April 14th, 2013 | 146 Entries

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146 Entries for “geometric”

  1. MY GF is liek dis cos it is kewl and z best wohrd in z whorld.

    Kim Jong Un has already blown up USA. EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY

    By Ben Dover on 04.14.2013

  2. g
    e g
    o g
    m g
    e g
    t g
    r g
    i g
    c g

    By Laura URL on 04.14.2013

  3. One of the geometric shapes can be a heart, the shape of romantics.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 04.14.2013

  4. Geometry is the study of angles and measurements of said angles. Geometry is possibly one of my least favorite subjects, next to chemistry and Algebra. I much prefer languages. School in general is boring.

    By Katherine on 04.14.2013

  5. I was 11 years old when I was told my mind was wired more geometric than others. I never felt as though I liked math, but I always seemed to be good at it and if I was good at it, it seemed that was all that mattered. I was told I needed to be good at something, so I was geometric and was put into high school classes when I didn’t belong in the slightest.

    By Maya Celeste on 04.14.2013

  6. The geometric learning was up on the board, but I was unable to concrete for I kept pondering… I’m sorry. That thought had come to me, and it wouldn’t stop. Had this been my fault that we’re done? Is it all me and my worthless reckless comments and words? Or was it you? You’re beautiful, and I simply cannot believe I let something as stunning as this slip my grasp.

    By Kayla URL on 04.14.2013

  7. Geometry is a type of math that involves studying angles, measurements, and shapes. It is one of my least favorite subjects. I liked my teacher, but the subject was just one that I never really latched on to.

    By Kailey URL on 04.14.2013

  8. I have no idea what geometric is. It could be some form of geometry which I took and failed horribly in the tenth grade. It was the first – no, second – awful, depressing valley of my life.

    By Kevin Bean on 04.14.2013

  9. In math last class we learned about geometric and arithmetic sequences. After doing several exercises I realized that geometric sequences were relatively complicated and that I was going to have to practice a lot to get the hang of it. I was extremely happy when my tacher gave me extra practice.

    By Gabriella Marrufo on 04.14.2013

  10. if there is anything that life should have more of is abstract art instead of things that are geometric. It’s just a more interesting way of seeing life instead of simple lines and shapes. life is about…well seeing things in different perspectives. geometric things are simply, boring.

    By Desi Castillo URL on 04.14.2013

  11. Geometric shapes are commonly used in mathematics. The various gemoetric shapes that exist are endless. There are squares, rectangles, rhombuses, triangles, trapazoids, parallelagrams, and so on.

    By Michelle on 04.14.2013

  12. THe world is filled with geometric shapes. The angles at which we can look at these shapes is endless. It astonishes me at how many perspectives there are in this world. I think that fact should be celebrated because it makes humanity wonderful.

    By Michelle URL on 04.14.2013

  13. well i think of math uh i also think of shapes i like shapes triangles and geometrics shaps alegbra also so this is a weird wword i hop ei get a better word later u know god cant believe i only have 60m seconds i guess i get 60 more seconds oj tup i his is weirdwhats up eith this i really dont like thius lololol ok so geometric is a word that

    By annie pants on 04.14.2013

  14. geometric is something to do with math, and i’m pretty sure relates to shapes. metric is a scale of measurement commonly used in the european parts of the world, and a little in the united states. geo is also the word for earth i’m pretty sure and is the study of the earth and other similiar things? huh this is hard.

    By dnjsaklnkl on 04.14.2013

  15. Geometric. Shapes. Figures. I’ve always been good at math. It’s my favorite subject. I know not a lot of people don’t like math because it confuses them. But for me, it’s so logical. I love having to think about expressions and equations and it fills my head and I love it. I think I’ll teach math when I grow older.

    By Victoria URL on 04.14.2013

  16. Lines are connecting the two of us, blocks and zigzags stretching away, spanning the distance. The length, width, and height is too much for me; I need an extra dimension.

    By Willow on 04.14.2013

  17. math
    i have a test on tuesday
    and i am not ready
    the numbers are so meaningless
    so concrete
    and so boring
    why cannot we add creativity and color to math?
    i guess because only pencils are allowed
    in class

    By Katherine on 04.14.2013

  18. geometric. It’s funny that they told us not to think about the word because how can someone honestly not think when the word “geometric” pops up. It’s definitely one of those words you only hear in a school.

    By AJ on 04.14.2013

  19. Megan wore a geometric print blouse — all squares and triangles. What she really wanted was to wear the bright summer colors of turquoise, pink, and yellow. Black and white was so boring. So dull. So not her.

    By Linda Adams URL on 04.14.2013

  20. Just hearing his voice again gives my stomach shivers, and I take my time rounding the corner. With us, it was always like geometry. I never understood the angles and the degrees or why it was even important in the first place. And that’s us. I still don’t comprehend why we still get thrown together and why we always screw things up. Maybe I should just give us up like ninth grade me dropping out of accelerated geometry.

