December 28th, 2013 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “gentlemen”

  1. Overcome by shock, the well dressed man bent over, threw up, then cried. The band stopped and whispers were jetting about the crowd. “Gentlemen, ladies” he said after a bout of sobs,”would you excuse me.”The well dressed man set down the telephone and retired to the bedroom. Everyone stared, not a word was said.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 12.28.2013

  2. i’m ready to move hundreds of miles away to be with you and start from scratch
    i’m ready to be inspired by new surroundings
    and spill paint on canvases inspired by a different sun
    time to bask under clouds we’ve never seen

    time has run out for me here

    i want to sleep under new air, by your side
    and write poetry we would have never
    dreamt up if we would have stayed here
    the only way we can survive is by getting
    the hell out of this state
    am i being crazy?
    is this too much?

    i am the Queen of Wishful Thinking

    By stargirl URL on 12.28.2013

  3. The room froze as he walked in, the ‘gentlemen’ of the evening. That’s actually what he called himself. Prick.

    My thoughts were cut off by the incessant chatter of parents trying to arrange their daughter’s in a marriage, shame he doesn’t swing his sword that way. If you know what I mean.

    By Kira on 12.28.2013

  4. Gentlemen is an old fashioned word that should be brought back into fashion, It should be used when one is trying to explain the difference between a boy and what a man can be when they have enough experience with different types of women under their belt.

    By khadija on 12.28.2013

  5. I saw the gentlemn standing at the bus stop as I approached the gate. One of them was rather striking, though not my type. The other was short and wiry looking, with a hard face and a posture that, to me, screamed dodgy.

    By gail on 12.28.2013

  6. What is a gentlemen? Certainly it’s not what it sounds like. I don’t want anything gentle. I’m not a baby anymore. Plus gentleness is boring. I want a guy….

    By Princess on 12.28.2013

  7. The gentlemen entered the room, leaving a whisk of cinnamon in their wake. I gazed at them as they walked by, I could feel a ripple up my spine when one with dark blue eyes glanced at me, giving me the blankest stare I had ever seen. This couldn’t be good.

    By Alyssa Parker URL on 12.28.2013

  8. Gentlemen I used to think were so rare to come across. So I had the notion that I would stop looking for some and accept life without them. But this is not true. There are gentlemen there you just have to befriend them. Look for them and ignore the jerks.

    By Olivia Copsey on 12.28.2013

  9. “You have sixty seconds, gentleman,” Mistress Kor scowled, “to leave this room before I find the heaviest object to bludgeon you with.”

    The three men in blue quickly obliged, scurrying away without closing the door. Quinoni, sneering with a fresh stogie in her mouth, sauntered to the entryway and chuckled as the knob clicked into place.

    “I need to learn some scare tactics from you, Miss Kor,” she commented.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.28.2013

  10. they really even exist today? i mean, sure, there’s always the one guy who likes to fancy himself as a gentleman because he opened the door for a girl once. but then again, do we need gentlemen? women are perfectly self sufficient, we can open our own doors! who even cares

    By lexi on 12.28.2013

  11. There once was a gentleman, who then had a son and there were two. The two gentlemen would take walks on the beach and talk about being kind and nice. Father and son – the gentle men. The end.

    By BB on 12.28.2013

  12. kind, none found around here, nice, gentle respectful and kind , looks out for others, a very gentle man. opens doors for others and allow others to speak first.

    By PA on 12.28.2013

  13. Caring, kind, man who treats others above himself. He opens doors for women; gives respect to men and cherishes his loved ones.

    By matt brown on 12.28.2013

  14. is a nice man

    By Pamela on 12.28.2013

  15. The gentlemen walked me to the car and I was suddenly worried. It felt like I would never see them again. I hugged them each tightly, unwillingly to let go, and walked away with tears in my eyes, unable to look back.

    By Jackie on 12.28.2013

  16. Another problem Killen found with the world of betting was that even though the art of gambling started out with agreements between gentlemen, there were very few true gentlemen left in the business today.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.28.2013

  17. The gentlemen sit like ghosts at the table. They always have. Their hands are statues and their faces frozen. They wear suits and coats of the sort that no one has made in decades. No one knows why they’re their exactly. Parents bring their children to the table to see the gentlemen, sit them at the foot of the great statues. They always bring them home quickly though. No one likes to hang around the gentlemen too long. No one ever has. It’s rumored that they move.

    By Kathryn on 12.28.2013

  18. He was a gentlemen. Unlike all the other shitheads in my grade. but he’s also gorgeous. Nice, kind, funny, smart. And hot. Boy, was he hot. But, of course, he would never be mine

    By Fiona URL on 12.28.2013

  19. “I’m a gentleman, you see,” he tells me as he tips his fedora down over his eyes. I thought this was part of a made up story. I thought the internet was lying to me. I really didn’t think people said or did things like this. Maybe not often, I think, but maybe the world is telling me something. No matter how weird a scenario seems, it can still happen.

    By Jordan on 12.28.2013

  20. Three gentlemen walked into the room and every woman there watched them. They were unique as they each had a third eye on their forehead.

