May 12th, 2011 | 577 Entries

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577 Entries for “glowing”

  1. i was walking the moonlight, and i knew what it looked like. i could see everything in front of me all the world, and i realized it was glowing. and inside i was glowing, with the thousand tiny fires that were my thoughts, and all the loves that i had lost, and all the moments i had had. they were glowing within me. i looked around i was the only one on the street, the only one in the world.

    By Emily on 05.12.2011

  2. Glowing in the darkness I climb high and far, pushing on and on while I cry I SCREAM I search for hands to grab and rocks to find some will fall BUT. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!

    I am strong, I am wise, I am excited, I am loved.

    So don’t tell me what you said. No.

    By on 05.12.2011

  3. bright happy fun and inspriration. the glowing of an angel. the glowing of someones face when they laugh. the color that comes off flowers in the moring. the happiness in thw world. pretty. young and innocent. blazing. pink. white.

    By Lucy on 05.12.2011

  4. oh, to be glowing.
    to be a ray of happy light, spilling onto others.
    instead of a cluster of shadows, casting sadness upon everything.

    By helen lindsay URL on 05.12.2011

  5. glowing is good for fireflies

    By coffybob URL on 05.12.2011

  6. Light bulbs glow with the force of one million tiny suns that warm my face as I sit here typing away on the computer, whose screen is glowing like a million little lightning bugs. I watch them, mesmerized. I try to squint against the glowing.

    By Brenna on 05.12.2011

  7. Everything had a new glow to it. The world released everything in light. I could see through her skin. I could see her muscles etched along the contours of her bones. I could see her bones, bright and vibrant, through her skin. Dust rose in sparks around our feet as we followed the underground river, and I was sucked in by the wonder. I couldn’t even speak.

    By Sarah G. URL on 05.12.2011

  8. I made a picture in digital design of my name and it was glowing! Also i made a picture of me that was glowing. :) cuz imma star ha jk

    By Gisele Brown :) URL on 05.12.2011

  9. Glowbugs committing suicide in glasses of vodka

    By Dawn on 05.12.2011

  10. Her face was glowing as she entered the room. He could tell from her smile that the test was positive. In that moment, he felt a thousand different emotions at the same time. Would it be a boy or girl? Could they afford it? Would it like him? It was crazy to think he would be a father, a dad. He thought of his own father, and he vowed to at least try to be half the dad he was. He missed him, then. He looked up at her with tears.

    By Chelsea on 05.12.2011

  11. a light that doesnt really shine but is close, kind of a light in the distance, or a flickering light. some one when they’re happy can glow like their hole face lights up.

    By jen kelly on 05.12.2011

  12. His eye’s seemed to capture mine.My hands.His hands.
    The whole room.

    By k URL on 05.12.2011

  13. glowing

    Why my dear you’re positively glowing! (I have no idea what that line is from but I can hear the voice in my head….)

    There was a light up ahead, it looked like it was glowing… pulsing… but glowing from where? And what did it mean? Was this where the sound was coming from?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.12.2011

  14. A basket of light. It shone from high above all of us, one of many beautiful orbs laced around the trees. We watched it as we always did, each night before we went to sleep. It would brighten with the children’s laughter and dim with the silence. It listened to the moon. It has a shimmer that cannot be erased.

    By Katie on 05.12.2011

  15. her skin was iridescent, on fire.
    he whispered my my my, oh my my my.
    she danced upon the tangled vines,
    her hair wild as she was.
    and he whispered my my my, oh my my my.

    By shay on 05.12.2011

  16. She had a glow to here. Thats probably why i went along with it. It was hard for me to understand why , but if its one thing life had thought me is that when it puts things in front of you take it and figure thing out along the way. How will it end “I don’t know”, but it’ll be a fun adventurer along the way.

    By Juice URL on 05.12.2011

  17. fireflies pregnant touching love tender energy power divinity
    interlocking connections filled with electricity moving through conduits and pathways
    flowing streams of life

    By Kevin Clark on 05.12.2011

  18. a glowing ball was outside my house 5 days ago. i pulled out my knife and got a chunk out of it. the DNA said it was just …………………… a piece of plastic.

    By chase URL on 05.12.2011

  19. They should make shirts that literally are a glow in the bright nuclear green, but it literally glows! That would be awesome for pranks.

