December 10th, 2011 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “beckon”

  1. She beckons me. I walk toward her. I want to be with her. But my mind stops me. Why does it stop me? If I want to be with her, I should tell her. Let her know how I truly feel. But I don’t. I created a brick wall in my brain. Why? Someday I will break it down.

    By Erik on 12.11.2011

  2. sorry, i dont know the meaning.^-^

    By ddddddddddddd URL on 12.11.2011

  3. when i read it at first i read bacon. and then for an instant I was like oh god, i want bacon. now i realized i had bacon in my breakfast so i don’t want bacon anymore.

    By Isabel on 12.11.2011

  4. The open window drew me. The breeze from the night was some dark, hidden fairy tale. The stars were all there and luring me outside. It was that familiar feel of stories told in corners of the room with a secret light on. That window, it drew me outside to the world where the fairy tales existed. The whisper of the trees was finally calling me again.

    By Lauren Johnson URL on 12.11.2011