January 16th, 2017 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “golf”

  1. Golf; a sport; a game; a pastime. Golf; does it make a difference?
    Does anything make a difference? A sport, a song, a game, a frown, does any of it make a difference?

    By EmmaChristobel URL on 01.16.2017

  2. Golf is a boring sport. What’s the point of hitting balls with a long, metal stick? It makes no sense to me. When I was younger, my family would play golf on our wii. We had the fake little plastic golf club you could attach to the remote. I got too into it once and accidentally smashed it against the TV. I wasn’t allowed to play golf after that. Golf is a boring sport.

    By Shi URL on 01.16.2017

  3. He stepped on the golf course with confidence, marching next to the young caddy as if to pomp & circumstance. He knew the odds were stacked against him. He knew he would have to perform his best, but something about the tight grass and humid Florida air on that Saturday made him feel invincible.

    By Joe URL on 01.16.2017

  4. my dad loves golfing, I’ve went a couple times minot the best ill admit but after about a dozen times i can get it in the hole and when i do its the best feeling ever that sense of victory even tho its just a little ball in a hole

    By ambrose URL on 01.16.2017

  5. Two women played golf in the blazing summer heat, while their husbands kicked back with drinks and reminisced over the good old days of wrestling in the school gymnasium and hunting for squirrels in the backyard and finding new ways to sneak beer out of grocery stores without getting caught. And while the ladies scored holes in one, the gentlemen scored each other on belches and laughed as their stomachs gurgled beneath the weight of their coats.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.16.2017

  6. When he gets the chance to do whatever he wants, Malachi plays golf. Morning, noon, half an hour before the 3pm closing of the course, he wants to play golf. Melinda has no idea how to deal with this quirk of Malachi’s, so she goes with it. Buys the shoes, the plaid pants, and even some clubs.

    By Serene URL on 01.16.2017

  7. I like golf because I have played it before with my grandad when I was young and it does not require alot of strength in the legs or body well not as much as other things like running

    By E| Frenzy URL on 01.17.2017

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    By Ruth M URL on 01.17.2017

  9. the sun rises
    over the mini golf course

    you smoke your last cigarette
    and I sit and wonder

    how many holes there are
    in the green

    By cookedpoet93 on 01.17.2017

  10. Dad tried to get me to like golf and I didn’t appreciate the hitting of the little ball and running after it. I especially didn’t like the tension involved in putting the ball into the hole on the green. There were many things I didn’t like about golf. But later in life, I worked at a golf tournament and I loved it! Too bad I got rid of that set of left handed golf clubs that Dad left for me.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 01.17.2017

  11. I love playing golf because it is fun. I can hit the golf ball very far.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.17.2017

  12. I never really liked golf all that much. My godparents loved it and I would occasionally watch them play a game or two, but I’ve never tried it out myself. I don’t know why but I never had the urge to wither. I guess I’ll never really know if i like it.

    By Audrey on 01.17.2017

  13. Of all GOLF movies,
    The Greatest Game Ever Played
    is solely not lame;

    Save one comedy
    with excitement aroused by
    a man of hockey,

    beaten by show host,
    but wins at the end with some
    ricochets off posts

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 01.17.2017

  14. Some definitions
    in encyclopedias
    count golf as a game

    To rise to be sports
    games are played “head to head” with
    “offense AND defense”

    [So golf IS competitive, IS skillful, yet IS a GAME. Plus, the mere debating and arguing over this for years by millions makes it not a sport, for people don’t question football, basketball, boxing, etc. en mass.]

    Happy MLK day, and MLX day since I respect both violence allowing and refraining ways to Justice and for Human rights. People worldly praise the former, but the latter proved more practical and effective in the USA, but the system and governments being challenged to change for the better prefer to honour only Dr. King Jr.’s approach copied from Mahatma Gandhi.

