March 10th, 2012 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “gourmet”

  1. A gourmet is a delicacy. It is high end, it is top of the line. It is the best of the best. It is quality certified, it is perfection. It is something that you could not create in your home. It is something made by a professional. It is the end all be all!

    By Mackenzie on 03.10.2012

  2. I like to cook. Cooking invloves passion and passion is at the heart of creativity. Being creative in cooking is not just a skill but an art. An art that can be enjoyed as a lifestyle and it makes me smile.

    By Rohan on 03.10.2012

  3. I’ve never had a truly gourmet meal – at least in the sense of going out to a fancy restaurant. The best gourmet meal comes from knowing exactly what you put into it and what you did to it so you can replicate it later.

    By Mags URL on 03.10.2012

  4. She had to try her best. Her cooking had to perfect. It had to be perfect to please a gourmet of food like him. Of course, it was natural. He was from France. She looked miserably down at the soggy mess she called a starter.

    She had a long way to go.

    By Erina URL on 03.10.2012

  5. It was a brisk, cold windy day. I had just quit my job and some celebration of the most depressed kind were in order. What better way to wallow in sadness over my stupidly explosive temper than to treat my self to some delicious, gourmet food at my favorite cafe.

    By Nora on 03.10.2012

  6. When I think of gourmet I think of France, or London. Never America, we lost it when we eat Mcdonalds. I wish I could go to France or London to eat real food. I miss it

    By Lily on 03.10.2012

  7. She thought of herself as a gourmet cook. She had all the right utensils, cookware, ingredients. Unfortunately (and no one dared tell her this), she lacked any ability whatsoever, rendering her dishes awful, tasteless messes.

    By Susan URL on 03.10.2012

  8. his face turned a little purple, Balls of what? he asked again. “Balls off bulls i answers the gourmet with a smile

    By kim on 03.10.2012

  9. Ein Gourmet ist einer, der Krabben isst. Unter anderem. Er kennt sich aus mit Geschmäckern. Er schaut verächtlich hinab auf die gemeinen Sterblichen, die sich an Hamburgern und Hähnchenschenkeln laben. Er schaut verächtlich hinab auf die Vegetarier, die Froschschenkel nicht zu schätzen wissen. Er ist der Kingkong der Küche. Er weiß alles, er urteilt über alles, er kennt keine Gnade.

    By Eli URL on 03.10.2012

  10. Dina licked her lips. This soup was shaping up to be her finest yet. She turned and surveyed the kitchen. It had been a long, hard slog, but she finally had her restaurant.

    By Jade L URL on 03.10.2012

  11. Yum, the food tastes so good today. But it’s so fancy it lost its truth. Where is the fried potato? I want a fried potato.

    By Lana Jordan URL on 03.10.2012

  12. The flan was almost exquisite; hours of wondering, imagining and assiduous planning portended a masterpiece. Thoughts of how it would taste crumbling on the tongue had become a waking dream. A chance to be the best at something, or at the very least, create something that was the best of its kind.
    The first flash of a car light scoured across the courtyard, and she felt a fizzle of excitement in her stomach, behind her ears. She clicked the lock off the latch, and eased the door open so their noses would be filled with the irresistable smell of pastry. With a deep sniff, she smoothed down her hair. Then another sniff. Only a faint whiff of gardenia from outside.
    Mack and Liz were already out of the car, at the bottom of the path with a cheery wave, bathed in the glowing headlights of the next car.
    “Hello”, she forced out with a ready smile.
    “Hello, hello. So good to see…”
    She quickly let the door close, automatically flicking the latch closed and scurried through to the kitchen. Not even a whiff of flan. She stooped forward and pressed her finger against the oven, rubbing the glass over the unlit ‘on’ button.

    By Sam URL on 03.10.2012

  13. food was the delicacy of the rich and it was glorious to eat in the sun, the warmth on our face and the sunglasses on, water sparkling..
    Those were the happy times. all was red and sparkling. our time together was beautiful and we smiled and lana del rey played in the back

    By laura on 03.10.2012

  14. food. oh god how i love food. it sets me on fire. i think food is one of few ways to truly express yourself. others being, art, music, and skateboarding :).

    By Michael Long on 03.10.2012

  15. “This is a gourmet meal, Tobias. A veritable feast.”

    “Astor, this is microwaved chicken strips. And remember, I told you why I don’t eat chicken.”

    “HOW IS IT THAT I ALWAYS FORGET THAT no matter, /I/ will eat the chicken. Uh, I also have some pizza rolls in the fridge?”

    By Julia A. URL on 03.10.2012

  16. Gourmet means something fancy. Like a schlop of fancy people taking the insides of a pig, and selling it to people by saying its gourmet. appeals to the senses better then what it truly is.

    By Delaine Kylynn on 03.10.2012

  17. yummy delicious food that sparks on your tongue and makes your gullet sad as it goes down. small portions don’t last long. that’s how they get your money Joe. you’re hungering for more. seasonings not salt tricking your senses and tastes into faux happiness just for a moment.

    By naomicb URL on 03.10.2012

  18. foood

    By Jesse on 03.10.2012

  19. Gourmet. My mom and stepdad like to cook a lot. They like to think of themselves as gourmet chefs, in fact. My parents think the meals they produce with a million dirty dishes and a huge mess is 5 star. Their cooking sucks, but I’d never tell them.

    By Gmp on 03.10.2012

  20. In a gourmet shop on the second floor I puzzled over pretzel dips and tried out the red gooey stuff that eluded my fingers and plopped soft and suspicious onto the tip of my pink shoe.

