May 12th, 2011 | 577 Entries

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577 Entries for “glowing”

  1. Glowing things are pretty. Sometimes they are not. But that’s usually when they are evil. Evil glowing things can be very, very dangerous. Just like my dog. Which is not that nice when he’s glowing. And then his teeth will glow as well. And when he glows from tail to head, you’d better RUN.

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 05.12.2011

  2. Over about a decade ago, when we lived in Austin, there were traveling shows showcasing a myriad of magical pain relief: tinctures, oils, salves, and potions. If only they traveled this north it might give tom something to keep himself busy with, even if they didn’t work. See tom’s always been real superstitious I think it was his maid growing up that put the fear in him. Now all we’ve got is this modern medicine that costs an arm and a leg and works just about as well as the old stuff they were shoveling out the back of them traveling shows.
    It’s November when the snow really starts to stick up here in the mountains. Lucy hates it, hates being cooped up with us old folks all day and night. She wants to run and conversate the way dogs do with squirrels and raccoons and all the other little critters that tom calls vermin. Hard to believe we’ve been up in these hard woods for so long. With the children grown there ain’t much else to do.
    I often try to remember what it was I wanted when I was growing into my skin. I remember wanting the family, but somehow when I got it I couldn’t help wanting to run away from it. Tom says I read too many robinson crusoe books at that time and all I wanted was an adventure big enough to be thankful for what we already had. So he says it’s real important that I learned to be thankful without the adventure dulling my health.
    That’s his way of turning things around always making me feel like I got what I wanted without having to get it. I remember one Christmas when the kids were all teenagers and I couldn’t stand to be around them I asked tom for a real fine looking evening gown for my present. It’s not like we went anywhere I could really wear it; I just wanted to vacuum in it. And maybe it just made me feel good to know that if I wanted I could look like those girls in the commercials, that if prince charming came to ask me to the ball I’d have something to wear.
    He said what about the kids, what about the cars they’re gonna want, what about the schools they’re gonna have to go to, who’s paying for all that, with what money. We had a long loud row about this one, so loud the kids heard it. Tom ended the fight saying all I really wanted was to feel beautiful and, gosh darn it, if I wasn’t the most beautiful woman in texas he didn’t know who was. He said he’d tell me every day how beautiful I was and every night take me out for strolls around the moonlit neighborhood lavishing me with compliments. That lasted about a week until life intervened with all the necessities life thinks necessary.
    That Christmas it was the kids who ended up buying me the dress, with their own money no less. Funny thing is I’ve still got it but I can’t wear it anywhere cause the nearest watering hole is just that: a watering hole for truckers and rangers.

    By becca Loo URL on 05.12.2011

  3. Bright. Glow worms. Lightning bugs. Candles. In the window! Glass. Wax.

    Moon, in the winter time. Bright, but softened by night. Warm. Glowing. Healthy skin. Summertime.

    By Shenanigans on 05.12.2011

  4. She had a glowing appearance to her. Her boyfriend looked at her in awe. The bump on her stomach was growing by the day and he couldn’t wait to meet their baby. She pushed some brown locks out of her face. She looked at his big brows which normally furrow in annoyance, but now are showing signs of happiness. “Happy darling?”

    By Alx URL on 05.12.2011

  5. look at her, she’s glowing. like she’s radiating life straight from her soul. Could be pregnant, or just tried to get so to speak. just damn beautiful! I need one of them, that’s for sure

    By bill mitchell URL on 05.12.2011

  6. Her skin glowed, the way a pregnant woman’s would in the beginning of her pregnancy, before she even knew about it.

    She was not pregnant.

    On second guess, you would probably think her in love. She’s not that either.

    She has a secret. A Mona Lisa kind of secret.

    By Klaity URL on 05.12.2011

  7. I’m working on getting a photograph taken of an anteater at night that is backlit so that it glows. It’s not a real anteater. It’s our school’s mascot. The backlit version hangs on the clock tower. The photo is gonna cost $300. Whatever. glowing costs.

    By deadponies URL on 05.12.2011

  8. The corona around the indiscernible object was bright enough to blind the disheveled traveler. Blah blah blah running out of time blah this is such a dumb story.

    By jbal;jkg on 05.12.2011

  9. It wasn’t shining or twinkling or glowing. Strangely, it seemed flat. As if it had been cut from pale yellow and scotch-taped to the night sky. I squinted and it blurred, looking more like a moon.

    By Shenoa L. on 05.12.2011

  10. glowing is what makes an angel what it is.. i glow when someone is in love with me. when i have someone to love and cherish. Glowing is what happiness is about. when one is content and satisfied. glowing is all positive.

    By Janice on 05.12.2011

  11. The candles were glowing in the soft moonlight as we sat in the grass, laughing and sipping a cool, crisp wine. The lightening bugs were glowing, too, the neon yellow lighting tiny patches of sky or grass for an instant before moving on. The breeze carried the soft scent of flowers, and the deep love of me, and of you.

    By maritov URL on 05.12.2011

  12. the glowing light flows off the silkscreen thinking “everything will be allright” while taking a sip from my cup of tea hoping for someone to come and find and see me.

    By Adam Willhelmsson on 05.12.2011

  13. I’m awestruck. In front of me is something I thought I would never see in my whole life. My hands shake as I reach for it, admiring its beauty. I look up and see him smiling. Before I knew it I placed it on my finger and whispered yes. I looked at the ring once more, it seemed to glowing..Just like me.

    By Kitty Lynn URL on 05.12.2011

  14. The song I’ve been listening to lately, If I Could Fall In Love by Lenny Kravitz, isn’t something sappy. I mean, if you wanna take it there, feel free. But it’s fucking great rock music, something that’s been lost on this upcoming generation. And yeah, I feel like a geriatric saying something like that, tellin’ kids to turn down their “loud music.” Besides the point. This song is “GLOWING” with summer vibes and doesn’t get old after a session of repeats. Beaming, with open arms, releasing this simple message of happiness. Clichés are cliché for a reason.

