December 11th, 2011 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “gown”

  1. I know this is weird because I’m a boy but I’ve always wanted a gown! Girls get them and boys don’t! It STINKS!

    By Billy Bob Joe on 12.12.2011

  2. there’s no gown that could make me feel beautiful. there’s no day that could make me feel happy. i’m just downright miserable.

    By laughalot on 12.12.2011

  3. the gown that i am wearing for graduation is too big. it was my brothers and he was taller than me. so its too big. its red. and i graduate in may of 2012.

    By J URL on 12.12.2011

  4. i am larry bird, a redneck cattle rancher and i wore a big purple and yellow polka dotted gown and so did ol’ bessie, my favorite cow. and then i won the lottery and baught a new bessie so i bought it a green and orange bananna for hannakua because new bessie is jewish. i gave her a menorah and she burnt my wife so now in single.

    By Larry Bird on 12.12.2011

  5. my mom has the most beautiful gown with sparkles and glitter it is also blue and pink with purple flowers all over it it is awesome!

    By Stewy on 12.12.2011

  6. I took my first step down the long staircase, as elegantly as I could. Just as I had been taught. One foot after the other, slowly, holding my long, draping dress up in my left hand, whilst my right slides gently down the banister as I descend. Everybody is waiting for me, watching in anticipation. Looking at my everybody move, just waiting for me to make a mistake; to trip up or lose my grip the ridiculously over-priced gown that hangs off my frame, tearing it and exposing more than intended. Or to drop my heavy diamond bracelet and step on it in my painfully high heels, shattering it and forever being known as the girl who destroyed some of the most precious jewels in the country. No. That won’t happen. I’ve trained for this and I can do it.

    By Abbie URL on 12.12.2011

  7. my name is gown goodbye have a merry Christmas and a j biebs new year\

    By niki on 12.12.2011

  8. jay sean was waering a gown then he fell of a cliff into a pile of gowns. then jawysean gave lil wayne a pink gown. then lil wayne gave his gown to his mom then his mom went to the grammys wearing an elmo gown. he got jealous and went off stage and put his on.

    By camnewtondebest on 12.12.2011


    By Stewys friend on 12.12.2011

  10. She smiled and twirled and twirled. Her laughter filled the room as she heard the crowd cheer. She mimed a courtsey and waved to her admirers. She turned and stared at this woman and pitied her. Greasy, tangled nest of hair over a thin, gaunt face slimed with makeup. She affectionatrly patted her gown, the woman mimicked her. She laughed at how ridiculous the woman looked but oh, what a beautiful gown.

    By M. Moosh URL on 12.12.2011

  11. my woman wears a white night gown to bed every night

    By Leo URL on 12.12.2011

  12. you know else uses a gown my MOM!!!!!!!

    she dose not.

    By Fireman12$$$$ URL on 12.12.2011

  13. gowns are made for woman only woman…

    By Noah Gray URL on 12.12.2011

  14. Lots of moms have gowns, but not my mom, sadly, not my mom!

    By epicfaceofdeath45 URL on 12.12.2011

  15. Night gown. thats all I’ve got

    By Bubbles1213 URL on 12.12.2011

  16. I looked down at the gossamir and crinoline, gently touching the silky folds of the shimmering skirt. This was the most beautiful gown I’d ever seen, but I had to wonder who it came from. I had never seen anything like it before; it was foreign to me, just like the place I was about to enter. I bowed my head, took a deep breath and gently pushed open the heavy oak door. My time had come.

    By Nikki on 12.12.2011

  17. The gown is made from exclusive imported lace and hand spun silk. It flows like the ocean in the moonlight. the touch smooth like cool whip.

    By sarah on 12.12.2011

  18. oh my god i am to tired to write anything down ….
    what does “gown” mean ?
    english is only my secaond foreign language …

    By Gagah on 12.12.2011

  19. it flows,
    never stopping to take a breath.
    it moves
    like ocean waves
    and every breeze
    that nips
    ears with
    whispers of
    memories of

    By NuSol URL on 12.12.2011

  20. I want to drown in it. It should flow like a stream off my body, and taper into the aisles. I want everyone’s eyes captivated, locked in on me. If only for one day.