    By Kolton URL on 05.12.2011

  20. My cheeks were glowing red cuz my parents are always embarassing me

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 05.12.2011

  21. A slight shine.

    By alena URL on 05.12.2011

  22. Glowing neon signs are amazing, if you ask me. They pop out at your eye and it makes you want to touch one to see if it feels as soft and, well, glowy- as they seem. They come in all colors- blue, pink, purple, yellow, red, orange, gray, silver, and especially green.

    By nikki URL on 05.12.2011

  23. when you have a glow in the dark stick, and you break it, it stats glowing like the stars.

    By beanie URL on 05.12.2011

  24. The girl was positively glowing with good vibrations, or maybe it was too much cocaine. I get those confused sometimes. She lit up the room from all angles, but I swear it was stronger from behind. The green-blue glow of someone who simply doesn’t know better.

    By Dave Freireich URL on 05.12.2011

  25. she was radiantly glowing as time went on. Her stomach grew and grew each and every day. Glowing as bright as the sunlight. She looked so beautiful being pregnant. And now she gets to finally know what it means when someone is pregnant glowing. I’m happy for her.

    By Lindsey Lampman on 05.12.2011

  26. When someone is beautiful or really happy people can describe them as glowing. Also a light bulb glows but that isn’t nearly as interesting.

    By lizzy:) URL on 05.12.2011

  27. This whole room
    should be glowing,
    incandescent, irridescent, illuminated with all the things that we should be.
    And maybe it wasn’t my fault,
    maybe December broke me down for a reason; maybe that reason
    was You.

    By Abbey URL on 05.12.2011

  28. The night creeped across the yard as i watched the sunset. The fireflies started glowing brightly. Now the only light i could see was the fireflies and the stars far above me twinkling.

    By Alison URL on 05.12.2011

  29. Jarrett was glowing with excitement when he heard Becca had a hot pink dinosaur! Whoa!! He’s a jealous one.(:

    By Autumn The Great Wilson(: URL on 05.12.2011

  30. The star stood out, glowing brilliantly in the night sky.. It was nights like this I remember how to smile…

    By Sayge URL on 05.12.2011

  31. The best dream ever would be a giant green dinasaur eating a glowing tweenky. THat would be aaaammmmmaaaazzzzziiiiinnnnggg.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 05.12.2011

  32. I’m a very happy person, usually. It’s just who I am. But…I know it sounds silly, but has anyone ever felt so happy that – that you can sense it radiating off of somewhere inside. A warm, happy glow. I feel it sometimes.

    By Vanatron URL on 05.12.2011

  33. glowing is when light beams off of something

    By Awesome URL on 05.12.2011

  34. What a woman is when she is pregnant, emitting radiance, seeming health. i think of a glowing orb floating menacingly in the night air.

    By Niki on 05.12.2011

  35. i am not glowing right now, because that word seems to denote happiness. glowing is not appropriate right now, unless we’re talking about the future pimples that will be glowing and glaring at your face as a result of finals week and stress. i just want to go home. yummy milk shake. bad bad bad. tumblr time.

    By deniceey URL on 05.12.2011

  36. Hmm,.. glowing, like your skin is glowing today. I have no clue what to write for this word….

    By :] Garcia ..<3 URL on 05.12.2011

  37. her hair glowed in the sunset
    I couldn’t help but notice
    how much I had fallen for her
    Just in that instant
    It was a sign that she
    would be my angel
    no one’s completely perfect
    but I’d love her, no matter how
    many scars she had

    By D.J. Bott on 05.12.2011

  38. She sat there waiting for him. It was a crisp day, not too cold yet. As her eyes busily scanned the crowd, she caught sight of him. He looked good, but sad. The glow was gone. Maybe because she was gone.

    By Yo on 05.12.2011

  39. Glowing showing
    stardust, moondust
    Unicorns and glitter.
    Fireflys and sunkissed.

    By SN on 05.12.2011

  40. The paint on the wall was glowing because it was glow in the dark paint. I would love to have a glowing monkey or a bird. Glowing sounds weird after you say it for a long time. Glowing. Glowing. Glowing. Glowing.

    By Yadi.M URL on 05.12.2011