzled and upset when my seat is moved. i find myself angered when my favorite cereal runs out and my mom insists on diversifying and buying a new type. Habits form my life– i’m drawn to them

    By rachel on 11.21.2010

  4. the woman lived in a hovel. Her movements were tired. Her habitat, her trials; these molded her into who she was.

    By liz on 11.21.2010

  5. I wake up in the morning for no reason; I go, I move, I breathe a little. I never breathe it all in. We move along, you and I, in this habitual movement, a mandatory dance, a breath of tiny life.

    We don’t breathe it all. We do not respond.

    We wake in the morning for no reasons, no more reason to celebrate waking up next to each other, no joy for feeling the other on the opposite side. We have no more reasons to love.

    Yet we still move forward. Holding on to glittering, skint memories of lust and excitement and elation without fear. For a time where we thought and felt and discovered.

    We do not breathe so much anymore.

    We do not love so much any longer.

    By Maggie on 11.21.2010

  6. It takes 21 days to break a habit, they say. It’s been 3 months. I still ache when I see you on the street. You never look at me. You don’t even glance into my shop window. Why did you marry her?

    By bizzbuzz on 11.21.2010

  7. I wake up in the morning for no reason; I go, I move, I breathe a little. I never breathe it all in. We move along, you and I, in this habitual movement, a mandatory dance, a breath of tiny life.

    We don’t breathe it all. We do not respond.

    We wake up in the morning for no reasons, no more reason to celebrate waking up next to each other, no joy for feeling the other on the opposite side. We have no more reasons to love.

    Yet we still move forward. Holding onto glittering, scant memories of lust and excitement and elation without fear. Looking backward for a time where we thought and felt and discovered.

    We do not breathe so much anymore.

    We do not love so much any longer.

    By Maggie URL on 11.21.2010

  8. I just stopped biting my fingernails a few months ago. It was odd how easily the habit slipped away – it had been there for my whole life, and suddenly, like it was nothing, I just stopped. I don’t know why or how, but it was as easy as peeling dead skin from a sunburn. Sometimes change just happens I guess.

    By me on 11.21.2010

  9. habits are easy to acquire, but, oh, so hard to break.
    There are all kinds of habits, of course, probably the best known of them being alcoholism. Among the lesser known ones are fingernail biting, cussing…and so on

    A wellknown author wrote a novel about habbits. they were little people, you know. They were keepers of the right. Balbo was a habbit.

    By art on 11.21.2010

  10. I have a habit. A dark habit. A velvet habit. A sweet habit. Habits tie deep into addictions and addictions ride hard and fast until it slams into a brick wall. Turning corners too fast. Making choices too quickly. Running after the latest prize.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 11.21.2010

  11. I have the habit of– I don’t even want to write right now. That’s another one of my habits. I start things without the heart to see it to the end. It breaks my heart. Or it would if I had one.

    November 21st, 2010. 10:39pm.

    By Christine URL on 11.21.2010

  12. daily habits are like smoking- they’re good for you until you decide they’re bad for you. then you shed them, one little piece of one habit at a time, just like you take off your clothes. set them in the windowsill, watch them fly away. : )

    By Alex Light URL on 11.21.2010

  13. a bad habit to one may be a lifeline to another.

    By layla on 11.21.2010

  14. Something someone does naturally
    But at the same time something they choose to do without realising it.
    Habits aren’t always bad but sometimes they can be such as smoking
    Habits like locking the door at night are a must and is an example of a good

    By Mark Reilly on 11.21.2010

  15. habits form and i justify them before i realize that’s addiction. and i’ve spent too much time with the bad ones to start making good ones from scratch. i’m habit forming, slow learning, and open enough to make mistakes. it’s what got me in trouble in the first place.

    By thispieceofwork URL on 11.21.2010

  16. He had a habit of making strange things out of macaroni. One day it would be a lampshade, and the other a lamp. It was this strange habit that inhibited his ability to make friends, mainly because he could never shut up about it. You could ask him what day it was, and he’d – perhaps subconsciously – tell you, while somehow leading it back to his macaroni sculptures.

    By Estevan URL on 11.21.2010

  17. Kicking the bad ones is harder than most other things to do in life. Because you don’t think about habits–usually they are brought to your attention as something “off”, “bad”, “abnormal”. Like biting your nails, my bad habit. And then the habit of plucking hair, twiddling your thumbs, fiddling with change.

    By Laura on 11.21.2010

  18. The habitual biting my fingernails that I do when I am nervous, tired or worried is most annoying. I try to avoid this by painting them; why would I want sore, horrible-looking finger nails??

    By Robyn-Astrid URL on 11.21.2010

  19. out of habit, I am out of habits. i have been broken of them. i am out of habits and ideas and my time is up now, well nearly. I am a pogo stick bounding out of habit. where has all the time gone?