    By Soft URL on 12.12.2011

  21. The gown of midnight adorns
    with the sparkle of sequins
    reflected from stars
    The bleeding moon
    strokes a gossamer veil
    of pale highlights
    A haunting glow
    soft and yielding
    Hush now
    allow the artist
    its canvas
    Lift your arms
    allow its dressing

    By The Muse URL on 12.12.2011

  22. Gowns are dresses for fancy occasions. they can be long and flowy, short and pretty, but msotly pretty. They can be any color, and are for occasions like balls, or parties, or other things like that.

    By Ivy on 12.12.2011

  23. She looked at herself in her wedding gown, and a tear came to her eye.

    By Candice URL on 12.12.2011

  24. The bride was carried of into the woods by the best man and then he left her there to die, but wait along came a knight in shinny armor to save the day. Oh no

    By teeda URL on 12.12.2011

  25. The red gown draped across her body. She couldn’t believe what was ahead of her, she couldn’t believe she had done it. She was moving on- onto the big times ahead of her. She exited her chamber and walked down the hall. She was radiant.

    By Maria on 12.12.2011

  26. I need some new gowns. I planned to go shopping to Prague in the New Year hollidays and buy few nice gowns^^
    Just first association)

    By JoJoCastello URL on 12.12.2011

  27. Prom. What an interesting event. Eat strange food and bat your eyelashes so the boy you fancy will notice you this time. Continually glance in nearby mirrors to ensure that your caked-on beauty is still intact. Dance. Sit against the wall with crossed arms, and wait for mutually lonely arms to warmly welcome you in. Try to make conversation with the awkward boy that chooses you. Eye contact? Maybe. Embarrassing games and tired eyes. Fun? Maybe. Sleep is welcome and the absence of judging eyes places a smile of relief on your lips. Joy? Yes.

    By Sarah Lee URL on 12.12.2011

  28. the girl in the glittering gown was stunning in front of the obciene crowd. she blushed as the spot light caught her in its beams and the glare from it made her gown burst in a multitude of color and shined like a flame in the dark.

    By Alekesi URL on 12.12.2011

  29. as you sit staring at the girls in the red gown you cant help but ponder how nice she looks. she dances to the music her hips sway to the beat and is the center of attention where ever she stands. you pluck up the courrage to finally go and talk to her to get to notice you as you noticed her. as you start to walk over she spots you and your heart flutters as she beckons towards you. you start to dance slowly at first than you work your way up. as the dance ends you say to the lady in red “good night and for tonight I was yours”

    By Alekesi URL on 12.12.2011

  30. her gown was the world spinnng, it held the lifes of millions.

    By maggie on 12.12.2011

  31. My wedding

    By K on 12.12.2011

  32. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, standing in the boutique, looking at all the long dresses. She wasn’t sure why she was bothering. After all, no one cared. She couldn’t afford any of the dresses, nor would she ever have a chance to wear them. She just wanted to feel the silk and the satins, the glitter and gossamer, the tulle and tufts.

    By Samantha B URL on 12.12.2011

  33. i can’t imagine fitting in that gown again, it was beautiful. black with a slit coming up the middle and you could see all of me when I wore it. I mean, I could feel all of me when I wore that gown. I absolutely loved the way

    By D'vorah on 12.12.2011

  34. The caterpillar wears a gown
    to go to the pupa ball

    the sun also, mists over the mountain

    and very thin soups draped on potatoes,
    gossamer sauces, sexy nights
    for rice

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 12.12.2011

  35. The back of her gown trailed, blue droplets of gems shimmering in the sunlight that streamed in through reaching windows.

    By amlynn URL on 12.12.2011

  36. i made a promise, and we broke it.
    i should burn my gown.

    By sarah marie URL on 12.12.2011

  37. A ball gown is what you would wear to a ball. I like to imagine myself at a ball, with a floor length burgundy gown that swishes whenever I move. I would like to own a gown. In my opinion, gowns are very beautiful.

    By Damaris URL on 12.12.2011

  38. dressing gown white fluffy soft to the skin makes me dreamy wet dry mixed emotions flowey

    By bob on 12.12.2011

  39. dressing gown soft white fluffy against my newly shaven skin wet dry mixed emotions sad when faced in the mirror but smiles deceive all

    By besosx URL on 12.12.2011

  40. I am but a child, wrapped in a gown of strength given me by my grandmother. My mind stretches to all corners, and stitches the hem with thoughts.

    By Robyn-Astrid URL on 12.12.2011