    By nannan URL on 03.10.2012

  21. food escargo trout sometimes foodie blog expensive Cn Tower money snobby people high class waiter thin pizza exotic taste exquisite cash succulent

    By atina on 03.10.2012

  22. gourmet é um termo bem clichê riquinho. tudo é gourmet hoje em dia. do pão francês que recebeu um pouquinho de queijo e virou gourmet até o salmão coberto com folha de ouro que eu comi outro dia. o que o gourmet não define é o meu tipo de comida preferido.

    By fernanda on 03.10.2012

  23. Gourmet

    My friend :) Ok she’s not a gourmet but she cooks really well. I’m used to pretty basic tasteless food! And I’m ok with that. I like food “as is.” Plus I have allergies so simple is often best with me. To be honest, restaurant food doesn’t taste a whole lot better to me. That’s not to say I cook as well as a restaurant, but I rarely eat somewhere because I think “The food here is SO GOOD.” I eat out if I’m tired and don’t want to cook myself! If the food isn’t bad at a restaurant, that’s good enough for me!

    But my friend cooks really well. I’ve eaten at her place several times and she’s amazing with seasoning. I know nothing about seasoning. I have four I use and that’s it, and I don’t even use those all the time. She’s got an encyclopedia of spices. All fresh. All combined well on the food… her cooking is fantastic. I’m trying to get tips from her because it seems effortless for her. I’d love for it to be effortless for me too. Right now, for me it’s just “clueless.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 03.10.2012

  24. Being around you is a gourmet meal for me. Your arms are a delicacy. It isn’t often that this occurrence is served, but when it is, I’m on cloud nine.

    By chands92 URL on 03.10.2012

  25. Gourmet food is so classy. I have always wanted to go to a gourmet restaurant and get treated like a princess for just one meal. Although, i wouldn’t know where to start. which fork do i use? Am i supposed to finish everything? Maybe i’m just not cut out for such a charmed life.

    By livberg URL on 03.10.2012

  26. gourmet meals that are meant for kings are not poison to the peasants. kings are fat while the working starve and this is just how life works. Gourmet food is not even the most delicious food or the most nutritious, it is just expensive.

    By David Pennington on 03.10.2012

  27. Gourwhat? Gourmee? Gay Paree!

    By Hafada URL on 03.10.2012

  28. burgers
    time consuming

    By katie on 03.10.2012

  29. I don’t know what this word means. At first, I thought it said “garment” Becasue I know what that means.. but, I’m not so sure what this word is.. so, uh.. I dont know what to write, really. I’m texting my bestfriend, though. I love her. (: She’s amazing. Are you done timing me?

    By Samya on 03.10.2012

  30. The food was gourmet. Absolutely delicious. I looked up from the decadent food on the white plate and smiled at him.

    By Kelsey on 03.10.2012

  31. The meal was fit for a king. Platters of steaming chicken legs roasted to perfection, fancy, fruity salads with exotic vinaigrettes, more food than Karmen could contemplate existing. The girl smiled, ignoring the pain in her cracked lips. Tonight, she would feast like a queen.

    By Carnella URL on 03.10.2012

  32. The meal was gourmet but Shell couldn’t eat it. The greasy looking caviar and the unidentified brown substance made her crave a hamburger. With cheese. “Are you suitably impressed?” Johnson asked and Shell attempted to smile back at him. “Of course,” she answered and braved a bite of passion fruit.

    By april93 URL on 03.10.2012

  33. fancy, expensive food. more fancy than you, and if you don’t like it than your pallet is not refined enough. a gourmet chef is a very stuck up person who is trained in the art of making strange things look eatable.

    By Katie on 03.10.2012

  34. delicious thing that I’m not really sure what it is. Sounds kind of french Im actually in france right now and its pretty cool. Also sounds like food but Im not really hungry right now. You know? ok. bye.

    By Luis Pons on 03.10.2012

  35. Gourmet food is always quite yummy. I mean the right person has to cook it for it to be yummy. Some random hobo cant just decide to cook gourmet food one day. You have to have talent and patience to make gourmet food, and if you can’t even make good normal food don’t even embarrass yourself by trying to cook gourmet food. Leave that to the chefs. Just saying.

    By Ivory on 03.10.2012

  36. I made a gourmet soup last Thursday. Well, it was intended to be gourmet anyway. The recipe was gourmet. My soup wasn’t. I don’t know what happened. Next time, Top Ramen.

    By Katie on 03.10.2012

  37. The gourmet food was delicious in her mouth. Immediately, she looked up to see if her partner was also tasting the delcious food in the same way. She was shocked to see that his face was not covered in the same amazement at the food. Slightly insulted by his unfazement, she left for the washrooms.

    By Anneke on 03.10.2012

  38. That was all she wanted in life. She wanted to be dressed in Givenchy and Alexander McQueen, driven around in a Rolls Royce Phantom and fed gourmet food made by chefs from Paris. (She would eat very little of it of course, so that she can fit in her couture gowns bought for special occasions.)

    By Annie URL on 03.10.2012

  39. The food in the restaurant, I’ve never tasted anything like it much less seen it!! It’s the kind of food you see on TV, not something I get to do very often. It was splendid, warming my stomach. Gourmet…I’m on top of the world.

    By Nicole Miller on 03.10.2012

  40. i love gourmet, it is the best food ever especially when I prepare and cook. I know what it tastes like before I was born. The word is gour, gouge, grope and gawk at my pallett and I cannot believe I am in such a frenzy to write about the word gourmet withouth

    By Debra Robertson on 03.10.2012