July 15th, 2013 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “gamer”

  1. tradition spelled out
    through the tireless gamer
    always wanting to level up
    to a higher calling.

    By Lovelysunnyday on 07.15.2013

  2. they used to always play video games togeter, now they just fuck. she misses the gaming and playful joking and the fighting over who did or didnt screen peak and she wants to just lay down on the couch and play games like they used to but now he puts his hand in her lap and tries to evoack a reaction. she curses herself as her horny body gives in to his fingers and pulls him on top of her

    By corrine marie on 07.15.2013

  3. Gamers play too many games. Or maybe not. We don’t know it all depends on who they are. Video games or board games it always varies and we will never know.

    By Myla on 07.15.2013

  4. A gamer loves to play games. He or she plays games in the literal sense, or plays games in the figurative sense. The gamer wants to win, wants to strategize, wants to be victorious. The gamer is always looking for competition. Do you want to be a gamer?

    By Tim Kasper on 07.15.2013

  5. your ears beat red towards me:
    you in my chlorine waters,
    still to hear her moans reverberating through the arbor.

    By Hayden on 07.15.2013

  6. Person who likes to play a variety of games for fun and entertainment or someone who is addicted to playing games all the time. Also can be a person who likes to play the field and meet a variety of people instead of committing to one person.

    By Vickie on 07.15.2013

  7. Gamer guys are the best. They’re so passionate. They know how to have fun in simple joys and are really cool. Who wants someone who grows up too quickly? (Author’s Note: I’m not sure what just happened here, but it certainly wasn’t anything showing signs of intelligence.)

    By Rose URL on 07.15.2013

  8. my palms are sweaty from keeping a tight grip on the controller. Other players screaming loud in my ear from the head set “COVER ME” “GO LEFT”. Nothing but the sound of gun shots and screaming. Tension is created from the frustrated of losing after a long, bloody match. Sweat forms on my forehead. My mother tries to say something but my ears and eyes are focused on the television screen before me

    By Priscilla on 07.15.2013

  9. His eyes were set on the console. The next person approaching the platform had a narrow build, dressed in limp rags. The frail body began to tremble as it neared it’s fatal end. The game was over.

    By Lizzie Summers on 07.15.2013

  10. He is such an avid gamer. It consumed his whole life. He breathed ate and slept gaming.

    By Tracey on 07.15.2013

  11. The casino was extremely noisy. Joe did not feel at all at home there, and shuffled awkwardly to a wall, trying to ignore the cheers and yells and denying any drinks offered to him.

    By Anya on 07.15.2013

  12. Live your life like a gamer, there is not other way.

    By raul URL on 07.15.2013

  13. Live your life like a gamer, there is no other way.

    By raul URL on 07.15.2013

  14. He was a serious gamer. Nothing wrong with that. But at some point he lost track of which was the game and which was real life.

    You think, hey, that boy needs help.

    But did you ever consider that he might be way better off than most of the rest of us?

    By chipschap on 07.15.2013

  15. The boy looked up from his controls only for a moment. In a split second, his astute eyes took all of her in, and then he was back to his controls, his mind working at a million miles per hour. But his mind wasn’t on the game…

    By Iam Me on 07.15.2013

  16. He was an unusual gamer, he liked stillness at times and wasn’t afraid of power outages. Every now and again he’d start things over, just to feel in control.

    By Seneca on 07.15.2013

  17. My brother is maybe the one of single most important people to me in my life. He has such a beautiful soul. He was a great influence on my son and I credit him with teaching my son how to love his younger brother. What a wonderful gift to pass on to his nephew.

    By Tammi on 07.15.2013

  18. I knew a boy who was a gamer. He always talked to me about those games, and I really didn’t care. I felt bad for that reason, but then I realized that he didn’t care that I didn’t care. He talked because he liked the sound of his own voice and because I wouldn’t interrupt him.

    By Lily on 07.15.2013

  19. It was the final day. The final game. The final chance. And I was a completely calm collected gamer.
    Someone save me.
    If I sweated anymore I was going to be adopted by the aquarium.
    This was bad.
    Very bad.

    By Brooke on 07.15.2013

  20. i live in a family of gamers, all of my cousins are male nerds witch is why we get alone so well. although i dont play any war games i do treat my self to some mario every once in a while

    By isabella on 07.15.2013

  21. I’m a gamer. Like it wasn’t obvious. I’m 5’1″, 100 pounds, and your worst nightmare. Best not to mess with me. Fancy a game of poker?

    By Sophie C-B on 07.15.2013

  22. “Are you a gamer?”

    She nodded. He snorted.

    “Nah, you can’t be. There aren’t any gamers like you.”

    “Clearly, there’s one,” she snapped. “What’s the matter?”

