July 2nd, 2011 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “given”

  1. You can encounter happiness unexpectedly at any given moment, on any given day. Just dive in head over heels and go for it. Take it without remorse, and then give back to others thankfully.

    By CB URL on 07.02.2011

  2. I am given a word. I find that ironic, I really do. As if to say, ‘here, write this’. It’s a gift, or something like that.

    By Robert on 07.02.2011

  3. I was given life by my mother and father. I was given happiness from hope and from my friends. The earth continues to give me life, the air I breath, the water i drink, the food i eat. When I die, I will give myself back to the earth.

    By Rae on 07.02.2011

  4. given the power
    that certain people have now
    we’re totally fucked.

    By Steven Rain on 07.02.2011

  5. Given a choice, she would opt for the red, but sadly, that wasn’t an option. The only one they had left was the dress on display and without the manager’s approval the sale’s clerk refused to sell it. Why was life so cruel to prom queens?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.02.2011

  6. I am 25 years old , which is not old enough to do much. This means that most things I have were given to me, by my parents or other people. It is mostly my parents who do the giving. This computer was given to me, so was he clothes I’m wearing right now. Also the bed I’m sitting on was given to me. I have barely anything i have gotten for myself, but i am still young.

    By samantha calabrese on 07.02.2011

  7. given memories, memories that come and go. i wish they were still true. faith – or god? – gave them to me, i shall carry and cherish them. i wish they were still true.

    By Laura Nunes Vicente on 07.02.2011

  8. We’re all given talents. Giving gifts is a privilege. I’m giving this entry.

    Gifts are given out of goodwill, for treaties, for peace.

    Giving should be easy.

    By Allison URL on 07.02.2011

  9. When you give something to someone it is given. The Giver. The writer who died and lived with his wife for thirty years and his brother, father, and her are fighting over who get’s his money. My mom and grandma reading The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

    By Skyler URL on 07.02.2011

  10. If you were given one chance to make a difference, given just one moment in the space of time, would you take it?

    By Maddie Marie URL on 07.02.2011

  11. I have given people amazing pieces of advice before and do they take it? No. Then later they come running back to me crying about how it didn’t work out for them. Whose fault is that? Sorry to say it but I told you so.

    By kat URL on 07.02.2011

  12. He gave her a choice–“turn around a leave forever, or say those three little words.” She left. She isn’t forgiven.

    By Rachel on 07.02.2011

  13. given the fact that it’s warm today, mr. crow decides to go to the beach! now that’s a given!

    By mr. crow URL on 07.02.2011

  14. He never struggled with the fact that he was adopted. Not only were his adopted parents loving, but he knew that his birth mother gave him a better life that she could have given him. In love he was received; in love he was given.

    By Scott Howard URL on 07.02.2011

  15. well if you are givin love then it shouldn’t be taken away easily just let the heart come to is ok to just let everything out and everyone want’s to feel love so you don’t have to worry about finding true love.

    By cori on 07.02.2011

  16. Given the chance to go back and start again, I’d hope that I’d be smart enough to not give any of myself to him. Not my trust. Not my heart. Not my virginity.

    By Elsie on 07.02.2011

  17. I’ve given my all to one person. Will it be worth it?

    Non clever typing about the word given. How do you write about that in one minute anyway?

    By Ruthie URL on 07.02.2011

  18. I guess it’s usually a math term, used as a noun, but it’s also a form of the verb “give”. I like that most things are given. The world is given, gravity is given, the sun shining is given, pregnancy after fucking is given. Most of the time. Unless you’re gay.

    By Dane on 07.02.2011

  19. The only thing I ever received from you, was half my genes.

    By Emily Claire URL on 07.02.2011

  20. If given the chance, I would have given more chances. More chances to lend myself, my thoughts, my feelings. More chances to procure the things that I have always desired to achieve for myself and for the world I have made my home.

    By Rachael on 07.02.2011

  21. A variable with an already set number, a gift one has recieved, a 5 letter word,

    By Julia on 07.02.2011

  22. Tina was given herpes by her father. Needless to say, it was quite the awkward Thanksgiving when both she and her father, seated side by side, had matching cold sores on the lower left corner of their lip. Aunt Miriam eyed the two of them for a second, before shaking her head in a mix of disgust, confusion, and disbelief and bringing out her mashed potatoes.

    By Tyler on 07.02.2011

  23. I had given so much to something that gave nothing in return. I was the independent one, I was the open-minded one, I was the fiercely rebellious one. And I gave it all away for that endless feeling of vulnerability and weakness and regret. But I was done dwelling on it. So I gave myself up for a few miniscule moments of my life. Well, I was back and better than ever. And no one could take that from me.