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 01.17.2017

  15. My dad taught me how to golf when I was little. I used to hate those hot days at the range, it all seemed so dry. Now I dont know where I’d be without those days on the range, frustrated hours with my dad patiently instructing me. Golf is a forever game, an investment and a gift.

    By Carolyn on 01.17.2017

  16. we were playing golf when the girl came in. she play like a pro, but since we don’t know anything about golf we didn’t know who she was.
    afterwards, we found out that she was a world class champion.

    By Tasya URL on 01.17.2017

  17. I dont like golf. The course use to much space and water that could be used better.
    In the space of one golf course for rich people your could have put up fields and courts for many other sports and a mini golf course instead and a skate park, motocross, bmx courses.
    A lot more can be done and better things than golf courses. States with drought problems should not waste irrigation on fields for just a spoiled few to play some game. They can do something else. Swimming is more complete and better exercise for water to be used and Chess is more challenging type of game. Needs and wants of the many ofver the few is simply better.

    By Thorut on 01.17.2017

  18. Golf, were going to play golf. I’m just wondering when my family turned into stuck up white people who play golf in there free time or better yet on “family fun day” yay.

    By yaz on 01.17.2017

  19. I see some interesting names. I’d like to know where writers are from. Tasya seems pretty and I have not seen that or Thorut before.
    regarding golf, It IS a sport because it comes on Fox SPORTS and golf channel
    is on the SPORTS package for satellite or cable too. It has pro associations and Steph Curry and Michael Jordan and other sports pros play golf and can’t get that good at it! When you play that first day of golf you will feel the burn the next day guaranteed and golf course bring money to a city that can help fund local services and economy so there Thorat or whatever.

    By Bowe on 01.17.2017

  20. I live on the golf coast. Yes it exists! East Lothian. Everyone n this area claims it was invented here. All I know is it makes for strange habits, drinking excuses and costumes. The 19th hole is not all it’s cracked up to be!

    By Caroline Vevers on 01.17.2017

  21. I had a really fun time golfing with my family when I was younger. We went to a 9 hole course and I drove the go kart off into a sand trap. My dad was frustrated but it was probably the most fun that we could have had. James, Chris, dad and I. I am horrible at the driving range. Thinking about the driving range makes me want to go to the batting cages.
    The batting cages at Ayala were always poorly lit, so I preferred to go to Field of Dreams instead.

    By lumi23 URL on 01.17.2017

  22. wrinkled old white men celebrating their financial and racial superiority. A sport revolving around discrimination and privilege. Tiger woods is accepted to give the rest of the players the emotional permission to continue to discriminate against minorities, like “See! Here’s my black friend!”

    By Thia URL on 01.17.2017

  23. Employ golf. The projectile launched now arcs thousands of yards before it rains hell and fire down upon the green.

    By Paul URL on 01.17.2017

  24. My grandpa watches and sometimes plays golf. I don’t understand the game,so I don’t understand what there is to like about it.

    By Jada Engel on 01.17.2017

  25. used to think it was a nice hobby – it turned into a life-prohibitive activity. there is nothing more important than golf. all finances go toward golf.
    it’s becoming an annoying word…never thought i’d have to think of it negatively.

    By anna URL on 01.17.2017

  26. Old guys game. I’ll probably play it years from now but while I am young I will do sports that use my speed and athleticism while I can. If Archer plays golf then I might play it sooner. Archer is a badass show. I can’t watch golf streamed live its too slow boring I like to play as the guy in a wool suit on the EA game though when someone brings a golf game for Xbox, but thats about it.

    By Randy Chet Manley on 01.17.2017

  27. A game of mental challenge versus physical ability. Not strength, but control. Stamina. Endurance. It is meant to challenge others to play at that same level and yet against themselves at the same time. A sport of kings perhaps, but played by mundanes as well.

    By Laura on 01.17.2017

  28. I love golf. I like being outdoors. I like being with me friends. I enjoy the warm Kansas evenings while golfing

    By Amy Anderson on 01.17.2017

  29. I am bad at golf. I tried to learn from my husband…that did not go well. I have this thing with swinging my hips when i swing my golf club. It is interesting because I tend to overthink what I’m supposed to do. I had hoped it would be an activity for my husband and I to learn together, but I don’t think that is was the right choice.

