September 4th, 2014 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “glowing”

  1. ambient
    and glowing
    a face to fill
    the sky
    with magic
    spells cast
    for dreams to last
    of you

    By katiekieran URL on 09.04.2014

  2. Glowing, the way how you shine when you smile through your flaws and defeat your fears. The way you you shimmer as you fix up your hair. They way your eyes glow with delight and passion. Glowing, the way that describes my heart when it thinks of you.

    By Julia URL on 09.04.2014

  3. I have to write about glowing again? Who gives a shit about that? Glowing reviewers? Glowing accolades? Glowing performances? I am about to glow this shit out of this place! No, I’m not really concerned with how well others think I do, I just want to entertain as a part of the ensemble and would like to do my very best and for people to like the whole play.

    By Laurel on 09.04.2014

  4. with nothing tangible to hold me to my (real) life
    i want to make up stories and pretend that people have seen me

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 09.04.2014

  5. The compliments that Helen was left with at the end of her shift left her absolutely glowing. She had not felt so fulfilled and so elated since her wedding, or even since the birth of her first child. She happily sashayed to the back counter, humming a made-up tune to herself as she scribbled an order down on a pad.

    “Someone’s on Cloud Nine,” one of the chefs laughed, watching as the waitress brushed a strand of gray hair from her forehead while she hummed a little bit louder.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.04.2014

  6. The sunlight came through the window at the moment she sat down in the chair making her face appear as it was glowing from across the room. He was in awe.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.04.2014

  7. There could have been a sun behind her cheeks.

    She wasn’t on fire, of course, nor host to any significant nuclear reaction – but whenever I was near, I might as well have been in the grip of a solar flare. Painfully imploding in the vacuum of space. Burning to death.

    A star wasn’t such a good thing after all.

    But the void was simply so dull.

    I was born to experience, right?

    By a terrible poet on 09.04.2014

  8. She was glowing- and not in the “light-radiating from” kind of way.

    Her smiles were wider and brighter, her eyes were up and her hands moved when she talked.

    She was to the rest of the world what she had always been to me, and it was like I didn’t know her anymore.

    By DeionDakota on 09.04.2014

  9. Her skin glowed as she smiled. Literally glowed – the Krandalonians were luminescent. Or at least the females were – James wasn’t really sure, and he was certainly no biology expert. But this Krandalonian was female (he asked, as non-rudely as

    By Grave on 09.04.2014

  10. If it wasn’t glowing a bright purple, he really wouldn’t even have guessed that it was from an alien planet. Otherwise, it looked just like any other tetradedral-shaped piece of metal that was stronger than steel yet weighed less than aluminum.

    By Craig on 09.04.2014

  11. The moon was glowing through the night sky as I drove home. This is the only time I feel like I can really let my mind be free. I crank my music up and tune everything else out. Just me, the darkness, the road ahead of me and my music. I lose myself.

    By mdnicol URL on 09.04.2014

  12. Kenji now sat in a small room, again staring straight ahead, with a single white light glowing above his head. Detective Makita entered the room and sat down facing him.
    “We know what you’ve been planning. And your boss knows we know, and he’s not pleased!”
    He put a music player on the desk and pressed play. Kenji heard his boss’ voice, recorded off a tapped cellphone.
    “No, we go ahead as planned. But keep Kenji out of it. Bring him in, and keep him under wraps until this is all over. Then get rid of him. We can’t have him blabbing to his girlfriends about what we do.”
    Makita turned off the player.
    “If you help us, we can help you. But you’ve got to decide fast!”
    Kenji looked up at him for just a moment, and Makita knew he would crack.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.04.2014

  13. so, she sat facing the boy with the deep brown eyes, cheeks glowing. fire glowing. always close to the edge with him but never daring to step further.

    By TI2MB on 09.04.2014

  14. the aftermath leaves the ground still glowing. firey fibres glistening where we made marshmallows, and toasted to toasty nights in poly tents, hoping bears don’t choose us as dessert. i liked those nights. even if i’m leaving now, i’m still glowing.

    By genahtastic on 09.04.2014

  15. It is glowing the fire fly in my back yard. I had never seen one before and now here were hundreds, flitting around lighting up the night. It was dark outside and you could see the stars. The sky ablaze with them.

    By Crystal on 09.04.2014

  16. She’d watched it fall from her bedroom, barely waiting for it to hit before she was scrambling out her window after it. She had no idea what it was, where it was from but, whatever it was, it was glowing, sending pulses of ever-brightening light shooting across the clearing.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.04.2014

  17. She’s glowing me harder. Now I can tell you that I know all about passion.

    By Trinia on 09.04.2014

  18. The faint object in the distance glimmered with neon anticipation. It seemed to invite others to discover it. So, the two girls slowly crept forward to take a look at it. It didn’t seem like anything that grew in Nebraska. It was a strange cryptic shape.

    By Jackie on 09.04.2014

  19. On nights like this, he remembers himself as a child stepping into sweltering heat and sitting on the porch. It was nighttime, and the moon was out. It’s light made it difficult for him to see- but he could see them- all those dancing fireflies. Many hours later, a page finally found him.

    “Why are you out here?” The page had asked. “You should be in bed.”

    “I wanted to see why they glowed.” He replied. “The fireflies.”

    On nights like this, that memory returns to him. He isn’t sure why, since he’s certain that night didn’t have fire warming his face, making it hot. Smoke wasn’t pricking the corner of his eyes, filling his lungs and making him heavy. He hadn’t wish to destroy on that night. Only to discover, to watch.

