July 2nd, 2011 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “given”

  1. i was once given a lollypop, and i was told to enjoy it, but i didnt like it. i think this is a metaphor for my life, i never like what i have, and always want what i cant. it was a red lollipop. but i dont think that has anything to do with this metaphor. it just how i imgain the lolly pop i was given. the time is running out now andd im not sure how i got from given to lolly

    By Amber on 07.02.2011

  2. You take every thing for granted. Like it is all just given to you with no expectations. You are an entitled piece of garbage who doesn’t know what its like to not have what you want, not have what you need. Yet you expect me to follow your command, like the idea that everyone will follow you is a given. It’s not, so get off your high horse, and you will realize you have just been riding an a**, you are shorter and closerer to hell than you thought.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 07.02.2011

  3. presents are given to people at many times of the year, I especially liked my Valentines present in 2009 when Mark gava me a ring to promise our engagement. I wear it even now on my right hand wedding finger. He makes me happy :D

    By Becca on 07.02.2011

  4. Given the wit to write he wondered why he didn’t. What was it that stood in his way? Why did he doubt as he wrote instead of just writing and then leaving the doubting for the editing? It was hard, this writing game. The self doubt was what was given.

    By Bob Hussey URL on 07.02.2011

  5. A final decree. A jurisdiction of rights and possibilities. A tally of concern. A vote. A label. A definition. And a blessing in disguise which takes time to discover the truth of. Maybe I will learn the most about myself through these results, handed to me in a way that feels short sighted. Maybe nothing will happen. I don’t know. But in not knowing, I shall take leaps of faith inside myself and into the world and see what comes back.

    By Jason URL on 07.02.2011

  6. I was given the chance to take part in this challenge by a teacher from a creative writing course.

    By K on 07.02.2011

  7. Her birthday, her least favorite day of the year. Every year she is given more and more material things that seem to just pile up around her with no true use. But this year, it would be different she would give her gifts to those who really needed it.

    By STAR.FREEDOM URL on 07.02.2011

  8. Given the moment you move into the position of kissing. Giving away the heart of gold, and taking in all of that love. You’re swept away in the moment, that the kiss was given.

    By Jessica on 07.02.2011

  9. Math. Proofs. You are given information thust chances to make the correct answer and then you take for granted what you are “given” and you lose everything. I love you Alex and i miss you.

    By katelyn cummings on 07.02.2011

  10. So many names are given, yet the older get to old for the young. Then the young get to old for the old. We take what has been given to us, life. Then we use it up until, we die. The world given is no more.

    By Jessica on 07.02.2011

  11. I was given the ability to see the truth in someones heart.

    By Bee on 07.02.2011

  12. It is a given that I love my husband more than any man I have ever know. What is not a given is if he feels the same way about me. He says he does, but how can I be sure when I know that someone else caught his fancy a little more than a year ago? How can I be sure?

    By Andie on 07.02.2011

  13. Strange. I first looked at this word this morning and couldn’t think of anything to say. Which is a little out of character for me. Now I have spent all day on the computer reading random blogs and posts, and have been given so much advice and stories to tell others, I actually feel smarter.

    By Emilia URL on 07.02.2011

  14. i have given the wird given. given the time, i have no inspiration what so ever, and my mom ruined this just now by giving me money i can’t take because i am furiosly writing. there is no word that sounds like given in spanish.

    By karla on 07.02.2011

  15. Given. To give is the ultimate sacrifice. I feel as if giving is selfless if it’s done right. Hmm… When someone gives me something, regardless of what it is, I cherish it. It’s not easy to give sometimes, but worth it.

    By Krysta on 07.02.2011

  16. Given

    It was a given that she’d be going along. There was no way she was going to miss out on this adventure. Her husband could stay at home and take care of things while she was away. It wasn’t as though they wouldn’t be in touch. Oh, “the powers that be” could try to limit communications, but she knew how to get around that.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.02.2011

  17. so much of what people have is given without ever earning it. So few stop to think of those who have less those who have had so much taken away. It’s shameful to see so much selfishness. Given is what is wrong with the world.

    By alex on 07.02.2011

  18. i was given a gold ring by my mother last easter. i have been eyeing it for years and when she finally gave it to me-there was nothing exceptional about the moment at all. she hadn’t been wearing it anyways, but i expected it to be more magical. some sort of “we are starting a long line of mother-daughter-inherited-ring-tradition” but it wasn’t. i felt as ordinarily and frankly loved by her as always. and actually, when i think about it, there isn’t anything ordinary about that at all. she has been my best friend for 21 years and her love has always remained the same, even the day she gave her precious ring to me-as if it was no big deal, because i am her daughter.

    By Frieda on 07.02.2011

  19. I was GIVEN the opportunity to write for a wholt minute about one word…. XD

    By Stephen on 07.02.2011

  20. taken then given, most things come as they go, beautifully simple, breaths and love- anything can be given, few things are ever kept

    By Kate on 07.02.2011

  21. Frances Hodgson Burnett once wrote something to the effect of that if nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open and so is your heart, and that even though your hands may sometimes be empty, your heart is always full- allowing you to always be able to give kind words, or laughter, which is sometimes the best thing of all. …I can’t remember the exact quote. I’ll have to look it up, I guess. But I think it rings mostly true. Most people are basically self-serving, but there are a few of us, who were grow into givers. These are the people that make the world beautiful.