    By charlene on 01.17.2017

  30. fancy a round of golf?
    I did
    On the first hole I hit the ball about 10metres
    and then swung it into the trees
    Things didn’t get much better as we laughed our way to the greem
    We were young we didn’t care
    I had borrowed my Grans golf bag and clubs
    I don’t remember the other 8 holes
    but afterwards we sat in the club house and had millionaires shortbread and tins of sunkist.
    There was nothing to worry about
    We were young we didn’t care

    By Steve O URL on 01.17.2017

  31. I am sitting here, mid-winter, wishing that it was 75 degrees and sunny all the time so I could learn how to play golf. It’s a man’s sport, that’s what they say, but I’m hoping that it will give me a leg up in good ol’ corporate America. To be a good golfer means a respectable business person.

    By Sully Anderson URL on 01.17.2017

  32. NOW

    By Debbi Lawlor on 01.17.2017

  33. I do not like to golf it is hard and kinda boring. although the golf couses are pretty. If I had the chance to work at one I may do that . But Really i think I would rather not.

    By Johna on 01.17.2017

  34. I have like, three grandpa’s that are OBSESSED with golf. I’ve tried to understand it, but I just can’t. To me, it’s like football. I JUST CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT! Really the only sport I under stand is cheerleading. And,. whether you like it or not, think so or not, cheerleading IS a sport. If you can win at it, it’s a sport. Golf, football, tennis, cheerleading? They are all sports. Get over it.

    By Julianne Engel on 01.17.2017

  35. My uncle likes to golf. He has an obsession with golf shoes, golf hats, golf pants. He used to work at the range but they fired him. Kicked him out for smashing a window with a golf club.

    By Lilly on 01.17.2017

  36. My husband loves to golf. During the summer, he usually golfs every Wednesday afternoon with my dad, his dad, and a few friends. He also golfs during the weekends quite a bit. Golfing is a bit expensive but I’m glad he found something he enjoys.

    By Shelley on 01.17.2017

  37. She swung and, on the follow through, felt her grip loosen on the cub. “Ah! Um, fore? Heads up! Look out!” Her club didn’t travel far before hitting the ground, but everyone else at the range looked at her like she had yelled “Fire!” in a theatre. She could hear him laughing behind her. She sniffed, derisively.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.17.2017

  38. Golf

    My grandmother used to work at a golf course. She loved golf.

    My “grandfather” (sort of a grandfather) used to drive me around in the golf carts. I remember him showing me one that would follow you if you put a remote in your pocket. I thought it might be a good gag to slip the remote into someone’s bag. Didn’t do it, but thought about it.

    Years later I was in a golf cart with my sister. She was driving. I realized in that moment, how peaceful the golf course was. I’d never understood that before. I’d thought they were boring. But life is so hectic now, that I noticed…. peace…..

    I dream about spending time on golf courses now. Not playing. Just being there.

    A friend said she grew up on a golf course. I imagine it was very peaceful.

    By Noisy Quiet on 01.17.2017

  39. I dont how to play golf. I always think that this kind of sport is specialised for the rich and it is quite an elegant and premium leisure activties for the high class in the society.

    By Yuki Lo URL on 01.17.2017

  40. Golf ist ein “Sport”, mit dem ich genau so wenig anfangen kann wie mit Schach oder Kegeln oder Fußball. Vermutlich nur aus Unkenntnis. Da ist nichts, was mich reizt, worauf ich mich einlassen wollte. Zu viel Attitüde noch dazu. Sport heißt bei mir Schwitzen, Sport heißt Dinge tun, die ein untrainierter Mensch nicht schafft – mich mit dem Zeh hinterm Ohr kratzen oder einen Marathon laufen.

    By Eli URL on 01.17.2017