    Hisahide watches the flames dance and thinks: in a way, it is the same.

    By kristen on 09.04.2014

  20. Glowing like nothing I’d ever seen, the skies opened up outside of the forest to the most beautiful starscapes imaginable. This was Lassen, the National Forest I’d been waiting for. And only 4 hours outside of the city.

    By adam z on 09.04.2014

  21. She is glowing. It is love she thinks. It is but what she does not know yet is it has nothing to do with the man sitting across her. It is in her. The love within her. She sees or thinks she sees it reflected in his eyes. It is in her.

    By Anu on 09.04.2014

  22. 3 AM. You’re still sitting in the window of your dank motel room, the drapes drawn only enough to poke your head through. You’ve been sitting for God Knows How Long holding a coffee that’s only half-drunk and long cold.

    It’s pitch black aside from a glowing orange street light. It flickers and can barely illuminate part of the empty street. No movement, no sign of life.

    3 AM and there’s nothing but you and that fucking street light.

    By Randi on 09.05.2014

  23. He told her that she was glowing, her eyes gleaming as if two stars had simply been plucked from the sky and placed within her eyes. She immediately broke out into a flush and claimed that was impossible – but to him, she only seemed to glow further. And with every passing moment where she looked so impossibly lovely, he fell a bit more in love.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.05.2014

  24. the answers to the problem was glowing in they faces, yet the officers on the scene of the murder failed to pick up the suspects as they made they way off the compound.

    By victor URL on 09.05.2014

  25. he trembles violently, breathing raggedly and uncovered eye wide. his pupil constricts; he is seeing what happened three years ago.

    the stress these past few days and today have been too much on him; he is having another attack.

    you grasp his outstretched hand and hold him, a smile on your lips.

    “what is there to fear?” you ask him.

    “you are outside the cage now,” you reassure.

    “now, call my name,” you tell him as your eyes gleam red.

    you untie his eyepatch, letting it fall to the ground. his hand clenches the fabric of your coat as he chokes out a few syllables. he seems to regain some strength, forcing the word through his lips over and over again.

    rage and determination contort his face as he opens both eyes; the right one glows violet with the contract seal you placed on him three years ago.

    “kill them.”

    he roars the order, and you are quick to comply.

    By Anonymouse on 09.05.2014

  26. working room of an artist

    By chandra prakash on 09.05.2014

  27. her insides were glowing. i’d assumed it was something she ate—turns out it was something she knew that radiated. the blow was blinding—i’d hoped it was contagious–it wasn’t—at least not immediately. i tried to know so that i could glow as well—seems the knowing takes time.

    By Safon on 09.05.2014

  28. Her face was glowing, as was all else of her as she stood underneath the phosphorescnt rays of the huge laser that was supposed to be able to get rid of her terminal cancer.

    By trkstr67 on 09.05.2014

  29. i’m glowing i say in a video from five to eight years ago and my little sister laughs
    positively grow-lowing
    positively grow-lowing
    the cows low in the meadow, jesus is not there i see a white crucifix over the valley i see a smile as the sun rises, teeth that shine yellow and the colour of rotten rose petals

    By me on 09.05.2014

  30. The light at the end of the tunnel gets bigger and brighter. The tunnel walls are glowing with impending death as he realises it is a train. O, sweet, death free me from the shackles of existence. Heaven or hell, here I come. Hoora.

    By Gustav on 09.05.2014

  31. Their weekly brunch was unusually charged with anticipation. They all leaned in to discreetly size her up. Same faded t-shirt, worn jeans, and flip-flops. They listened hard, waiting for news of a new boyfriend or job promotion, but her conversation was the same as well. Yet, the unusual warmth in her smile and the mysterious new light behind her eyes drew them closer still.

    By Soft URL on 09.05.2014

  32. Your friends hate you more than you hate yourself, he said to the young girl next to him. The snarl seemed to catch on his lips and curl as he spoke, his voice like clotted cream melting with intensity, his face glowing with a rabid certainty that he knew the truth of the world.

    By Meredyth URL on 09.05.2014

  33. for us fireflies in the jar,
    the holes were never big enough
    though we kept glowing
    until the last stars faded

    By yung bummer on 09.05.2014

  34. bright glow love awesome yellow flicker

    By star on 09.05.2014

  35. person who comes from some other land

    By sunil singh on 09.05.2014

  36. glowing– will my students be able to submit these to me– that might be cool? Are their different words on here that they could do– one per week, perhaps. Just to get the creative juices flowing?? Tempting. My face will glow if all of them do the correct assignment, or if this is actually worth it. Let’s see. How neat!

    By jon on 09.05.2014

  37. Iridescent. Beautiful. Dirty.

    How you make me feel.

    Like death would be welcome.

    Like it would break me as I fall.

    Like I could break you.


    By Carol on 09.05.2014

  38. The sunset was glwoing, the red and oranges looked glroious, it was chilly but Amanda knew she didn’t want to be anywhere else, with Martin by her side.

    By kirsty on 09.05.2014

  39. This glowing yellow light flooded around the cockpit. my momentum had stopped completely, only to then be forced upwards. i was gone. i was suddenly no one. green people.

    By Casey Key URL on 09.05.2014

  40. It describes the pregnant
    the stars
    the way a smile shines
    but all pale in comparison
    to the look that you gave
    with just your lashes
    when you first came my way

    By Margaret Miller URL on 09.05.2014