    By Travis URL on 05.12.2011

  15. A glowing star so bright,
    Will often shine with all it’s might,
    I wish I could hold it against me,
    And feel the power of around me

    By Elliot URL on 05.12.2011

  16. i done know what it is.

    By cando URL on 05.12.2011

  17. glowing. the glow stick broke and made glowing stuff get all over me. when in the dark, I had to hide my glow- stained shirt.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 05.12.2011

  18. glowing is when something has light or a florescent color coming off of it.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 05.12.2011

  19. The glow stick was glowing in the dark.

    By Stevie URL on 05.12.2011

  20. He had looked in her direction and smiled a huge smile at her.
    Wow! She thought. All the effort that she went to this morning, up at 6 to put on her make-up and spending all her pocket-money on her uber-cool short skirt had paid dividends. Bigger dividends that even she expected. She was positively glowing.
    A girl purred from behind her, “Hi David”.

    By M Daly URL on 05.12.2011

  21. Like all the fairies, Celina’s skin appeared to shimmer with an ethereal glow. Their secret was fairy dust, which, if you aren’t aware, is like crack to fairies, gets them high as a kite and makes them look all glittery.

    Unfortunately, Celina was a poor fairy and her fairy dust dealer had given her a black eye when she hadn’t kept up with her payments. So she’d taken a trip to the local nuclear power plant and doused herself in the nuclear waste. She was still glowing, but sadly also dying from radiation exposure.

    By Cassie URL on 05.12.2011

  22. Glowing means to glow. yeahhhh!

    By Summer Emond URL on 05.12.2011

  23. “Look at you glow” you say, chuckling lightly. It was true, my pale skin made me impossible to miss in the moonlight, even under the water. You stand on the shore watching me, claiming it’s too cold, while the waves caress me and like rocks on the shore.

    By Lucille URL on 05.12.2011

  24. this morning you were glowing with your sunburned nose and your nutty smelling skin and then your eyes opened and my heart was glowing

    By patty URL on 05.12.2011

  25. She is ever glowing like a star dropped from the sky and taken up residence in the old neighborhoods of Bmore and left to brighten the dinginess that the rest of us wallow in.

    By nannan on 05.12.2011

  26. “Look at you glow” you say, chuckling lightly. It was true, my pale skin made me impossible to miss in the moonlight, even under the water. You stand on the shore watching me, claiming the water is too cold, while the waves caress me like rocks on the shore.

    By Lucille URL on 05.12.2011

  27. how she looks when he finally tells her the truth, when he finally tells her that shes the one and she has always been. when she is emitting happiness and its infectious.

    By NicoletheAnole URL on 05.12.2011

  28. Teenagers glow with admiration, love, self confidence, hope, anticipation, amusement, and genuine curiosity.

    By Christi on 05.12.2011

  29. glowing of the fireflies in summer brings out the kid in all of us
    to see that small firefly with that yellow shine is awesome
    and yet by day those bugs are not as handsome as at night

    oh to be a kid again!!!! i can dream, can’t i?

    By she53lly URL on 05.12.2011

  30. Here, up in the cloud forests, the glow bugs flickered in the air, like a microcosm of the universe. The lodge was positioned on a high vantage point, overlooking a grand valley and, in the distance, a volcano and a lake. The landscape was alive with natural light.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.12.2011

  31. I fixed my eyes on that glowing smile, concentrated on its radiance. Nothing would excite me after this, nothing significant. My entrance to the better life was through him, and I knew that he knew there was nothing to stop me. I inched forward and his wish was my command.

    By Maxie URL on 05.12.2011

  32. light worm
    eyes, love, warmth, birthday candles, love, faith, happiness, aura, lightness, adjective, verb, turn on/ turn off, switch,

    By maggie on 05.12.2011

  33. Dewy sweat on her brow. Rosy cheeks give vibrance to her face. A smile shows how much she loves you. And you take her in your arms, and kiss her oh-so-gently. And she melts against you, like a waxen figure, too weak to resist.

    By AmPetryschuk URL on 05.12.2011

  34. I stared at the glowing embers of the fire. “And that was the last they ever heard from Old Man Jenkins.” Everyone gasped in horror. “Who’s turn is it now to tell a story?”

    By McCall URL on 05.12.2011

  35. My face never glows. Glowing reminds me of something that I can’t be. Almost like an angel. Angels glow. They glow with a glow that is irrevocable, irreplaceable, something that I wish that I was. I want to glow.

    By Sabrina Goodnature on 05.12.2011

  36. Glowing is a verb that can express an emotion. People often say that a pregnant woman is glowing. I think this is because she is so happy and expectant she ha no choice except to glow. Glowing means that something only has enough light to light itself up, not anything else.

    By Kristina M on 05.12.2011

  37. eminates perfumes of a bright light dust. cleared through a sneeze. from the pores at the top- to the boards on the floor. energy cuts.

    By Jenna on 05.12.2011

  38. It is a day filled with glowing possibilities. New ideas , new clients, new sources and a new found joy for creating the possible.

    By Susan URL on 05.12.2011

  39. flower gleam and glow let your power shine save what has been lost bring back what once was mine heal what has been hurt change the fates design bring back what once was mine what once was minee. i love life.

    By Heather on 05.12.2011

  40. Glowing so bright. Th orb sits in the sky. Inviting. Drawing my eyes nearer and nearer. As I finally pull away from the suns connetion with me I see the black spots. Fading in and out. Wavering about my path of vision. A scar left by the very thing that I loved.

    By Lor-n URL on 05.12.2011