    By e$ on 11.21.2010

  20. To have a habit can be very bad, it really depends on what that is I would guess. Mine I would say is picking at my nails as I watch the news.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.21.2010

  21. Some people make a habit to alway’s complain. No matter what they have it will never, ever be enough. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if no one, anywhere had any habits. What would we be like then?

    By ash on 11.21.2010

  22. Scratch, bite, pick, glance, check, double check.
    Eventually they would all add up,
    She would become their slave,
    Her actions solely involuntary.

    By Alisa on 11.21.2010

  23. It’s a habit. Procrastinating, mulling things over, not really getting on with it. It’s a habit of a lifetime, thinking about changing but need more time to think. Maybe one day, maybe next year ..

    By Freya on 11.21.2010

  24. Sweat poured down his face. It’s so hard to go without it, but he knew he had to. The needle called to him. Like out of a dream he could see the image of who he used to be, be fore all this started.

    By Dizzy on 11.21.2010

  25. It was a bad habit, really. At least, that’s what everyone else thought. Her, sneaking out after work to go and see a /monster/ like /him/. She couldn’t help it. She loved seeing him, and he wasn’t a monster. She would say it was more like a routine .. a good kind of routine, not like waking up everyday and having cereal. More like waking up everyday and having your /favorite/ cereal.

    By vivinyan URL on 11.21.2010

  26. i cant stand all the habits i have it hurts me to keep some of them for long but cant help it i want to help mself get rid of them but i cant. i dont know what to do but keep the habit going thatsall i know i guess

    By bianca on 11.21.2010

  27. Every morning the same
    Waking up, getting out, coming back,
    Making lunch, making dinner,
    Not making the most of time.

    By AD on 11.21.2010

  28. I have a bad habit of compassion. When I see broken wings, I must tend to them. When I see litter on the ground, I must pick it up. Others must laugh at my bad habit, but I would not change it for the world.

    By James URL on 11.21.2010

  29. Good. Bad. Either way, your habits affect not only yourself, but others as well. So, pursue wisely.

    By Jeana on 11.21.2010

  30. Drugs can be very addicting. Drug habits usually tend to more extreme than recreational use. The habit surrounding drugs tend to vary depending on the drug and amount of the drug a person takes.

    By Misael on 11.21.2010

  31. A habit. I don’t know if I have habits. I’m a bit of a free spirit but there’s stoo many things that make me tick. Well, not tick, they’re more of pet peeves… I hate it when people chew on wood, or cotton, I hate going outside at night, I’m afraid of high ways..I don’t know what all this says about me though,

    By Tessa on 11.21.2010

  32. Tendencies had always been one of Egor’s biggest giveaways. He constantly suffered from a complete and total inability to change his customary style of doing things, and therefore nearly always left a trace.

    By Olivier FitzGerald on 11.21.2010

  33. i have some terrible bad habits. i dont really know what to write here. my hand is really cold. only one because i’ve been using the computer mouse and m other hand was under my armput to keepwamr. woah. lots of typoes. <- ironic? its because my hand is so effing cold! blah. this is boring. as in my writing…

    By COLD HAND. on 11.21.2010

  34. .

    By Nick URL on 11.21.2010

  35. “I can’t help it.” She puffed, kicking at her brother again, harder. Thade winced and rolled onto his back. “Habit yes but — OW!” Thorn laughed bitterly as her spiked boot contacted with his ribs.
    “You will learn to live with it.” She muttered, walking away after spitting at him.

    By heather URL on 11.21.2010

  36. She never managed to kick the habit, it always ate away at her heart, her soul.

    Perhaps one day she’ll find a means to overcome this desire, but for now – she let it consume her.

    By yaz on 11.21.2010

  37. i have a really bad habit- smoking, i hate it and i wish i could be able to quit… i just have a bunch of friends that smoke and i feel like i need to find new friends, its whatever, i got myself into this and it sucks.

    By jenniferroca on 11.21.2010

  38. Lost in the woods while collecting mineral and plant data, Professor Schmendrick pulled out a bar magnet on a string to find which direction was north. It was a habit of his to carry such a home-made device from his days in the conservation corps. After following it deeper into the forest, he realized that he may not have been headed north after all. It had been years since using this compass, and back then, he didn’t have the titanium hip.

    By richpee on 11.21.2010

  39. He had gotten into the habit of checking the back cupboard every day since arriving at Stonebrook. He didn’t know exactly why, but there just seemed something… odd about that cupboard. It was as if every time he glanced at it, he had just missed something, or someone, scurrying away out of sight like a tiny spider.

    By Scarlet URL on 11.21.2010

  40. I have the bad habit of worrying too much. People call me a mother, but I’m only 17. I like it sometimes, it makes me think that I care, but I’n all honesty I’m just nervous about the out come of things; I can’t stand failure so I worry.

    By Ashley K on 11.21.2010