July 15th, 2013 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “gamer”

  1. she sat naked in front of the monitor;
    her shoulders slouched over
    in intense agony from sitting in the same position
    for hours upon end,
    just hoping to get through the day.
    “one last level,” she says to herself,
    “one last level, and then I can be done.”

    By Nora Haze Rigby URL on 07.15.2013

  2. ugh this is so annoying why does the word gamer keep appearing…? like who cares THAT much about gamers… they are just people! gooooooddddddddddd

    By Laura URL on 07.15.2013

  3. She sat motionless in front of the monitor;
    shoulders hunched over,
    clenching her teeth in nervous agony.
    Staring at the screen,
    her muscles ached from continuous contraction,
    stale from being in the same position for so long.
    “One more level,”
    she thinks to herself.
    “One more level and I’ll be free.”

    By Nora Haze URL on 07.15.2013

  4. She thought of herself as a gamer girl. There was no game she wouldn’t play: console, board, roleplaying, dice, card, or computer. So, when her boyfriend invited her to play airsoft, throwing the pitch as if it was the new Call of Duty, she couldn’t refuse.

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 07.15.2013

  5. Why can’t it be grammar? Or grimmer? Or even glamour? Or just plain game?

    By rachelzana URL on 07.15.2013

  6. She was never this much of a gamer. This wasn’t something she was cut out for. She sat close to the cutest guy in the world and she could tell that he wasn’t going to take it easy on her. As the game started she started pressing buttons as fast as she could. By the end of the game, the controllers had be abandoned for kisses as the couple laughed.

    By Meghann on 07.15.2013

  7. We thought they were games. All the kids did. We lived here and played games. Pretended to shoot people from the sky. It wasn’t until I grew and saw the world I’d helped create that it wasn’t a game.

    By annie URL on 07.15.2013

  8. It’s hard not to look at the screen, since there is so much going on it. Damn, sniped! But the more I play online, the more it seems like people are too distracted, too multitask-y, to see what’s actually going on. Or maybe it’s something else. It might be aggressive of me to say but it’s time people get serious about this game we’re playing. Fucking N00bs.

    By Criss on 07.15.2013

  9. I pulled the controller out of his hands. “You’re doing it wrong.”

    He fumed and crossed his arms. I am not.”

    I kissed his head. “It’s not just button-mashing, kiddo. You want to learn the rules, and break them with style. Okay, pick a character.”

    “That one.”

    By Annie P URL on 07.15.2013

  10. being a gamer can be really exhausting and time consuming. it can have many meanings. it can mean a competitive personality. or just someone who enjoys playing video games. both meanings to me, are negative

    By rana on 07.15.2013

  11. She thought she was a gamer. A hard-core nerd. Reality was that she was merely an escapist revelling in the freedom of escapism. The game was another way to drown out the lies and the hard truths of her life.

    By Tempered Scarlaette URL on 07.15.2013

  12. He slips into his world battling monsters and machines. The headphones fill his ears with sounds of rumbling mechanical devices, explosions, instructions from an imaginary field headquarters. Screams and gunfire fill his consciousness with auditory stimuli, bright oranges and crumbling buildings dazzle his eyes, alien creatures sprint across the screen to wrestle with human counterparts in metal suits armed to the hilt. This world is all he needs, all he wants. Expletives and anger divide his grunts and joy, hour after hour, days after days. Behind him another world passes him by. A woman he once loved, children growing and leaving, tears of those left abandoned for a toy, the life no longer waiting for a pause between rounds. Game over.

    By JDwrites URL on 07.15.2013

  13. My best friend was a gamer. He would play as if his life depended on it. His eyes would be glued on the computer screen like he was going for a world record. Countless hours in the arcade, with the sounds of slashing and gunshots and screams, ringing through his ears like a favorite tune.

    By kimberly URL on 07.15.2013

  14. I am not a gamer. I do not like video games. The end.

    By Paula URL on 07.15.2013

  15. Each day brought new experiences, as she saw new things, met new people. She had stopped telling people she spent most of her youth hidden in a cellar,as people tended to assume she was some kind of dropout gamer, a loner. But she wanted so much from life now, she could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.15.2013

  16. The world progresses as the word “game” ceases to mean “hunted animals” and the word “gamer” becomes not only an adjective, but also a noun and a verb.

    By Amit Mish'an on 07.15.2013

  17. The gamers, the spammers, the one-night-standers. All the same with the same standards. Call yourself a new-ager with the same old beliefs. Let us open up our demented old minds and let ourselves free!

    By Tangles on 07.15.2013

  18. The screen flashed bright across the man’s face as he sat in a distracted silence watching the game. The outside world was a distant buzz which lapsed into nothingness compared to the blood spillage in the game.

