September 4th, 2014 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “glowing”

  1. She was simply glowing. This new life of hers made her shine from head to toe. Her hair was brighter, her skin smoother, and there was a pep in her walk that screamed, “I have purpose and I love what it is.” She had just started on this new path, but she knew she would never leave it.

    By Diane URL on 09.05.2014

  2. Crouching near the base of the cement stairs, Magda could hear booted footsteps approaching. Shifting back into the shadows, the approaching torches were glowing, casting shadows of their bearer against the stone walls of the stairwell. She would know his profile anywhere. She unsheathed her dagger and held it firmly in her hand.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.05.2014

  3. The light flashed across my face and my eyes squinted at the brightness. It has been weeks since I had seen the sun and even longer for people. I needed to get out. I needed to escape. I needed to stay alive.

    By Ashlee Judy on 09.05.2014

  4. Glowing
    is your skin against the natural lighting of the sun.

    Nothing more beautiful,
    Nothing more I could ask for.

    By flowerthinkshimmers URL on 09.05.2014

  5. Glowing
    is your skin against the natural lighting of the sun.

    Nothing more beautiful,
    Nothing more I could ask for.

    I would love you (your skin and bones) gently
    like the rays laid on your body by the light of dawn.

    By flowerthinkshimmers URL on 09.05.2014

  6. Her glowing hair had small blue flowers digging their tiny stems into the hair locks. And her blue beautiful eyes just shimmered in the moonlight as if they belonged up there among the stars. Her lips were full, pretty pink things and made her princess-like features come together like a collage of the world’s most beautiful exhibits. Yet, such a sad, sad sight. Just below her chin, was a dark raw band. My finger brushed onto it as to inspect it closer and at that, her head toppled off the stool it so proudly sat upon before.

    By Assassin URL on 09.05.2014

  7. The moon hovered above the lake, and she and Andrew looked down on it from where they had parked his Jeep at the top of the ridge. She rested her head against his shoulder and watched the thin silvery glow pass in smooth ripples from one end to the other, casting a ghostly circle in the middle of the water like buried treasure glittering from below. “It’s amazing out here at night,” she said. She couldn’t see his face, but felt the vibrations of his voice rumble against her side as he answered. “It is. I just hope it’s still dark enough so the police can’t see where we left the body.” She didn’t know what to say to that, so she didn’t say anything, and instead continued to watch the moon.

    By allison URL on 09.05.2014

  8. His whole body glowed like a lantern. Green, blue, orange, red. Over and over again, like a fucking Christmas tree.
    I watched him for a moment and raised my eyebrows at him. “Derre-”
    “I am god.” He boomed and raised his arms like the messiah.
    I kicked out and my stupid little brother fell over with a painful oomph then slammed his head against the couch. I gripped his shirt and finally unwound the lights from his tiny body.
    “You idiot.” I grumbled and sighed, seeing that his stupid joke had ripped apart the wires connecting them.

    By Assassin URL on 09.05.2014

  9. “A glowing review,” he said, “who’d have thunk. Bet you didn’t expect that, did ya?”
    I nodded absentmindedly.
    “Whomever wrote it must’ve recognised my genius,” he continued.
    “Hm hm,” I mumbled.
    “C’mon, isn’t it great?!”
    “Sure, or would’ve been, if your boyfriend didn’t write it,” I informed him. He deflated before my eyes, and I regretted saying it already. “At least he loves you,” I said.

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 09.05.2014

  10. A couple years ago, my girlfriend and I were out for cocktails on Valentine’s day when a middle-aged man bought us a plate of appetizers for free. When we asked about it, he said, “She’s glowing for you. I wish my wife felt that way still.”

    It’s always stuck with me, that moment. That unapologetic look at one’s own life, one’s own wife. Stay golden, keep glowing.

    By davydoright on 09.05.2014

  11. After some time she had spent with me, I noticed that as she was walking away with a smile she had this glowing aura about her!