    By Collette on 12.28.2013

  21. “I’m a gentleman, you see,” he tells me as he tips his fedora down over his eyes. I thought this was part of a made up story. I thought the internet was lying to me. I really didn’t think people said or did things like this. Maybe not often, I think, but maybe the world is telling me something. No matter how weird a scenario seems, it can still happen.

    By Jordan URL on 12.28.2013

  22. gentlemen are tailored suits and smoothed over words and charming smiles and cold detachment and when it comes between a gentleman and someone much less refined, there is no doubt in my mind which i would prefer

    By jules URL on 12.28.2013

  23. A gentleman, maybe I automatically think of Mr. Darcy because I was just looking up pictures, trying to find his “umph”coat. It’s truly “umph.”

    By eminor on 12.28.2013

  24. ‘The gentlemen over there were staring at me. My God this is bad!! I’m getting stage fright again!! Oh God please help me thorugh this time!!’ I took a deep breath and stepped onto the stage-the piano staring at me now.

    By Maria URL on 12.28.2013

  25. Gentlemen. The word in itself tells of soft pressed handkerchiefs. Of chairs pulled back and polite conversation in backrooms. What lies behind the gentle facade of this “gentleman”? What makes him what he is?

    By charidabelle URL on 12.28.2013

  26. Gentlemen are a rare breed in today’s society. Even so, some people mock the few that are left and think they are not as great as they seem to make themselves be.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 12.28.2013

  27. Gentlemen… Um. ??

    By Ggnrnrgn on 12.28.2013

  28. What a gentleman he was, standing there with his cigarette stub squished between fingers and grime beneath his fingernails. I eyed him scornfully but he just smiled crookedly at me, the smell of whisky billowing along with his breath.

    Lordie, chivalry really is dead, I thought to myself. And I mourned for it as a group of modern-day gentlemen whistled rudely at me from across the street.

    I ducked my head down and walked on.

    By Autore URL on 12.28.2013

  29. “Look at those handsome young gentlemen!” shouted my father from across the room. I blushed, and looked over at them, curious to find out what had my father so awestruck. A two young men dressed in nice suits were looking at me, smiling. One was blond, with a crooked smile and the other with a red head with freckles.

    By Tiana on 12.28.2013

  30. Gentleman was his name. Strange thing to have a word as a name, but what was even stranger was the nature of the man named Gentleman. He wasn’t a gentleman at all. Gentlemen was a jerk!

    By ruwst URL on 12.28.2013

  31. “Gentlemen! Please, stop fighting!” She threw up her hands in frustration. “We have more important things to worry about right now!”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.28.2013

  32. The gentlemen stood together, silently. There was no point in trying to be clever. It was done. It was over now…

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 12.28.2013

  33. “Gentlemen?” she scoffed, “Since when? When is the last time any of them even referred to a woman as anything remotely classy, let alone even appropriate?”
    She didn’t mean for it to come out as sneering as it did, but it was true. Those three were about as gentlemanly as one could get–and that was saying a lot coming from a town like theirs.

    “One-horse” would have been a great improvement over the dungheap of a town they came from. Heck, calling it a town was a stretch. More like an over-grown squatter’s colony. Harsh as it came out, it was better that Beth Anne be set straight now. Mom wasn’t around any more to threaten the local gossipers into silence if she went and did something stupid with any–or all of– those “gentemen.”

    By Gina on 12.28.2013

  34. unexpected moments
    under alley streets
    uncertain questions
    trampled under harried feet

    a last minute request
    incited a hopeful beat
    followed by an unspoken inquiry
    you were supposed to meet

    a test, a measure,
    was is so wrong
    to safeguard the treasure?
    was passing
    such an impossible feat?

    By S URL on 12.28.2013

  35. lél

    By k on 12.28.2013

  36. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.” The judge spoke to the assembly gathered in the chairs on one side of the courtroom. He stopped for a pause. As he did so, a small tapping that was occurring from in front of the witness stand stopped, awaiting the judge’s next breath, which came quickly. The court reporter tapped away, catching the words that scattered about the room as the judge continued with the instructions.

    By Rosheen URL on 12.28.2013

  37. Ladies and gentlemen! Id like to present to you, the circus!

    The band played, the lights flashed.

    All went dark

    And a single lady stood in the center of the stage in spotlight.

    Clothed in fog.

    The crowd applauded when she flew into the air, disappearing into the dark sky.

    And all went dark again.

    The circus was beginning

    By Lightsandcandy URL on 12.29.2013

  38. The gentlemen tipped their hats as she walked past, their eyes lingering on her form just a bit longer than civilized company should.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 12.29.2013

  39. “Gentlemen,” He spread his arms warmly, “make yourselves at home.”

    The room was splendid indeed. Ravishing curtains of thick velvet laced the windows. Chairs leaned like upright beds, inviting and warm.

    By KT URL on 12.29.2013

  40. Gentlemen prefer blondes. So I had my hair processed blonde, and permed for good measure, and my boss’s secretary said to me one day, when I was complaining about my hair, “Oh, your hair looks just like spun gold!” I’ll never forget it. I think she liked me because I was empathetic to her; she was pretty mean to everyone else.

    By ruth URL on 12.29.2013