    He began to speak, but she cut him off.

    “Don’t tell me. Are you one of those anti-girl gamer brats I keep hearing about?”

    “What? I – ”

    “Oh. My God.” She laughed. “I was hoping they were just a myth, or a breed that was dying out! God. This is ridiculous!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.15.2013

  23. I am game for anything. I go jumping the waves. I hurt my shoulder.
    I have surgery. I have physical therapy and I’m up and at em again.
    At low tide, that is. I still love the ocean but I don’t want to challenge it again.
    I’ll seek my thrills somewhere else.

    By Robin on 07.15.2013

  24. i’m a gamer. i play magic every weekend. this weekend wizards of the coast released a new set of cards. marcus and i went down to the local shop and played in the tournament. we won a bunch of packs and even took 3rd place! i hope he still likes me. sometimes it seems like he doesn’t.

    By nathan carson URL on 07.15.2013

  25. gamer, im a gamer, i do this shit right,
    i go hard, no sleep, rhyme through the night,
    if this is a game then im the MVP
    cause this game is nothing without me.

    By Kayaus on 07.15.2013

  26. show up and show out. throw the world all around, upside down. make it vomit relentless pain.

    By Red Kelevra on 07.15.2013

  27. Player of games. The one who wins. The nerd. The genius. The teacher that wants to be more cutting edge than the average teacher.

    By Tammy on 07.15.2013

  28. I’m a gamer shes a writer! So? Why is that so bad? I love her! Even though we both don’t understand either we can learn to! I can try to understand what’s so great about nasty old boring writing. She can try to understand my obbession. The graphics,the screen,the feel of the controler in my hand,the way I can control the little world in front of me with just my finger tips. Ahhh.

    By Alexis on 07.15.2013

  29. “all he does is sit in his room on that damn console all day!” I could hear my mom yelling at my dad, wishing that i would go out and socialize with the “normal” world. She doesn’t understand, im a gamer.

    By Chris on 07.15.2013

  30. Let me tell you about how I wasted away in college.

    Mario Kart on Game Cube. I was such a hardcore video gamer. A Gaymer, since gay video game players are such a rare breed.

    I would spend hours on end, until that point when it’s just me and the blue glow of a room, to make sure that I was the ruling mario kart champion. This was also true with other games. Still is. Bejeweled Blitz. Snake. Candy Crush.

    By David on 07.15.2013

  31. I am a gamer
    up down left right
    A B A B
    Racing past the rest
    To be the best
    Ranked number one
    I don’t need that.
    I’ll go shower in a minute.
    Just let me finish this level.

    By Kate on 07.15.2013

  32. Let me tell you about how I wasted away in college.

    Mario Kart on Game Cube. I was such a hardcore video gamer. A Gaymer.

    I would spend hours on end, until that point when it’s just me and the blue glow of a room, to make sure that everyone’s balloons were popped.

    I eventually had to sell my Game Cube. And with that money. I bought beer.

    Let me tell you about how I stopped playing video games and started really wasting away in college.

    By David on 07.15.2013

  33. Controller in my hand and a look on intense concentration on my features, I looked every inch the elite gamer my brother had been. It helped that it was his headset I was sporting, the tiny initials crudely carved into the limited edition plastic making me feel a connection with him that had been all but severed after the accident.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.15.2013

  34. I’m not much of a gamer, and this is not a game. This is my baby cousin, barely out of childhood, on a hospital bed from cutting and an overdose. Why? Because apparently the first two attempts were not enough of a warning for parents who would rather sweep everything under the rug than do something. Wow.

    By aura.rayne on 07.15.2013

  35. asdfajsldkkals the guy did this and then that and everything else, of course. Gamers are a strange sort.

    By Candet on 07.15.2013

  36. my kid and i drove from northern california to san diego to watch ONE game. the giants were playing the padres, and it took us ten hours to get there. we just made it, getting to the park a half hour before first pitch. this is the game that timmy threw a no hitter, and we got to see it. yes, the drive was long, but we are gamers!

    By amy on 07.15.2013

  37. There is an idea, people think, that someone can be ‘fake’. It is easier than thinking of how much I lie, to everyone around me, how much of it is unnoticed by myself.

    It’s a little bit lonely.

    By Anna Meursault on 07.15.2013

  38. I am the gamer. I play with the rules Life gives me, and manipulate them to their edge. I earn, I lose, I try again. I think I’m God, but truly, I am contained by Life sets around me.

    By Amanda on 07.15.2013

  39. I said to the gamer,”You can’t teach what you don’t know.”

    By A False Terl on 07.15.2013

  40. Adam sat down to play MLB.It was his only chance to relax all day.

    By A False Terl on 07.15.2013