    By Chris URL on 09.05.2014

  12. The planet was glowing in the telescope in roger’s backyard. He was so thrilled with his birthday present. He wondered what planet it was: Mars? Jupiter? Venus? It didn’t matter.

    By Randy Ham on 09.05.2014

  13. You’re glowing. You are radiating happiness, and as each second passes I am falling more and more in love with you. Your smile is contagious and your touch, mesmerizing. But what fascinates me most about you is your presence. You step into a room and immediately it lights up. You pull me in like gravity, and I don’t fight it. I go with the flow and let it be. “You’re glowing,” I whisper. “I love you,” you scream back at my soul.

    By Junco URL on 09.05.2014

  14. Fireflies. There were fireflies in her belly. Why else would she glow like that? Surely it wasn’t just him that saw that? He didn’t understand why others weren’t drawn to her. Why wouldn’t other people want to touch her ripeness like he did? He supposed women didn’t really like to be referred to as ripe unless they were pregnant. But if she was pregnant, it wouldn’t be with a son, but a SUN. She was the definition of glowing.

    By Kit URL on 09.05.2014

  15. the embers eat away at your flannel shirt
    biting into your skin
    leaving it’s afterglow mark
    tasting little salty bites of our skin
    making us with the fire more akin
    it’s the firefly floating ash
    that leaves us aghast

    By Amanda on 09.05.2014

  16. One time I was lying on a hill late at night. I was staring into the sky for hours, staring at this one star that seemed to be glowing brighter than the rest of them. Shining for me.

    By Liz on 09.05.2014

  17. She glowed with happiness. He finally said it, he finally asked her. The whole day her face was illuminated with positive energy, her electricness going everywhere. She was invincible, she had someone who truly loved her.

    By Madison Park URL on 09.05.2014

  18. The lights glow briefly too bright through the power surge, and the guests at Mrs. Sutton’s famous New Year’s dinner party ignore them politely. One can’t help whatever battle the commoners are fighting at the power plants today, after all – and the salmon is divine enough to forgive a multitude of sins.

    By Samuel URL on 09.05.2014

  19. glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing the light on the tree was absolutely glowing, you swore it was. It was bright and bold and it was glowing. Trees don’t glow but yet here it is, a very bright glowing tree

    By sarcastic asshole URL on 09.05.2014

  20. he was glowing nearly as bright as the three candles on his cake. shoulders squared and one tooth /nearly/ loose, benjamin sat up taller in his chair. he knew his mother was watching and his uncle and his aunt and even his two cousins who’d already tried opening his presents twice. the important part was the wish though. what were you supposed to wish for when you’d been alive for three entire years? maybe daddy would come home.

    By caitlin on 09.05.2014

  21. glowing eyes following
    running faster, catching breath

    closer, closer, closer…

    By Jade URL on 09.05.2014

  22. We sat by the water, the cool wind sending her fragrance over to me. She smelt sweet, like apples and flowers and all things that are good. She was literally glowing, her silhouette outlined by the million little lightning bugs in the air. She was a goddess.

    By Kaylia on 09.05.2014

  23. I remember thinking that I was so lucky to be sitting next to this girl who didn’t seem even human to me. She was more than that. She was a goddess. The wind blew her fragrance over to me and she smelt of apples and flowers and all things good. Her silhouette was outline by a million little lighting bugs, she was literally glowing. I was in love, for sure.

    By kaylia URL on 09.05.2014

  24. the faint darkness. A soft warmth radiating out, offering some form of comfort in the strangeness of this new and dangerously scary world. And it is warm, and it doesn’t leap out to attack him. It’s a grove of flowers, with soft petals of oranges and reds, giving a small reprieve from the nightmare he thought the Outside was.

    By nikole on 09.05.2014

  25. He lay down later, in the soft buds. These plants cushioned him in a way that wasn’t entirely uncomfortable for being on the ground. It was different from his bed in the compound. It wasn’t the same flatness. A fell asleep to the faint smell of yellow blooms and gentle sway of leaves.