    By amelia on 07.15.2013


    By Jason URL on 07.15.2013

  20. Gamer. Sometimes perceived to be the person that sits on his couch all day pressing buttons with his fingers that causes a warrior to fight off an enemy on a screen in front of his emotionless face. Too me however, a gamer is everyone. We are all gamers and our life is our game. We control it… all of it. Our thoughts, our actions etc. We may be persuaded by the other characters in our game but in the end we hold the remote and we press the button.

    By Sophie on 07.15.2013

  21. This word caught me off guard
    My mind is blank like a retard
    I ponder to rhyme with gamer
    I want a word not suffixed w/ ‘er’
    About this form’s timer, I am a hater
    So too when I play as a gamer.

    By G7up on 07.15.2013

  22. He was a young, disheveled gamer living in his parent’s basement. Day, night – there was no difference. Each hour was a battle, an epic adventure, a challenge to be conquered. While alone, he was never truly lonely. For the electronics were his comrades, and the games themselves a life.

    By CJS on 07.15.2013

  23. I don’t understand how this word with the right words around it can cause so much anger. Like gamer girl. Why? Why do you care? Why does it matter what’s in my pants when I just want to play a simple video game? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m sick of some things just be boy things and other things just being girl things. Share.

    By Tiffany on 07.16.2013

  24. No games, gameplaying or gamers. No Pick Up artists. No one-night stands. No hookups. No booty calls. No casual sex… that’s not the kind of relationship I’m looking for.

    Just me, my three deserving children and your credit card… that’s the kind of relationship I’m looking for.

    You can watch.

    By Shimbo URL on 07.16.2013

  25. it all started with a 2d game and finally,it was all about living life the game way.
    with no extra lifes and no restart options.

    By legendelton on 07.16.2013

  26. Gamers who eat cupcakes rarely go to bed without further sugar cravings. The frosting is all over their lips and makes them jones all the harder for a way to calm their sweet tooth.

    By ISOreality URL on 07.16.2013

  27. I tried to step away from my life for minutes… hours at a time… but it followed me into the megapixels acting out my commands. It slipped through the a, b, b,a, up, down, left starts. I had no control of anything even when it was a game.

    By Ruben URL on 07.16.2013

  28. hey
    wass up
    how r u
    i m quite fine
    my life z going in a pace

    By Kirti Agarwal on 07.16.2013

  29. I never truly understood the term ‘gamer’ or was able to recognize a situation in which use of the word would be appropriate.

    By Stephanie on 07.16.2013

  30. He drove over pedestrians, robbed a bank, and forced other vehicles off the road. Just another day in the life of a gamer.

    By vijaya on 07.16.2013

  31. a game
    he plays

    a game
    i lost
    heart in his hands
    playing, plucking
    letting go

    By mouse URL on 07.16.2013

  32. kkkk

    By chels on 07.16.2013

  33. “I think it’s about time we leveled-up.”

    “Game over.”

    By janus on 07.16.2013

  34. Gamer’s are some of the most intense people on the planet. Intense because they engage with life, engage with themselves, engage with their possibilities. Gaming is not just in front of a computer, it can be applied everywhere. Simply put, gaming is making life harder, for the fun of it, and then winning. Flow & Fiero!

    By Andrew URL on 07.16.2013

  35. the games got off to a good start and our side was on top until I made the mistake and slap the ball to the boundary and was caught. I felt bad for my team was depending on me to win the game and series.

    By victor URL on 07.16.2013

  36. No longer just the domain of middle aged men who never left their parents’ house, living in the basement, eating chips and drinking Mountain Dew, video gamers have become established members of society, with the industry reaping more income then the Hollywood entertainment complex.

    By Ara URL on 07.16.2013

  37. Fierce and feisty in a place of opulence and sun across the world. He has ginger hair and wild, thin green eyes. It seems that the world lives in this small square and for that reason he is doomed. But today, in this place, he cannot bring himself to care. Because she is there, was there, with her beauty and fear and sheer immateriality.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 07.16.2013

  38. A delirium of feathers. A cacophony of cooing. In his lap, a dropped controller and one phoenix. He peered at the screen. The pixelated bird was gone, and here–here was the real thing.

    A gamer’s life is rarely so fantastic.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.16.2013

  39. Death itself was the gamer.She thought she could escape the world of reality but the fact changed as she woke up. She lived on.

    By jit kr das URL on 07.16.2013

  40. Gamer Boi
    He was a gamer boi, nothing but a gamer boi
    all he did was game.
    When she came around he said, ” not now girl.”
    Now she is with another boi poor Gamer Boi.

    By B.Crazy URL on 07.16.2013