    By Marissa URL on 04.14.2013

  21. I look before me at the geometric pattern that streaches itself out in an endless form of numbers and lines. I know that I will never be able to make sense of it the way that they can. I just wasn’t born with that gift

    By Lizzy on 04.14.2013

  22. The sweaty translucent globs of sweat snaked down her neck. Her fingers shook, nervous she clutched the mic.

    The letters spilled out of her mouth. “Geometric, G-E-O-M-E-T-R-I-C-K, geometric.”
    She knew. She knew as soon as the fading kuh sound left her quaking lips to meet the deafening silence of a sweaty crowd that she had made a mistake. She held back tears.

    By Sam URL on 04.14.2013

  23. my mind blanks out when i try to think. it just stops and i stay still. i feel like being neutral is something i naturally do. no emotions no feelings just straight line of parallel thoughts that never collide.

    By linda on 04.14.2013

  24. There is a balance to the universe that can only be described as beauty. It is described and defined in the universal language of mathematics, the grammar is geometric, the emotions, logic, the truth is perfection.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.14.2013

  25. It’s lines and shapes and colors and bursts. The way she moves, breathes, smiles. It’s like watching a sun burst and spring bloom. It’s everything you hate and love all at once.

    By HLG on 04.14.2013

  26. ive already done this one but i guess ill do it again. When i look at this word i concentrate on the ‘geo’ part of it. I dont know what it means so I listen to sound. the sound and how it sounds. its GEO GEO metric. geo. geo. so captivating. this is fun. id like to continue now. wonderuful

    By robin 142 URL on 04.14.2013

  27. things are geometric if they are matching, or even. like the letter A. if you fold it in half, it matches. same with the letters w, t and ,y and the numbers 0, and 8.

    By Abby on 04.14.2013

  28. patterns flashed across the ceiling.
    the pool was a bit too cold today,
    and the water tasted a little off.
    but their goldfish dreams floated off
    and they breathed in unison
    a sigh.
    at last, summer.

    By Kairn URL on 04.14.2013

  29. Geometric. A word that evokes almost no creative thought what so ever. Geometric. Meaning something related to geometry? Math. Really. The least creative thing possible. Thanks. Way to leave it open-ended.

    By catyeah URL on 04.14.2013

  30. geometry. hell. shapes. lines and hexagons. Angular. nerds. actually geometry is not that nerdy. the biggest struggle of my math career. I went to my teacher’s house every thursday and still failed. frustration. it is apparenly not very popular in our midst.

    By April Sylvester on 04.14.2013

  31. Math, math, math! Everything is about math. These geometric shapes are everywhere-and why do I need to know about them.

    By Ericka Renee URL on 04.14.2013

  32. The Roman soldiers stormed in the house, breaking down the door. They searched up and down the house, destroying everything in their path. There was nothing of value there. Once they did their searching inside, they found a man in the courtyard drawing shapes on the sand. He had not heard them break in.
    “Stand up!” ordered a precocious soldier to the older man on the ground.
    “Shush! Don’t interrupt me or my circles!” The old man replied.

    All it took was the thrust of a spear to destroy the great man of Syracuse.

    By Onix URL on 04.14.2013

  33. I hate geometry. Actually, it’s like the best of the maths because it has to do with shapes and not just numbers. I think of bee hives and the hexagons that they live in and the honey and how gold everything is.

    By Laken on 04.14.2013

  34. Sometimes I forget. I forget that not everything is math and science, philosophy and knowledge. Sometimes, and maybe too often, it’s just human.

    By D. M. Duc URL on 04.14.2013

  35. geometric juice coliding
    the sound blares in the back of the dance hall
    half full
    strobe lights pounding off the hard stone walls
    through the brief flashes certain sights are exposed
    hair in mid flight

    By Aidan URL on 04.14.2013

  36. Math class, geometry. I am in that this year. I wish I could pay attention and actually do good in the class, but there is one guy in there who keeps me from doing that. Geometry really isn’t that hard when you can look at the front of the room and see the board, not just slate grey eyes. Not just a smile that is ever present. Wish geometry could help me figure out how to deal with this.

    By AnnieB URL on 04.14.2013

  37. The solid shapes perpetuated through my brain as the car drove across the bridge the solid thump thump of the rhyme and the shapes clouded any feeling I had once had. The geometric shapes of the city filled me with longing

    By colin on 04.14.2013

  38. The beat, the pulse, the hammering in my ears and arcane patterns of light flash through the dark air, occasionally illuminating the bodies of dancers in mad ecstasy.

    By Peter Wester on 04.14.2013

  39. geometric shapes are not just part of space , its symmetric with out race. time wasted on underestimation.

    By geometric 60 sec. on 04.14.2013

  40. Ugly geometric scars patterned the skin on her face and the backs of her hands. Tribal markings? Signs of torture?
    I didn’t want to know.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.14.2013