    By Marissa URL on 07.02.2011

  24. It’s a given that this word means something to me, don’t ask me what. I’ve given a lot of things in my life, I hope… presents at my little friend’s parties, a doll, a toy, a hug, a kiss, I’ve even given my virginity and I’m only 16. That’s a lot for one person to give in a life.

    By nevie on 07.02.2011

  25. Given the type of society we are in, the world is pretty messed up. Society tells us that the skinniest girls in the world should be admired and modeled after. Models tell us that eating is for those who want to be shunned by society and that seeing bones is attractive. If you are straight and miserable, you fit in perfectly.

    By Stephanie on 07.02.2011

  26. Given the opportunity to live life, to get through a premature birth and thrive in a loving house hold – though it certainly has its complications, a divorce included, but hey, I’m happy and intelligent and grateful to wake up every morning, no matter how unwilling.

    By Ren on 07.02.2011

  27. In the end it would seem he had given his best effort for the sake of saving the one person he thought would be worth his life. Little did he know his valiant efforts were lost at the feet of her unfaithfulness. He had died in vain.

    By Luke Renoe URL on 07.02.2011

  28. I have been given many blessings — so many in fact, that sometimes I am overflowing! I try to pass them along as often as possible, and I try to appreciate what I have every single day all day long. I notice that when I am not living in gratitude, I am not my best and happiest self.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.02.2011

  29. I was given the chance to kill the man. He was the enemy. He was the one who was hated. But I didn’t. I let him free. I did the unthinkable. Now I am the enemy. I am the hated. I am the one who will die.

    By Livvie on 07.02.2011

  30. I want to be given something from my mother. Understanding, some love and independence.

    I need to give to myself before I lose myself
    this is too dramatic

    By Lina URL on 07.02.2011

  31. It is a given. They will all come, and they will insist that you know of their arrival. They take to these streets like egotistical dupes; unaware of the sadness that follows them. It is a given… They have absorbed far too much of nothing.

    By Panama Judas URL on 07.02.2011

  32. I’ve given up my sins
    I’ve given it all to him
    I’ve given up my dreams
    they now mean nothing to me
    I’ve give up my dark past
    I’ve given it all to you lord
    so I can finally now come home to you
    ….at last

    By Osaro URL on 07.02.2011

  33. I was given a name and a body… Now the question is, what is it that I have given to others? I hope to have given a full opportunity to everyone that I meet…

    By Ken Kapptie URL on 07.02.2011

  34. Jeff Martin slowly walked over to the thrift shop. He wasn’t happy about this. He didn’t want to do it, but he must. He cannot keep such a dangerous object. Although it was given to him by his father, Jeff was aware of how severely this object had hurt him.

    By Emily Woods on 07.02.2011

  35. I was once given a rather unattractive sweater as a Christmas gift. I smiled politely and thanked the person who gave it to me (a slightly senile great aunt) and I hung it up in my closet and never touched it again. Her ghost haunts me to this day.

    By Tyler URL on 07.02.2011

  36. I have given you everything I have and I’m ok with that. I would like to be given something back but I have accepted it won’t happen. This is just who you are but you are a good person and I love you, despite your faults; nobody is perfect. You make me happy and I will stay with you as long as we can be together before i move on with my life and go on to bigger, better, brighter things. But right now in this very moment I’m happy and you’re all I need. You have given me happiness.

    By Kitty on 07.02.2011

  37. What was it like to be given something? The poor boy had never really known. His parents died when he was born and he had been left on the streets all alone. Christmas was the time of year he hated most as everyone gave presents, yet he received nothing. Ever.

    By Chris URL on 07.02.2011

  38. I want to be given a second chance. I haven’t been living my life to the fullest because I’m so caught up in meaningless details. Inside I’m terrified that it could be my last day and I’ll be remembered but not for the right things. What I really want is to start my life over and make things right.

    By Zara on 07.02.2011

  39. Each day we waltz through our existence without thinking or even comprehending the effects our actions have on everyone around us.

    Earlier this week I talked to my dad again. And was so thankful for all the wisdom he’s given me.

    By Josh on 07.02.2011

  40. i have given so much throughout my life, and received a lot in return. you get what you give. is it better to be a giver or a taker, a lover or a fighter? i sometimes find that many people are inherently selfish in a self-preserving way, but the amount that they give amazes me at the same time.

    By gabby on 07.02.2011