    By bethany URL on 07.02.2011

  22. It’s a given that everything changed completely when you exited my life. Not only did the sky change colors but my whole world became a total mess. Looking around all I could see was darkness and everyone around me wanted me to open my eyes but when you were gone I didn’t know how.

    By A on 07.02.2011

  23. what have humans given the world? nothing. the world was once a beautiful, pure, unadulterated place where life and everything else on it was in balance. but because of human greed and inconsideration, we’ve disrupted that balance. in the end, what we will have given the world is its death.

    By jen on 07.02.2011

  24. Given the chance to escape, I think would.
    But not forever thats way too long and all i want is a break.
    Its too loud here, way too loud.

    By Yuki URL on 07.02.2011

  25. The naked hummer, still naked by the way, stood her ground with her hands lodged firmly on her hips with a “Well, what are you going to do” look on her face.
    “I think it’s a given here that you helped me out,” Jensen said. Then continued, “But that doesn’t give you any call for ordering me about…”

    By chole URL on 07.02.2011

  26. he was given a large sum of money
    from the first moment he took a breath of air
    he was given a house and a car
    he was given a smile and beautiful eyes
    he was not given quite the personality
    he was not given a wife
    he was given a lonely life

    By Luna Rose URL on 07.02.2011

  27. Given…hmmm…I have given a lot of my time and energy to everyone, except myself…I have given in to too many people that don’t/didn’t deserve it…I’m tired of the word “given”.

    By Amy on 07.02.2011

  28. its a given. you annoy me. i gave you a lot. you gave nothing to me. i wasted my time with you. thats a given. lots of things are a given. its a given that i miss you. honestly, i believe you miss me too. you miss those summer nights too.

    By maggie on 07.02.2011

  29. Life has given us so much to enjoy and so much to hate in this world. We must decide what to do with what is given to us. Do not forget it is your choice, and it will always be your choice. Make the destiny you want to make.
    Give. Gave. Given. :)

    By Sarah URL on 07.02.2011

  30. It was a given, she was a given, I was a given, he was a given. What am I saying? I don’t know. Coffee first thing, do a meditation this is what I come up with given a word. What has been given to me? A challenge to over come? A blessing to cherish? A goal to strive for, a body to walk around in and smell the roses, see you smile, bring new life. I’ve been given a lot come to think of it. Better to focus on that than what has been taken.

    By BRIDIE LATONA on 07.02.2011

  31. I saw the child across the room…sitting in squalor, a dirty shirt and no pants. She had a face that hadn’t been washed in days. I wanted to scoop her up in my arms. I asked, if I could take her and they said she had already been given.

    By nancy Da on 07.02.2011

  32. Given circumstances define what we are capable of doing. What boundaries we may have and what obstacles lay ahead of us. Given is what we have. Not necessarily what we want or need. But it is there. Always. For it is given.

    By Julia Hamer URL on 07.02.2011

  33. The sun
    glistens on the fibers
    that touch my skin,
    my epidermis.
    The hairs
    shine of silver,
    unlike the scaly patches of skin
    that have no dead cells
    above them.
    I wonder why
    Americans consider the latter
    when what we were given
    was more beautiful
    than we could have imagined
    in all of our lives.

    By Scythe42 URL on 07.02.2011

  34. Taken. Not what you take. A penny earned is something (Ben Franklin?). Donation. Tree, like the Giving tree (book.

    By Gavin Calgaro on 07.02.2011

  35. Sometimes, what can be taken can be given. Give love, share love, and love will be given back to you. Never take more than you give. What you give is your contribution to the world. Always accept what other give, it doesn’t always work that way.

    By Gavin Calgaro on 07.02.2011

  36. the opposite of being taken. what you do when you are giving something up, away, to someone, when you have taken and you must return the favor in a sense.

    By Alex on 07.02.2011

  37. If I were given a chance to go on What Not to Wear, I would tell them,
    give me one reason to do this that does not involve appearance and the perception of others, and I’ll do it. For those reasons are not worth changing.

    Otherwise, I’m content where I am.

    By Scythe42 URL on 07.02.2011

  38. given to whims, yet given grace
    your unwarranted patience
    your untamed love
    fills a place in me that otherwise strives

    By roberta URL on 07.02.2011

  39. I was given a cat. and her name is pepper. She then gave me a fish. This fish was the keyy to the magical world of mushrooms. I learned how to unlock the secrets with this fish that my cat has given me. One day i will give back to her. I will give her a present to hep her to the land of catnip where she will find eternal happiness. I love giving help to others. Especially to those who live in mushroom world.

    By Kaitlyn on 07.02.2011

  40. Given that we have everything we need, we should never stop being thankful for all of life’s bounties….. says the gardener when she is harvesting. What does she say when she is pulling the weeds and tending the young plants in the hot July sun? It is hard to see what will be given later in the season for our hard labors now. How do we keep our eye on the target and enjoy the journey we are now on?

    By Pam on 07.02.2011