    By nikole on 09.05.2014

  26. I’d been glistening so long,
    I didn’t recognize when you started glowing.
    Marveled night,
    rooftops bleak,
    liquid drips from cans you’re showing.

    By Marissa URL on 09.05.2014

  27. Light pregnant magic darkness skin commercial reality flowers happiness answers fantasy comfort calmness night space

    By Dasha on 09.05.2014

  28. Her face was glowing pale like a piece of white uranium. No wonder I only saw her at night and wearing sunglasses, always carrying around that tiny dog.

    By Brentan on 09.05.2014

  29. She pulled the grilled cheese from the oven, and the brie & cheddar was glowing and glistening, beckoning for my attention. I couldn’t resist. I tried. I failed. I tried again. I failed harder. I gave in. I ate.

    By Adam on 09.05.2014

  30. You glow because your smile is bright when we talk. You are lovely and sad and you manage to find the time to try at a conversation. You hold my hand across the distance and tell me you believe in me. I’ll be okay.

    By Ayra URL on 09.05.2014

  31. the sun is glowing. my lamp is glowing. what’s glowing is the celebrity’s face that was at the red carpet the night before. what’s glowing is my younger sister’s face whens she comes home with an A. what’s glowing is my dogs face right before he goes on a walk. what’s glowing is a middle school girl’s face when she stares at her crush. what’s glowing is the bride’s face right before the preacher says “you may kiss the bride.”

    By wasup on 09.05.2014

  32. She was glowing with the pretentious, exasperated look like she always has. “Love me,” it says constantly. Shoving in your face like a beseeching howl.
    “Tell me I’m pretty,” it says again as she playfully shows half of her breasts. Yes. You are pretty, society says as they stare at her boobs. You are beautiful, typical friends say in hopes to receive a compliment of their own.
    “I hate coffee,” she says again. “I love drinking tea under the moonlight like a civilized being.”
    Oh how original you are trying to be, but no matter how ‘original’ you think your ideas are, it will never be original because others are trying to be unoriginal such as you are as well.

    By Susan E. Rother URL on 09.05.2014

  33. i’m not a motherly figure you need to take care of yourself, like i was raised. i’ll kill for you but if it comes down to me and you i choose me. i sacrifice for very few and you’re not one of them.

    By sfsdf on 09.05.2014

  34. The orb glowed, bright luminous as Frado reached it. Everything he touched was bright, but some how this orb was clearer, cleaner. The brightness was whiter than any light he’d ever seen. It made his natural glow seem dirty, tained some how. And that could not be allowed

    By Nicole on 09.05.2014

  35. My summer glow is slowly rinsing away. Drop, drip, drop – there goes sunshine down the drain. Autumn’s chill is growing. I’m starting to feel it in the tips of my toes and at the end of my nose.

    By Intuition URL on 09.05.2014

  36. A light shimmered at the end of the tunnel. As i moved closer, it glowed brighter. Glowing objects catch everyone’s fancy. They are good, but never misjudge them, for is someone is glowing with hatred, you better prepare yourself for the worst!

    By Gauri URL on 09.06.2014

  37. Rose smiles at her lover. She remembers when she’d found comfort in the dark, but now she’s grown used to the luminous skin of Kanaya’s and isn’t sure if she could go back to the idea of darkness being safety. Kanaya’s safety.

    By LiKaTaSa on 09.06.2014

  38. your eyes were lighthouses, i felt the way you blinked calling me home.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 09.06.2014

  39. it the middle of the night an the moon is glowing almost full. it will soon be the time where i see people behaving in ways that they dont know what is happening to them. lets pray, for i know that they know. they are just distracted by there own mind. let them see with eyes open

    By sean m URL on 09.06.2014

  40. As the day grew dark there across the lake was a light glowing ever so brightly as if a star has fallen to earth and is trapped and through it glowing it is asking for help to all who see it

    By Jane on 09.06.2014