December 11th, 2011 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “gown”

  1. The lace flew around her face and wrists, delicate arms held back by a shred of fabric. You could see just past her ankles, to where the leg began expanding again. As she moved, the motion was captured by satin, just the essence of the movements, the part the dress wanted you to see.

    By emay URL on 12.12.2011

  2. Bought a wedding gown at a second hand store for $5. Some loose threads, obviously from the early 90’s with poofy sleeves and all. A ragged stunner for the walk down the aisle. Maybe he will be wearing a polyester three piece suit that smells like pipe smoke. And maybe he will have a briefcase for work. Just maybe.

    By mere URL on 12.12.2011

  3. Her flowing gown caught his eye at once, entrancing him. It showed him little of her figure, which only made him want to see more.

    By Ellie on 12.12.2011